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The new house is stunning, the kitchen especially. It's large with wide counter space to please me and allow me to multi-task while I cook, there's room for guests to sit down and there won't be any traffic when walking through. I adore everything about it, the enormous refrigerator that blends well into the cabinets, the cabinet space, the shiny black countertops. It's my dream Kitchen, I'm starting to really enjoy my life in the country.

It's been two months since we packed up and moved, I had ordered some nice furniture that I helped Seán move in. Zyon unpacked the last box with all of Seán's clothing or pictures for him, the man had insisted that we unpack first and he'd take what was left of the closet in the master bedroom. Seán doesn't have much, only clothes and pictures in old wooden frames that he claimed his grandfather carved.

Luckily for us, the closest is another walk-in like at the apartment, just bigger. Zyon and I share a wall while Seán instructed Zyon to put his clothes in the end where the smallest wall is, the boy had asked if he could do it and had pouted when he couldn't put Seáns stuff with ours. He did it as asked though, doing his best to fold clothes or hang them up neatly.

Seán hadn't helped with the unpacking of pictures or knick-knacks I bought to make the house seem lived in, he said he wasn't good decorating and trusted us to make the house pretty. He's also been busy with the barn, he and Lewis had already started up a plan for the build by the time we got here.

They called some friends, who were excited to see them and they spent about two hours just messing around and talking. Seán and Lewis were tense, not touching unless absolutely necessary and kept a polite distance away. They didn't let themselves relax, and I knew it hurt them. They wanted to spend time with friends and they couldn't trust themselves not to accidentally hurt them.

The men saw it too, I caught the concerned expressions and the quiet questions to whether they were okay. Seán dismissed it, giving the excuse that being away was hard and they were isolated, touching and social situations would be difficult. Their friends let it slide, not mentioning it.

He's been outside most days with Lewis and some others working on the barn. The men are polite to Zyon and me, they always knock to ask to come in or ask for water. They haven't acted rude or nasty to us, they try to keep boundaries Seán most likely set and don't assume I'd allowed them to act like they own the place.

I've met two of them that here most, Tex and Brian, I recognize them from the construction site Seán was working at previously. Brian is a handsome black man, roughly my height with short dreadlocks to the junction of his shoulders and neck, and pretty hazel brown eyes that flick gold when the sun hits them.

Tex is a short man, taller than Tommy or Robert but shorter than me, with bright green and purple hair cut short. His eyes change every day; green, neon blue, then bright pink and a stunning violet. Today he's sporting a neon gold.

Zyon was uneasy of all the strange men at first, he hid the first few days until Seán introduced only Tex and Brian. The rest of the men, only about three or five, we're told to keep away from the house and if they needed something to knock. Tex was the first to meet Zyon, Seán was holding the boy for comfort as Tex introduced himself and welcomed both I and Zyon into yet another of Seáns families.

Brian was after Tex, the man had said he didn't want to intimidate Zyon right off and waited outside until Tex left the living room. He was nice and kept his voice soft and didn't move to touch Zyon, he only introduced himself and waved. Zyon shyly waved back and earned a kiss on his head from Seán and me.

After that Zyon was much more comfortable knowing friendly people were here, he still didn't leave the house much. He mostly only went on the porch with me or the balcony to watch them work, probably because Seán came over to kiss us or take a break with us.

Tommy has been with us too, he comes with Lewis and stays until his boyfriend decides they should work on their new house. Tom has helped Zyon be comfortable in our new home, exploring with him while I made dinner or unpacked our clothes. He promised Zyon that we could go to his house to explore as well, saying they have a scary basement that Lewis hasn't decided what to do with yet.

Robert visits too, he has been dealing with the club since we reopened. I talk with him through face time to get updates and we've decided on a new bouncer to take Seáns place when the larger dominant had told me to. I understand and I was going to make sure Robert knew before Seán even told me. It's sad though, Robert said the club community liked Seán a lot in the short time he was there. Hopefully, they understand.

We go through files of employees and we decide who should be laid off or hired, promoted. That way I'm home and caring for my partners while also working. Robert doesn't mind, he loves taking breaks to talk with Zyon or Seán when he comes in.

Zyon has made process through the moving and unpacking, he had asked for rules. I assume Tom and Robert explained what rules are, Tom probably gave innocent examples of some of the rules he has. Zyon probably only wanted to see what we'd give him as some, he also seemed curious and genuinely interested in them.

He's been going really well, he likes his new schedule, and he happily agreed on rewards or punishments. He pouted and looked upset at some punishments, but that's what they're there for. Nothing too extreme or hard for him, the only thing I would have thought seemed extreme for him was the light spanking Seán suggested.

Light as in only five soft spanks, and not enough force to hurt. Just to make him feel a slight sting or create a light pink on his skin. Seán said it would help Zyon to try it early on to see if he likes it, if it makes a good punishment, or if it's a limit for him. We'd be able to tell by his reaction, when he heard the suggestion he went bright pink and sunk into the bed to cover himself.

I wrote the rules as we went on a piece of paper in a purple pen, Seán's handwriting isn't legible. Afterward, we let Zyon pick the place to put it so he can see it. I was told Tom has his taped to the kitchen counter with a cover over it, and Zyon choose the kitchen as well. We taped his rules to the cabinet door that leads to the refrigerator, I had laminated it for him.

We decided on easy rules, for now, simple ones to get him accustomed to having them and rewards or punishments for obeying or breaking one. He's had them for a month now and he's doing well, we're proud of him and we tell him all the time.

Zyon has also been taking bolder steps after his experiment with scents and Seáns cock while the larger man was asleep, I found it absolutely adorable and Seán did also. He's been placing his head in our crotches when we sit down, he'll wait for a minute before he gets fidgety and lets himself fall into one of our laps. From there, he's in his own world and I'm positive he fell asleep once or twice.

Seán walks around in the mornings and evenings in his underwear, purely for Zyon and his fetish. The man believes that our innocent boyfriend prefers to sniff our cocks when the least amount of layers cover us, probably only because of how Zyon discovered he likes how cock smells. I don't believe it, but Seán, as stubborn as he is, doesn't listen to me.

Our new little submissive has also been obeying his rule to ask for permission, he seems to enjoy getting our okay to get or do something. He mainly asks for spit, nipples, or smells but occasionally he'll attempt to ask to go to the bathroom or to play with Tommy somewhere outside away from the workers. He always goes pink in frustration when he stumbles on words and embarrassment for asking around Tom or Robert, but he smiles afterward and seems proud of himself.

We're working on his speech, helping him pronounce words better, and watching videos of people teaching speech. I'm sure we could get him a tutor, but I already know he wouldn't like that. This way has him learning, seeing us be proud of him and he's surrounded by people who don't judge and love him. He's improved, not by much but its better than before.

Another thing we discussed is a safe word for Zyon, we did this and explained before we did anything else. Made sure he understood what a safe word was and what saying it would do, Seán was very serious with it and had very sternly told Zyon that if he felt he wanted to stop anything to tell us. It was the first time I heard him use a 'dom voice' on Zyon and both Zyon and I had reacted to it, him blinking and quickly nodding while I felt a slight tingle and my cock twitch.

We all decided on 'Snake', it was random and definitely not a word Zyon says every day. It would catch our attention and we'd be able to understand quickly he needed to stop. We both told him he could also just say stop or red, and it would have the same effect. I wrote all the words on at the very top of his rules list, so whenever he looks at it, he's reminded.

Zyons expression when he looked at us was the most adorably innocent yet completely confident, he didn't believe he would ever use one of his words to stop us. Everyone believes that at least once, then something happens and they do. I just hope he does, neither of us would particularly enjoy hurting him when he doesn't like it.


It's the beginning of the third month in the new house, early in the morning. I had just finished in the bathroom downstairs when Seán appears and grabs me around my waist, pulling into his bare chest and squeezing the life out of me. He rubs his beard on my neck, laughing at my complaints and weak attempts to push him off.

He's only in grey tight boxers, he prefers to sleep naked but we agreed that until Zyon has gotten used to everything, or at least after he decides he wants to try sex, Seán would be wearing underwear to bed. He wasn't thrilled about it, yet he understands and doesn't complain. His primary focus is Zyon's comfort after all.

"Seán! Stop! I need to make breakfast!" I lightly shove him, cackling as he squeezes me again and rubs his beard on me harder, the prickly feeling of it making my body shrink away.

The larger man huffs but pulls back, one arm sliding up to my shoulders to wrap around me. "Ah, no fun. You're right, though. I'm hungry, let's go make somethin."

I snort at him, "You stay away from my food, you can't cook for shit."

He gasps, faking being offended, and squeezes my neck again. "How rude of ya, should give you a punishment."

I chuckle at the tease as we go through the living room, thinking briefly of how he would punish me for something. We still need to discuss our dynamic now that we spoke to Zyon, how my submitting to him will work or if it'll only be in certain situations. We know Zyon is the main submissive in this relationship and I've mentioned before that I'd like Seán to the be main dominant, we just need to discuss my overall role in the dynamic.

I'm willing to be fully submissive to Seán, it's something I've thought about at times and I'm interested to see if I could submit to him. I'm dominant and have been in all my relationships, it'll be a considerable change for me. Though, I'm sure I'm comfortable with Seán having that role as my dominant and I trust him not to overstep any boundaries we set.

It'll be intriguing, to see how he reacts if I decide to tell him. He appeared delighted last time I told him I was okay with him taking the lead in the relationship, he probably wouldn't mind. I'm not changing myself, I have Zyon to be dominant with and I'm positive if I truly needed to, Seán wouldn't mind entertaining me by obeying me sometimes. We both understand I'm dominant, neither of us will change that.

I'm exploring myself, I'm never wanted to submit to another dominant before and I'm curious. I may be a switch and was just waiting for the right person to earn me submitting to them, or maybe I'm just curious to see if I actually could submit without having my instincts fight for dominance back. If anything, this situation is the best for exploring with a submissive on one side and a good, trustworthy dominant on the other side.

If I can submit, fully like Zyon would be to both of us, would we discuss rules for myself? Rewards or punishment as we did with Zyon? It's what you do with a submissive, give them a schedule and rules to go by. Would I need those? I'm willing to try, one thing about BDSM is open-mindedness, and this whole relationship will manage better with it.

I'm accustomed to being the one to give punishments, rewards, or make the rules. It may be best to have some for me, as I'm positive without them I'll try to dominate Seán and, if we agree to this concept, he wouldn't allow me to do that. At least, not until I safe word. So, maybe it's best to discuss rules for myself.

"Aye, no one ever listens. Should make a general rule, listen to Seán." Seán playfully has a conversation with himself once he realizes I wasn't listening.

He ruffles my hair and gets bacon and eggs from the refrigerator, unashamed he's still only in boxers briefs. I grab a skillet and the milk for the eggs, continuing my routine around the kitchen to make a meal. Seán is aware I'd force him to sit and get out of my way, which he happily does, sitting at the counter after turning on the coffee.

"We should talk, " I should know better than to start a conversation off with that, seeing as Seán straightened up and gave me his full attention, eyes glinting with concern. "Not bad. I mean, with our dynamic now that we got Zyon settled with his rules."

Seáns shoulder sags as he laughs, relaxing fully, and leaning on the table. "Scared me for a second. But, aye, I agree. We should."

He gives me time to get the bacon arranged in the pan to cook before he gets right into the questions. "What are you comfortable with doing?"

That's one of the things I like about Seán, he doesn't beat around the bush and is blunt when needs to be. This is a serious conservation and he's aware it's just as important to discuss us as it is with Zyon, and he goes in first by allowing me to list off what I'm comfortable doing it not at the start.

I smile at him, leaning against the side of the counter closer to the stovetop. "I thought about it, and I'm willing to attempt full submissive. I'm not positive I'll be relaxed doing it, but I'm curious if I'm a switch or just dominant."

Seán simply nods, seeming shocked I want to give up total control, at least a little bit. He doesn't say anything for a second, watching me fuss with the bacon and grab watermelon from the refrigerator for Zyon's shake.

"Okay, do you want rules? It'd probably help to have some small one's, get you used to them like Zyon." He suggests, reading my mind.

"Yeah, I figured I'd try to dominate you if I didn't have something to remind me." I'm cutting the watermelon up as I speak, pausing to turn the bacon over.

He hasn't considered me attempting to dominate him, by the expression on his face. Yet he doesn't disagree with me, he knows it's a possibility I might slip up. "You want total control? Like we're working up to with Zyon? You sure you can handle that."

I nod, "Yes, total control. I trust you with that responsibility."

Seán blinks, caught off guard by that and he shifts slightly. He's presumably disagreeing with me on that, he doesn't trust himself right now, let alone around us.

"So. Rules, punishments, and rewards. You need a safe word, and I'll choose one too, just in case." He decides, my stomach flutters, and I'm most likely hungry.

I like that he'll pick out a Safeword, there not just for submissives, Dominants can hit a limit too and need an out. I never hear people talking about dominant having limits or needing safe words, or even needing aftercare. We need all that just as much as submissives, we have dom drops like subs can have sub drops. Dominants are human too, not robots.

"Why don't we start with rules first? Give me some suggestions." I'm now setting the bacon on a plate in front of Seán and getting started on the eggs.

He eats a piece first, watching me in a thoughtful manner. "Call me Sir or Master? It could help you get into the sub mind space, if you're concerned you'll need a reminder, it'll allow me to help remind you."

I blink, blunt but the reasoning sounds good to me. If I forget to address Seán in the way we agreed, he'll correct my ways. This helps remind me I'm not in charge with Seán, that Seán is the main Dom and I'm under him in the power dynamic. This also allows Zyon to hear the terms more, understand better what would happen. He'll see how Seán dominants and I'll discover if I'm comfortable addressing another Dom as Sir/Master.

"I like that. You could also have me kneel sometimes, see how I'd like that. This could help Zyon too, maybe if I'm doing it he'll try it with me."

Seán smiles at that, he doesn't argue, just nods. "I'd write this down, but 'parently my writing is horrid."

I laugh at him and shake my head, putting eggs onto separate plates for all of us. "I'll do it in a second. Only two right now, call you Sir or Master and kneel when told?"

Seán stands up and stretches his arms over his head, smirking when I unashamedly watch his muscles move. "If you're okay with those, aye. What's your safe word?"

My eyes roam the kitchen and counter, landing on the steaming, fluffy eggs in front of me. "Eggs."

He chuckles, "Right. I'll go with Coffee. When are we starting this?"

I think for a split second, remembering a small detail. "What do you prefer? Sir or Master, or something else."

"Whatever you think you'll be comfortable saying, it doesn't matter to me." He steps around the counter to crowd me into the side of it, arms caging me in.

Seán smiles at me as he leans in slightly, his eyebrows raising as he waits for my answer to his question. I'm distracted by his tattoos and how they so satisfactorily contort over his muscles, how he's only in underwear and how he's slowly getting closer. His body is close, his hips so close to mine, I can feel his heat and his chest - I want to touch.

I blink, shaking my head, and answer. The term comes out easier than expected, surprising me somewhat because I figured I'd go for Sir at first but it slipped out. "Right now, Master."

Seán grins, leaning his face closer to mine to kiss my forehead. "Thank you, good boy."

He leans back and sets his hands on my waist, watching my cheeks heat up. I'm not used to hearing that, good boy, I'm usually the one saying it. I suddenly understand why subs like it so much, I genuinely feel good, and my body gets pleasurable chills hearing it.

His smile widens, obviously liking my reaction but he doesn't mention the blush. "Why don't you go get our buachaill leanbh outta bed? I'll write down your rules and word as neatly as possible. We'll work on some more later, see how you do with these first."

He lets me go, waiting for me to obey, and after a few lingering seconds, I move. The words leave quickly, as I realize we didn't go over verbal answers. "Yes, Master."


The barn is nearly finished when I look out the sliding door in the living room, it's evening and the sky is in deep reds and oranges over the almost completed barn. Seán had mentioned when he came in that should be finished in a few weeks, three tops, but we'll have a place to start a side business with horses by the end of the month.

We just had dinner and we're doing dishes, Zyon wanted to help Seán and I. I'm cleaning, Seán is rinsing and Zyon is drying. Zyon's hair is still wet from the shower Seán gave him while I was speaking to Robert, Seán is stripped to a new pair of boxers and Zyon is in his underwear with one of my shirts on. I'm in sweat pants because I'm normal, and wearing a t-shirt.

The whole day I addressed Seán as Master and it was nice, he gave me small orders as he would do with Zyon whenever he came in from working outside. 'Axel, get a water for me real quick' or 'Make a sandwich for you and Zyon, it's lunchtime.' It was nothing too big, just little directions here and there to help get me adapted to not being in charge. I liked it, it felt natural, and as if I was doing something more than what I was.

Submissives usually want their purpose in the relationship to be serving their Dominant, however that is, and get enjoyment out of doing so. Because of this, and considering the small tasks I did and what I felt, I'm leaning towards being a Switch. I was happy to be serving Seán, doing what he told me to do, and hearing the praise for it. I was in a different state of mind, not subspace, just a peaceful realization that Seán had everything under control and I just had to do as told.

I cared for Zyon as usual, nothing changed in how I interacted with him. Although I saw the confused look he got the first time he heard me call Seán Master, he never asked and I didn't explain just then. If he noticed anything else, he didn't seem bothered.

After Seáns construction people went home, the larger man came in and told Zyon it was time for his shower. I'm sure I could've joined if I wasn't talking to Robert, Seán had looked at me but when he saw I was basically working, he just told me to keep focused. I explained what was happening to Robert, my friend seemed concerned when I said Master, giving me an odd look.

Now, though, it's peaceful with the tv on in the background and the water. Seán is standing between Zyon and me, rinsing one dish at a time to give Zyon time to dry them. We're almost done with two dishes left and I'm taking my time, watching Zyon happily yet determinedly drying them carefully. We both warned him of dropping a glass, he wouldn't get in trouble but it's dangerous and he's been good about laying the dish on the counter next to the sink so he can dry it with a kitchen towel better.

At the last dish, I drain the sink, and Seán hands Zyon the dish before turning to me with a smile. "I'm gonna go to the living room, I want you both in there after the dishes are put away. Good?"

I can assume what he's going to do, he hasn't had me kneel even though I actually asked for it. He was waiting for a good time to do it when it was just us and I'm glad, this is new for me and Zyon, kneeling. I'm unsure if Zyon will even kneel down, he hasn't before though I did catch him staring at Tommy kneeling for Lewis.

"Yes, Master." I earn another grin and a kiss on my temple as he passes me after squeezing the back of Zyons neck.

Looking back at him, I can see him sitting on the couch and leaning on his elbows to find a good movie channel for Zyon. Turning back, I help my boyfriend put the dishes away, reaching the higher shelves for him. It doesn't take very long, there weren't many dishes anyway.

Normally, I clean after I cook and I wash any dirty dishes directly after I'm done eating. But it was a hot day and I made everyone pink lemonade and gave them ice cream, cup and bowels got dirty along with the cooking utensils.

Afterward, I guide Zyon to the couch Seán sits at by the back of his neck, he's on the corner of the furniture that's further away from the coffee table. His knees are spread as he sits as he does normal, he's sat up though and smiling at us when we come to a stop in front of him. Seán gently grips the back of my thigh, going the same to Zyon.

"You want to kneel for me." It's not a question even if it's phrased as one, he's giving us an order.

It takes a second or two for me to slowly kneel down by his feet, having to look up at him to see his softer smile. It's an odd feeling, being the one kneeling down at someones else feet and not having someone do so for me, it's not bad, and the longer I stay here the more I seem to get comfortable and relax.

Zyon watches me do it, blinking, and when Seán looks at him the boy bites his lip. Seán only rubs his thigh, "It's okay if you don't, Zyon. It's mainly for Axel, he's exploring what he likes as you do. Your welcome to join him if you want, or you could come up here with me."

Seán gives him options, explains and now Zyon seems to understand I'm doing what he was doing with the smells. His eyebrows furrow and his nose wrinkles slightly, yet slowly and hesitantly, he follows my lead. Soon enough Seán has both of us kneeling for him, he praises us with good boys and hair pets. It feels good, knowing his proud of us for doing this and for trusting him even after what happened.

"I'm so proud of you guys, doing something new. Both ya deserve rewards, " Seán looks proud, with his wide smile and bright eyes.

Zyon perks up at reward, knowing some of the things he gets and Seán pats his covered cock for the Sub. Zyon leans between Seáns legs to lat his head on the man's cock, body relaxing just ever so slightly.

We haven't discussed rewards for me but he pulls me in to kiss both my cheeks and forehead, muffled 'good lad's on my skin.

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