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Dr. Wests Needs


The screams won't stop. Endless cries of agony and suffering, and I can't do anything to put an end to it. It's been hours since they took Tavion, hours that had been spent listening to him beg for death, for them to stop his torture.

Lewis almost busted his knuckles punching the bars or cave rock when Tavions shouts started up, I had to force him to stop. As much as I want to help Tavion, to get him out with us and for him to see his boyfriend and family again. I know it won't happen.

Despite this, I had also attempted to break the lock on the door. Kicked it as hard as I could for what felt like forever, it never once broke. I even found some fallen rock to hit against the lock, and for all the scenes in movies I seen, it didn't work.

This leaves us to now. Both Lewis and I sat on the ground against the wall under the window we last seen Tavion through, being forced to listen to our new friend screaming. I don't remember ever feeling as useless as I do now, a man's life is being thrown away and I can't even attempt to save him.

Instead I'm locked in some cage like a animal and teased about how I could end up being. I can't even think about Zyon or Axel, because then I think about Tavion's boyfriend and how desperate to find Tavion he is— how he'll never get to see him alive again. This leaves me with the image of my boys finding me, and Lewis, dead and I can't do that.

I can't handle imagining that, their reactions. If I allowed myself to process that thought, I'd break- I can't break. I need to be strong and focused so we can get back to them.

Lewis inhales sharply and my eyes close when the screams abruptly stop, echoing down the cave.


I don't know how long it's been since Tavion passed away, a day at most. There's no light in here and no one has given us the day, or even bothered to show up.

Lewis had fell asleep next to me after going on a rant about what he would do to Tommy when we get back to them, all surprisingly innocent. I understand he only did so to try to comfort himself and distract us from the tension that has built up. I don't mind.

I'm on the verge of passing out from exhaustion because I haven't necessarily slept since we woke up here, too on edge to close our eyes. As soon as my eyes slip shut voices echo through the cave and footsteps follow.

Nudging Lewis I quickly stand up as I hear him grunt and curse at me, he practically jumps up when he realizes we have company. His shoulder dumps into mine as we stand together facing the door to our cell, it's a comfort to have someone I trust with my life having my back and vise versa.

We don't have to wait long until we see Dr. West, He's backed by another man, who is taller and muscluar and I can imagine this being the second man Axel mentioned. West doesn't seem pleased at all, a deep frown is replacing his smug smirk and his thin eyebrows are furrowed. His small hands hold a clip board that he shakes his head at.

"It should've worked, Ethan. He wasn't supposed to die." West complains in a whine, as if his science project failed.

The man behind him merely grunts with a shrug. "Doesn't matter. He wasn't what you wanted anyway. Not a full Dominant in the community, he was only a...wanna be Dom."

Lewis growls lowly at that remark believing that if someone is a Dominant as a lifestyle or only for a few hours, are Dom's no matter what. I agree with him, Tavion was a dominant and I'm sure he cared for his partner as a Dom should when they entered that part of their lives. That's what matters.

West sighs, making a clicking noise with his tongue. "Right. But, you're positive these men will do what I need?"

He gestures at us as he takes the time to study us like were under a microscope, the taller man crosses his arms. "You seen the video."

Lewis and I tense at that. They have video of us? I assume when they stalked us they captured clips of us, there's no other explanation I can think of. What does this video show? Are our boys in it? Are they in danger?

Their speaking like West needs a specific type of man, Dominant apparently, to succeed in whatever he's doing. Tavion, being in the status of bedroom-only Dom, wasn't what West needs for some reason. What do we have that Tavion didn't, besides being twenty four hour Dom's?

"Of course, I seen the video! But I didn't see them during process, you were. So tell me, are they what I need." West exhales slowly through his nose as he rubs the outer corner of his right eye.

Ethan rolls his hazel eyes. "Yes. Both of them are naturally dominant; their protectors and show evidence of being born predators. Both have one or more submissive partners that do, or will, depend on them. They're fulltime Dom's in the community. I have also gained information that both have fought physically out of jealousy or possessiveness."

Lewis and I share a look, nerved and confused. Predators? The first thing that comes up deals with children and I stay away from children, so does Lewis. So whatever evidence they have isn't children related, maybe they mean animal predators then. Like bears and wolves, predators of the animal kingdom.

Fights that stemmed from jealousy, They actually dug into our past. Bring up old lovers and issues we had. Not exactly proud of some, but a few times I would do everything I did again.

Possessiveness isn't a trait most tag on me, but it definitely wakes on occasions like some horrible dragon or monster. It's gotten me into enough fights I had to have a stern talk with myself and force myself out of it, I've been doing good and I'm proud of myself.

I know Lewis had a jealousy issue for some time, he told me he had problems with some relationships because of it. Also mentioned a few arguments and fights.

Why any of this information is needed, I have no clue. Apparently West wants predators who can be protective, possessive and able to have and deal with submissive partners- or others.

West hums, nodding and suddenly smiles. "Good, good. If I'm correct, and I should be, I will be successful. I'm very excited to start. But first, bring them food. They need to be in good condition."

Ethan silently turns and walks out of our view while West continues to watch us. He waits until we can't hear Ethans steps before opening his mouth to speak. "I have to say, if we were in another situation. You men would positively scare me, you're intimidating."

I can't stop Lewis before he punches the bars again with a another growl, earning West stumbling back with a yelp and wide eyes. I nearly roll my eyes, he'll hurt himself soon enough.

"What do you want with us?!" Lewis snarls, shaking the bars.

I pull him back firmly and try to anchor him down enough to calm himself, it's understandably reasonable for him to be angry. But we need to keep ourselves calm and focus, letting our anger control us will get us no where.

West takes a moment to calm himself from his scare, looking between us with wild eyes that are lit up like a Christmas tree.

Speaking with awe in his voice, "Oh, oh, yes. You're exactly what I need. Don't worry..I..I won't keep you caged for long. I know you need out...I'll make sure you both are free soon. Even more powerful than right now."

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