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Surgery + what?

Heads up, the following chapter includes animal surgery.

Also, I've done research about brains and animal brains, but didn't get a straight answer as to if what I write is totally possible. I've learned that no one entirely knows whether some animal's brains are like humans, such as big cats. But they most likely have some parts we have to be able to survive.

I'm talking about the brain stuff, not what happens at the end. I know that's not possible.

In this, I'm only going off my limited knowledge of psychology from my High School class and the articles I've read. And this is a fictional book.


- Alex



The past few days have been better. The agony that my body had been suffering from has been decreasing to a low level of discomfort, not enough to fully hurt anymore- more of a minor ache.

I can't say the same for Lewis. Even though West did the same to him probably a few days after me, he still has major suffering to deal with. He can speak better than we could when the boys showed up, that was at least four days ago. He can't talk in a full sentence, a few words at once causes too much pain, I understand although he seems embarrassed he can't deal with it as usual.

Lewis is the kind of man that holds any pain in, mentally or physically if possible. He doesn't like showing any distress he feels, so he bites back any reaction to anything that harms him. This situation is basically a punch to his face because he can't hide his suffering, or even begin to.

He was pissed that Tommy saw him like this, he couldn't show it much but I saw it. I know him better than anyone and he hates when Tommy sees him in pain, it causes the boy to worry himself to death. I can't imagine how the poor boy is after seeing us like that.

Although, he'll get through it, few more days at most. If I'm feeling better, then he should be too. Question is, what happens after this? West mentioned parts of the process, will there be a more to whatever they are doing?

I wonder how far Tavion got in this process or if he even made it past what we went through, I have no idea how long he was here. He might've made it through that, but all that screaming. What could've caused him to scream that much? Besides part one, the DNA procedure West did.

In some ways in glad Tavion is no longer here, he's free from this torture. Yet also, I wish he was still alive and with us. Then I'd know that when, and there will be a when-there has to be, he'd see his family and partner and be able to live the rest of his life.

I'll avenge him, we'll make sure West gets what he deserves. Whenever the opportunity reveals itself, West will see just how strong we are and we'll be free.

"Bràthair.." Lewis grunts, finger gently tapping mine from where his hand rests next to mine.

He's laying by me, head close to my thighs and body tensely stretched out. Turning to face him I see his half-lidded eyes starting up at me, there's agony mixed with once energetic green.

"Fight it, Lewy. Only some days left, you'll be good as new. Then we fight them. Make them regret doing this to us and our boys." I move to hold his shoulder in reassurance like I normally would, yet stop myself because it would only cause worse discomfort for him.

Instead, I attempt to smile to assure him it's okay. I don't want to lie to him, it's not okay- none of this is, but he's my brother and sometimes brothers lie to protect each other. In this case, protecting him from any more mental trauma is my main priority.

"Tommy boy.." This time it's a whimper that makes him cringe.

I shake my head at him, "He's okay, Bràthair. He's with Axel and Zyon, and I saw Robert with them. He's safe."

His eyes close tight, either because of the irritation in his body or the unknown of his boyfriend, I don't know. It's hard enough to be away from our boys and abducted, yet having our bodies altered in ways I didn't know was possible is even more difficult to handle.

It causes doubt that we'll survive and West had announced a Plan B when the boys where on the call, what if he does do something to them? Just to keep himself from getting caught or losing his experiments.

If he did hurt them, I don't know how Lewis and I would react to that. It's one of the things that scares me. Because as well as we know and love each other, we always fueled the reaction of the other to certain predicaments.

Individually, we're predictable- at least to each other. Together, we're unpredictable.

Lewis is the first to violence and goes into a fight comprehending solely one thing - protection or payback. He fights for only these things. If someone he loves is hurt, protection. Someone punches him, payback.

Usually, I'm the one that thinks first. But in situations where a loved one is hurt or he is, Lewis's anger gets me going and I'm right beside him in throwing punches. Vise versa with him to my anger - we feed off each other's emotions and from past fights, it's mostly anger or grief.

So, if something did happen to the boys. I'm not sure how we'd handle it. Lewis would die for Tommy, that boy is his world and he gravitates around Tom. I love Tom, he's like another brother to me. Say he was hurt, slaughtered, I'm unsure what would come first - despair or outrage.

I know I would be devastated if Zyon or Axel were harmed, I've been with Zyon for years I know I love that boy. Axel, I've only known him a few months before this, but I do want to try a relationship. For them to be harmed, it would be horrible.

What scares me, is how strong the animosity will be when it surfaces, and it will. We've, I've, never harmed someone so much they nearly died, we only put some guys in the hospital once. But, with how everything is going and what is happening to us - I fear we'll come out of this murderers or not at all.

The thought of ending a life is daunting, and it's not something I want. Although, in this circumstance, it's us or them.

If our boys are on the line, West just signed his death certificate.


"Mr. MacManus, I believe it's time for stage two seeing as you're past the DNA stage." West smiles as he stops at the door of the cell, with Ethan and another group of people.

Lewis is still down and suffering, it couldn't have been more than a few hours since he attempted to speak. He makes a noise of pain when he clutches my hand as West speaks as if to somehow keep them from forcing me away again.

"I ain't movin. As long as Lewys like this, Ya can fuck off." It's a warning to leave me alone, I won't be surprised this time if they come in for an attack. This time, I'm fighting for real.

Ethan grins sharply, stepping forward and the action makes me jump up and prepare to take him down. I have my fist up and guarding Lewis in case someone tries to get to him to make me go easy.

West sighs and blocks Ethan with hid arm, the taller growls low in his throat like an animal, but backs off. "As I told you before, stop provoking them. You'll hardly stand a chance when we're through, you won't be like them."

Ethan scoffs, rolling his eyes and shaking his head. Obviously, he believes differently. But, what did that mean? Did West experiment on Ethan and he survived?

"I can take them. We'll probably be the same anyway."

West presses his right hand to his forehead as his eyes close in exasperation, "No you will not. I've explained this already. Tigers and lions would tear through a wolf, especially together. They're made to hunt larger prey, hell! They're bigger than wolves!"

He turns to Ethan with a fond glare, not unlike an owner scolding their puppy for tearing through the trash. "Now, do not provoke them. Go get Mr. MacManus and bring him back to the operation chair, be quick about it and you'll get a treat."

Ethan sniffs indifferently but nods, watching as West pats his chest then give me a happy smile before he walks back down the path. Ethan glares at me and unlocks the cell.

"You heard him. Go get him." He orders the group, who slowly steps into the cage. Too slowly for Ethan growls loudly and they run in, some of them yelping.

The closest person to me gets a punch to their face, sending them down with a yell and a bleeding nose. The others crowd me, one of the women moving to kick my stomach yet is too slow as I grab her ankle and throw her into the group. They go down like bowling pins.

A man jumps on me from the side and I lose balance, going down and landing on him. I don't hesitate to attack him with jabs and punches, yet another climbs up on my back and wraps their arms around my throat. They pull until I'm thrown off the man and I land on my back in them.

There are yells and shouts as they demand chains, I'm clawing at the person's limbs when I decide to bite their arm. They shout just as I throw my head back into theirs, I'm jumping up I'm released and charging a woman holding chains.

Before I can reach her, I'm tripped by another chain that two had laid out and quickly wrap around my ankles. I can hear myself grunting and snapping at them, battling against them when my arms to tied behind my back.

I can feel Lewis watching and I'm disappointed with myself knowing I failed to stay with him when he's still in pain, that he even has to watch this. "I'm okay, Bràthair! Rest up, Lewy! Don't worry about me!"

Lewis's green eyes follow me, full of helplessness and misery, as I'm once again dragged from the cell.


I'm strapped to the chair again. This time the Tiger is already put to sleep but instead of in a cage, he's strapped to a shiny silver table with unnatural black dots around his head. West is in front of me, smiling cheerfully as he usually is. Ethan is in his corner, I can see him if I turn my head slightly, he's eating a big steak.

The room is the same as last time. Except for this time, there are more machines and tools laid out. I recognize some as scalpels and a brain scanner, some tweezers, and more needles.

"As you can see, we're ready for stage two, the last stage. Unless you count the...transformation." West speaks, seeing me looking around.

"What are you doing to us?" I'm talking about Lewis and me, also the poor Tiger that got caught up in this mess.

West smiles even wider. "Why, I'm evolving the human race. See, I am..was..a scientist for the government. Doing experiments to help with the military, make soldiers stronger, or heal faster. Unfortunately, while Ethan was my best subject for this, he is also one of the reasons I was fired."

He frowns momentarily, "The President at the time didn't think my experiments were very Humane and canceled them. Ethan is my only success, I showed him to the military commander and the presidential council. I'm very proud of him, even if they weren't."

I hear Ethan purr or murr, as I know dogs sometimes do. West winks at him as he grins, "He's mixed with a wolf, upon his own request."

It's coming together for me, and rather quickly. He's going to turn me into whatever Ethan is, only mixed with this Tiger. Willingness or not, all for his own wish to evolve the human race before we do so naturally.

Dominant's probably fit closer to an animal predator, our want to protect and provide for a partner more so than 'vanilla' people. We care for submissives, people who can sometimes be classified as weaker and more vulnerable than us. It's not true, but that's the idea a lot of people unfamiliar to the community have.

Predators, from what I know, usually have a pack or a partner that is submissive to them. Depending on the species, of course. Although, I thought Tigers were non-social animals in the wild.

"It seems you finally understand. Now, Mr. MacManus, for this part you will have to be sedated. Unfortunately." West gains my attention again, grabbing a needle and stepping towards me.

Like last time, I try to fight, to get away. The straps are far too tight. I feel the needle at my wrist, West tapping the vein before he slides the needle in.

It takes a few minutes for the drug to take effect, my body slowing in my struggle, my vision blurring, and tunneling as black clouds my eyes.


Surrounded by luminous green leaves, high in a large tree. I watch as a group of two men and three women with tranquilizer guns, gaze around the thick rain forests.

I'm confused as I never been in a rain forest before, glancing at myself I'm spooked. Instead of my body, I see a large, long orange and black striped body with a flicking tail and clawed paws. I feel ears move on my head and my vision is mostly green, blue, yellow, and some greys.

A growl comes from my throat and I watch, helpless, as one of the men looks up the tree. He shots instantly, not giving the animal, me, time to move. The tiger body jumps down, landing with a roar on the man and claws his face.

I'm shouting for the animal to run, and he does. Just not fast enough to hide away before he drops from the tranq.

Our vision is in and out. Catching the group load the tiger body into a cage in the back of a truck. Then into a small cargo jet. Finally, into a cave entrance.


"Bràthair! Wake up!"

I jerk up, blinking and breathing heavily. I'm in the cave cell, not a rain forest. Slapping my hands my body, I feel my chest and head, confirming I'm still human.

"Seán, ya okay? You were out for, I'm guessing, days. Since I feel fine and all." Lewis forces me to turn my head to him, he's sitting up and not shaking in agony.

"Lewy...I-he- they-" I'm trembling, I realize, in fear or shock, I don't know.

Lewis grips the back of my neck to help me focus, "Tell me, Bràthair."

"West, he's turning us into..into something. He did the same to Ethan, said he was mixed with a wolf." I grab my head, shaking it, "He did a surgery on me...wants to mix me with a fucking tiger!"

His hand tightens on my neck, "I know. I demanded to know what he did and he said some shite about transferring tiger brain stuff to you."

My head snaps up, a grimace appearing when I move too quickly. "He was talkin bout memories and conscience being transferred. Among other stuff."

My nod and my finger move along a fresh scar, my eyebrow furrow as I follow the scar around the top of my head. Lewis stops me, "He had to get to your brain somehow, Bràthair."

I flinch at that. Apparently, I'm not fully human anymore. That dream I had must have been the tiger's memory of how he got here. "I-I saw the..the tigers memory, Lewy. He tried to hide and fight."

I'm shaken up, I can't believe what's happening. What does this even mean? What happens now? Do I get to go home and act like normal?

Lewis hugs me tightly and I cling to him, wondering what will happen next. I know he's next, I dread even thinking of it and I know he knows too. He'll probably be taken later today or night. It makes me clutch him tighter.


Black-striped paws running, the wind blowing through the fur, ears lowered. Eyes locked on the prey animal in front of the tiger, the okapi. Getting closer, the large body lunges onto the back of the animal.


I scream as I'm torn awake by a horrible agony in my body, worse than the DNA stuff West put in me. I watch with wide, fearful, eyes as my body painfully breaks and repairs itself. Bones breaking under skin, elongating in my legs and arms.

Fur slowly appears in place of my pale skin, orange with deep black stripes. My head and lower back stings and aches, my fingers get longer and my nails grow into sharp, dangerous claws.

I'm screaming and whimpering, thrashing about, begging for it to stop. I stand only for me to lose balance, my arm shots out and I hear the claws dig into the cave wall, the sound making me wince. A hand goes to my head, but I quickly remove it realizing why my head hurt. I have ears.

Standing straight, my head hits the ceiling and a noise like a cat hiss startles me as I make it. An extra movement behind me makes me look over my shoulder, yelping, and jumping when I see a long tail.

Staring down at myself I see I'm taller, my arms are massive as are my legs, my hands, and feet that are paw-like. My dirty clothes are torn, hanging, and barely covering my crotch. I'm orange with black stripes and indeed an animal, only a humanoid version.


I spin around to see Lewis staring at me with wide eyes, a new scar on his head. I must have been out for some time again, my body preparing for this... transformation as West had said.

I back away from him, what if I accidentally hurt him? I couldn't forgive myself if I did.

"This is what's going to happen, huh? Going to be a big change, we'll figure it out. We always have. I'm with you, Bràthair." Lewis steps forward and I quickly back up, shaking my head as I'm unsure if I can even speak like this.

He frowns for a minute then attempts to grin, although it's strained, "Ya won't harm me, Seàn. Why don't we just sit down? Wait for you to go back to normal."

I slowly slide down the nearest wall, not knowing what to do with my new long limbs. I keep myself absolutely still, tense as Lewis gets closer and sits next to me. He looks shorter when typically he's my height, which means I'm possibly eight or nine feet tall.

"Don't worry, Seán. This doesn't scare me, in fact, it helps. He did the surgery on me while you were out. We're going to be the same..although there was a lion there when I was. So, I'm a lion now I guess." He weakly laughs, "We'll get through this. Together, Bràthair."

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