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Guess who's back? Back Again

Irish Translation

Mo Chroí - My Heart



Seàn is still carrying me even if he wrapped his other arm over Axel's shoulders and pulled him closer, I can feel Axel's body rub my leg and it's even more of a comfort than being clutched against Seàn. Feeling both of them helps remind me we're safe now, Seàn is back and we're going home.

Tommy and Lewis have been leading us through different paths and turns, we haven't stopped yet or heard anybody. It's a discomforting quiet, creates the fear of something happening. Seàn is tense and his eyes flick around carefully, watching for something that could harm us.

Having him back and holding me makes my body feel light, the weight of the fear and worry for him is gone. I doubt it will ever return because now Seàn agreed to live with us and Axel accepted to look for a new home, we'll be together forever now. Seàn can even show me the horses he mentioned, I bet it'll be so much fun to help Seàn play with them while Axel is gone off at work.

I never met a creature besides the rats and the occasional kitten in my alley, it'll be a little scary but I have Axel and Seàn and they protect me. Besides, from what I saw on the Tv, horses are nice and gentle. Maybe I'll make friends with them, or if I'm good enough, maybe Seàn could convince Axel to let me have my own.

I can't wait for when we get home or find the new home, having Seàn around all the time will be so much fun. Watching movies together, having him there to go to sleep with, and wake up with, him helping me bathe. Seàn would make wherever we are home, whether it's the place we have now or a new one, it would be home with both of them.

I do wonder what Tom and Lewis will do though, will they stay where they are or move away too? Seàn said it probably be best if he stayed away from people, doesn't that go for Lewis too? Could they live near us? Lewis could probably help with the horses too and Tommy could come to play with me.

That would be really cool, having Tommy near us to play with the horses and watch all the movies he tells me about that we never got to watch. He's been telling me about a movie series with cars and family, I think he called it 'The Fast and the Furious'. It sounds interesting, I know nothing about cars or even family, but the racing sounds fun.

Seàn might be able to teach me about cars when we watch it, I heard him and Lewis on the phone one time talking about engines and Lewis' truck. So if I'm able to understand, he could maybe teach me somethings.

The one thing I'm really looking forward too is finally telling Seàn I want him, them. I was going to do it before we left the area we were in but Seàn and Lewis were playing and I didn't want to interrupt that. Now I think I should wait until we get home and it's just us, or maybe on the way home. Or, just when we get out of these chilly caves. I'm fine with whatever, as long as they both know I want to be theirs like Tom is Lewis'.

I want what Tom and his Lewis have, Tommy tells me all about their relationship and how Seàn and Axel basically do the same Lewis does. He told me they just don't have rules or punishments set up, or that they don't dominant me as Lewis does. Tommy said they were waiting for my trust and to be in a relationship, I want it and I trust them.

I know that Lewis loves and cares for Tommy, that he gives my friend what he needs and I know Seàn and Axel would give me what I need. I'm not scared about the relationship or being dominated because they would never harm me, I already listen to everything they tell me.

Tommy was wrong about the rules though, I have some of them. I have to eat slowly and I have to get a bath every morning and brush my teeth, if I do that I get to pick out a sweet treat. Although I haven't gotten punished, I'm nervous about that. But I still know they wouldn't hurt me.

I'm more curious about what kind of rewards or punishments I'd get. Tom will sometimes mention a reward he was really excited about then suddenly stop speaking and his face flushes a deep red, stuttering as he cuts off his story with an 'anyway, it was really fun.'

Robert always laughed at him, it earned him multiple slaps on his arm. One time he explained why Tom did that, although it didn't really answer any of my questions. 'It was a sexual reward, Zyon.'

I still haven't asked what that meant, I'll have to ask Axel or Seàn later. Sexual isn't a word I'm familiar with, I never heard it when I was on the street. I heard sex a few times but never anything more. Is it something bad? No, then Tommy wouldn't have told me it was a reward he liked. It's something good then.

It makes me curious if Axel or Seàn will reward me with a sexual reward, do I have to do something to show I'm a really good boy or will I be able to receive it for doing anything?

I think I'll be content with getting the spit from them as a reward if they decide that. I haven't gotten it since Seàn was taken, Axel did it a few times but I didn't think he enjoyed it as much as Seàn so I stopped asking. Either that or smelling them, I think that would be a great reward, just sitting somewhere and being allowed to smell them. Even though I already do that.

The punishments are the only thing that makes me nervous, Tom told me about some of the things Lewis did to him and they don't sound fun. He mentioned spanking once, 'It hurt so bad! Although Lewis only did fifteen and that is considered mercy for the rule I broke.'

He never said what rule he broke, he spoke of aftercare when Lewis was done though. That the bigger man had put lotion and rubbed his butt to soothe the burn Tommy felt. My face felt hot at the description my friend gave for the feeling of Lewis' 'big' and 'strong' hand rubbing away the red flush on his bottom. Robert appeared absolutely envious.

Glancing down at Seàn's hand on my thigh, I realize just how enormous it is. I'm betting it would fit over my whole butt and suddenly I'm wondering if he would ever spank me as Lewis did to Tom. Would he also rub the burn his large hand would inflict away?

My face feels hot as I consider that Seàn would because he wouldn't let me hurt, he'd rub it away and probably let me lay on him instead of my butt. Would it hurt, being spanked by him or Axel? Tom said it hurt when Lewis did it, but if it's a punishment, it's supposed to hurt, right?

I guess it depends on the person, because thinking about it, it doesn't necessarily sound like a punishment. Maybe if I ever get spanked, I'll change my mind cause I don't think I'm good with pain.

I'm lightly bounced by Seàn and I have to blink because my eyes feel odd as they water. Looking up at him, I only see both him and Axel watching me, amused. Seàn smiles, "What are ya thinking bout, Mo Chroí? You're as red as a spanked arse."

Axel chuckles when I promptly hide my burning face into Seàns neck with a whine, understanding enough to know that word is Seàns version of 'ass' or 'butt'. How did he know I was thinking about being spanked? That's so unfair.

Seàn nudges his cheek against my head softly, "Ah, I'm only teasin you. C'mon outta hiding, would ya? I want to see your pretty face."

Another whine escapes but I do as asked and lift my head, shyly watching Seàn and Axel grin at me. My face is burning and I quickly cover my cheeks in an attempt to stop the red color I know is painting my skin, I don't think it helps.

My eyes notice where we are while doing so, another open area. Just this time there's a large hole in the wall that allows wind and light in, I can see grass and trees, and hear water. There are tents and vehicles, large lengthy homes on wheels set near a drop-off on the horizon that appears closer. Tom and Lewis had stopped at the exit, waiting for us and I see Lewis leaning out slightly to check for people.

Seàn allows his teasing to pause at the sight of an escape, stopping next to Lewis and I watch his eyes scan the area. Lewis speaks directly to him for the first time in hours, having spent the walk focusing on Tom. "It's been too quiet. There were enough people here to have constant noise, now there's nothing. I doubt we scared everyone."

Seàn hums his acknowledgment, arm tightening around both Axel and me. "West might've planned an ambush, take us by surprise. We know they have tranquilizers, could be plannin to use them."

Tom uses bad words in a short shout, crossing his arms and glaring at the ground. Lewis snorts and a faint smirk appears as he lightly slaps the back of my friends head. "Stop that now, Ya look like a bratty kid."

His tone is similar to how Seàn used when teasing me, so I understand he isn't serious and Tommy whines but smiles anyway. He turns away from the outside view to snuggle into his boyfriends chest, clutching the taller dirty and torn shirt.

"Well, we don't have much of a choice. We either chance going out there or wandering around in this cave maze for another exit." Axel points out, head leaning back on Seàns arm and closing his eyes.

He's tired and so am I, we haven't stopped walking yet or found anything to eat. I'm starting to feel weaker and my stomach is aching in a way I thought would never happen again. Watching Axel, Seàn, and Lewis, and on occasion, Tom, walking for hours is also surprisingly exhausting.

I don't mean to whine when I do, but it catches Axels and Seàn's attention quickly. Both concerned and questioning. "I am hungry."

I'm proud to have spoken a whole sentence, or more than simply one word. Being around people and watching the tv is actually helping because I learned how to pronounce certain words and what is the correct way to form a sentence, I'm still working on how to get my brain and mouth to corporate.

Tommy is quick to agree with me, "Yeah! I'm hungry too now that someone mentioned it."

Lewis merely gives Seàn and Axel a look, "Seems we're going out. The children need food."

Tommy and I whine at the tease towards us, Tom retaliating by reaching up to flick Lewis' head. "Bad kitty."

Lewis raises an eyebrow at that, but hastily punches Seàns back to avoid accidentally hitting me when the man holding me snorts him an attempt to hold his laughter. Axel chuckles at the scene, obviously enjoying the entertainment.

"Ah, shut it, Tigger."

Seàn kicks Lewis for the name and instead of saying anything, besides a huff of a laugh, he guides Axel and me out into the sunny outside. It feels better than inside the caves, warmer with the sun raining down on us and there's no breeze. Lewis and Tom follow us closely as Seàn goes straight to one of the big home on wheels.

"There should be food of some kind on the RV. They fed us to keep us healthy, the food needs to be stored somewhere."

Axel goes ahead of us to the RV, opening the door only to get a face full of a gun. He raises his hands and slowly backs away as Seàn growls lowly, lowering me to the ground and gently moving me behind him.

The man holding the gun is in all black with a mask over his face, the only thing to show is his eyes that flick between us. Mostly staying on Seàn and Lewis. He steps out of the RV, gun still pointed at Axel.

"I- I have orders.." His voice is hoarse and he clears his throat, "to retrieve the..uh, subs? He is a sub or switch?"

He gestures to Axel with his gun, tone uncertain and it doesn't sound like a statement. Axel tilts his head as if genuinely considering the question. "I don't know. We haven't gotten that far yet."

Seàn grunts to gain the man's attention, which he receives by the man's eyes widening and snapping up to him. "Ya know we can't let you take them, best to drop the gun and leave us be."

The man swallows, hesitating, but shakes his head. "I can't do that...Dr.West is really furious. Besides, he didn't send me alone. You're surrounded."

At that, more people with guns run out from behind the vehicles or out from tents, circling us. In Axel's distraction, the man grabs him and holds the gun to his head. Axel tries to fight him off until the gun clicks and he suddenly halts.

Seàn and Lewis snarl at the men and Seàn glares at the man holding Axel. Lewis goes to speak but is interrupted by a familiar voice, "Mr. MacManus, Mr. Murray, I believe you took something of mine. It's time I get paid in full for the loss."

West steps out from behind the man holding Axel, out of the RV. He glances at Axel and nods his head kindly with a smile, greeting him with a short, 'Mr.Addams'. He's in simple dark pants and a white shirt that has buttons along the middle, an ugly smirk on his lips.

Lewis growls, "It was self-defense. We had every right to protect ourselves and our partners, Ethan attacked first and you turned us into some kind of monsters."

Tommy and I flinch at the word, their not monsters. They'll never be monsters, not to us. They care too much for us to ever be anything other than what we need them to be, a source of protection.

West rolls his eyes, practically shrieking, "Oh please, I made you better! I made you stronger to protect your packs! I made it to where you can instruct them on what to do! I gave you the instincts and primal urges to better lead! You should be thankful!"

We can only watch as Seàn and Lewis glare at the man, sneers appearing, and rumbling noises echoing from their throats. Lewis snarls, "Thankful?! You fucking forced us into this! You're a god damned psychopath with a God complex! If anything, you should be thankful. If not for them, " he gestures to Tom, me, and Axel. "You'd be dead! Ripped to shreds just like your precious fucking Ethan!"

The men are basically vibrating, bodies shaking with rage and I can see Lewis' eye darken. I can imagine Seàns' did the same as he clenches his fist and his muscles tense. The men with guns just watch, waiting for an order and I notice some of them inch away from us.

West scowls, hands clenched and face red in anger. "Hand over the boys or I give the order to shoot."

"How bout I let all the instincts your so proud of control me? I'm starting to agree with them." Seàn snaps, voice a mix between a growl and a hiss.

Lewis rumbles in agreement, "Yeah. I won't lose sleep over separating your head from your body."

Tommy is staring with wide eyes, going from West to Lewis and Seàn. Then he suddenly moves in front of Lewis, hands-on his chest as he looks up at him. "Lewy, let me and Zyon stand off the side. We'll be safe, they won't shoot us as long as your here. They're too scared."

Seàn and Lewis share a look before they both nod, Seàn petting down my hair quickly as Tommy grabs my hand and runs past the line of people with guns. He takes us to a large armored truck and quickly climbs in. We sit in the back, the scene barely watchable from how far the truck was.

"Axel?" I look at my friend as I ask, hoping he understands.

He smiles, slightly strained and shaky, as if only now stressing without Lewis around. "He'll be okay, he can fight and Seàn won't let anything happen to him. I bet he more worried about you right now than himself away."

I nod, mouth suddenly dry and my body shaking in worry and fear, Tommy hugs us as we watch our men have a shouting match with West. It doesn't take long for the rage to boil over in them and their turning into what we first saw them as. Growing taller and bulkier, fur developing over skin and ear and tails surge from their bodies.

The truck blocks all sound for some reason, maybe it's all the metal armor, but we can't hear what's happening. We can simply gawk at the people suddenly firing the guns, Seàn and Lewis attack them. Large arms sweeping people into the air and throwing then off the cliff the RV is parked near, some run to avoid them, others don't get the choice.

They have some injuries, Seàns arm is bleeding and his legs and Lewis is bleeding in areas too. It doesn't appear to bother them at the moment, they just keep attacking and ripping, and smashing, and tearing and I look away.

There are bodies laying on the ground, dirt is turned up from the heavy steps Lewis and Seàn make, red pools in the holes made by them. Arms are separated from bodies and there's a leg, a foot, and over there is a hand. By the time I look back at Seàn, the people are gone. Dead or just ran away.

I can see Axel is fighting the man that had the gun, I look just in time to see him punch the man and knock him down. Axel spares a glance at the tiger and lion creatures at are our men, before running in our direction. Tommy climbs over the middle to open the front door for him, and the taller is quick to climb in with a sigh as he slumps against the seat.

"It's almost over. I only saw West."

After he says this a loud roar penetrates the truck, we all jump in shock and turn ahead. Lewis has West by his stomach, claws deep in his skin, and slamming him against the ground. Seàn is ripping skin wherever he can get too and West is screaming and bloody.

"Look away. Zyon, look away." Axel's voice is stern and holds no room for argument.

I lay down and hide my face against Tommy's thighs, feeling him lean over me to bury his in my hair. His hands rub my back and go through my hair, while I feel Axels bigger hand appear on my lower back.

It a while before Axel says anything, I know he's watching the scene, but he doesn't move or speak. It feels like hours have past when he eventually says the words I hoped for.

"It's over. They're okay, we're safe."

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