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Learning a Little



It's been two weeks according to both Axel and Robert since we seen Seán and Lewis on the computer, Tommy is calmer than before but he's still sad and worried. I'm am too, although knowing they're still alive is a big comfort.

Agent JJ, the FBI lady, came over after Axel called her when Seán and Lewis disappeared on the computer. She brought a group of people with her that had computers and other devices I didn't recognize, I overhead her explaining that they would attempt to track the device the bad people have.

After she left Axel had set me down in our bedroom, I sat on edge of it while he had kneeled between my legs. Tommy and Robert were in the tv room, talking. Axel's voice has been soft and soothing, even though he was telling me of a big change I didn't like at all.

"Sweetheart, I know you don't like strangers and I'm sorry for this, but some of those people will have to stay here."

I had quickly disagreed, shaking my head and frowning. I didn't want another person here, I like it only being Axel, Tom and Robert. Thinking about when Seán returned to see another stranger in our home, I don't think he would that. What if he thought we didn't want him anymore?

Axel had sighed, hands gently rubbing my thighs, "They need to be here, Zyon. They can help us find Seán. If we see them through the computer again, they may be able to find them. I know you hate it, so do I, but lets deal with it so we can get Seán home. Deal?"

I could see how they could help, find my Seán but I still didn't want them here. Although the picture of Seán on the computer then imagining him walking through the door, is what made me agree. I can't let Seán stay there because I couldn't let people here to help, help.

Axel had smiled at me and kissed my head, muttering, "Good boy. Thank you. Seán would be very proud of you, I am."

Those words made my whole day. I didn't even pout as the FBI people set up their devices on the counter in the kitchen and stayed there all day, waiting.

It was tense and awkward the first days, I felt like I couldn't do anything I would normally do without those people watching and judging. It was like the line by my alley before Axel found me, strangers judging me.

I didn't want to smell Axel or suck on his nipple, even when I know doing it usually calms me down. I especially didn't ask him for spit, I usually only ask Seán because he seemed more willing to give me his. Axel will if I ask, but I don't think he really did it before or is comfortable like Seán is doing it.

Whenever Axel cuddled me shirtless I'd have the urge to suck his nipple and smell him, I would be so close to doing it- then one of the strangers would speak and I'd quickly stop myself.

Axel caught on after three days and he changed his routine. When normally he'd get up early to make breakfast and take a shower; he'd lay in bed with me with the door closed and allow me to smell him and suck his nipple in private.

In the afternoons after lunch, we watch a movie on the couch and nap with Tommy and Robert. I usually suck on his nipple as I fall asleep. But now he excuses us to the bedroom and we watch a movie in there. He keeps his arms behind his head, he doesn't wear a shirt, so his hairy underarms are in view. He said I could pick what I wanted, to smell him or suck his nipple, or both, and he leaves himself open for whatever I choose.

The evenings are the same. He makes dinner with Robert and then we watch tv, after that is bedtime. Now though, we go to bed earlier so I can do the stuff I enjoy before we go to asleep.

Tommy and Robert haven't said anything about us spending more time in the bedroom, only sending me smiles when Axel guides me out. My face always heats up.

Tom hasn't been needing to be in the position as much since he saw Lewis, he'll be in it sometimes like in the mornings after breakfast, not like before. He hasn't argued with Axel about any small rules either.

We got a lot closer, along with Robert, we talk more now. I don't really have anything to say, if I do its small words and spoken quietly. They don't mind I don't get involved into the conversation much, they know I'm listening and will explain something if I don't understand.

They were explaining dominants and submissives to me today, Axel was speaking to the strangers that had been here for two weeks now. Robert, Tommy and I were on the couch, me in between them. They had mentioned dominants and submissives when talking about the club Robert works in with Axel, I was curious.

"Well...Submissives are what we are. It's someone who gives over control of decisions or actions willingly to another person, a dominant." Robert explained slowly, as if looking for words to help me understand better.

Tommy agreed, "Yeah! I give Lewis control all the time. See, I can't really make decisions by myself, I get anxious and it scares me to make decisions that could impact mine or someone else life." He explained, "It's one if the reasons I liked Lewis in the first place, he took control over what we did when we dated and avoided asking me directly what I wanted to do. I willingly let him, I'm sure if I told him I didn't want to do something, he'd change plans."

"Dominants are what Seán, Axel and Lewis are. They enjoy taking care of us, however we need. They like being the ones we go to for help or reassurances, they want to protect us and love us. Sure, I could guess they like the control they have over us- but that would imply they have full control. Which, in some situations, they do, but.." Robert paused to stare directly at me, hands on my cheeks to make sure I listened.

"The submissives have full control. No matter the situation, one word; no, stop, red. The dominant will always stop. Trust is so very important, without it, a relationship like Toms and Lewis's falls apart."

I had only nodded because Axel came back over and sat next to me, pulling me into his side and kissing my head.


It's the evening after dinner and everyone is getting ready for bedtime. Axel had already made sure I brushed my teeth and used the bathroom, and now I'm waiting for him in bed.

I thought a lot about what my friends said about dominants. Axel and Seán are ones, and they've been caring me a lot. Making decisions for me that helped me get to a better place, without them I'd be in my alley still. I have friends now, and food to eat. Even though Seán isn't here, I can tell Axel is trying to think about what Seán would do if he was.

Seán fed me for a long time and took care of me before I even met Axel, he protected me and showed me affection. He also backed off whenever I showed signs of being uncomfortable, which was rare.

The bed shifting gains my attention and I blink as I watch Axel pull the blanket over his legs, he's shirtless and he smiles at me. "You thinking hard, Honey? It's bedtime, thinking isn't allowed. Sorry."

He chuckles as he lays down, hands behind his head and he grins when I giggle. "Come on, lay down. Tell me what has you thinking this late that couldn't wait until morning."

I listen and lay down against him, cuddled into his side with my head on his chest. I feel his arm come down to wrap around my body and hug me closer to him. His big hand on my side, thumb moving softly side to side.

I can feel his nipple against my lips and smile a little to myself, "Good...domnant.. Seán..too"

I think I didn't say dominant right but by the frozen body under me, I'm sure he understood. It takes a moment before he moves again, kissing my hair and squeezing me. He's grinning as he does.

"Thank you, baby. I'm so happy you think that, Seán would be too. He'd be so proud, luckily I'm proud enough for the both of us. You can tell him that when he comes home, it would make his day."

My smile widens, imagining being able to tell Seán he's a really good dominant. As I picture it, I tilt my head to suck Axels nipple into my mouth.

I fall asleep like that.

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