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Closed Case, Open New Life

Irish translation

Grá - Love

Scottish Translation

mo luran - my pretty boy



It's week two being home and I'm really happy. Mainly because Seán and Axel give me more kisses, cuddles, and more treats. We spent most of our time the first week just talking to Robert and his new boyfriend Devin and eating. Axel had demanded that Robert sit down when his friend wanted to make dinner the first night back, Axel spent two hours in the kitchen making a big meal for everyone.

Tom and Lewis had only left for a short time, leaving after they had a shower. Lewis said they needed new clothes, and to check if they still had an apartment to go back to. Turns out the apartment manager seen the news and that Lewis was missing, then that Tommy was too. Tommy had said that she was nice and only requested that they pay for three months worth of rent for keeping the apartment in order, and not evicting them because they were abducted and didn't just leave.

They came back though around the time Axel finished the food, in new clothes and no one commented when Lewis sat closer to Seán than before they were taken. Seán didn't mind, he only patted his friend on the thigh. Tommy had hugged his boyfriend tighter and I did the same to Seán, I was on his lap waiting for Axel to come back.

Robert and Devin never asked what happened while the two dominants were together without us, just looking at them with a sad look. I don't know why, maybe they think something is wrong.

I like Devin, he stayed until it was dark outside and after he ate with us. He gave me space if we happen to be alone on the couch and he didn't attempt to have much of a conversation with me besides a nice hello and what his name was. He mentioned that Robert told him I had some trouble with strangers and that he understood, that after he came home and back to the states that he had issues with people too.

He was kind and polite to everyone, never spoke about us being missing or anything about the murders. He mainly asked about jobs and where Seán and Lewis are from, or if they go back to visit. I mostly didn't pay attention to the convention they had because Tom and Robert were talking to me.

It was relaxing and fun, we watched movies and everyone was laughing or smiling. I didn't get some of the things they laughed about during the movies, but I enjoyed listening to them. Devin was the first to leave after the second movie, telling Robert he had work the morning and that he'd call to let my friend know when he's home. Robert pouted but gave him a hug and a kiss on his cheek, walking him to the elevator.

After the third movie, it was really late and dark out. Tommy was yawning and leaning against Lewis, his boyfriend deciding they needed sleep. Axel offered the room Tom was staying in since Lewis didn't have a car to drive back in, so they went to bed. They've been in and out of Axel's apartment, only going home when they need new clothes.

I think Lewis and Seán don't like being separated for long now, they always tense when the other leaves. Maybe scared something bad will happen again and don't want the other to suffer alone, or it's just about what they went through together. I'm not sure.

Robert has been here too, he sleeps on the couch and he told me he just wants to make sure we settle back into life. He helps cooking and he cleans up when he feels he should, even if Axel makes sure the apartment is neat and tidy. He leaves to go to his own home every day for a few hours to make sure it's safe and change clothes, he's concerned about a break-in and doesn't want to crowd us so much.

Another thing Seán and Axel have been doing is spending time on the laptop, as I remember Robert and Tommy telling me. I sit in one of their laps while the other holds the laptop, and they ask me questions; if I like this house, this barn or if I like the big open area around a big house.

When they ask, there are pictures of large buildings they call houses or barns. I never saw a house or a barn before, and I like all of them because they're pretty and look fun to run around in. I haven't seen an area of green open space or dense woods before either, and that looks just as fun and pretty as the houses and barns.

Seán and Axel laugh when I answer the same for every picture, "Like. Pretty."

I don't think I help determine which we all like, but they never get annoyed or frustrated. Axel said he saved some he and Seán decided on that was in range for cost, and I would get to pick which one I like more out of them. I'm excited, it's the biggest decision I ever got to make besides which food stall is empty.

Now, two weeks later we're still looking through the list because I just can't decide. All the houses are pretty with a lot of open space both in and outside, but I want to pick one that looks like something we'll all love to call home. It's impossible and I'm frustrated at myself for making Axel and Seán wait, they don't complain. They just happily explain the pros and cons of each house to me over and over again, telling me what they think would be good for us.

It makes me feel better about not being able to pick quickly, and I try my best to look through all the pictures for what they both believe will be enough for us.

Currently, I'm laying with my head on Seáns lap with my legs on Axel. Seán is holding the laptop and Axel leans against him, arm over me to tap the button that makes the picture change. It's after breakfast, Tommy, Lewis, and Robert already left for their homes to check on things. I asked the best I could to see more pictures and both Seán and Axel cheerfully agreed.

The tv is off and the windows are blocked, the room only slightly lit up from the sun peeking through the bottoms of the black covers. It's peaceful and I enjoy just relaxing with them.

The picture on the laptop is of a big house with two floors, Axel told me of a large basement below the first and a spacious attic above the second. Seán said it was fairly new, merely twenty years old compared to the others they passed up on that were around a hundred years. Outside it has what looks like old wood, that's what Seán told me it was- "that's old tight knotted Cedar, it's wood."

It has the large porch, front, and back, that Axel wanted. It also has the "decently sized pool" he wanted behind it and the long driveway. This house has a vibrant green field Seán wanted, more than one- on each side of the gravel driveway is a fenced-off field and there is another, bigger one behind the house. It's also in the middle of the woods, apparently, people can't see it from the road because of the trees.

There's no barn to this one, although Seán had said it was fine. That he and Lewis could call in some help to build one or two, Lewis had agreed and even looked happy at the suggestion. Then he explained that in Ireland they built a small barn for Seáns brother, Jack when he got a pony for his friends' daughters' birthday.

On the inside, everything is shiny and neat. The kitchen and living room connect and there's a bathroom down the hall, a sliding window door in the living room that shows the back of the house. The basement has nothing in it, but it's large and Axel suggested maybe another bedroom could go down there.

Upstairs has another bathroom, in the middle of two rooms. The master bedroom is in the corner of the house and is the biggest room on the floor, with another windowed door that slides open and a small landing over the pool. Both Seán and Axel said they liked the bedroom, Seán mainly for the size and Axel for the view.

The attic creeps me out, there are two massive windows but it seems really dark. The space is big, empty, and the ceiling is at weird angles. Seán comforted me by saying we could put lights up and make it a cozy space.

I like it. It has mostly everything they wanted and since I never saw a house before, I don't know what I would want. This is a very nice place and would be fun to explore. What they want, works for me.

"This wne." I feel as if I said a word wrong, it bothers me slightly but I'm not used to speaking and Axel said practice makes perfect.

Both of them smile at me, Axel rubbing my thigh and Seán squeezing me against him gently. Axel takes the laptop from Seán, his voice directed at me as he does, "Good choice, sweetie. It'll be perfect for us."

Seán agrees, ruffling my hair, "Aye, good boy."

I can't control the flush on my face or the grin I have hearing that, proud of myself for picking one and happy they think I did well. Especially hearing what Seán said, he called me a good boy, which means I did really good and that he's proud I picked.


The next day is busy. Axel had to call a person about the house during breakfast, Tommy and Lewis are on Toms's laptop, and Robert left to see Devin. Seán was in the shower, having eaten with us before calling dibs on it. Axel had told us that that agent lady, J.J, called when he got up to make the food.

He was smiling when he told everyone that the case was closed and that Rose was in a high-security prison and will be there forever, he also said that J.J promised that the FBI or police wouldn't bother us and we're free to go on with our lives. Everyone had cheered, Robert had hugged me and Tom, Lewis and Seán hugged, and Axel was dragged into one when Seán grabbed me.

That was hours ago, now Axel and I are in the living room waiting on Seán to come out of the hallway from the bathroom. He's been in there for what Axel has said was two hours now, and we have somewhere to be to get everything ready to move. Robert and Tommy had explained that we need people to load a truck up with furniture or our belongings and that Axel needed to make sure his accounts are in working order, considering he hasn't done anything with them.

We wait for another hour, me watching the Animal Planet show about a Zoo when Axel sighs as his phone rings yet again. He smiles at me as he grabs it off the table, "Can you go get Seán, baby? I need to take this."

I nod, quickly jumping up off the floor to run to the hallway as I hear Axel greet someone. The bathroom is quiet when I get close to the door, and I push it open to peek in but no one is in the room. I'm confused, where else would Seán be? Looking around, I see the bedroom door open just a crack, I remember it being wide open when we got up.

Going to the door and peeking in again, this time I see Seán's colorful arm on the pillow I use. He must have fallen back asleep after he got out of the shower, that's why he never came back out to us. Axel is going to be annoyed.

Pushing the door open, I step in the bedroom quietly. There's a small stack of clothes Lewis brought over for Seán on a desk under a window, a pair of pants, and a shirt a few inches from it. Seáns boots are on the side of the bed he usually sleeps on, along with a pair of underwear.

Seán is sprawled out on his back on the bed, his chest visible and his legs tangled in the blankets. His arms are either on the pillow or hanging off the side, and only the thin sheet covers the area underwear goes. He's deep asleep, steady breaths coming out as his chest shifts with each, eyes closed and head sideways. His hair and beard are still wet, both shorter as he cut them the first day back and now he looks as he did before he was taken.

He looks peaceful and that's something I never really get to see recently, he only ever relaxes now when he's with us or asleep. He hasn't left the building either, he stays in the apartment and doesn't go near the elevator. Tommy said Lewis doesn't want to go either but he also does not want Tom to go alone. My friend assumed it has to do with what happened to them, they don't trust themselves around people.

I don't want to interrupt his sleep, he's comfortable in bed and I don't want to force him up. Axel told me to get him though and we have places to be, Axel wants us to go together in case Seán has matters to deal with. Hopefully, he won't be bothered by me waking him up.

I decide to climb on the bed and crawl closer to him, planning on shaking him awake or poking him. Although when I do, the sheet is pulled by the small weight I have, and the part that is covering Seán is yanked away. Then I'm staring wide-eyed at the thing that I only saw two weeks ago for the first time.

I know I have one too but seeing someone else's is new, I was feeling brave when I agreed that Seán should shower fully naked. It was still a shock, though. I understand why he didn't want to wash me naked before, I would have freaked out. Because I have never seen someone else before, I thought it would be the same as what I have. It isn't.

Right now, it's just laying on Seán. The first time, it moved when he walked and it was fascinating to watch how it bounced. Now, though, it's innocently laying there and I have no idea what to do. I'm curious, really curious. I never touched mine, it felt odd when I had to pee and I was forced to, but other than that I didn't bother. What would happen if I touched?

Glancing up at Seán I see he hasn't woken up, not even a shift. I inch closer, sitting on my knees as I do, and reach my finger out. I touch his hip first because I never touched Seán skin to skin below his pants, and I'm nervous. He doesn't move, doesn't make any type of noise. So, I slide my finger closer to the thickness on his thigh.

When I touch the head of it, feeling the skin, I suddenly pull my hand back. Should I be doing this? Is this bad? I'm exploring, don't they like it when I do that, when I find new things I like?

Faster this time, I touch my finger the bottom of it where some hair is, it's not a lot of it but it's there. Leaving my finger there for a second as I breathe to calm the beating in my chest down, then I move it up to slide along the skin.

Seán unexpectedly shifts with a small groan, his leg moving to bend and the arm on the side of the bed is pulled to rest on his stomach. My body had frozen, eyes wide as I watched then I quickly pull my finger away to my chest. Planning to forget this and just wake him up, then I accidentally sniff and I smell something.

Slowly, I raise my finger to my nose and there's a slight musky scent on my skin. It's like when I smell Seáns underarms, everything I enjoy about the scent,only it's a stronger aroma. It's even better than underarms, and I'm now wondering what it would be like to have only this smell surrounding me.

Biting my lip, I look up at Seáns' sleeping face and consider what I should do. Wake him up like Axel told me too, or satisfy my curiosity and take in the sharp, intense odor. Maybe, they wouldn't mind if I explored more? Besides, I was told to keep doing that. I'm not being bad or going against them, right?

With that in thought, I breathe deeply to calm myself and slowly lean down to the larger man's thigh. My nose barely touches his skin but I can already get a whiff of the scent, and my body relaxes slightly. Seán is my protector and his aroma reminds me of that when I smell it, it helps calm me down as much as sucking their nipples do. Although, if it's too strong like when we found Seán, I don't like it. This, however, is perfect.

Seán doesn't react to my touch and I take it as a good sign to continue, gradually getting closer to the hair at the base of the thickness. Once my nose is touching both the hair and the long thing, all caution of waking Seán up is gone. The smell is too pleasing to me and calming that my head is blank, my body leaning in further and taking small deep breaths to keep myself quiet. It would be somewhat off for Seán to wake up and hear me sniffing him, especially down here.

I don't know how long I spending this position, on my knees in the bed with my nose on the one place I never thought I'd see on Seán. I forget the door is now wide open and Axel may just get annoyed that we haven't shown up yet, and come searching for us.

I'm still shocked when I hear the voice, "Zyon, honey, "

My body flies up so quickly that I feel a bit dizzy, looking behind me to see Axel leaning in the doorway and watching me. He has a smile on his face and he doesn't seem very mad, only amused.

Then I hear another noise from Seán, this time a small grunt. "Ah, why'd ya stop him? He's makin progress in his explorin."

I blink and turn to Seán, another tired smile greets me as he sits up on the bends in his arms. Was he awake this whole time? My face heats up and I drop down on the bed, pulling the blanket over my head. I earn laughs for my embarrassment and huff my displeasure at them.

"It's okay, boy. I only woke up a few minutes ago, quite the shock but I'm proud of ya. Big step ya made by yourself, good boy." I hear Seán say, feeling the hand on my side that pets me nicely.

He's proud of me, not bothered, and he called me a good boy again. My stomach flutters like something is flying in me and I can't help the smile I get, I love it when he says that. It's even better knowing he's proud of me for doing what I did, even if I did it when he wasn't awake or aware.

"That's right, baby. We're both proud of you, it's a good thing you went at your own pace. Can you come out, now? We'd like to see your pretty face." Axel is closer, his voice above me.

I raise the blanket a bit and peek out at them, Seán is grinning at me and Axel is very much the same. Seán is still fully bear though, unashamed now that I've seen it and took the step to get closer. Then I sit up and let the blanket pool around me, my face is still burning and I can't look them in the eye, but I'm happy.

"No one is upset at you Zyon, we're happy you did that," Axel assures me, running his hand through my hair. "Although, I am wondering why a certain someone was sleeping when I told them we had to leave."

I giggle at the short groan Seán releases, hearing him mumble about dog houses. Then he grins at Axel, "Apologies, Grá. Thought we had more time with everyone here and shite."

Axel rolls his eyes but smiles, nodding, "Sure, why don't you get dressed? I spoke the agent selling the house, we got it. Just need to hire a moving company and get things settled here before we go."

Seán howlers and wraps his arm around my shoulder, pulling me against his side to kiss my head. "Bout time something good came our way!"

Then he stands up, grabbing his underwear in the process and pulling them on. I like watching Seán move, his muscles shift, and sometimes little lines appear in his arms. Sadly, Axel picks me up off the bed and leaves the room with the promise to make us one of those shakes he makes.


Axel had just set my pink watermelon shake in front of me when Seán walks out of the hallway, dressed in a shirt without sleeves or sides to show his arms, and ripped up jeans with his heavy boots. It's nice to see him dressed as normal, which makes him seem more confident than I remember him being when we found him.

He sits next to me at the kitchen counter, Axel handing him a cup of coffee I watched him make. Seán gives him a thanks before basically downing the cup without pause, it was smoking and I'm sure that means hot. Doesn't that hurt?

Both Axel and I stare at him, shocked. Seán seems surprised too, staring at the empty cup with wide eyes. "Woah...guess that's a plus for this whole mutant thing."

Axel huffs a laugh, "What just happened? That was fresh, meaning really hot."

The larger man shrugs, "I was thirsty, man. I mean, sure it was warm but...I don't know, saw the liquid and I needed to drink."

I don't get it, I can't drink hot things. I've tried Axels coffee before and my mouth hurt, now I mainly ask for chilly things. How can Seán just drink coffee like that, it was like it was water to him. I'm guessing it's because of his tiger side, when I hugged him when he was turned he was warm. His human body is warmer than normal too, maybe hot things don't bother him anymore.

"Guess it's a new development, then. We should be going anyway, I need to go to the bank and I'm sure you need to check if you still have an apartment." Axel redirects the conversation, Seán is sometimes touchy about what happened and we don't want him uncomfortable.

The man nods, scratching his beard. "Aye, probably evicted. I'll be surprised if any stuff is still there, not that I had much. Only clothes."

Seán stands up and picks me up off my chair, taking my shake with us as be follows Axel to the elevator. I can feel him tense when the door opens, and I place a kiss on his cheek. "Okay?"

He smiles at me, rubbing his beard on my neck making me giggle. "I'll be fine, Grá. Just a bit nervous, is all. Don't want to hurt anyone."

Axel wraps his arm around Seáns as we walk into the elevator, "You won't hurt anyone. We'll all be fine."


It takes a long time before we get back home, we're all tired and Seán said we had to start packing up clothes and other stuff we wanted to keep. The manager at his apartment did evict him but the man gave Seán a box of clothes he saved when he heard what happened, Seán wasn't mad and said he understood the man had a building to run.

Axel said all his accounts are in order and he and Seán managed to schedule a company to come to pick up our stuff in a few days. Axel had said that we didn't need the furniture, could buy more, and that packing clothes or smaller belongings shouldn't be that hard. Especially if we have help, Robert, Tom, and Lewis will probably assist us. Maybe Devin will come over too, I hope he does, he makes Robert happy.

Now we're back, just stepping out of the elevator. I don't get to take more than a few steps in before I'm tackled in a tight hug, Tommy's voice shouting in my ear.

"We're going with you!! Lewis found a house close to the one you guys found! Even got the price to lower a little bit!!" He's babbling, shouting things I don't catch because I'm shrinking away from his voice.

"Mo luran, let him go." Lewis demands, voice stricter than I'm used to.

Tommy releases me with a wide smile, grabbing my hand a dragging me away from a laughing Seán and Axel. I'm taken to the couch were Lewis is laying in the corner, I can see his head from behind the couch and I'm sure he saw the attack. Tom places me next to him when he sits by Lewis, proceeding to talk widely about the house they found.

Lewis doesn't seem to mind, only pulling Tom against his side and watching what's on tv. A few seconds later I'm pulled onto Seáns lap when he sits down, a glance in the kitchen reveals Axel helping Robert cook something. I smile, it's really nice having a family.

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