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Seeing Them



It's officially been eight days, since we've last seen Seàn and Lewis, a week since they found the bodies. No one has seen them, the media filled with people from the community sending us support and assuring us they're searching and watching for them.

The FBI has no new leads, no suspects. Agent J.J visited saying their reaching out to other borrows of the FBI to help the search. She even mentioned that her boss has been speaking with different agencies from other countries, making our men their first priority as we're unsure the time they have left.

It helped reassure me, I know Tommy is feeling slightly better knowing their bringing in others to look for them. Zyon hadn't paid attention, only focusing on the fact that Seàn is still gone and might be for a while. Robert had comforted Tommy as I handled Zyon, then in private comforted me.

I haven't been to work and temporarily closed the club, still providing payment to my employees as I know they have families to care for. Everyone has been surprisingly understanding, only few had spoke of their dislike of the club being closed.

Robert was the one who suggested I do it, saying that no one would be there to watch over everything. It also gives all the employees a nice, well deserved vacation- one I had been planning on anyway.

Robert has been in a good mood, even though I can see he feels horrible about our situation and feeling happy while we're sad and upset. I'm glad he has happiness in his life and not letting what is happening to us vet him down. Whenever I notice him on his phone and attempting to hide a grin or blush, and the occasional giggle, I'm filled with pride because he's still focusing on something-someone - positive.

He has yet to speak to me about it and who he's texting or talking to, but I know he will eventually. When he fills its the right time or he just can't wait to get his secret out. I'll wait, even if I'm curious who has caught his attention.

It's dark out and the blinds are up on the windows to give us a view of the lights and the sky line through the city, the tv on mute. Tommy having fell asleep on his knees leaning on his couch, Robert having to lift him up and lay him on the couch. Zyon is settled in my lap, we're in the corner of the couch and he was sucking my naked nipple again when he also feel asleep.

Robert sits next to me, his short shorts riding up slightly and his neon green sleeping crop top a stark contrast against the darkness outside. He sits with his legs folded in front him like child, hands in his lap and a sheepish smile on his face. I can already assume what he wants to talk about.

I only stay quiet and stare at him expectedly, softly rubbing Zyons back when he shifts. I know Robert can't stand to be quiet when he has something to say, he loves waiting for someone to ask why he's acting a certain way. Especially when he has a secret to share.

He knows what I'm doing and he knows I'll beat him in a competition of patience. Still, he tries. Blinking all innocent and smiling happily, only earning my brow raising.

He huffs and pouts, giving up quickly. "You're no fun."

I smirk, "I already know what you want to talk about. I was just seeing how long it would take for you to crack."

His lips part in surprise, like he can't believe I've caught on that someone is texting, calling him and making him happy. He blinks, "How do you know what I want to talk about?"

"I do notice shit my best friend does, Bert. I know you've been texting someone and been calling them. From how you act when you do, I assume you've been talking to them for a while."

"Oh. Well, I'm sorry-"

"I'm happy someone is distracting you from what's happening. I can't expect you to drop everything for me or Zyon, Tommy too. You have your own life. I'm glad you have someone." I interrupt him with a smile that makes him sag with relief.

"Thank god. I was feeling so guilty." He sighs then suddenly gently bounces on the couch, careful of the sleeping men. "So..his name is Devin. I met him at the club."

His voice is stained with excitement and his eyes are lit up bright, leg shaking as he continues to tell me about the new man in his life. "It was before all this happened, but when he heard he called me and told me to keep him posted and if we needed anything he'd come over to help."

I nod, finding it nice this stranger would stop doing whatever it is he does to come help, just for Robert. He deserves someone like that, who wouldn't make him wait if he needed help.

"What does he do?"

He suddenly bites his lip, rubbing his arm. "Well, he's in the military. He's here until his next deployment."

I'm shocked, not a bad one, I'm pleasantly surprised. I have huge respect for the army and our military, and I have no doubt this man will be able to deal with Robert. I'm just worried what would happen when Devin is deployed and Robert is left here, alone.

I'm sure they'll be able to do long distance, Robert had a few of those before and be never once minded. But the other man in the relationship couldn't handle it and broke up with him, it always left him miserable. He genuinely likes this Devin and I'd hate for it to end up like the others, but I'm not going to fill him with doubts.

I'm his friend, not his dom or a parent. He can make his own decisions. I want this to work out and him have a good, functioning relationship. Devin already makes him happy, so I'll support it and be there if it goes to ruin.

"I'm glad you found him, Bert. As long as he makes you happy and treats you good like you deserve, I'm okay with whatever he does. Besides, military men could probably handle you a lot better then most." I chuckle when he punches my arm with a quiet laugh.


It's morning the next day when Robert comes in from the elevator with a bag of new clothes and a white, blank envelope. He's staring at it curiously as he hands it to me and I see that it's not blank, written in messy hand writing; Mr. Addams

I tense because I don't use my last name for many things and no one calls me that, besides the man that cornered us.

Quickly, I rip the top open, ignoring the blender that is still running from where I was making Zyon a smoothie. I hear the others gather at the table as I carefully reach in to grab the paper in the envelope.

"What is it?" Tommy questions, voice shaking.

I open the folded paper and see a typed letter, my blood freezes because I have no idea why he would contact us unless it was something bad. "A letter."

Zyon clings to my side and I wrap my arm around him while Robert demands I read it, and sighing as I prepare myself, I start.

"Dear Mr. Addams,

I am aware you are currently under stress that my actions of borrowing Mr. MacManus and Mr. Murray has caused, and that you are caring for Mr. Murrays Pride, dear Thomas. I would like to inform you that I have unfortunately discovered that my plans will have to be extended.

This means that your wonderfully intimidating Dominants will have to stay for, sadly, a few months. While the process is extremely important I also fear the lack of their respective Pride/Streak will lower chances of this working. This said, I have set up a way to communicate.

In this envelope you will find a number and a word, use this to get invited into a face time account. The site to use this on is at the bottom of this letter.

Thank you for your patience, I assure you I will return both Mr. MacManus and Mr. Murray safely and stronger than ever. '"

I lower the letter to look at them, feeling sick, my stomach churning dangerously. Tommy has stray tears on his face and Zyon is hiding in my arm pit. Robert is running off into the hallway, returning a moment later with my laptop.

He sets it on the table and snatches the letter and envelope, "This might a trap to spy on us, or something. But it's worth it if we get to see them and know their okay."

I move myself and Zyon behind him to watch as he enters the site into the computer, as soon as he hits enter the screen blacks out. I hear Tommy hold his breath and a second later we're met with a two gray boxes, one for a word and a number.

Robert digs in the envelope and pulls out a small rectangle piece of paper with the word evolution and the number two. He quickly enters them in and doesn't get to press enter before a small ding is heard and suddenly the black screen is replaced.

We're faced with prison bars and a dark cave with bad lighting, it looks cold and hard and makes goosebumps appear on my arms. In the cage like room we see Lewis laying on the ground with Seàn kneeling next to him, the Scottish men is breathing heavily and by the expression on Seàn faces something had happened.

As soon as Tommy and Zyon see them they call out and Robert of quick to jump out of their way as they move to get closer. Both men look up so quickly I fear they broke their necks, instant relief washes over their expressions as they run over to the bars.

Seàn is dirty, covered in a layer of sweat and his fists are busted and bleeding as he grips the bars. A fresh bruise on his cheek but he grins anyway. Lewis looks no better, dirt and dried blood on his face, knuckles bleeding and a busted lip.

"Ah, ya lads are okay! We were so worried bout ya!" Seàn accents seems stronger as he stares at Zyon and I through the screen, eyes bright.

"How are ya, Mo Peata. Ya bein good, are ya?" Lewis immediately asks Tommy who is crying like Zyon.

"Yes, M-Master! Are you okay!?" Robert rubs Toms back while Lewis just seems pained by his boyfriend crying.

"None of that, now. We're fine. Just'ta small wrestling match, is all." Lewis reassures, Seàn quickly agreeing.

"Ya hear that, buachaill leanbh. Stop ya cryin, I'm right as rain. Nothing we can't handle." Zyon nods, sniffing and whipping his eyes, I hug him tightly and kiss his head as I grab a paper towel and have him blow his nose into it.

"How are my lads, Axel? Are ya okay? Nothing wrong?" Seàn addresses me, eyes longing and concerned.

I shake my head, "We're okay. Shaken up still over everything. Only wrong thing is that you guys aren't here."

Tommy's voice is quite, hearable to our men on the screen but obviously upset. "Yeah...those bodies they found gave us a real scare. I thought I would never see you again."

Seàn and Lewis exchange a look, both briefly glancing off to a makeshift window in the cave that has bars on it also. Before they speak, I ask a question I keep asking myself. "Did you know him?"

Lewis sighs, head banging on the bars as Seàn nods. "Tavion. We..we couldn't help him."

I can see their upset about it, probably guilty they couldn't help the man. They shouldn't be, from what I see they probably couldn't even fight fairly let alone stop whoever has them from taking Tavion. "You shouldn't feel guilty. I'm sure he knows you tried."

Seàn gratefully smiles at me while Lewis nods, speaking mainly to Tommy, "What's happening with ya? Everything okay there? Nothin weird?"

His boyfriend whips his eyes, "Uh...No. Just waiting for any leads the FBI might get, there hasn't been anything. Axel helps keep me grounded a little."

Lewis's eyes snap to me when he hears that, "He has trouble distracting himself from the fact you're gone and he doesn't have his usual schedule. So he's been in a position you normally put him in a lot, trying to remember what you would do."

The man nods, smiling at his sub. "I'm proud of ya. Keep doin that and when I get back I'll lock us up in our room and ya ain't leavin for weeks, ya hear."

Tommy blushes and grins excitedly, eyes still glazed with unshed tears and cheeks stained with streaks of them, but calmer than me has been this week.

"What about you, Zyon? What's my boy been up ta?" Seàn turns his attention to Zyon, who been trying to calm himself down like Seàn said too.

"Miss you." The boy sadly mutters just loud enough.

"Aye, and I miss ya, Axel too. You're bein good for him and remembering I'm coming back, aren't ya?"

Zyons body studders and I know he held back a sob even as be nods. "Ah, good boy. I'm proud of the both of you, strong lads you are. I'd do well to stay back with you after this."

"He's been a bit depressed, we've been trying to distract him. He won't let me wash any of your shirts, either." I tell him, feeling happy myself whenhe mentioned he's proud of us both, watching him smirk a little.

"Ah, can't have that, now. All my smell is probably gone from them, do well ta wash them. I've got more in the truck, should be in front of the building. Just play with Tommy and listen to them, we'll be back soon. I promise you."

Zyon nods but no one else can say anything before we hear someone else in the room their in and Lewis instantly start cursing them, Seàn gripping the bars harshly. The men stand and we hear one of them pull someone against the bars, a growling voice I know as Seàn demanding the person leave.

Tommy and Zyon are shouting questions worriedly and I'm not much better, all leaning in to try to understand what's happening. Panicking, unsure if our men are in danger.

"S-sorry! I have orders!" Is squeaked from a man.

The men are quick to face the camera again just as the lap top they have in front of them is closing, shouting affections to us respectively.

"Love ya, Tommy boy!"

"Lads! Love-"
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