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Tommy's Punishment



It's odd, seeing Axel act like this. I knew he could take control of a situation and make me feel safe, Robert and Tommy explained that those skills made him a good Dom — they had taught me that word also. But I never really seen him so obviously dominate the situation.

Tommy had broke one of the rules Axel had set, one made specifically for him; not to leave the apartment without telling him or Robert. Axel had said he wanted to know where Tommy would be in case something bad happened, like those bad people that took Seàn and Lewis trying to get my friend.

Axel hadn't been happy to come back and realize Tommy was gone. Tom had picked a great time to leave because Axel had left to talk to the FBI lady, Robert and I had fell asleep during a movie we were all watching. No one had known he left.

Robert and I have no choice but to cuddle together at the corner of the couch and watch as Tommy argues with Axel. Their in the middle of the living room, in front of the tv and it's weird. I never seen Tommy angry, only happy and, recently, sad.

Tommy is red in the face and gripping the sleeves of Lewis's sweater he has on, his mis-matched eyes glazed over. "You have no right to give me rules! You're not my dominate!"

Axel has his arms crossed and is so tense I fear for his shirt, I can tell he's trying to keep calm. He takes silent deep breaths and he hasn't raised his voice like Tommy, just made it firmer than usual and domineering.

"I know that, Tom. I'm not trying to replace Lewis, I would never think of it. But we're all vulnerable right now, especially when we go out; we have no idea if whoever took them, will try to take us. I gave you that rule to protect you so you'll be safe when your Master comes back." Axel replies, pausing as if to let Tommy interrupt but doesn't allow him to even open his mouth.

"I'm positive Lewis would want you safe and to listen to rules that are there to ensure that. Could you imagine the pain of that? Coming back from who knows where, wanting to see his boyfriend, only to find him missing also? I'm was thinking of you both when I made that rule. I'd appreciate it if you'd listen."

Tommy's eyes over flow finally, breathing coming out shaky. Axel relaxes and let's his arms to drop, putting his hand in his sweatpants pockets. "I understand you only did it to gain the attention, or maybe earn a physical punishment like you probably would with Lewis. But I can't punish you, I'm not your dominate. Besides, I think realizing who it would effect if something did happen to you, is punishment enough."

Tommy sniffles and hugs himself, "Could we do something to ground me more? It feels wrong to go without my regular schedule that Lewis had for me. This is really stressful and scary...I can't handle it. Please, please just— do something to make me forget for a little bit."

Looking at back Axel I see him sigh and closes his eyes as he rubs his forehead lightly. He doesn't answer instantly, actually thinking of something. After a minute of silence he nods and I see Tommy perk up slightly.

"Okay, fine." Axel agrees, than points to the corner of the room next to the windows that are currently blocked by a black screen that stops half way down them. "I want you to do one hundred jumping jacks, counting by 'Mississippi'. If you lose count, start over."

I hear Tommy whine quietly as he had hoped for something physical, Axel obviously hear it too because he adds, "That's one hundred two."

I'm confused by what 'Mississippi' meant and when I turn to Robert, he quickly reads my expression. My eyebrows furrowed and small frown on my lips. He leans down to put his lips next to my ear so he can whisper, "Sorta makes counting last longer."

I nod and turn back to Tommy just as he walks to the corner Axel pointed to and start jumping while raising his arms and spreading his legs. "One Mississippi..Two Mississippi.."

Axel appears next to me and steals me from Robert to pull me gently to his side, causing my head to land on his chest next to his nipple. I don't actually think before my lips attach to his clothed nipple and suck, it's as if it happened subconsciously.

The larger man doesn't do anything besides mutter, "You're gonna get slobber on my shirt." Before proceeding to remove it to allow me to suck on his naked nipple. Not that I really care either way, as long as I get to do it. It's comforting.

I block everything else out to focus on this one action, paying no attention to the conversation that Robert starts with Axel about what happened at the police station and the FBI lady. Tommy's counting and their voices become background noise.

I do catch that Robert had posted about Lewis and Seàn being taken on social media, asking for help if anyone has seen them on both his and Axels accounts. He also mentioned that a club is fully supporting them and multiple people had already messaged him offering any help.

I'm glad people want to help us get them back, it gives me more hope they'll come home sooner.
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