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Lewis grunts as he punches the bars again, his knuckles are red and starting to bleed but he doesn't seem to notice. He's been at it since the chubby man, Dr. West as he introduced himself as, left after doing so.

He didn't tell us anything besides we're supposed be essential to his plan, whatever his plan actually is. Only thing he managed to do that directly effected us is talking about our boys, teasing us that we'll see them soon and be able to care for them better than ever.

Lewis didn't like that. He's more prone to violence than I am, especially when one is aiming to get him angry. He had charged at the bars as soon as West started speaking about Tommy, I had to pull him back and hold him, speak some sense into him.

West was aiming to get us angry, I don't know why but he was purposely using our boys to anger us. I know how to keep my head and force myself to keep calm before than Lewis, I'm the that keeps Lewis from sending people to the hospital.

This is the angriest I've him in a long time and I understand, I am too. He wants out to protect Tommy, vise versa with me and my boys. But punching and kicking our cage isn't going to do anything, the bars are barely even bent.

We need to keep our heads and figure out a plan, buy our time and then beat the shit out of West.

Tavion hasn't said a word from where he's been listening and watching from the window between our cells, honestly seeming impressed Lewis has been nonstop beating the bars.

"Lewis, stop."

He only glares at me before turning and punching the bars again, forcing me to walk closer and grip his wrist to pull him back. He takes a swing at me and I'm fast enough to block it knowing if he really wanted he'd have actually tried to hurt me.

"Lewy! Bràthair! Calm the feck down, will ya?!" I have to grip both his wrist to hold onto him when he, weakly, struggles to throw me off.

It takes a few minutes for him to calm down and for his shoulders to sag, "I gotta get to my boy. Their—"

It hurts me hearing him sound defeated, he's always confident and strong, he usually keeps his head on better than this. I can safely assume that the unknown of our situation is getting to him, he's worried about us and about Tommy; if they'll do something to his boyfriend.

He's only caught up in fear but not for us, he knows we're able to with stand whatever they'll do to us longer than Tommy, Zyon and probably even Axel. West teased about bringing them here to see just what he plans, to 'allow you to see your little Pride and Mr. MacManus's Streak.', now he's worked up about it when I'm sure the man only said that to get us paranoid.

"Their not gonna do anything to our boys. Tommy will fine, Zyon and Axel will be fine. Axel will take care of them and they'll care for him." I let his right wrist go to grab at his hair and force him to look me in the eyes. "Tommy needs you to keep your head. He wouldn't like you to hurt yourself, you need to calm down and think. We need a way out, let's figure out what we can do to get back to them."

Lewis blinks and takes a deep breath before fisting my tangled hair in his own fist, hard enough to feel a slight sting — probably to ground himself more than anything, but gently. He then tilts my forehead to his like we did in Ireland with my other brothers when we got into trouble, it reminds us we got each other.

We stand like that for a few seconds to calm us down before I pat his head as he release each other, he slaps my upper arm. Lewis bends his fingers and moves checks his knuckles to make sure he didn't break anything. just because he didn't feel anything doesn't mean it couldn't have happened, rage could do that.

"Is that a foreign thing?" Tavions voice echos around the cave walls, gaining our attention.

Lewis smirks as he chuckles, "Nah. It just helps sometimes, reminds us we're brothers."

His accent changes sounding of Brother and Tavion stares at him for second, "Man, you need English lessons. It's difficult trying to understand the words you say. The both of you."

I can only laugh, thankful we can keep the conversation light hearted in the situation we're in, at least for now. "We grew up speakin the old language, it's engraved in us."

Tavion nods as he leans against the edge of the make shift window between us, hands through the bars. "Ya know, it's interesting seeing two doms comfort each other. Every dom I know would suffer alone and never let someone comfort them."

Lewis instantly scoffs and rolls his eyes, he hates dominants that that— says if they can't comfort another Dom they can't do so to a submissive. "Then they aren't real Dom's. We should stick together and if we can't care for each other we shouldn't be caring for a sub."

Tavion raises his eyebrows obviously caught off guard by the answer and before he asked something to trigger Lewis any more, I speak up. "He thinks that helping other Doms helps make you a better dominant, because most of us believe we should be strong enough to face anything and reject any help."

Tavion nods with more understanding in his eyes this time, probably seeing the logic Lewis has. Dominants in the community, except real and experienced ones, believe that we have to be superheros and fix every problem our sub has.

They fail to notice that doing that holds the submissive back, by solving their problem for them the Doms keep the sub from finding ways to fix a problem themselves. When they should be helping them solve it themselves.

So in Lewis's mind, helping other Dominants improves ones skills in caring for a sub. Since some Dom's fight and reject the help of others it provides skills needed to care for a sub; like patience.

"Makes sense, I guess. I mean, I'm not a full Dom so I don't really think that I have to fix everything. I could never be a twenty- four hour Dominant, it feels like too much pressure." Tavion confesses, watching us through slightly insecure eyes.

"Nah, it only seems like it. It's very rewardin, having that much trust from another person— for them to willingly give control to us and trust us to care for them. Best thing in the world." Lewis leans his shoulder on the wall with his arms crossed.

"Besides, having that for a few hours is amazing too. Your boyfriend trust you enough to let go and give you power over him, to take care of him. You help him forget the world for a little bit and relax, that itself is rewardin." I add for Tavion, his lips twitches into a small smile.

He opens his mouth to speak but instead gets interrupted by footsteps echoing down the cave, we immediately tense up and prepare ourselves to fight. Once we see people through the bars of Tavions room we know we're not going anywhere.

A tall muscle man in a black mask that only shows dark eyes unlocks the door to Tavion, our new friend curses loudly and backs up away from the window.

Lewis and I can only watch and yell out warnings as Tavion fights off the group of people that enter his cell, he gets a few good punches in before they pin him down. Gripping the bars of the window we try to get their attention off Tavion and onto us but it's useless.

"Leave him alone!" I shout as I reach through the bars and manage to grab onto someones shirt, I quickly pull my arm back and slam them into the cave wall. I hear a groan before they fall to the ground.

Tavion yells and fights, throwing punches and kicks out but he's quickly over taken. We're powerless as well watch them drag him out of his cell and out of sight. We can hear the echo's of his struggle bounce off the walls.

"Fuck! What do we do?!" I yell, not able to move my eyes from where Tavion was last standing.

Lewis grabs my shoulder to turn me to him and he places his hands on my neck, "We can't do anything in here, bràthair. It's just us now."

I hug him tightly, shaken at the reminder how serious our situation is. Hopefully, we'll find a way out and I can find Adam to tell him that Tavion loved him.

I need my boys, I hope they'll be okay.

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