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Police and Calming Tommy

This chapter fucking sucks


Tommy holds onto me tightly, arms around my stomach as he sobs into my shoulder. I don't mind, mainly because I'm doing the exact same thing, except I cry silently as I watch the mix of people walk around my safe place.

Axel had instructed us to sit after he calmed us down enough to sternly give us a break down of what would happen, he said to stay put and allow him to deal with the police.

He called them as soon as he let us go to follow his orders, pacing the length of the table in front of the couch as he spoke. I only caught a few words in between Tommys' crying, enough to know he explained that his boyfriend had gone missing.

It wasn't long before two men in black uniforms with shiny badges stepped into the apartment, followed by a woman in a tight suit. Her deep red hair in a high knot on her head and I see something on her hip that's bulky on her.

The two men are Officers, I know as much from Tv. The taller one, dirty yellow hair and gray eyes, called himself Officer Michael. The other man, light brown hair with dark brown eyes, was introduced as Officer Chase.

The women introduced herself as FBI, some kind of criminal behavior unit; told us to call her J.J.

Axel stands over us protectively as the Officers go through our home with his permission, body tense. The woman, J.J, stays in front of him and smiles calmly and kindly.

"I understand your stressed about this situation, but will you answer my questions?" Her voice is soft and soothing, obviously making it clear she isn't trying to anger the man.

Axel doesn't hesitate to nod and soften his features in an attempt to calm himself, and not to intimidate the Lady.

"Thank you. When did you realize he was missing?"

He explains what happened, Tommys call then when my friend appeared from the elevator. Telling the lady that Seàn would never just up and disappear on a work day, and Tommy cuts in to defend Lewis too. The red head merely nods.

"If I may, are you and Seàn in a..." Axel interrupts her when she pauses with a slight winner, as if she can't think of how to ask.

"BDSM relationship, no not yet. We're both dominants in the community, but we're waiting for Zyon to be comfortable with trying anything. Our relationship isn't official." He states this casually, voice on the edge of authority.

Tommy seems to react to the tone Axel used, body relaxing against me and making a harder effort to stop crying as hard. A memory flashes in my head of when I was still in the alley and visiting Seàn, he mentioned in telling me about Lewis and Tommy that my friend could never function properly without direction. He said that's why Lewis is more strict with him than his past boyfriends, Tommy responds better with a more domineering tone rather a soft one.

Maybe Axels tone had comforted him or reminded him of Lewis enough to calm him down a little, either way, I'm glad Axel did since Tommy is only sniffling now.

J.J glances at us, green eyes somehow even softer as she sees our tears. "Was Lewis another Dominant? Do you think whoever took Seàn, took him too?"

Tommy doesn't even let her finish before snapping his head up and down, standing up to move towards her, "Yes! It was them! I know it! Those scary assholes took my Lewis! My Master!"

The lady is forced to step back when Tommy reaches out to try and grab her suit jacket, only stopped when Axel wraps an arm around his waist and pulls. Tommy is squirming against the tallers chest, consistently whimpering about his Master.

J.J is wide eyed, watching as Axel places a distraught Tommy on his feet again and turns the shorter man to face him. Then demands firmly, "Get in the position Master Lewis likes you in."

Tommy whines but quickly drops to his knees, spreading them and placing his hands on his thighs with his chin to his chest. "Face Zyon and think about what Master Lewis would want you to do. I already know he's very proud of you, what else would make him proud?"

Axels voice is still assertive, stern and I surprise myself when I imagine myself in Tommy's place. Wondering what it would be like, especially if Seàn was home. I quickly blink these thoughts away, right now isn't the time. Seàn and Lewis need help getting home.

Tommy follows the order and faces my knee. I can hear him take a deep breath and his body, that had been as tense as the dead rat I found once, sags like he dropped something heavy he'd been holding.

Axel gently pats his back with a calm smile directed at me before he turns back to J.J, who is still wide eyed and shocked. It takes her a second to gather herself again.

"Hope that answers your question. We think we know who took them, some guys stopped using and implied strongly that they were up to something. Lewis and Seàn were also stalked."

J.J nods, writing the information down on the little book she holds, one I never noticed before. "I'll leave my number for you to call if you think of anything else. My team and I will make Seàn and Lewis our first priority."

I see Axels hand clench as his lip twitches down, "Agent, I understand you have a lot work, especially with the murders...but even I'm smart enough to understand that Lewis and Seàn don't have much time."

J.J glances at me and Tommy, her eyes then moving to the floor as Axel continues, voice hard. "Their dominants, your killer targets us. They were stalked, your killer needed to know them to know were to take them from. I understand there's a possibility you'll find them like the others. Don't try to bullshit me, you have to much work with other kills to handle this right now."

Tommy is lightly shaking and I feel my eyes drip tears again at the words Axel is saying. He's wrong, Seàn will come home and he'll be okay. Just like Lewis. They'll be okay and I'll hug Seàn really tight, and tell him about everything he's missing, how I miss him so much.

Seàn won't be the human experiment the women on tv said about whatever murder happened. He'll be exactly how he was when he hugged us goodbye.

"Mr. Addams, I promise we'll work on finding Lewis and Seàn very hard until we find them, alive. I'll take your theory to my boss, I'm sure we'll make even more connections from it. I'll try my hardest to find them, you have my word."


Once J.J and the officers leave, Axel is quick to turn to us. Tommy is still on his knees in front of me but once Axel attempts to lift him up, Tommy shakes his head and whines.

"Want to stay down?" At the question, Tommy nods quickly.

Axel only sits next to me, carefully lifting me up to sit on his lap. He holds me gently even as he grips Tommy's shoulder with more force then seems necessary, although the kneeling man leans into it immediately.

"I'm sorry I said those things, I want them back and okay. I just wanted to know if she was bullshitting us, FBI agents are basically trained to know when to lie. She seemed honest enough." He defends himself, watching Tommy nod softly and I can only lean on his shoulder.

"Are you calmer, Tommy?"

Looking down I see Tommy nod again, his face pink from crying and rubbing his tears away. "Yes, Sir. Thank you, I really needed grounding. My head is more clear and I feel better being in position, it's like my Master is with me."

Axel smiles sadly, "I'm glad. I'm sure Lewis will be proud of you when we find them."

Tommy grins, clearly enjoying think Lewis is happy with him. I only watch this interaction, wondering if Seàn would be proud of me too. What could I do that would make him happy?

I know he works to get me things but what would make him the happiest?

"What's wrong, Sweetie? Stop that, you'll chew through your poor lip." Axel gently grabs my wrist to pull my hand away from my lip where I was pushing my bottom lip between my teeth.

"Wanna make Seàn happy." I mumble, noticing Tommy beam a bright smile at me from the floor as Axel grins.

"Honey, Seàn is always happy with you. Do you mean you want to do what Tommy did—make Lewis proud?" I shyly nod into Axels neck, feeling him chuckle.

"The only thing I can think of is letting us be your boyfriends. Seàn loves you very much, it would make his whole day. You don't have to, continue staying here and getting comfortable. Don't just agree to this, Zyon, it would hurt him if your lying about wanting us as your boyfriends."

I pout, I do want them. But he said to wait to agree, so I'll that. Maybe when we find Seàn I can agree.

"Lewis told me that Seàn is always happy and proud whenever you do something when be stays over... Lewy also laughed because he said he saw Seàn putting old dirty shirts in a bag during lunch. 'Had this goofy smile on his face! Like a little kid fawning over their crush!"' Tommy bends his fingers at the last sentence, giggling at the memory.

Axel huffs out a laugh, "Yeah! He's always happy when we discover things you enjoy, like smelling us. You exploring your likes and dislikes without being pushed by us make him super proud of you, he loves when your exploring us for new things to like."

I blink, not understanding why Seàn would be happy about me simply smelling them or sucking on their nipples.

Tommy seems to catch my confusion, "There accomplishments, Zyon. Everytime you find something you enjoy without them pushing you to try it, is a accomplishment and it makes him happy that they don't need to push you. It means you're going at your own pace and trusting them."

Axel nods along with him as he rubs my thigh, "So, just continue exploring, Zyon. If you find more stuff to enjoy, you can show Seàn when he gets home and see just how proud you made him. Okay, Sweetheart?"

I nod, already picturing Seàns smiling face when he walks through the elevator. Hopefully we find them soon, I don't think I can handle any longer of being with him and Tommy definitely can't.
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