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Ever since the FBI invaded the apartment, Zyons safe place, he's been different. I understand and will support him in every way. The FBI tech group has been putting all of us on edge, there's only three people, a woman, and two men.

The woman is very kind and offers to help for the inconvenience of them having to be around in case we're contacted. She's pretty too, on the chubby side like Robert, and always wears cute dresses with high heels, glasses covering her blue eyes, and nearly always holding a pen with a fuzzy top. I've seen her play with the fuzz when she's thinking.

She had a smile every time we see her, which is often as their in the kitchen. Her name, as I've learned, is Salem.

While Salem is kind and open, attempting to socialize with us. The two men don't, I'm only assuming when I figure their uncomfortable knowing we're in the BDSM community.

One man, Taylor, isn't subtle at all with the way he stares at us. He's not that short, merely an inch shorter than me probably, with bleach blonde hair cut short and shaved at the sides. His body figure similar to mine muscled and in fit.

I recognize the look in his grey eyes as longing when he watches me as I make sure the two vulnerable submissives go about their schedule, or when Tommy asks to go into his position and I let him.

I've run my club too long and been on the floor of said club enough times to know the signs of a submissive needing a dominant, or someone new to the lifestyle and too shy or nervous to ask anything. While I know Taylor isn't starting to make us uncomfortable or be rude, Zyon doesn't and it pains me when I watch my boy hold back from doing what he enjoys.

Now, the other man is very different. Eric, a short man like Robert or Tommy, with a twinkish body figure; little to no muscle, thin and seems overall very delicate. He causes the most problems.

He glares and mumbles to himself just loud enough to be heard by whoever is closest to him, and whenever Tommy is in the position that helps him, Eric will roll his eyes and mutter an insult about how weak Tommy is for that.

He's getting on mine and Roberts nerves, Bert absolutely despises him. I've held him back on multiple occasions from throwing a punch.

It's the fourth week since we saw Seán and Lewis, a whole month when I find an envelope in the mail pile that Robert brought up this morning, it's addressed to myself in the exact handwriting as before.

My breathing is short and my heartbeat quickens as I stare at it, unsure if either of us can handle what is inside. Tommy must see my hesitation because he comes up next to me at the kitchen counter, mouth open to ask a question when he sees the white, nearly blank envelope.

He gasps and, almost instinctively, grabs my arm to keep himself calm. "Berty! Zyon! Come quick!"

Robert doesn't hesitate to grip Zyons hand and pull him from the couch to where we are, crowding around me as the Tech group pause in what they're doing to watch. "Is it them? Axel, open it or I will."

I nod at Roberts's demand and rip the envelope open, taking the folded letter out. It's a shorter letter but has new words and numbers for the chatting program we used last time.

"'Dear Mr. Addams and pack partners,

As I mentioned before, my plans maintain an extended time to complete. We are currently in the midst of stage one, a very important process, and one of the more lengthy stages.

I had guaranteed that you all have contact with Mr. MacManus and Mr. Murray, as before there will be a word and a number below.

I'm positive they will be very satisfied with seeing you."'

At the bottom of the paper, there is the word biological and number one. Zyon is hugging my waist and hiding his face in my chest, Tommy looks nervous and Robert is opening the laptop that had stayed where it was since last time.

"Are these the people? Should we get ready?" Salem asks, the group heard what was in the letter.

I nod, "Yes. We'll be able to see them and hopefully, you'll be able to track them."

Salem doesn't say anything and only starts to type on the computer in front of her while the men do the same and mess with devices I never learned the name of.

"I'm on the login. Can we open it or do we have to wait?" Robert questions, fingers hovering over the keys of the laptop, eyes on the tech group.

"Go ahead." Taylor gives a small reassuring smile to Tommy and Zyon, keeping his eyes on my chest when he looks at me.

Robert is quick to proceed in typing the needed word and number in, we crowd the computer to see our men. Anxious and scared as to what we'll see.

The ding is heard before we're listening to grunts and small whimpers of pain, I'm able to catch a curse from Seán. Tommy and Zyon both let out tiny gasps when we see Seán and Lewis practically trembling in agony on the hard ground.

Seán is against the wall under the barred window and Lewis is arm's length away, their expressions filled with discomfort. Bodies twitching occasionally, jaws locked to keep from making any more noises and eyes pinched shut.

"Lewy?! Are you okay?! Please be okay!" Tommy cries, lunging for the screen. Bert moves to the side just in time to avoid being trampled.

"Seán?" Zyon whimpers, tears coming to his eyes.

The reaction to us is almost immediate, the men visibly forcing themselves to sit up. Each one of them grunting and biting back cries of anguish from how their throats work and veins show. "No! If moving hurts, stay down. Don't put more suffering on yourselves for us."

Seán hesitates to listen to me, wanting to comfort and reassure us. But he realizes that putting more strain on himself won't help to comfort us, so he slowly lowers himself down. Lewis growls and doesn't listen, pushing himself to sit up. His breathing is heavy and irregular, body shivering.

"Lewis, no! Listen to Axel, please?! Lay back down, I won't have you hurting yourself. Please! Lay down." Tommy is crying, gripping the table and cheeks wet as he watched his boyfriend.

Lewis heaves a breath and lays back down, hands clenched even if the action seems to cause more pain. "Thank you, Lewy. Can you guys talk? Or does it hurt too bad?"

Tommy's question receives clenched teeth grunts of, "We're...fine." and "Boys.."

It breaks my heart hearing Seán call out for Zyon and me, I can't imagine what had happened to make them like this or being forced to go through it. I want to help and save them but I have no clue where they are unless the tech team can get a location on them.

"We're okay, Seán. Focused on finding you guys and making sure Zyon is safe for when you get back. He has something really important to tell you when we find you." I reassure him, watching as his head falls to the side and his eyes open just enough to discern longing and misery in them.

Zyon is weeping while he watches and once he realizes Seán is looking at us, he reaches out his hand for the man. My eyes water up and I have to turn my head to hide in my shoulder for a second, I hear Tommy sob at the scene and feel Roberts hand on my back.

Turning back to the men, I see that Lewis is attempting to smile at Tommy to show he's okay but it appears as a grimace and that Seán's own eyes are glazed over. He won't cry though, that would give power to the people that have them and cause Zyon more worry.

Seán is Zyons hero, in his mind, the larger man is the strongest and bravest. It would be horrible for him to see Seán crying, it's probably extremely hard for him to even imagine Seán in pain and here he is, watching the man suffer.

I can see Taylor staring at his screen with his eyes watered and a hand covering his mouth while the other two types away. He's probably able to watch what is happening while his teammates try to get a location.

"Sir, we have an issue." The new voice gets my attention back, hearing footsteps and the men growl at someone.

"What is it?" I recognize the voice as the short man that spoke to us at Target, so does Tommy as he chokes on his breath.

"They're attempting to hack into our system. I warned you this was a bad idea."

A scoff is heard, then a sigh. "Well. I guess Plan B will have to work. Shut it down."

Tommy starts begging for them not to shut down the connection we have, trying to influence their guilt by saying we miss our men. That gets a slight laugh out of someone.

Seáns and Lewis's muscles are tense, I know if they were able to, they would fight like last time. But they do anything like the computer in front of them slowly closes.

"We'll find you guys! You'll be okay!" I shout, hopefully being heard.

Zyon whimpers again and cries out Seán's name while clutching my shirt.

Tommy sobs into Roberts's shoulder, stifled 'it's not fair's' coming from him.

Robert looks over to the tech team, silently asking if they were able to find anything. Salem's expression is apologetic as she shakes her head, they didn't get a location.

Now what?

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