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Voices and Rose



"Lewy...Lewis, wake up. You've been out for a while."

I jump up from my laying position on the hard ground when I hear Seàns voice, sounding quieter and desperate. The clanking of chains is heard after his voice and a groan that wakes Tommy and Zyon. They had passed out from worry and exhaustion after all that happened, I've been awake to watch over them.

"What happened? I-I can't remember much." Tommy sobs out in relief at Lewis's voice, dropping back against the cave wall as the fear of him being dead is lifted.

Zyon clings to my waist and searches around for them even though they're not near us, and probably won't be for some time.

More chains are heard before a deep sigh, "We..they attacked us and we..we, fuck. We fought them off."

Seàn sounds bothered by whatever happened, a fight, which is odd. He had told me stories of how fun fighting with Lewis or his Brother was, how he never minded fights, or getting bloody. As long as the fight was nothing serious, like murder, he was okay with it. But now, he seems uncertain about the fight he mentioned.

Zyon climbs into my lap and hides in my armpit, disliking the tone Seàn had and knowing there was a fight. He had told me he didn't like when Seàn fought, I know he likes the strength Seàn has and knowing he overpowered someone, but he hates that the larger man might get hurt.

"Damn. Did we..that's more blood than a simple fight, Bràthair." There is a pause, "where are we?"

"I don't know. Ethan only said something about testing us than we're being attacked. I-I must have blacked out." Seàn's voice is weaker, tone vast with confusion and exhaustion.

From what I understand of the conversation so far is that they were moved and the aggressive man with West most likely put then through some type of test. I can assume that was the commotion we heard when they spoke to us, Ethan had to go check on them because something went wrong.

From the manner that woman ran past in, terrified, and missing a finger, I can guess it wasn't good.

We're so close it hurts to be able to listen but not to speak. We can hear the voices we've missed and the accents we've gone without. Now, all we need is to be able to see and feel the men belonging to these voices. See what condition they're in and help whatever it is, feel the sold bodies and muscles and beards. Seàns beard must be longer now, same with Lewis. They'll need a trim.

"Seàny..." Zyon whines into my underarm, fisting my dirty shirt.

I pet down his back to ease him, "I know, Baby. We'll find them and take Seàn home."

"Lewis too." Tommy cuts in, bringing his knees to his chest.

I nod, gripping his knee tightly in reassurance. "Yeah, Lewis too."

He smiles slightly at me, grateful for the comfort I'm aiming to give him. He's been uncharacteristically, but understandably, aggressive. Not to me or Zyon, mainly anyone who happens to walk past. His concern for us and our men driving him to be something he is not; a violent, angry man. Usually, he's calm and hyper, excitable, and positive.

I would most likely do exactly what he did when he tried to attack West and Ethan, although I also had Zyon to think of. Seeing me like that would've made him scared for mine, and their-his and Tommy's, safety. I don't want him to deal with unnecessary fear, he's frightened enough as it is.

We spend time just listening to Seàns and Lewis's conversation, most of it consists of talk about some kind of shift. Lewis mentions lions and hunters in a dream he had, said it was similar to what Seàn had seen. Then it slowly veers off to us; what we'll think or if we're safe.

What catches my attention is what Seàn asks, anxious and uncertain, "Are they safe around us? What if we hurt them?"

Lewis scoffed, although I could tell the questions made him think and uncertain even as he answered. "No. We protect our boys. We'd never hurt them. Even like this. They'll be safe, Ya hear me? They gotta be safe."

Tommy had glanced at me, questioning what would them unsafe to us. I could only shake my head, as confused as him. What could've happened to make these strong, confident, and determined men, fearful of our safety around them?


The speakers that broadcasted Seàns and Lewis's voices had been turned off for probably a few hours now, Tommy and I had been quietly speaking to find out what could've happened to them while they were here. Zyon is listening, mouth full of my nipple as my shirt is lifted so he could suck without getting drool on it.

We pause our conversation when we hear light footsteps coming in our direction, staying sitting when we see it's only one person without any weapons. She's dressed in tight pants and a deep red turtle neck, neon green hair up in a bun with square glasses over her purple contact eyes. She stares at us as she leans against the cell door, hands through the bars.

Her eyes glance down at Zyon, who has tried to shuffle even closer to me at her presence. "Through all the time I've been here, I never saw any submissives. I never thought to think about how they're left without their doms."

Her voice is non-threatening, with no malicious tone, just soft as if she doesn't want to interrupt Zyon. When we don't say anything, surprised she's even here and speaking to us, she continues.

"To be honest, I didn't think subs would be affected that much. Only look for their Dom, morn their loss, and move on as other people do."

I scoff at that, shaking my head. Of course, Subs are different from other people. Relationships in any branch of BDSM are extremely difficult for people outside the community to understand. The connection between the sub and the dom is important and needs much more trust than usual 'vanilla' relationships.

Subs depend on their dominant, either for emotional and mental support or in all aspects of their life as Tommy does with Lewis. The bond is stronger than I've seen and experienced in normal relationships outside the community. Usually, when people break up it takes a few months to get over the other person. In a relationship like Tommy's, where the sub is so dependant and needs someone to take control of all decisions, it can take years to get over a breakup.

I ignore everything she said, I already don't like her. My voice is cold and void of emotion besides anger, "Who are you?"

Zyon shivers at the tone and I promptly pet through his hair to encourage him to continue suckling, knowing it calms him down. The woman stares, glancing at Tommy then blinks and she moves her eyes back to me.

"Oh. I'm Rose. I work for Dr.West, I'm his assistant. Although, I spend more time in his RV." She waves her hand slightly as a greeting. "I already know you guys, I watched the footage of you."

Tommy gaps at her, "Footage?!"

Rose goes red, she didn't mean to let that slip. "Oh, uh...well. Dr. West wanted to make certain that Mr. MacManus and Mr. Murray were what we needed. He had Ethan watch over them, and they spend most of their time with you guys."

"Needed for what? What did you do?" I demand, glaring at her.

She shifts her feet, although she doesn't seem intimidated. "I can't say. You don't scare me, Mr. Addams. They and Ethan do, but not anyone else."

They are Seàn and Lewis, they are the only one I can imagine frightening people. Especially if whatever they were talking about is dangerous enough to make them fear to be around us.

"We have a right to know what you did to them!! What happened to my Lewy?!" Tommy shouts, first balled up and eyes now watering with frustrated tears.

The small outburst seems to shock Rose, probably expecting the only Dominant to be the aggressive one and the subs to just cry and sit back. No, they're not weak or placid. Zyon is quiet and afraid and it makes sense, he doesn't understand enough about a world he's never fully experienced. Tommy though, he's usually soft and shy in public but, as evident, he will be aggressive when he needs and he's by himself without Lewis.

Rose sighs, "I can't say. I'd be..dealt with by Ethan. I'm only supposed to watch over you since Dr. West is currently with them."

Zyon whimpers against my nipple, he doesn't like West or the thought of Seàn with him. "See Seàny."

"Let us see them." I promptly order Zyon's wish, feeling him lightly nibble on my nipple.

"I can't! I'm sorry." Rose looks away from us to down the path of the cave.

"When can we see them?!" Tommy continues to press.

She shrugs, "When Dr. West says you can. Ethan is taking his time up, he's been...uh..more assertive these past few days."

Ethan assertive? No way, can't possibly be. He was so pleasant last time. No shit he's assertive, he's an asshole.

"Look, I'll see what I can do when Dr. West is done, I can probably convince him to allow a video call later. After all, it'd help his final exam on how seeing you would affect them." She smiles in what I assume is a promise that she'll try before she walks away.

"I don't trust her. She rubs me the wrong way." Tommy immediately states, getting a chuckle out of me.

"I don't like her, but let's give her a chance. She might keep her word."

At least I hope she does, and from how Zyon gently nods, he agrees with me.

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