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Irish Translation

Mo Chroí - My Heart

buachaill leanbh - Baby Boy

Pancóga - Pancakes


I know the FBI probably asks so many more questions, but I only watch Criminal Minds and the questions for the victims usually aren't all that long.



It's odd to be back, in the city, in Axel's apartment with a familiar face. I keep expecting to wake up back in the cave cage with Ethan or West mocking me, although everything so far and Robert felt real when he hugged me, and this Devin man is someone I never met before. It doesn't make sense to imagine someone new, at least not to me.

The pain of being shot, at first I didn't feel it but afterward, it hurt like hell. Everything feels real and I'm almost afraid to blink, what if in that half a second all this disappears just like before? What if Axel and Zyon and Tom are still worrying or trapped in a cave cell of their own? What if this is just an illustration that will end with me feeling all that suffering over again?

But, that can't be. Because we made sure West and Ethan were dead, that West was left without a head that's now somewhere in the ocean and probably already eaten by animals. Ethan was inside out, no way to recover from that. So we're safe, it's over forever.

Yet, it's not. We still have to deal with what we are, what West made us into. We're being forced to up what is left of our lives and move on because we can't be trusted around people. How can Lewis and I be sure we would accidentally harm the people we care about? Before it was a promise, now we can't make promises like that because we can't guarantee that we won't lose control and do something we regret.

I don't want to wake up one day and see Axel or Zyon in a pool of blood or watch Lewis grieve over a dead Tommy, I wouldn't be able to live with myself and I know Lewis wouldn't either. I can only hope that moving will help control us, maybe the peace and quiet of the country will be what we need, perhaps we could explore what causes the change and find out if we can control it by will or not.

For everyone's sake, I hope it will be. We need to figure it out before it occurs without our consent in the wrong place, that would be horrific.

I can only wish that we'll be left alone now that Rose has taken the fault for everything West and Ethan did, the FBI and community should be happy that justice was served. I don't feel bad about it, not that I should because she was part of the problem whether we saw a bunch of her or not. She could have found a way around Ethan to tell authorities, had plenty of time to figure how and when.

I find it selfish to pick herself over all the innocent lives that ended in those caves, not only did she probably watch at times through cameras but she transported them back and forth. She had most likely listened to the pleads and the cries for loved ones, listened to them speak as we spoke to Tavion, listened to the stories about families that will never see them again. She did not simply pick herself over them, she picked herself over all the families and submissives'.

She deserves to be in prison in my opinion, so she sees how it feels to be locked in a cage with guards watching your every move. Prison probably won't be as bad as the caves and what we went through. She'll still be around people and get showers and avoid being mutated into some kind of monster. But it'll do.

I'm merely happy we're back now, that everything is over. It'll take time to adjust to everything after all the time spent in the caves and the agony and worry. But with people who care, it'll be easier.

Axel is still speaking with Robert and his new boyfriend, Devin. Zyon between us, Lewis, and Tom raiding the refrigerator and eating whatever isn't supposed to be cooked first. Robert keeps glancing at me, I know I need a shower and that I stink like hell. Although, knowing it bothers others is amusing and watching him squirm to find a polite way to say it is hilarious.

Unfortunately, he isn't the one to say anything. Axel takes the opportunity of the pause in conversation with Devin to take my arm and starts pushing me in the direction of the hallway. Announcing, "Sorry for cut this short but bigfoot here needs a serious shower. See you in three hours."

Robert looks relieved, Devin amused, and Lewis is cackling at the comparison of me to Bigfoot. Tommy smiles in our direction but scowls at Lewis, "What are you laughing about? You Sasquatch. You're as bad as him, in fact, after him you're next."

Lewis blinks at his boyfriend, caught off guard. But then he scowls right back, "Watch it, I'm not 'fraid to spank you in front of them."

He's playing but Tommy actually looks like he wouldn't mind, shivering and smirking at his dominant. Unfortunately, I don't get to hear his reply as I'm shoved through the hallway by Axel. Zyon is running for the bathroom, perhaps excited about getting clean for the first time since they were taken. Or he thinks he'll get to help clean me off, I wouldn't put it past him. Not that I'm complaining about that idea.

I like Axel's bathroom, it's big and spacious with an incredible glassed door shower. The tub is big enough for me to sit in if I absolutely had to if I didn't dislike baths, but the stream in the shower massages my muscles and relaxes me. In the bathroom in the apartment that I have, I'm most likely evicted since I haven't been able to pay rent, is small for a man my size. The tub is the length of my shoulders, which means I completely fill it and have no room since the showerhead is in the tub. The stream is also completely horrible, low, and weak.

Once in, Axel shuts the door and steps pass me to turn the water on. Zyon places himself on the tub, watching us with wide eyes and a happy little smile. I'm glad he's more comfortable in this apartment than when he first came here, he's walking on both the floor and the rugs, and he's not afraid to make himself at home now. It makes me happy he considers this home and not the alley, I'm positive if given the chance at the beginning with Axel, he would've chosen the alley.

He's definitely more healthy, with more fat on him, and now has a similar body build to Tommy. Skinny and small and weighting as he should for someone with his body type, not underweight with bones sticking out. I know his systems are better too, he was taking vitamins and eating the foods the doctor recommend. He may need another check-up, but I'm confident he's where he should be in weight and isn't ill.

Axel gains my attention when he turns back to me, crossing his arms as if he expects me to refuse to do anything he says. Eyes glinting with amusement, "The rags off and thrown in the trash."

My eyebrows raise and for a second I'm caught off guard at the order, used to being the one giving them. Then I look down at the clothes, honestly forgetting that they have been torn and practically rags by now. I don't mind him being demanding, I understand he's also a dominant and he feels the need to be one with me at the moment, I'll amuse him and listen. He's expressed he's interested in being submissive to me and part of that means I sometimes have to entertain him when he orders me around.

I know to listen when something is serious and he's actually aiming to be dominant with me, I don't mind that either. When he feels he should be, I'll listen to him. But at the moment I can see he's mostly playing around, only actually demanding I throw the clothes away.

The clothes are so ripped and torn, I don't bother to strip normally. They're already so thin and worn out it's easy to just rip them off. The shirt is now a crop top and I only pull at it to get it to tear, the pants are basically only covering my groin and I'm surprised someone didn't call the cops for public indecency. The fabric is also easy to pull away, barely even making a ripping sound.

It leaves me in loose boxer briefs, also stretched and worn from the changing of my body. There are tears but luckily it keeps mostly everything covered, I can feel a tear along my ass but at least I'm not mooning them. I'm not sure Zyon is ready to see me or Axel completely naked, and I don't want to freak him out.

My skin is grimy and sticky, I can barely see the sleeves of tattoos on my arms with the dirt clinging to me. Usually, I'm as pale as a baby's arse even if I'm working in the sun but now I seem slightly tan. Now that I actually think about getting clean and how it feels, I'm uncomfortable.

"Those too, Seàn. They need to be thrown out." Axel says, grimacing as he picks the discarded clothes from the floor and throwing them in the trash next to the toilet.

"Ya think he's ready to see a naked man?" I ask, just to be sure since he's the one who got to spend the most time with Zyon while I was away.

He pauses and looks at Zyon, the boy blinking at us innocently and fidgeting with the bottom of the shirt he's wearing. His legs are swinging back and forth, even if his feet can touch the ground. Axel glances at me, more at my groin area as is considering.

"Zyon, " the boy perks up when Axel said his name, giving us his full attention. "You want to see all of Seàn without being covered?"

Blunt, but it seems fair to ask what Zyon wants. If he's uncomfortable with the idea, I'm sure Axel will just leave it be and let me clean that area by myself. If he's not, then I'll happily remove the fabric and get in the shower.

Zyon blinks and his eyes look at the fabric covering me, the first time I bathed him in the shower he seemed slightly confused about me wearing underwear when he wasn't. He didn't seem all that bothered when I give him my reason, but now he seems to think the fabric is an enemy because I catch a small glare in his eyes. It reminds me of an angry puppy.

He says two, simple words. "Off, please."

Manners like a good boy, I'm proud. I was concerned Tommy and Robert would corrupt him and make him a brat. Tom is usually shy and quiet, but according to Lewis, he can be quite a brat when he wants to be. Same with Robert, Axel had warned me about a bratty Robert after he gets comfortable with me.

I shrug and remove the fabric, ripping it from it tear on my ass and then tossing it to the trash bin. I can feel both sets of eyes on me, Axel unashamed and Zyon curiously. I know he hasn't seen anything other than his own cock and I don't mind the attention, in fact, I ignore both stares and just step in the shower.

The water is warm and the strong stream of it feels like heaven on my muscles, an uncontrollable sigh leaves and I feel my eyes close as I just stand under the water. I love showers, it's a great way to get me to relax and after everything, I needed one. It feels as if all the weight and worry is finally gone and down the drain.

I don't hear or pay attention to my surroundings, and I'm slightly startled when I feel a presence behind and next to me. My eyes open, seeing forest green eyes and ebony hair next to me, and ocean deep blue and raven hair behind me. Zyon is naked, but Axel had decided one new step was enough and kept his briefs on.

"I'm washing my junk, don't get too handsy," I warn. Wanting Zyon to be more comfortable with looking before he decides to touch and ends up scaring himself. Axel probably isn't too happy with that, by the huff I hear him give as an answer, but he'll deal with it.

"Fine." Axel will deny he whined, it doesn't change the fact that he did. "At least let us wash you, I'll feel better helping you relax after all that happened."

Zyon is hugging my side and I feel Axel's hands on my back, I don't mind them helping if it makes them feel better. Besides, two attractive men cleaning me? What gay, or Bi, person would say no?

"Go ahead. I'm happy standing here."

I earn a laugh from Axel as I feel him shift away and hear a bottle opening, Zyon giggles and squeezes his arms around me. After a few seconds, I feel a loofah and chilly gel on my shoulders, and my body stutters from the contrast of temperatures of the gel and water.

"Zyon, come here," Axel calls the boy, and the body next to me slides behind me. "Here, do this and scrub as hard as you can."

Axel instructs, scrubbing my back to show Zyon what he means. The smaller makes a noise, coming out like a hum, "yes."

My lips twitch at the response, happy he's attempting to speak more. Practice makes perfect and all. Usually, tv is bad depending on what you watch but Zyon has only been watching cartoons and other channels Axel or I, before everything, deemed appropriate for it. He's never been to school or knows the real world, he's been in his own world on the street and we didn't want him to have to see all the bad things in certain news reports or shows.

Tv has actually helped him with words and vocabulary, he knows how to pronounce some words now and has a bit of trouble on most of his new vocabulary. It is process and I'm proud. I still believe we should get him a tutor or someone who is willing to teach him. He'll be made fun of in school if we put him in one and I'm not about to let that happen.

Zyon's force isn't as firm as Axels was, I was expecting it because he's smaller than both of us and doesn't have much muscle on his arms. But he scrubs as hard as he can like Axel told him too, washing my back and shoulders.

His hand moves lower as he does and I know he doesn't realize he's going against what I said when he tries to go lower to my ass. He doesn't understand I meant below the wait when I said I would wash myself down there, the word junk probably went over his head.

I don't get mad or bothered, it's an honest small mistake and it's my fault I didn't make it clear to him. I just reach back, gripping his wrist and move his hand back up. "Stay up here, Mo Chroí. Let me wash down there, okay?"

He pauses, confused but starts back up again anyway. "Yes."

Axel laughs, having been watching Zyon work to make sure he's doing as said. I feel him move around, hear a bottle being opened than closed. Then he's next to me, "tilt your head back, I'm gonna wash your hair and beard."

Obeying silently, I tilt my head back after I get my hair wet. Feeling his hands quickly set on scratching gently on my scalp, nails causing my body to shudder lightly. It feels good, better than good.

We're silent mostly, besides when Axel instructs Zyon to move to my front and to start washing my chest. He does so quickly, scrubbing my neck and shoulders, moving down to my chest than my stomach. He stops before he could move further down, remembering my warning. He does continue to scrub my arms and even my hands, trying to get between my fingers.

Axel does quick work lathering my hair in shampoo, turning me around so my back is to the stream of water. Zyon follows, making sure he's in front of me. Axel leaves in the shampoo, but he now scrubs and scratches at my beard. I'll need to trim it up and make it look neat after this, I most certainly look crazy.

It's when Axel is rinsing my hair that Zyon pauses, his hand with the loofah on my nipple. He doesn't continue for a second and when he speaks, it catches both Axel and me so off guard we both almost slip. "Boy..frens."

He hasn't mastered the word Friends, missing the D and I. But we don't focus on that, only the fact he said Boyfriends. What does that mean? Is he just trying a word out to learn how to pronounce it or does it mean he wants to be boyfriends?

He looks up at us, seeing our shocked and confused expressions and seems confused himself. I don't think he thought we could be confused. He tries to explain himself though, stuttering on how to say certain words.

"I am" He shakes his head as he realizes he forgot a word, then continues slowly while he nods along to the words as if to make them right. "I be wif you guys."

Then he grins at us, clearly proud of himself for speaking a sentence. We are too, just at the moment, we're processing what he said. Be with us. Boyfriends. He wants to be in a relationship, an official relationship. With me, with us. And I'm grinning when I get my shock and happiness under control enough to confirm.

"You want to be our boyfriend? And us to be yours?"

He smiles shyly, avoiding our eyes and plays with the loofah he still hasn't moved from my nipple. Speaking quietly, but loud enough to hear over the water. "An sub..submi-" he gives up on the word submissive, obviously embarrassed by the flush of red on his face.

He wants the whole deal, boyfriend, and dominant. Not just us but also our lifestyles, to try it and be with us. It's more than I thought I would get and I'm the happiest man in the world, except maybe for Axel. The man next to me is also wide-eyed and grinning, obviously, just as happy.

"You want us as your dominant? Both of us?" He asks, in case that isn't the situation.

But Zyon sheepishly nods, staring at the loofah. He's shocked and makes a noise to show it when he's kissed on both cheeks by us, each of hugging him. I make sure to keep my hips away from him, not wanting to freak him out with an extra limb touching him.

"I'm so relieved and happy, of course, we'll be with you. Baby, you just made our day even better!" Axel excitedly declares.

Zyon looks up at us, eyes bright and proud of himself for making us happy. I ruffle his damp hair, "Made the last few months better for me, buachaill leanbh."

He giggles and his smile is brighter than ever before, hugging us tightly. I barely get the chance to shift my lower half out of the way before he's in us, pressing kisses to our jaws.

It's finally official.


Once we're all showered and clean, in new clothes and feeling better in ages. We move to the living room, Devin and Robert are on the couch cuddled together and talking to Lewis and Tommy. When Tom sees us, he grabs Lewis's hand and drags him up, announcing its time for their shower.

Devin still seems amused by that and Robert laughs at Lewis' eye roll as he's dragged past us into the hall. We all sit on the couch, Zyon moving into my lap while Axel stays standing, expression nervous and uneasy.

"I should probably call that agent, tell her we're back and safe. She might have questions, but Rose should have confessed by now."

I nod, understanding even as I feel doubt creeping into my mind. Can we even trust Rose? Maybe she went to the nearest military base instead, turn us in there. I shake my head, think positive.

Robert had been able to keep Axel's phone after the FBI investigated, saying it wasn't marked as evidence. He hands it to Axel and the man hesitates to call the number in his recent call list, but with a squeeze of my hand on his knee, he presses call.

It takes a few seconds for him to receive an answer, saying who he was then explaining we were safe and back at home. He stares at the table as he listens to the FBI agent, then requests they come here to ask their questions instead of us going to them. Giving the excuse of being more comfortable here and trying to get accustomed to being back.

When he hangs up, he sighs and falls back on the couch to lean against my arm. "Agent J.J is coming here, she says she has information and questions to ask us. Probably about Rose."

I nod, shifting my arm to be behind him. Pulling him to me and Zyon moves his legs to rest on Axel's thighs. Robert starts on how he and Devin came together when Axel asks as a distraction, happy to help take our mind off of the situation a bit.

Apparently, they meet at the club and started talking. I find out Devin is military and the information makes me nervous, what would he do if he found us out? Would he report us or leave us be? He seems like a genuinely kind and friendly man, but I can't help but wonder if he knew if he would report us. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing he would do, he seems like he'd be loyal to those he trusts and maybe he would leave us alone. Still, the slightest of nerves are there.


By the time the agent gets here, Zyon is fast asleep and Robert had decided to make pancakes for the first meal back we have, he's still in the kitchen when the elevator dings and the doors open. A lady walks in, dressed in a tight suit and her red hair up in a tight ponytail.

Axel stands to greet her, smiling as he shakes her hand. "Hello, Agent J.J."

She smiles right back, looking relieved to see him and us when she glances my way. "Hello, I'm glad to see everyone is back safely. Although, I have information to share and some questions if that's alright."

Devin moves to the kitchen after greeting the agent with a kind smile, offering her his seat on the couch before he goes to Robert. She thanks him as she sits, watching as Axel places himself next to me again.

"Hello, Mr. MacManus. I'm Jenny, please call me J.J. Pleasure to meet you and see you back safe." She introduces herself, a kind smile on her lips.

I grimace at my name, West having ruined it very quickly. "Just Seàn is fine, and thanks. Lewis is in the shower with Tom."

She doesn't show surprise at my bluntness of where my friends are, I knew she would question where they were and I don't normally beat around the bush. Axel elbows me though, rolling his eyes as he probably thinks I should be more respectful. I respect her, a woman FBI agent is something that needs to be respected, but I want this over.

"You had something to tell us?" Axel redirects, leaning on his knees.

J.J nods, holding up a folder I didn't pay attention to. "Someone came in and confessed to all the murders and abducting all of you. I would like to confirm their statements, it'll have to be recorded."

We nod and she's quick to open the file to skim through it and taking a camera from her pocket before turning back to us, "Where were you held?"

I answer before Axel can, "A cave system that was made into cells. 'parently, it was on an island."

She checks then nods to herself, "Where there any other people with you?"

A deep sigh leaves me as I think of Tavion, I still feel horrible I couldn't do anything to help him. But now, I think he may be better he isn't alive to deal with being an uncontrollable monster. He didn't deserve that. "Aye, man named Tavion. We couldn't help him when he was killed."

Axel squeezes my wrist he's taken ahold of, knowing how both I and Lewis feels about that certain subject of our imprisonment. Agent J.J gives a sympathetic smile but continues, knowing well enough to get our mind away from touchy thoughts.

"Have you seen the person to take you and kill Tavion?"

I know to describe Rose, J.J isn't naming her or her gender to stop people saying she told us to say, Rose. That would be bad and it probably would help keep Rose from prison.

"Aye. Was a woman, green hair, and purple contacts in her eyes with glasses. Said she was Rose."

Axel quickly puts in that was who was there when they were taken, and J.J nods. She turns the camera off and smiles at us, "That's pretty much it, I just need you to confirm her picture."

She takes another smaller file from the original, setting it on the table. It's different images of women with neon green hair and purple contacts with glasses, Rose is on the second page and both Axel and I point to it. I'm careful of Zyon on my lap as I lean forward to do so, he's still peacefully asleep.

She smiles and thanks us as she replaces the pictures back in the original file. "I understand you don't want to continue all this, I want you to know you don't have to go to court. Her confession and the evidence she turned in will be enough to put her away. I'll make sure everything is settled for you guys to continue on with life, and I'll call to tell you when the case has been closed."

She stands up and Axel quickly follows her, shaking her hand again and thanking her. She shakes my hand when she realizes I can't, and don't want to, get up. Grinning when Zyon shifts closer to me.

"Stay safe, all of you. I'll make sure to update you on the case if something changes. Have a good day, bye!" She walks back to the elevator with Axel, quickly waving when the door open are a few seconds.

"Thanks again!" Axel calls out, and she nods and smiles as the doors close.

When Axel comes back over, he falls on the couch and leans against me with a deep sigh and closes his eyes. I understand the stress is lifted and the worry is gone, he's just now feeling the exhaustion from all of it.

I wrap my arm around him and he readjusts Zyons legs on him, leaning against my side. I mess with his hair as I softly order, "Take a nap. I'll wake you both when the pancóga are done."

He hums as his eyes close and after a few minutes, he's as asleep as Zyon. I hold them close, remembering how Zyon agreed to be our boyfriend and sub.

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