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Irish Translation —
A ghrá — My love/ My Dear



My head spins like I got sideswiped by a semi truck, my eyes are heavy and my throat is dry. Nausea runs through my body as if it's in my blood, and the side of my neck is sore.

I can only manage to get my eyes to crack open, allowing me to see fuzzy darkness as they struggle to focus. The only knowledge I have is that I'm laying on a cold rock like surface, the sharp layers digging into my skin. No light is visible and there's no sound.

The heaviness of my eye lids force them to close again just as I feel my body slowly shutting down again.


"Be careful, Seàn. Don't talk to strangers." Axel orders, even as he returns my hug and presses a sweet little kiss to my cheek.

"I've been told I'm unapproachable, no problem there. Don't worry, A ghrá, I'll be fine." I grin at him, attempting to ease his worry a bit before turning to Zyon.

The boy tightly hugs my waist, eagerly showing me his tongue. I chuckle at him, loving that he does it without being told purely because he genuinely like the reward for it.

I curl my arms around his waist and lean down to give him what he wants, letting a drop of spit to fall from my lips onto his tongue. "Hold onto that for me, buachaill leanbh. I might want it back when I return."

I kiss his head, seeing him nod happily and blush, before turning to the lift. Waving to them before the doors close.


"Bràthair! Wake up!"

I grunt when I'm slapped, my head falling to the side. It takes a second or two to force my eyes open again, seeing Lewis's face above me.

"Ah, what happened, Lewy?" It comes out as a groan, forcing my self to sit up with the help of Lewis.

He looks around us, shaking his head, "I can't remember clearly, only before I left Tommy. My fuckin neck kills though, Mate."

He rubs his neck and winces when his finger touches a spot, hissing out a curse. My eyes travel from him to the place we're in, merely seeing cave like surfaces round us and spot lights in the only opening, beyond the bars that are blocking us from escaping.

The walls are rounded out, jagged edges dripping dirty water into the cold and sharp layers of the ground. There's two large holes on either side of us cut out from the walls, also blocked with cage like bars to trap us.

The air smells like blood, piss and machinery. There's a faint scent of a hospital mixed in, as if someone built a small one into the cave system we seem to be in.

The entrance is blocked by prison bars that imbedded within the top of the cave and the ground, the metal rusty. The door to it is closed and latched.

"Seàn, this isn't good." Lewis states as he stands up, holding out his hand to help me up.

Once up and certain I won't throw up my stomach contents, we walk around the small area, searching for a way out or other people. The barred windows lead into other cave rooms like ours, but as far as we can tell there's no other people.

We end up at the door and I can't control the urge to shake it even if I know it's locked, human nature I assume. There's a path that goes further into the cave that seems to be walked enough for the ground to be slightly discolored from the dark browns and black that make up the caves.

The lights showcase everything that isn't earth, allowing blood to be highlighted. There's dried and faint blood on the path in long trails, splatter of it on the wall were the path curves out of view.

I can only manage to think about the murders that has been happening recently in face of our situation. From what I remember from the news, the victims were all male and in some aspect apart of the BDSM community. All dominants, all having a similar build to myself and Lewis.

There's never been a submissive victim, only their doms. Of course the murders are top priority of Law enforcement, most of the community wants justice and are demanding for suspects or an arrest. But they have no one.

So, I can only put two and two together. We're dominants in the community; the very targets of the killer and we have a stalker that knows this, now we're isolated in a blood filled cave. The obvious, and terrifying, thought is that we're the next victims.

Lewis seems to be coming to the realization also for he curses and bangs on the bars with a growl, he can't say anything though because the following the echo of the bars is a groan from the room on our right.

"I get it..but could you not?"

We walk to the window just as black man pops into view, he's shorter than us but just as built with muscle. His hair is shaved at the sides like mine, although the dark brown is tangled and clumping in what appears to be dried blood.

He's dressed in a ripped gray shirt and sweat pants, probably got taken after being at the gym. He has hazel eyes that are depressed and have absolutely no hope felt.

"Who are you?" He questions as he leans against the wall with his hands through the bars.

"Lewis. This here is Seàn." Lewis's accent seems to take the man off guard for a second, as he just stares.

"I'm Tavion. You guys foreign or something?" Once he asks the question he winces, "That came across as rude, sorry. It just surprised me."

I raise my eyebrows at that, could this be because he just hasn't been exposed to a variety of guys or probably the murder targets Americans mainly.

"Why? Where are we?" Again, my accent seems to throw him in a loop, being as different from Lewis's as it could get.

"Oh. There's never really foreign guys here, if there is they don't last very long. And...I don't know. They've haven't taken me out yet, which I'm happy of. I like life."

Lewis tenses at the implication that we'll die faster then him and I grip his shoulder tightly as a form of comfort, feeling uneasy myself and a building ache to fight for our lives.

"What happens when they take you?" I squeeze Lewis's shoulder while I ask, knowing we should have as much information as possible.

Tavion shudders, tensing his shoulders, "Man, I don't know...I mean, one minute I'm with another guy then the other some people in masks come and drag him out. After that..." He swallows thickly, shaking his head. "After that, I could only hear screams. Blood chilling screams that last for hours and hours. just stops and I don't see him again."

He has unshed tears in his eyes, remembering the man that was with him and how useless he had felt to not be able to help the mans pain. His body shivers and he quickly wipes his eyes, looking away from us.

"Do you know who they are?" Lewis ask after letting the traumatized man calm himself down enough to continue our conversation.

Tavion shrugs, expression defeated, "No clue. I woke up here with another man, no memories except from when I left my boyfriend to go to work. Those dudes wear masks, I could never get a good look."

He's saying there's more people involved in the mass murders of dominants, a group of people. What could cause a whole group of them to be bothered, angry, even jealous of Dominants? Why only dominants?

Lewis runs his hand through his hair, grunting when his finger gets caught on a tangle."Bràthair, ya think it could be the men our boys ran into? Was two of'em."

Shrugging, I think back to what Axel had said about them. He had mentioned only one man spoke while the larger man only watched, if they are the killers than maybe one man is playing dominant and the rest are submissive.

Yet their targeting and slaughtering dominants left and right, why would a dominant do that?

Or, possibly, the man that spoke to them was submissive to the larger man. Maybe they don't even have a power dynamic like BDSM, but instead a kill or follow relationship. The larger could be threatening the smaller.

Axel also said the smaller man acted too smug and patronizing, a victim wouldn't do that.

I'm most likely missing a lot of pieces, but even so, it's still a very real thought. Those men knew about us, they corner our partners and than we get kidnapped.

"It's a possibility, Mate. Axel had mentioned a short fat man, we should keep our eyes open just in case."

Tavion stares at us with wide eyes, "Wait, what? You met these dudes?"


After explaining what happened with the stalkers and our boys, all three of us exchange ideas. Tavion confirms that there is, in fact, a short chubby man that lurks around but never comes to get men.

We end up in a conversation about our partners after hours, Tavion confesses he's bisexual with a Transgender partner named Adam; he's female to male. Tavion is a dominant, as I assumed, and doesn't commit to a full lifestyle. He and Adam save everything BDSM related for the bedroom.

In turn, Lewis and I share about our boys. Lewis talks about Tommy, I explain the situation with Axel and Zyon.

We're in a pause in our conversation when we hear footsteps. We all turn to the bars at our 'room' and see a short fat man with a smug smile on his face.

Lewis is quick to connect the dots and move forward with a growl, being the more quick to violence between the two of us. I grip his arm to hold him back and pull him backwards to stand next to me.

The man's smile widens as he chuckles, "Mr. MacManus, Mr. Murray. It's a pleasure, truly. I can only hope that you both are as...useful as I had calculated you to be."
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