Stray Puppy[mxmxm]

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Scottish Translation

Mo Peata - My Pet

Irish Translation

Gowl - An annoying person; idiot

Mom/Mommy - Mamaí

Dad/Daddy - Dadaí



I never thought this would be where my life would direct me, I always assumed I'd have one good sub and end up married. I'd probably move into a nice, decent sized house and get a few dogs. The thought of possibly hosting a backyard dinner, complete with friends, and some family and grilled meats or vegetables, came to mind. A normal, low radar life.

Definitely not staring at my recently mutated potential boyfriend slash dominant tear apart his torturer, while my other potential boyfriend slash submissive hides in the back seat. I never considered I'd watch a man's head being ripped off like a bottle cap or that I'd actually be sorta satisfied by the fact he's dead.

Even as my eyes follow the path Wests' head takes when Seàn flings it over his shoulder, I can't quite believe this is my life now. I'm not disturbed by what they did to him or his body, West deserved everything. He caused us and other families so much pain and suffering, he mutated two innocent people that will now have to deal with what he believed was evolution.

No, I'm satisfied. West will never cause any more harm to others, never do what he did to Seàn and Lewis again, and will never hurt any more families. His crew probably didn't sign up for this but they never tried to help the victims or turn West in, it's their fault if they ended up dead in my opinion.

There's relief now that West is gone, it's over. We can find a way home and start a new life, the suggestion Seàn had sounded nice and both my partners had seemed excited about it. I had thought I would have preferred the city, but Seàn was right. He can't be in the city when this shifting thing is still triggered without Seàns awareness or knowing the triggers. It'd be safer for him and others if he was out of the city.

The more I thought about it, the more I liked it. The thought of having Seàn and Zyon in the same house with me, watching Seàn show Zyon how to ride a horse or listening to him tell us stories of Ireland; having movie nights on a big comfortable couch and cuddling up to each other or helping cook dinner. It was too good of a thought process to reject, also the eager expressions were too adorable.

I've never been around farm animals, I'm a city boy through and through. Zyon probably hasn't either and I'm positive Seàn will be enthusiastic to show off his knowledge and experience with the large animals. I'll admit, the image of Seàn on a horse is delightful- especially if he's shirtless and helping Zyon control the animal.

But first thing first, we have to get through the FBI. I don't know if the tech team is still at the apartment with Robert or not, if my friend is even at the apartment. I'm unsure if agents will be around or how any of this will work. Will we be recognized immediately? Will we be able to just avoid them or refuse to be questioned?

I'm assuming Robert reported us missing and the agency is searching for us, I doubt we can slip past them or refuse them answers as to where we were and what happened. Especially now with Seàn and Lewis with us, they'll want answers to the murders. Maybe we should've kept West alive for the FBI, but he might've just bragged about what he did to Seàn and Lewis.

That would've been horrible, because then scientist or military would want to have our men for research or weapons. The military most likely, from what I just saw they'd be great assets in a war. They bulldoze through enemies and they would make people think twice about attacking them.

It's probably better he's dead. Only now families don't have a person to blame for the lives West took, that may be the only part I regret watching him die. If I was one of those families, I'd want Justice, someone to pay. West did pay, with his life, but those families won't know that. To them, the monster is still loose.

I shake my head, thoughts for another time, right now Zyon and everyone needs food. That RV better have a shower, god knows everyone needs one - especially Seàn and Lewis.

Looking ahead, I see Seàn and Lewis making their way to the truck slowly. Their bodies sluggish and gradually shrinking down to normal, the fur, ears, and tails disappearing from view. Whatever triggered the change, which appears to be rage, seems to have passed. Now they barely have energy, we'll have to make sure they get some rest before we move to find a way home.

I open the door and step out just as Tommy jumps out with Zyon, the former running to Lewis and clinging to him. Zyon does the same with Seàn, making a distressed noise when he sees the blood on the larger man's thigh and arms. I move to hug them, taking most of Seàns weight in case he accidentally collapses on Zyon.

"You're injured, we should get that cleaned up. Let's go to the RV, hopefully, it has first aid and food...and a shower." I earn a subtle nod as Seàn leans his head down to rest on my shoulder and a slight huff of a laugh.

"Keep on and I'll stay dirty out of spite."

I roll my eyes with a smile as I direct Zyon to Seàn's right side, the boy isn't strong enough to hold him up but at least his position will keep Seàn from falling over. I know the larger man won't allow himself to sway enough to the right to fall on him, he'll just lean against me to avoid that.

Tom helps Lewis move to the RV, pointedly not looking at West's bloodied body. The RV is one of the larger, more expensive ones I have seen, the walls are expended out for more room and through the window, I can see a large wall Tv. It's black in color with white and grey design patterns.

Tom and Lewis are the first to enter, the sub assisting his dom to the black leather couch along the wall. The air inside is cool from the AC, a pleasant feeling against my skin in contrast to the chilly and cold of the caves, like a breath of fresh air.

Zyon and I place Seàn next to Lewis, trying to give him space to relax but he doesn't let us go. Instead, he gently pulls us down with him, earning a happy giggle from Zyon as the boy lands in his lap. I land partially on Seàns' thigh and the couch, clutched to his side by his arm around my waist. I give a small laugh, even as I attempt to get up and am, yet again, restricted by the arm.

I most definitely do not pout, "Seàn, I need to get up. You're still bleeding and we need food."

All I get is a small grunt before he sighs his defeat and loosens his arm, "Ah. Ya owe me a cuddle."

I laugh with both Lewis and Tom as I get up, "Yeah, yeah. Later. For now, try to relax. We'll try to fix you guys up."

Leaving Zyon on his uninjured thigh, Tom and I begin to search around the space for a first aid kit. The RV is filled with computers and other equipment I assume hackers may have, guns are laying on the table opposite of the couch. One of the computers is open and shows an empty cave area similar to the one we saw when we spoke to the guys through face time. They probably were watching us the whole time.

The small kitchen area directly next to the couch has a relatively big refrigerator, upon opening it I'm pleased to see there is, in fact, food. There are a stove and some pans I could cook with, thank god.

There are steaks and different meats piled high, along with some vegetables and fruits. I spot a frozen pizza and bottled water, two cans of coke, and one-two leader of Sprite. I don't necessarily enjoy eating meat all that often, but I can make an adequate meal out of it, that's all that really matters.

Tommy is searching around the decently sized bathroom to the left of the bedroom door, so I pass it up. From what I saw from a glance, the shower took most of the space and had glass doors. A small sink and toilet just feet from it.

The bedroom is big, the bed taking most of the space and the small closet has clothes I imagine we're Wests or Ethan's seeing as I saw Ethan in that particularly ugly dark red shirt.

The most disturbing is the stash of condoms I find in the right bedside table, both in large and extra-large. The thought that runs through my mind makes me shutter, what if West enjoyed his creation a bit too much? Ethan did seem slightly submissive to him, I would mark him as a service top.

Quickly, I close the drawer. Unwilling to completely process that.

"Found it!" Tom shouts from the bathroom, "It's small but it'll have to do!"

Happily, I leave the bedroom to move out into the spacious sitting area. Tommy has kneeled down at Lewis' feet and sat the first aid between the two injured men, already working on cleaning the blood away gently. Lewis is blinking slowly, just like Seàn, both on the verge of unconsciousness.

Zyon has helpfully moved off Seàn to sit on the couch at his side, clutching the man's massive hand. I follow Toms lead and kneel down to look at the hole in Seàns thigh, I know I need to search for a bullet but only take some wipes to clean the blood.

"Look for bullets, Tom. It could be bad if the shell is still in when we stitch it up."

He makes a noise, one that tells me he really doesn't want to cause more discomfort in searching for a bullet. But agrees anyway, sounding like he's trying to convince himself. "Yeah, sure, I can totally do that. No big deal."

Lewis nudges his boyfriend with a foot, gaining his attention. Voice soft as he's weakened, "You'll do great, Mo Peata. Don't think about it."


It took close to two hours to make sure the bullets are out, the wounds are cleaned and sterilized. We're inexperienced, but I believe we did a good job and now our men are bandaged and resting. We carefully moved them to the bed, they deserve a good and comfortable rest for the first time in close to a year.

Tom had tried to clean the blood off the couch and floor, he was mostly successful, good enough anyway. Zyon is now cuddled up to his friend, watching as Tom attempts to find a channel to watch on the tv above the door to the driver's seat. I'm busy cooking a meal for us on the small stove, steak and vegetables, I was lucky to find mashed potatoes in a cabinet.

"Axel, what happens now?" Tom appears next to me, stealing one of the carrots.

I can only shrug, "I don't know. I guess find a way home and try to start a new life. Seàn doesn't want to be in the city, not until that change is under control. We'll probably try to adjust to the country."

Tommy pouts, sighing as he nods. "Lewy said the same, he doesn't trust himself around so many people." He bits at his lip, sheepishly asking, "Do, uh, would you mind if I asked if we could follow you guys? I like having friends."

I grin at him and use my free arm to pull him into a hug, "Not at all. I'm sure Zyon would adjust better with you, we like having you around."

He grins right back and hugs my waist tightly before going back to Zyon to happily tell him the news, making sure to say it's up to Lewis to give the final answer. Even if we both know were Seàn goes, Lewis will follow. Their brothers after all, and after all this, I doubt they'd want to be separated.

The tv eventually ends up on a movie channel, the current movie an old western I've seen before, 'Tombstone'. Doc is coughing up blood like it happens every day and I hear Zyon quietly ask Tom what's wrong with him. This earns a summary of who Doc Holiday is and why he's as sick as he is.

It's another twenty or so minutes until I feel all the meat is thoroughly cooked and quickly plate meat, carrots and broccoli, and mashed potatoes onto paper plates I found. Tom is busy explaining the movie and why people are being mean to Zyon, I decide to leave them be and go wake Seàn and Lewis.

Walking into the bedroom first thing I see is Lewis kicking Seàns foot then tossing the box of condoms on his chest, Seàn rolls his eyes and slaps the other's shoulder- I assume he was aiming for the face but is still tired.

"Fuckin gowl."

Lewis huffs, feigning being offended, he has a small smirk though. I love watching them interact with each other, I was an only child and most of my friends were, I was never around siblings. Being around them is like watching siblings fight over nothing or just annoying each other.

As much as I like the scene, they have to eat. Grabbing the box off Seàn and tossing it back over to the other side of the bed, hearing it land on the floor. I smile at them when they look at me, Seàns hand making a grab at mine.

"I made lunch, found some meat and carrots. It's ready if you're feeling up to eat. The boys are watching Tombstone."

Seàn doesn't hesitate to shift to get up, quickly followed by Lewis. I know each of them enough to know better than to argue, they want up and they'll fight to do it. Stubborn as they are.

I do help Seàn stand up after Lewis limps past me, using the walls as extra support. We hear Tom promptly scold his dominant for not yelling for him to help, Seàn chuckling at the short grunted 'I can handle myself, boy.' that Tom gets. I can feel the pout the sub no doubt has.

"You sure you should be up?" I ask, just in case.

He's already on his feet, more stable than before but allowing me to hold some of his weight. I get a reassuring smile in return for my worry, "I'll be fine, Axel. It's just a few steps. Besides, I haven't had your cooking in ages, it's worth it."

My cheeks heat up so very slightly at that, but I ignore that and roll my eyes. "Suit yourself. Couch or table?"

"Let's do table, should probably sit up a bit anyway."

Nodding I support him the short steps from the bedroom to the little table, seeing Tommy throw computers in empty cabinets to clear it for the food. Zyon is quick to climb in after Seàn is seated against the wall, the larger man welcoming him with open arms. Lewis is across from Seàn while Tom helps me serve the plates, then sitting with his boyfriend.

There's enough room for me next to Zyon seeing as he's smaller, the space is just enough for me to be comfortable and the others not to feel squeezed. Conversation is quick to start up, mainly focusing on what we'll do after we get home, Seàn tells Lewis and Tom what he suggested to us and Lewis is smitten with the idea.

"Aye! Like, bein back on the farm with Mamaí and Dadaí! Miss them days." Seàn nods his agreement, while Tommy suddenly flushes.

"Well, besides that one trip. You got really upset at Uncle Kane."

Lewis very well breaks a bone on the piece of meat he has in his hands, "We don't speak bout Uncail Kane."

Tom grins but nods, going back eating. I'm curious, but it's obviously a sore spot for Lewis, perhaps Seàn will explain later.


A knock on the door startles us, Seàn and Lewis parking up immediately. We just got done eating, now using some time to relax. Tom had called the shower first, so that's where he is at. I was wrapped in Seàns arms like Zyon was. We weren't expecting anyone, thinking they were either dead or ran away. Who could be left?

"Who is it?" Lewis practically growls.

It's seconds later that he receives an answer, the voice hesitant. "Uh, Rose?"

West's assistant. That's right, I haven't seen her since Seàn and Lewis broke out. Not even at the ambush. I actually forgot about her, thought after the scene in the cave she ran away.

"Come in," I speak before anyone else can.

She didn't seem all that bad, wrong views on Submissives aside, she wanted to help. She was just afraid of Ethan. She had promised to try and let us see Seàn and Lewis, although I think everything occurred too fast to allow her to go through with it. I'm curious as to what she could want now.

When she opens the door, she doesn't look at us. She's in similar clothes as last time, dark jeans and a dark sweater, her hair in a bun and glasses on. She's fidgeting with bee fingers and shifts on her feet.

"First, I'm so sorry. I know it doesn't mean anything but..I really didn't know what he was doing until I couldn't back out." She blurts before we could speak.

"I wanted to help, but Ethan put an end to traitors and I didn't want to die. Not that way." She adds quickly, "But I can help. I know how to get you back, please let me help."

I look at Seàn and Lewis as I hear the shower turn off, Lewis gives a nod before standing up, barely looking at Rose as he steps to the bathroom to inform Tommy of what's happening. Seàn is watching Rose carefully, even as he offers her a seat. She sits at the table, hands in her lap and eyes on the floor.

"Where are we?" I ask, assuming Seàn wouldn't speak.

Rose looks at me, eyes glancing around for Lewis. "On an island, a short flight away from the coast of California. There's a small touring plane Dr. West used to go back and forth, it's only at the bottom of the cliff. He had a path made to make it easier to bring new people here."

She jumps at Seàns voice, though he keeps it normal and non-threatening, "When can we leave? And what will you do?"

Lewis and Tom come back, Tommy in his dirty clothes as he has nothing to wear. He glances at Rose but doesn't say anything, keeping his attention on Lewis while he sits next to Seàn. Rose shifts in her seat, seeming nervous.

"Well..since Dr. West and Ethan are dead, no one will have Justice for all the lives we took. I may not have known until too late, but I helped. I want to turn myself into the FBI, in place of West. Tell them I did everything. I know you don't want to deal with them if I confess maybe you can refuse questions and avoid going to court."

I'm actually shocked, I didn't expect that, neither did anyone else by the silence. Even if I think she's a nice girl, I can't help but agree she should be behind bars. I mean, whether she meant to or not, she still helped in taking innocent lives. I understand being scared by Ethan, but she could've placed an anonymous tip to the authorities.

This could also be our solution to the FBI problem, with her taking the blame, there shouldn't be that many questions. Did she kidnap you? Yes. Did you see other people in your time with her? Yes. It could be just enough to let us slip through.

"What happened to all the shut West had on us? He told me he's been on us for years." Seàn demands, his grip momentarily stronger on my waist.

She smiles slightly, "I burned everything besides any evidence I personally kept. I only had names and reports of what was did to them, that should be enough to prove I did anything. Everything on you guys I burned, the lab is gone now and I throw some equipment in the ocean."

The larger man relaxes at that, knowing she has no reason to lie when she's scared on both him and Lewis. He doesn't say anything more, lowering his head to Zyon's hair and clutching me tighter.

"When can we leave?" Lewis demands.


The small plane is cramped, as Lewis keeps reporting and Seàn keeps slapping the back of his head in retaliation for it. Rose was apparently the one who flew it back and forth to avoid anyone else revealing secrets. I'm squashed between Seàn and Lewis, Tom and Zyon happily in their laps. Sometimes, I wish I could be tiny like them.

Flying over the ocean isn't my idea of fun, I always hated flying and the ocean, both mixed together isn't great. Seàns hand in a nice distraction, it's on my thigh and he squeezes occasionally in reassurance.

We've been flying for twenty minutes, it apparently takes up to two hours to get to the coast.

With how Lewis is acting, it's going to be a long flight.


The waterplane is safety landed just off a pier, it's still sunny and warm out and there are crowds on the pier but no one seems to pay attention to us as we pile out. The sand is welcomed, the sounds and smells and the yelling of aggravated people.

Rose hands me money for a taxi to get home, saying she'll go to the police station and turn herself in. She apologizes again and again, Seàn has to nod for her stop. Not forgiving her but acknowledging that she's sorry. We go our separate ways, Rose to the nearest Police Station and us to a taxi with my building address.

It's quiet in the taxi, everyone processing that we're out of the caves and the pain and worry. We're back. Listening to cars and shouts and barks of dogs, motorcycles, buses, construction. We're surrounded by people who don't care about us and have their own lives without us in it.

Seàn kisses mine and Zyons cheeks and hair more than ever before, then stare out the window as if he thinks this is a dream. It's a pattern until we get to the apartment.


As it turns out, Robert was still there. With a new man.

As soon as the elevator opens We're met with Robert sitting up on the couch, staring at us in disbelief as a tall black man pauses mid-step from the kitchen with a cup of water. Then Robert is up and running, shouting my name and I'm tackled in a hug.

Seàn guides me and Zyon in, not minding sharing me with my friend. Lewis and Tommy enter too, watching. The black man is smiling, seemingly relieved.

Robert is sobbing, "I missed you so much! I was so scared! I came back and you were just- just gone!"

I bury my face in his neck, I'm home, we're home. Actually home and everything is over. There's no more worry or fear, or threat of death. No villain waiting around the corner to lock us in cages.

We're all alive. Safe.

Robert pulls away to look around, seeing Tommy then Zyon, then Lewis and Seàn. He's crying even harder when he realizes everyone is okay and back and we're home.

"As much as I love and missed you, Axy, I need..I need to hug everyone."

I'm crying, I realize as I let him go. Tears are streaming down my face and to my chin, I wipe them away but more keep coming as I watch Robert hug Lewis and Seàn- who he didn't even know that we'll. Then both Tommy and Zyon so tightly, I fear for their breathing.

I'm hugged by long and muscled arms and look up to see Seàn, he smiling at me as he wipes at my tears. "These better be happy, Ya hear?"

I laugh as I hug him and look over to the new person, He's leaning on the couch just watching and letting us have a moment. He must be Devin, the man that Robert was smitten with. He catches my eyes and smiles.

Seàn must notice too because he guides us over, "Seàn, you are?"

"Devin, Roberts's boyfriend. I already know you guys. I'm glad you're back safe." His voice is deep, not like Seàns, it's lighter than the Irishman.

He's also my height, which makes Seàn and probably Lewis the tallest in the room. Devin has pretty hazel eyes and full lips, his hair is cut short but since I was told he was military I suppose it makes sense. He's muscular like Seàn is, and is probably very powerful with all the training he must have.

"Thank you, for taking care of Bert."

He just shakes his head, "Anything for him. He needed it. He was a wreck when you went missing, called me in hysterics, crying and screaming. I stayed to make sure he actually slept and ate."

I nod, understanding what he means. In his worry, Bert would have probably forgotten most human needs. "Still, thanks. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Same here, he always talks about you and how you have two really cool partners."

Seàn laughs, "damn right."

I roll my eyes at him, turning to see Zyon walking over with Robert, leaving Lewis and Tommy to attack the kitchen for more food. Zyon pushes his way to the middle of Seàn and me, sighing when he's successfully trapped himself.

"I'm so happy you guys are home." Robert sniffs hugging on Devin.

I grin, "So am I."

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