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In this Together


Irish translation

A chuisle - my pulse



It's odd, I admit, feeling the fur instead of skin when Seàn pulls me into the hug. His body is so much warmer and I feel myself shiver slightly from the rapid shift of temperature, the caves are damp and chilly and sometimes downright freezing. Although, the first thing we're doing when we get out of these caves is getting him in the shower. He desperately needs one.

He holds Zyon and me fairly tightly, afraid to let us go. His chest is vibrating as small chuffs are made, quiet against our ears. His head nuzzles against us affectionately, occasionally a pleased sigh escapes and his body relaxes more each time. Smiling to myself, I carefully pet his head down to his upper back.

This will take time to get accustomed to, this unnatural change. We'll have to comprehend everything that could go wrong, or what triggers it, or if Seán can control it. He could be changed in more ways than we know, and it will be a slow process as we figure out what exactly is different.

I honestly don't know how I'm so calm about this, you'd think that after seeing what he did that I'd be frightened. He literally just shredded a person or whatever Ethan was into pieces, and from what I see over his shoulder, turned him inside out. The sight makes my stomach churn and I fight the urge to throw up as I watch West try to piece his friend back together, carefully trying to reenter guts and organs into the slowly moving body.

I should be afraid. He was unpredictable before and now, I don't know where to start cause we can't start off where we left. He could severely hurt us, even kill us. But, I'm not afraid, even with how much I absolutely know I should be.

I can merely think of how much he loves us, what he did, and what he went through to be able to fully care for Zyon. How he worked himself into an unhealthy schedule just to earn money to send on us because he likes providing, how he puts us first before anything else.

Especially how he cares for us, makes us feel wanted and loved. He loves holding us, carrying Zyon everywhere, and making certain we're comfortable. He's the only man I feel I could submit too, he makes everything easier to deal with; he didn't even notice I was allowing him to subtly dominate me until I spoke to him about it.

Seán is what some people in the community call a natural dominant, while some doms just go headfirst into the lifestyle and learn along the way or get trained on how to care for a submissive - Seán does it naturally. He doesn't think before opening a door for me, or fixing my suit jacket when it's ruffled or slightly tilted at the collar; he never hesitates to do anything and goes through on his decision to help us or care for us.

In a crowd, he grips the back of Zyons neck to ground him and give reassurance that he's there, that Zyon will be okay. He holds my hand to keep me close to them.

He has the ability to care for us, to easily gain control of a situation. Everything he does, even if it doesn't seem like it, is calculated to assure that we're a hundred percent comfortable with whatever is happening.

Seán is the only man I have ever met, maybe besides Lewis, that can predict what their subs will do. Seán knows when Zyon is tired and needs a nap before the boy even yawns, he knows when Zyon is feeling slightly grumpy and makes it his priority to make him smile. He had even begun to predict my own actions; He started to get up before me to make sure I had coffee ready in the mornings, during dinner he'd grab the plates before I could and do dishes for me.

Some dominants can't do that, I can't. He spends so much more time observing us he memorizes us, then he uses information for later times. It creates a smooth routine and lets us know he cares enough to remember certain expressions or actions.

It's all why I'm not scared of him. I know he'll never intentionally harm us, and if, god forbid, he does. I know he'd leave as fast as he could to not do it again, he would never forgive himself. If we asked him to leave in fear of our safety from him, he would leave. I won't ask that of him, never. We're in this together.

Sadly, our little bubble is popped by West shouting that he would kill us for the death of Ethan. The reaction is rapid, both Seán and Lewis growl while unwrapping from us and turning to shield us from the crazy Doctor.

The man is standing over Ethan now, bloody hands in fists and a deadly glare in his eyes. He can't do anything to us, especially not alone with both Seán and Lewis here. He's outnumbered and out-muscled.

If given the chance, I know they wouldn't hesitate to kill him. After all he's done to them, they won't let him live. I can't watch that again and I won't let Zyon watch it either, or Tommy.

I grip Seán's enormous arm firmly, "Seán, come on let's go. We're with you, we're safe. Let's find a way out."

I lightly yank when he doesn't move, more insistingly adding, "Please, Seán...For now, let him go. He can't hurt us. Don't let us watch that again."

That gets him to rumble out and turn around to us, and I see the regret for allowing us to watch what happened to Ethan. I understand he didn't necessarily want to kill the man, creature, but it was him or us and Seán chose us. He had no choice, not really. Ethan attacked them and would have killed one of them if he could have.

Tommy manages to gain Lewis's attention, then suddenly I and Zyon are being lifted up into strong flexing arms. Zyon yelps in shock but happily hugs Seán's neck again, I'm shocked as usually, I'm too tall to be picked up even if I'm shorter than him normally. But my feet are off the ground and I'm being balanced against his chest and shoulder as his arm holds my thighs.

I lightly slap his chest, voice holding no heat, just affection. "Warning next time, I'm unused to being carried."

I see a faint smile and feel his chest echo when he chuffs, following Lewis out of the large room and into the cave paths. When Ethan came to get to us before we saw them, the caves where freezing and I remember goosebumps on my skin and Zyon shivering. Now though, Seán is a blanket of warmth that wraps around us and shields us the temperature.

West is still shouting threats, warning us to watch our backs. He doesn't attack us though, even with our men's back turned to him. He comprehends enough of this situation to know he wouldn't live to fight.

He allows Lewis to lead him to where ever, focused more on nuzzling against us and keeping his claws from touching us. Zyon is enjoying having Seán close again, eyes closed as he hides in the thick neck of Seán. I'm attempting to get myself familiar with this new body of his, petting his head and messing softly with his ears.

Seán doesn't seem to mind and if he did, I don't think he would have told me anyway. He knows as much as I do that we need to get used to this if we don't know if he can control it, the best way I figure I can be accustomed to this is by slowly petting him. If he doesn't like something he can shift away slightly to tell me to stop, he hasn't yet.

In fact, he leans into the touch. Just as touch starved to us as we are of him, he chuffs and follows my hand, leans his head when I scratch gently behind his ear. It's surprisingly adorable since he's an unwilling victim to whatever West did to him, and he just killed someone.

He blindly follows Lewis, paying absolutely no attention to his friend and only knowing turns the other makes by hearing his footsteps. At times they are forced to lower themselves, the cave path slowly shrinking before opening back up. West's shouts and screams of rage don't echo this far, it's quiet besides the occasional noise from Lewis and Seáns chuffs.

When we stop I see that Lewis has found a large open space big enough for them to stand comfortably in, similar to the last one we first saw them in. Although this area has a massive chunk of ceiling missing and we can see the outside, feel the fresh air for the first time since arriving here.

It's dark out, the sky open and bright stars greet us. The air is cool as a soft breeze flows in, Zyon and Tom cuddle into the tallers chest. They sit down under the only part of the ceiling, bodies moving oddly sluggish. Seán gives a soft chuff before we watch his eyes shut, Lewis following shortly after.

It takes moments for me to understand why they passed out because suddenly Seáns body starts moving in inhuman ways. Limbs, and hands gradually shrinking down, claws disappearing just like the tail and ears. Fur sinking down into the skin to change into the familiar pale skin I've come to love.

It's a slow process, but eventually, we're faced with the face we've been dreaming of seeing. Seán has a longer beard and hair, definitely needs a trim, I think as I softly move a strand of hair off his face. He has some small white scars on his forehead and his face is greasy and dirty.

The sight of him makes my eyes water and I can only copy Zyon in burying my head in his neck, ignoring the terrible scent in my relief and happiness that I couldn't express before. We're both very well blanketing his body, snuggling as close as possible, and even more. Holding him tightly as he did us during our hug.

I know Tommy is doing the same, from the muffled cries I hear. I'm not worried, this time, the tears are in happiness.


A rumbling under me makes my eyes open, having closed them to enjoy the silent peace we have right now. Seán shifts and automatically tightens his arms around me and Zyon. Lifting my head, I see Zyon is asleep and Seáns eyes open. He glances down at the boy and I can see his eyes sparkle as emotions go through him, he probably thought the whole thing was a nightmare.


His eyes snap to me and I can simply smile at him, trying to move closer even if I'm already laying over most of his body with Zyon cuddled in a ball on both of us. His arm shifts to pull me closer, his breathing hitching.

"Axel.." It breaks my heart hearing the strained, rough, and unused voice.

I keep smiling at him, bringing my hands up to cup his face and using my thumbs to wipe a few stray tears. "It's okay. We're here, we're all together. We won't be separated again, I promise."

Seán appears uncertain, brown eyes holding apprehension. "But I'm danger-"

I instantly cut him off, glaring at him and shaking my head, voice firm. "No. No, you're not. Seán, listen to me, I trust you and Zyon trusts you. We know you'd never, never, hurt us intentionally. Don't pull that bullshit. I don't care about whatever happened, you're with us and that is all that matters right now. We'll deal with it when we're safe."

He closes his eyes and takes a silent, deep breath before slowly nodding. Allowing me to win this issue and not speak about it right now, not when we're relieved and happy to have each other back.

"I missed you guys so much. Never stopped thinking bout you and Zyon, my boys." He confesses, smiling at the sight of both of his boys using him as a bed.

My hands slide into his greasy beard, it's all the way to his chest now and it's tangled to hell. "We missed you too, it was more stressful than anything I've ever dealt with. The unknown of what was happening to you, it killed us."

He kisses my head, lips against my hair when he speaks, "I was terrified of what they would do to you guys. I can handle most of what they did, but...If something happened to Zyon or you.."

Shaking my head, I decided to change this whole subject. It's too raw and I don't want Seán to relive any memories. Besides, if we continue I might cry and I've cried enough, thank you.

So, instead of saying anything, I continue to mess with his beard. Trying to untangle it. "Hush, let's not talk about that. Let's talk about this untamed hair of yours."

He chuckles, his chest vibrating pleasantly against me. "Aye. What about it, A chuisle?"

"It needs a trim, like this mane you got." I run my fingers through the undyed- white hair that had turned his natural color of dark brown.

Seán smirks, "Aye, I know. Will you help me with it?"

"Of course. I'll help you with a bath too, I'm sure Zyon will be delighted to assist me in that."

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