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"Zyon, sweetheart, wake up. Time for breakfast."

A big hand is on my shoulder as it lightly shakes me awake, sounds coming from the kitchen in the background are what make me open my eyes to see if Seàn is back. But when I sit up and look, I only see Tommy sitting at the counter with Robert cooking something.

Axel is sitting on the couch next to me and sighs when he sees the pout appear on my lips, rubbing my thigh with the hand that was on my shoulder. "Honey, I know you miss Seàn, I do to. But I don't think he'll be back in days, it'll take time to find him and Lewis- and we will find them."

I can only nod silently in agreement, bad men took them and I know that sometimes bad men will do bad things before returning the good people. A criminal show taught me that, Robert really likes a channel on Tv that has a show he called 'Criminal Minds' on it.

Besides, Axel is still with me and he'll make sure Seàn comes home. I trust he'll help find him and Lewis, Axel is smart and strong. We have Robert here now and Tommy, I'm sure with them working together, we'll find them. I'm not very smart, I don't think I could help very much even though I want them back.

"Come on, Seàn would be disappointed if you skipped breakfast and Bert made some really delicious chocolate chip pancakes for you and Tom." Axel moves the blanket that was covering me and lifts me up into his arms, kissing my cheek as he does.

I lay my head his shoulder with my nose close to his neck as he walks to the kitchen, it's comforting being held and taken care of. But it stings even more also, because Seàn takes care of me too and he's not here.

Axel places me on the seat next to Tommy, my friend looks worse than yesterday; his eyes are dull and his skin is paler than normal, the skin around his eyes is pink and slightly swollen. When be smiles at me it looks broken and sad, it reminds me he's missing an important person in his life too and it's not just me or Axel.

Axel leaves my side to grab a plate and start placing pancakes and fruit on it, instead of watching him I hug Tommy in an attempt to made him feel better. He leans into me but doesn't say anything.

Long fingers go through my hair just as a hand sets the plate down in front of me and one appears on my shoulder, another small kiss to the back of my head. "Eat up, after we get you in the bath. You too Tommy."

Tommy makes a noise that seems to be protest as he looks at Axel over his shoulder, "I don't need one."

Glancing up at Axel to see what he does, I merely see an unimpressed expression and a raised eyebrow. "I don't care if you need one or not. You're getting clean, every day, just like Zyon. It'll be you're schedule until Lewis comes back. After breakfast, you both get a bath or shower."

Robert is watching from the living room, when he moved I don't know, but he's looking between Axel and my friend like he expects something to happen. Does he think Tommy will disagree with Axel? What was it they said— disobey? He thinks Tom will disobey Axel?

Tommy lowers his eyes back to his almost empty plate and nods, earning a soft pat on his back as Axel mutters, "Good, thank you."

The larger man than walks around the counter to grab a tall cup and fill it with what I now know is coffee, I always watch him make his because he adds a small amount of white liquid to it. He called it White Chocolate creamer, I still haven't decided if I wanna try it or not.

This time though Axel doesn't add any of his creamer and leaves the coffee plain like Seàn does, and when he sips it I notice a small grimace. He continues to drink it anyway.

I focus on eating as much as I can and Axel was right, Roberts pancakes are delicious. Makes me wonder if he'll cook them for Seàn and Lewis when they return, I bet they'll like them.

Tommy got some too but his is already gone and he's mostly just working in eating the watermelon on his plate, he has a cup of coffee too that's mostly empty. He's picking at it though, staring down but I don't think he really sees anything.

I understand how he feels and I feel it too, I just have Axel with me which makes it a little easier. Tommy has no one right now, not who he really wants. He has us obviously, we're here for him, but I think he feels lonely.

Everyone is quiet as I eat, Axel is watching to make sure I try to finish what's on my plate and I know he's watching over Tommy too. Robert stays in the living room, watching the news with it on silent.

Tommy pops the last piece of watermelon on his plate in his mouth when he notices I'm done, there's still a few bites of one pancake left on my plate and two pieces of fruit on it though. Axel doesn't seem upset, he only grins at me as he takes our plates and sets them next to where we out dirty ones, I learned it was a sink.

"Bath time, boys. Tommy, why don't you go first. There's towels hanging next to the shower and a box of new toothbrushes under the sink. Pick one you want."

Axel instructs while he helps me down from my seat by holding my hand, Tommy nods and we follow him to the couch where he goes to pass but stops when Robert speaks. "Uh..Axel?"

The tv sound comes back to life and I feel the larger man behind me wrap his arm around me as we listen to the lady on the screen.

"We have just been informed that there have been two more bodies found this morning—"

I go tense like Axel and I hear Tommy choke before he suddenly appears at our side, hugging Axel and I tightly. Axel hold us both, making little 'shh' noises and telling us to listen before we assume.

"—Local police and the FBI have identified a local African American man as one of the victims. Tavion Anderson went missing three weeks ago from the gym he worked at, the FBI had confirmed that his death is connected to the BDSM Murders.

The FBI believe that the second victim is not related to the serial killings, but have also stated that they're working hard to find the two missing men that disappeared yesterday morning. Our local police will be handling the second victims case to find and arrest their—"

"It's not them. Thank god." Robert sighs as he silents the tv again.

Tommy has stray tears in his eyes from the scare and takes deep breaths to calm down, I try doing the same because it shook me up too. Axel is quiet but forms his hold on us to reassure us quietly.

Everyone is quiet to settle down but Tommy eventually breaks away to look up at Axel, "May I get into Masters position, Sir?"

Axel doesn't say anything against the sudden change, understanding something more clearly than me. "Yes, you may. You'll shower later, Okay? If you need something you can ask, but other than that, no sound or movement. Focus on what your Master would do if he was here."

Tommy nods quickly than runs around the couch to the far corner by the windows and kneels there like he did yesterday to calm down.

"Robert, watch him, yeah?" Robert doesn't hesitate to agree, changing the channel of the tv and glancing at Tommy. "

"Come on, Baby. Let's go get your bath, we'll find one of Seàns shirts after for you to wear. Sound nice?" I nod but turn to cling to Axel, he doesn't force me off but instead he picks me up quickly and holds me tightly as he walks towards the hall.
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