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Children = Seàn & Lewis

Irish Translation -

A rún - My Love

Scut - unless, would rather spend the day on the couch with a bowl of cereal (aka, me)

Mamaí - Mom/Mommy (Mah mee)

A Chroí - My Heart

A Chuisle - My Pulse

Scottish Translation -

Bampot - Idiot

Shut yer puss - Shut up; shut your mouth

Lavvy heid - Toilet head



It feels like a dream, holding my boys. Zyon's weight is light and I barely notice he's on my chest, Axel is a heavier pressure on the side of my torso and stretched out legs. Both my arms are around them and the sensation of them breathing and the tickle of hair is comforting.

Axel isn't asleep even if his eyes are closed as he leans his head on my shoulder, his hand on my chest is slowly moving in tiny circles in the space that isn't taken on me by Zyon. He told me everything that happened while I and Lewis were in this place, about the FBI and trying to track us, how they were dealing with it and how Robert helped him care for Zyon and Tommy- and himself.

One thing I'm extremely happy about is that Axel said Zyon has been learning more about the kind of relationship Tom and Lewis have, that he's showing some interest knowing we're dominants. I'm proud that Zyon is learning and acknowledging that the two men caring for him are dominants.

I just hope that if he decides he wants us, me, that I have this shifting thing under control. I wouldn't trust myself around them, even thinking of turning without warning in the middle of a situation, is terrifying.

It's a relief that both accepted this impossible reality that we suddenly live in now, that they accepted me. It would have killed me to see disgust and terror at seeing me, watching them run screaming. I expected it, was waiting with bated breath when I watched them take in what I was forced into.

The hug shocked me and I had to keep myself from instantly holding Zyon tight, forcing my arms still so I wouldn't accidentally claw at my boy. The longer it went the more my body sagged against them, the weight of worrying about them and the anxiety of wondering how they would react, all releasing their grip on me.

As long as they stay with me, I'm positive I'll figure out this new addition to my body. With them, I'll be calm and it may be easier to keep my own patience to actually learn this will work. Axel will insist to be present when I do end up trying to control and figure it out, I know him well enough to predict that; he's stubborn when he sets his mind to something.

The only thing I'm dreading is the authorities, FBI and whoever else is involved. They can't know what became of me and Lewis, we'd be caged and tested on like lab rats or given away to be some sort of weapon, we won't let that happen. I don't know just yet what do about that specific issue, I figure we could just resist shifts and stay human, go about our normal lives.

That is a dream, I'm smart enough to realize it won't be that easy. The best chance I see is moving away from the city, to keep any chances of shifting and catching the attention of the authorities to slim. Maybe a nice farmhouse on the edge of the forest, close enough to the club for Axel to drive to.

We could invest in horses, make a small business of boarding race, or show horses. I've worked with horses in the past, it would be nice to share that interest with my boys. It would be calming and distract my attention from the animal in me.

I'm sure we'll talk about our future when we get out of here, I'll bring up moving to them and if they don't want too, I'll deal with whatever they decide and adapt. My very first priority is to keep them happy.

"Seàn, " the soft pat on my chest, near my nipple earns a quick blink before I look down, seeing Axel watching me. "You were in your head. It's daylight, we should wake up everyone and try to find an exit."

A glance around reveals the shadow of the remaining ceiling above us and the sun warming the exposed cave walls, the sky is clear and a beautiful blue. The temperature is warmer with a faint breath of breeze, a luxury I took for granted.

By the time I'm returning my attention to my boys, Axel has already started to lure Zyon awake, quiet whispers to wake up and tell me good morning. My eyes catch a stone next to me, and a quick peek at Lewis informs me he's still sleeping with Tommy boy lounging on his lap.

Picking the rock up, I switch it to the hand closes to Lewis, around Axel, and prepare to throw it at my unaware friend. Only my wrist is grabbed and Axel is shaking his head, silently telling me not to be a child and wake my friends up as I want too. I give an innocent smile and a kiss on his cheek.

Then throw the rock at Lewis's open leg, avoiding Tommy completely, shouting over Axel's head. "LEWIS."

The reason is perfect. Lewis jerks awake with a shout of chain curses and Tommy goes flailing to the ground, landing next to Lewis's hip with a small grunt. I'm laughing when Axel slaps my arm and Zyon blinks to life, raising up to see what happened.

"Seàn, I told you not too." Axel reprimands me, like a child in trouble.

I grin at him, entirely delighted because he's here to do that and I'm actually able to joke around without worrying. Giving in to the urge kiss his cheek as a half-assed apology, "Awe, come on, A rún. It was amusing, Ya know it was."

Axel rolls his eyes, but I see the smile he has. Zyon snuggles back up against me, arms raising to wrap around my neck while I hear Tommy complain about Lewis throwing him off. The sound of Lewis stumbling to apologize and calm the boy down makes me hide a chuckle in Zyons hair.

"You'll pay for that, bampot." Lewis tosses the rock at my ankle with a short playful growl.

Axel moves to stands up while I smirk at Lewis, managing to stand without bothering Zyons mission to glue himself on me after he refuses to move. I can only adjust the boy to be supported by my arm, his thighs spread on my waist and his head on my shoulder.

"And what would you do, Scut? Use me as a couch to catch your beauty sleep?" It's not my best comeback, but given the circumstances, I'll give myself a pat on the back.

Lewis shoves me gently, fully aware of Zyon in my arms. "Shut yer puss, lavvy heid!"

The insult throws me off, he hasn't used it for some time now and I nearly forgot about it. It startles a laugh from me and man, it really feels good to have a moment to just play and laugh like all this shit never happened. It lifts some baggage of uncertainty if we were ever going to be able to laugh and relax again.

Axel and Tommy are watching us with amusement, Axel having no idea what we're saying but I know Lewis educated Tom on both Scottish and Irish insults to be able to keep up with conversations in the family. So when his boyfriend calls me a Toilet Head he promptly snorts and giggles. Zyon has a smile on his lips, not bothered by the fact he doesn't understand.

Axel steps between Lewis and me, hand on my chest as he glides to a stop pressed on my side. Chuckling even as he chides us, "Okay, children, enough. We need to get out of here, leave the name-calling for when we're home."

Zyon giggles with Tom at us being called children, and Lewis's pout as he grabs Tommy into a tight hug. I can merely huff in my attempt to hold in a short laugh, placing a soft kiss on Axel's hair. "Aye, Mamaí."

He pokes my abdomen with a relatively sharp finger as retaliation, he may not know Irish but the word is easy to comprehend, especially in this context. He has a smile though and that's all that matters.

"Right, let's go then. Sooner we find an exit, sooner we go home." Tom states from his place in Lewis' arm, appearing much more relaxed.

Wrapping my free arm around Axel's shoulder, I turn my attention to Zyon. The boy is quietly watching everything with a small smile, his body is pliant against mine and there's no anxiety wrapped around him. The sight is welcome and needed, I missed seeing him happy.

My arm softly bounces him to gain his attention, "Whatta say, A Chroí? Wanna leave this feckhole?"

Lewis snorts and Axel rolls his eyes at the swear, but Zyon quickly nods. He doesn't comprehend swear words well, mainly focuses on other words to discern the context of the sentence. It doesn't bother me if anything I can swear more than usual, although Axel may have an issue with it.

Lewis and Tommy lead the way out of the sunny and warm area we stayed in, out into the paths that lewd to other cave systems. Lewis has Tom glued to his side, as I do with my boys. Making certain no one can snatch one of them up.

It's quiet, distant noises echo that sound like a critter scurrying along the caves. Lewis and Tom are muttering to each other, probably talking about everything that had happened back at home or Lewis telling the boy everything that went on here. There are few shadows that catch my eyes, paranoid that West is lurking around.

I figured now is a good time as any to have the conversation that will come up sooner or later, we need a plan or ideas to get around the FBI. It would probably be best is I stay away from public areas until I got this shit under control, no need to get away from the FBI and any government agencies only to attack innocent people.

Nudging Axel receives his blue eyes flicking to mine, waiting for me to say something. "We can't let the FBI know. We'd be taken again."

Both boys quickly tense at the realization, Zyon whining and hiding in my shoulder while Axel nods. His voice is determined, "We'll figure something out, I promise."

I squeeze them as reassurance, "It's probably best I'm not in public areas, not until I get under control."

Axel looks at me, pouting- he'd deny that's a pout but it clearly is. "Seàn, the apartment is in the middle of the city. What are you thinking?"

Zyon lifts up to listen better, wanting to know what we're talking about and I give a small smile. "We could move. Find a nice house in the country, close to the city for you to get to the club, but near woods, in case I..ya know."

I'm well aware of what this implies, that the 'we' means all of us, not just me. Axel stares at me for a full minute, long enough for me to assume he'll disagree before he beams a brilliant grin and hugs me tightly. Zyon soon follows, muffling a small squeal against my throat.

"You want to live with us?" Axel questions, searching for confirmation.

"Aye. If you both would be able to tolerate me."

They laugh and I earn double kisses, one on my cheek and the other on my neck. "Yes, Seàny."

"Now tell us, what do you have planned? I know you wouldn't propose this without thinking it through." Axel's eyes are light and shining, nearly blinding me with the joy in them.

Glancing up at Lewis and Tommy to make sure we didn't lose them, I see them turn a corner and steer our small group to follow them. "I was thinkin a nice farmhouse, maybe an old barn. We could bring in extra money by boardin horses, I worked with them before and it's very calming and fun. It'd be good to share some of my memories with you lads, make new ones."

Zyon, who has never seen a real-life horse excitedly nods with a huge smile. "Yes!"

Axel and I laugh, although Axel seems to have to think about it. He glances at us multiple times, seeing the pleading eyes of Zyon, then nods. "Okay. We'll see if we can find one."

I promptly lean down to kiss his cheek, grinning. "Thank you, A Chuisle."

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