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Irish translation

Grandmother - Maime贸

Mom/Mommy - Mama铆

My Darling - Mo St贸r

Mo Chro铆 - My Heart

Mo Chuisle - My Pulse



Living with Zyon and Axel is wonderful, it's nice to be around two people I care about and not having to leave to go back to a cold, lonely apartment. Or waking up back in the caves. The house reminds me of my home in Ireland, it's big but cozy and warm, room for guests, and playing around.

My brother and I would've made a mess of this place when we were kids, our cousins would've helped. It's what we did to the house in Ireland, running through the living room or kitchen and up the stairs playing various games. If Lewis was around back then, I'm sure the house wouldn't be standing. Maime贸 always scolded us, waving her cane whenever we passed by her rocking chair, she never actually hit us with it. I got tripped a few times, though.

Our house is a modern version of my childhood house though. My great grandparents, Maime贸 and her first husband built the house from the ground up and added to it when space got too small as Maime贸 kept popping out children. After her father passed away, she decided she had enough kids at the low number of seven.

The house I grew up in is relatively bigger than this, mostly because when my family is bored we build things and added onto it. I liked this one, it may not be built by family or have such a history to it, but it's ours and we'll give it history and fill it with memories. Zyon and Axel adore it, it has acres for horses to graze on, and it's away from the city surrounded by woods. I have all I need, as long as my boys are happy and we get to make memories with the horses.

Axel loves his kitchen, more than the one he had at his old penthouse apartment, which is a big deal. That kitchen was his baby, he always kept it as clean as he could. Now, though, he can't stop gushing about his new one. He spends most of the day in it, preparing breakfast or lunch, dinner. He's constantly grinning when cleaning the counters or cooking, it warms my heart and it's adorable.

Zyon seems to love exploring the house, he avoids the attic and basement because there are no lights installed yet. But he discovered a small room under the stairs, the door just big enough to fit my shoulders through. It was amusing to see him all excited about his find, dragging Axel and me across the house to the stairs and pointing at it with a precious smile.

My boys are doing so well in getting into the dynamic we agreed on, I don't think I've ever been this proud and happy in a relationship. Zyon is listening, following his rules, and schedule so nicely, he practices his reading in the mornings with us by reading his rules to help remember them. He has taken to kneeling after he did it with Axel, asking politely if he can when one of us sits and lays his head on our laps.

He's a natural submissive, doesn't hesitate to ask even if he is embarrassed around others. Zyon may not be experienced in this lifestyle, but I can guarantee he likes it and he feels he's doing his purpose in serving us. He's smiling more, he's relaxed, and he hasn't been avoiding verbal answers since he figured out we prefer them. In the beginning, he didn't want to speak because he couldn't pronounce certain words or form correct sentences. Now, he speaks small sentences and answers verbally.

Zyon hasn't broken a rule yet, I'm expecting him to at some point. All submissives, at least all the ones I had, feel the need to test their dominant partner, and see just how far they could push before being punished. It helps assure them we're serious and we actually care to discipline them, punishments can help ground them as much as schedules or rules. So, yes, at some point, sooner or later, Zyon will test us and break a rule.

Considering he's new to this lifestyle, I'm not expecting it to be soon. He's already had a few months to get used to them, that is a short time for him since he hasn't had any prior interactions with people, let alone be in a relationship like this. I'm more so waiting when he gets comfortable enough to start loosening up, start to subtly push us. When that happens, it'll give me a fair warning as to when he'll start to break rules.

My other boy, Axel has been wonderful. He's truly embraced his submissive side with me, following his own rules and his schedule. We had written down his normal schedule to put with his rules as we did Zyon, but he seems to enjoy being able to check off what he does more than having to go by muscle memory.

We added two more rules to the ones he had, the same one we added to Zyons list - Answer verbally and another purely for Axel, Tell Master when you feel you need to dominate. It helps me recognize his needs and it allows him to come to me for his needs, although I trust he'd do so even if it wasn't a rule. Yes, he has Zyon to dominate but sometimes it might not be enough.

Axel is accustomed to being the main dominant in his relationships, this dynamic is new to all of us, and sometimes his dominant instincts will tell him to fight to have the role he normally does back. Axel had given me his permission to be the main dominant, he assisted in planning this dynamic and has said he enjoys being a switch. But it'll take time for his mind to become primarily Switch minded and not Dominant minded.

I have his permission to put him back in the place he agreed to in this dynamic, and I'm not afraid to do it. I'm apprehensive about my strength since I don't know what all changed with what West did, but I won't hurt him or Zyon. I'll watch myself more than I did before, retrain myself around it so I don't accidentally do something.

If he does slip up and try to dominate me, I'll make sure he knows where his place is. I won't have him dominate me when he's happy where he is. If he's ever unhappy being a Switch, I don't think he'll give up his position, I'll step aside and let him be main dominant. My boys are my primary focus, if one is dissatisfied it's my job to make it better.

It has given me satisfaction though, hearing Axel call me Master and following my demands willing is one honor I didn't know I could have. I never figured I'd be able to be in a relationship with a Switch, I respect them and I don't care if they go-between roles. I'm dominant and I don't submit easily, I've tried before when I first got into BDSM and it didn't work out. That dominant still holds a grudge for the black eye and broken nose.

I wouldn't be able to give a switch what they need, a dominant for when they're submissive and a sub for when they're dominant. With Zyon here, Axel has his submissive and with me, he has his dominant. It works out and I'm happy he's found something new about himself, I doubt he considered he was a Switch before and I'm glad I can help in his exploring of himself.


A month after we finished the barn, Axel asked for rules and they first kneeled for me. I've had tried relaxing as much as I could because now I had nothing to distract myself with, Zyon and Axel help but doing something with my hands and focusing on not breaking my fingers is how I deal with problems. I'd been avoiding the shifting and animal inside me issue.

It's easier said than done. At night I have night terrors from the caves and the misery, and during the day I sometimes get memories of forests and water and animals. Axel is a light sleeper and I feel guilty when I wake him up after jerking awake after a nightmare. Zyon is used to noise and could probably sleep through a tornado, his only reaction is to cuddle up closer to me.

They don't force me to talk, Axel hugs on me in bed after I wake up, and Zyon stays clung to me but neither has asked questions. I know they are curious, and I'll tell them at some point. It's just too fresh, raw, right now.

My senses and instincts have been off too. Whereas in the caves, sounds echoed and I could hear slightly better because of that, now everything is clearer and I can hear further. Outside there could be a squirrel in a tree close to the house and I can hear him scurrying around when I step close to the sliding door. It's annoying at times, but it also comforts me as I can hear if my boys need help with something or if Zyon wakes up without one of us in bed with him.

The urge to mark the house and the acres of property we possess gets stronger every day, I've been able to control it and distract myself but it's now making my skin itch. Whenever I go outside my body goes towards the woods, mind demanding I walk the border and roam around to make sure my boys are safe. I can catch myself before I do anything, but it's getting out of my control.

I've taken to pissing on a tree once a week to satisfy the need, it relaxes me somewhat yet my skin still feels itchy and tight. Axel caught me once, he raised his eyebrow but left the subject alone. I appreciate it and I promised I'd explain when I better understand it myself.

Lewis has the same issues, he calls in the mornings when Tom is still asleep. We comfort each other, we know what the other is going through and it's easier to talk. His voice breaks sometimes and my eyes water but we're both too proud to cry over something that's basically done with. There's no point in crying over something we'll have to deal with anyway. That's just how we grew up.

Without keeping myself busy with the barn and my boys, it's harder to ignore. I had a blackout when I was supposed to help Axel order horse feed and hay, gear for horses. Another memory, this time of watching two cubs with a female tiger play at a stream. The cubs were tackling and rolling around while the mother drunk water. It was one of the more pleasant ones, I didn't actually mind it. But it also interrupted my shopping with Axel and Zyon, which was irritating.

Lewis and I decided we needed to do something, figure out if we can control the change or not. Perhaps if we shift more, the memories and urges will stop. We've taken to leaving into the woods at night for three hours every day, with an extra set of clothes just in case we don't get time to strip.

From what we remember before we shift, we were always angry at West or Ethan. Maybe it was triggered by rage, or fear, both. Although, when we remembered back to our time in the caves, the pain we went through, Tavion, and then having West and Ethan threatening our boys. Nothing happened, not even a bit of tightening of my skin.

We tried for days to get ourselves angry and shift, it was a waste. We didn't change and just looked like idiots, naked in the middle of the woods. Lewis cursed and assaulted some of the trees, irritated at not being able to willing shift.

It wasn't until weeks later we understood. A pack of coyotes we're hunting us, following us to the spot we visit to attempt to shift. Our hearing allowed us to track them and we weren't bothered by them, they weren't necessarily a threat considering what happened last time when we were attacked. It wasn't until we heard Tommy and Zyon playing in the barn, that was a few miles from where we were, that it became a problem.

The coyotes weren't a threat to us, they are a threat to our boys. A physical and harmful threat if they decided to attack. We lived here long enough for them to get familiarized to us, they obviously aren't afraid of us anymore and they could see Zyon or Tommy as easy targets.

These thoughts and the idea of a pack of predators on my territory, bothered me. I didn't mark or warn them off with scents, I didn't patrol our acres to keep them out. I allowed threats to come in and potentially hurt my boys.

Seeing one the corner of my eye did it, my skin tightening and my body feeling small. It was the first shift since we got back and moved here, I don't remember much of what happened. All I know is that we scared the coyotes off, whenever I get small flashes we're roaming the woods.

We concluded the shift only happens when faced with a physical threat, like a crazy man with a gun or coyotes. Although, it became much easier to convince ourselves to shift knowing there are animal predators waiting to attack our partners.

It took three months of constantly shifting and turning back to get our bodies conditioned to spending that much energy on shifting, and staying in the form for hours at a time. Now, we don't pass out at the first chance we get and we can control the shift much better.

Lewis and I go on patrols around the area of our houses now, it helps the urges calm down and Tommy and my boys understand it's a side effect of West did. Axel makes sure I have extra clothes and my phone on me in case I need help to get back to the house, Zyon hugs me and asks for spit when I leave.

I'm glad they accepted me, even like this. It takes a brave person to be with a creature like me, and perhaps they only do because they knew me before. I'm still grateful for them, I don't know what I'd do without them.


It's been seven months since we moved in and even with all the process each of us made at that time, I didn't expect this. Actually, this is the complete opposite of what I was expecting. Not that I'm complaining, definitely not arguing with this turn of events.

I had left the house around nine-thirty with my boys cuddled up on the couch, watching a Disney movie with a bowl of popcorn. I got my kisses and hugs, Zyon got my spit, and Axel told me to be careful. Normal goodbye for when I go to roam around.

Three hours later, I expect to come into the house to both happily asleep or starting another movie. Instead, I walk into the living room to see a usually bashful Zyon straddling Axel's lap and curiously rocking back and forth on said man's bulge. The sight shocks me so much, I pause in the doorway of the sliding door and just balk at the scene.

Axel looks like he's being tortured, breathing hitching, and hands-on Zyons hips as if to stop him but he isn't doing anything. His expression tells me he wasn't expecting this either, eyes wide and lips parted. When he catches my figure in the doorway, he startles and his head drops back on the couch.

Zyon turns his wide, innocent eyes to me, not realizing he's teasing Axel in the worse way. Barely creating friction with the mans' covered cock, yet rocking into it. He smiles at me and it knocks me back into what's happening.

Slowly, I walk around the couch to them, keeping my attention on both. "What do we 'ave here?"

Axel groans, "Passing channels. Sex scene. Tried to explain."

A tiny laugh comes from me as I watch, Axel isn't moving and his words were short and forced while he tried to calm himself. Zyon is staring down at the tent in Axel's sweatpants, head tilting when his thigh grazes it and it twitches. Humming, I cross my arms and stand behind Zyon, looking over his shoulder.

"Was Mo St贸r curious? Do you want to explore some more?" I earn a grunt from Axel and a cute little nod from Zyon.

Placing my hands on Zyon, I lift him up off Axel. The boy whines and Axel sighs as I hold Zyon against me, smirking at his pout. "You're rushing yourself. Let's go to the bed, we'll take baby steps."

Holding my free out for Axel, I wait until he calms down sufficiently to focus. He grips my hand and I pull him up, guiding him to the stairs and up to our bedroom. Zyon giggles at the flush on the blue-eyed man's skin, his breathing still slightly heavy.

"You think he's ready, Master? I tried explaining it'll be painful the first time when he asked what was happening on tv. He wouldn't listen." Axel asks, looking to me for an answer.

I only shrug. It's up to Zyon if he's ready or not, especially after we explain what exactly will happen. I wasn't expecting him to be curious about sex anytime soon, then again, I wasn't counting on him accidentally seeing a sex scene either. We'll go slow, let him feel or touch us however he wants, and if he's still curious of things either Axel or I will finger him.

I'm not certain if he'll want to be fucked by a cock tonight or not, but allowing him to feel something in his ass would help him make a decision on what he wants. If the explanation doesn't do it for him.

"He can decide if he wants it. We'll take it slow, explain what he saw before we do anything. What was the scene?" Axel is just walking into the room as I speak, sitting on the bed.

"Oh, yeah. It wasn't graphic, but he saw someone's ass. Typical straight sex. He asked what it was and I tried to explain."

I situate myself at the head of the bed, leaning on the headboard with Zyon on my thighs. Axel shuffles closer after I wave him over, settling next to me with most of his weight leaning on me. Zyon has been quite the whole way up, he usually listens more than speaks when it's about something new. Listening to us talk about it improves his understanding a bit better.

He's watching us through big green eyes, looking back and forth between us and wiggling on me in anticipation to explore more. It's adorable, even if I feel blood starts to rush downward.

"What did he tell you, Zyon?" I ask this because I want to see if he was actually paying attention to what Axel had said or if he just wanted to try something himself.

He flushes, fingers playing with Axels when the other places a hand on the smaller thigh. Then he shyly points at my crotch, "That goes in."

Axel coos at him and a smirk appear on my lips, the innocent answer amusing me more than turning me on. "Good. It goes in where?"

Zyon covers his face with his hands and makes a cute noise, Axel grins as he takes the boys hands and holds them so we can see him. His face is a bright red and he avoids our eyes, yet he still answers. "In the bottom."

"Good boy! Such a good listener!" I praise him, pulling him down to kiss his burning cheek. Doing the same to Axel, "You're a good boy too, for explaining to him. Thank you."

Axel blushes and smiles, "You're welcome, Master."

Turning back to Zyon, I rub his thigh. "You want to do what he said? You want this in your bottom?"

I pat my covered cock to drive home what he seems to be working up the courage to ask for, his eyes follow my hand and stare at my crotch while he thinks it through. He bites his lip when he doesn't seem to have an answer.

An idea comes to mind to get Zyon relaxed and calmed down from his inability to determine what he wants, baby steps. I smile at him and slide my hand up to cup the back of his neck, pulling him closer and pressing my lips against his in a chaste kiss.

We've kissed before on the lips, always just a press of lips and nothing more. We didn't think he was ready to go into make-out sessions, although, now he's suddenly interested in sex. Maybe it's time to show him some new ways to kiss.

He startles when I lick his bottom lip, making a questioning noise as his lips part slightly. Feeling Axel lean closer to watch, I lick up into Zyons mouth, rubbing my tongue against his. A small whine comes from the smaller of us, a curious tongue prodding at mine. Zyon whimpers when I pull away after a few minutes, smiling at his pout and gentle panting to get breath back.

"Give me a kiss, Baby," Axel demands, after gaining a nod from me at his questioning eyes.

Zyon leans towards him and gains the switches hand on his cheek and the other on his hip, Axel doesn't hesitate to give tongue. Thrusting his between Zyons' lips and happily dominating the kiss, guiding Zyons' lips and sucking on the boys' tongue. He gets a moan for that and the sound makes both of us groan.

We continue taking turns kissing him, Zyon sliding up on my lap to get closer and Axel presses against me to maneuver the smaller' leg over his thigh, that way Zyon is sitting on both of us. Minutes go by and Zyon is pulling away from me when Axel speaks up, "Master, can I kiss you?"

Zyon perks up at that, obviously curious if we'd kiss like we were him. I smirk and nod, turning towards Axel. My switch grins and eagerly kisses me, hand coming up to pet my beard, and gives a noise of satisfaction when I bite his bottom lip gently. The kiss is much quicker, enthusiastic than with Zyon, Axel is experienced and we haven't done anything sexual.

His sexual desires haven't been met and he's needy, I don't mind. I understand, I only have better control over my own sexual urges. Granted, I've changed, but I haven't got any uncontrollable impulses yet. I'll be able to control myself, and for now, I'll let Axel pick the flow of the kiss.

It's longer than we did with Zyon, bolder, and when we pull back, Axel's lips are red and swollen from the bruising kiss. We're both out of breath, I had to pull away before one of us smothered the other. Axel is grinning, pleased and I chuckle at the proud glint he has for taking my breath away.

Zyon is staring at us, lips parted and his own breathing noticeably heavier. A glance down at the shorts he wears, I see evidence of just how much he enjoyed seeing us kiss. Axel sees it too, for his grin gets wider.

"You like us kissing, honey?" The switch asks, leaning forward to press another innocent kiss to Zyons lips.

The submissive nods quickly, skin flushing a pretty pink. "Yes."

He hasn't tried to address us as Master or Sir, as Axel agreed to be called once Zyon is comfortable enough. We don't mind, whenever he's ready he'll try it out.

I rub Zyons lower back, asking another question that makes him squirm. "What do you think, you want what you saw on tv? Or is this enough for you tonight? We're fine with what you choose."

The boy bites his lip again, glancing back down at each of our crotches and seeing the tents in our pants. Zyon plays with his fingers and his expression is conflicted, curious what it will be like to have sex but unsure if he'd be rushing himself.

Axel saves him, hand sliding up my chest to pet my beard again. "Why don't we let him see what he's thinking about, Master? Maybe that will help him decide."

I raise my eyebrows, unsure if he means for us to take our cocks out or if he means that we should fuck to show Zyon what will happen. "Fucking or letting him play with our cocks?"

"Playing. If he still wants it, we could finger him."

It's a good idea, letting Zyon explore us and get familiarized with cocks before he has us stretch him. Better for him to see what to expect rather than just surprise him with it.

"Good idea, Mo St贸r. Strip for the lad." I earn a grin and a suggestive kiss on the corner of my mouth at the demand before Axel is up and throwing his shirt off.

He's a tease as he slowly pulls his pants down, giving us a show by shaking his butt and bending all the way to pull both his underwear and pants down. A growling chuff noise echoes in my chest at the quick flirt of his hole, suddenly getting the urge to take. My switch laughs and jumps back on the bed, stretching out and allowing his muscles to go taught and flex.

Another growl lowly travels through my chest and throat, but I ignore it to gently push Zyon off me. I don't give a tease as I strip, just removing my shirt and dropping the loose jeans, I went out without boxers and now I'm glad for it. My cock, like Axels, is half hard and it receives their attention as I sit back down.

"C' mere, Zyon." I hold my hand out to him and he happily lets me guide him between Axel and me, sitting on his knees. "Axel, can I touch you?"

Axel nods quickly, an excited smile on his lips. "Of course, Master."

My hand travels from Axel's stomach to his cock, making sure Zyon is watching the movement, and circling my hand around the base after I use spit to slick my hand. Axel's groan is quiet, breath stuttering. "Zyon, can you grab me like this?"

Zyon hesitates, inching closer and slowly bringing his hand to my cock. He glances at me to make sure and I give a reassuring smile as I hold his hand to spit into, it gives him what he needs to bravely place his small hand on the base of my cock. He can't touch his fingers to his thumb, his hand is too small to allow that but he doesn't seem to care. Eyes wide and curiously flexing his hand around me.

He startles when I give a quiet grunt, flicking his eyes up to me. Then he does it again, watching me fill out more as blood rushes down. Axel is getting harder while he watches, stifling a moan when I squeeze him.

"Do this, up and down, and squeeze gently," I instruct him, slowly rubbing Axels cock.

Zyon copies my movement, watching my hand and fingers. He looks up in awe when Axel's head falls on my shoulder with a moan when I move my thumb over his slit, Zyon earns a short satisfying growl as he does it to me. While I quicken my movements on Axel, twisting my wrist and brushing his slit, Zyon goes at his pace and just curiously rubs me.

He flicks over the slit a few times and looks proud of himself for causing me to moan quietly, doing it again when his hand slides to the head of my cock. He pauses when he sees a clear bead of precum, not expecting it.

"Bathroom?" Is what he asks, staring at me and goes to pull his hand away.

Shaking my head, I smile at him as Axel breaths a laugh. "Nah, buachaill leanbh. It's what happens when you do so good at touching us."

Zyon blinks and looks back down at the liquid helping his hand slide against my skin, "For me?"

"Always for you, sweetie. Master too." Axel agrees, arching into my hand.

Our boy nods, biting his lip before suddenly surging down and kitten licking the head of my cock. A shocked curse leaves my throat at the action, Axel moans at the sight. Zyon must decide he likes either the taste or the noises he earned because he's doing it again, and again. He even moans against my skin, but that's most likely from the scents he enjoys.

I release Axel after another few minutes of this, of Zyon nuzzling and licking and rubbing. Coming to the conclusion that if we don't stop, Zyon may get more than he signed up for tonight. Axel groans and pouts as I leave him hard and needy, and I apologize with a quick kiss and a bite to his lip.

Grabbing Zyons hand and gently forcing him to lean back off me, I see another pout and it amuses me that boys are needy and wanting. Especially Zyon as he hasn't any experience with being sexual.

"Zyon, Mo Chro铆, Ya gotta tell us what you want? Stop here or continue and try to take one of us in your bottom?" I pat his ass gently to encourage him to answer.

He glances between us, thinking and looking at our cocks. His eyebrows furrow, "Won't fit?"

Axel softly laughs, not maliciously, and coos at the submissive. "Don't worry, Baby. We'll help prepare you if you want it, it'll fit, I promise. But it will be uncomfortable or somewhat painful the first time. We'll go slow, though."

"Aye, we have to stretch you for one of us. We'll use our fingers, " I wiggle my fingers at him, smiling when he giggles. "Once you're stretched, we'll check on you and if you still want it, we'll put one in."

Zyon takes a breath and thinks over what we said, it takes him a minute or two. Axel slowly getting impatient due to his needy hard-on and paws at my hand for me to touch him again, smirking I shake my head. He glares and sags on my shoulder, biting at my skin in retaliation.

"I want." We both snap our eyes to Zyon, he's nervous but he's also sitting up straighter. "I wanna try."

We smile at him and praise him for trying something brand new and, to some and probably him, scary. He giggles at feeling our scruffy stubble and beard on his skin when we kiss his face.

"Let's go 'head and strip these off, Mo St贸r. Axel, we have any lube?" The demand is obeyed quickly, Zyon jumping off the bed to stand next to me.

Axel tilts his head and hums while I sit up to lift Zyons shirt off and toss it with mine. "I think there's some in a box in the closet, Tommy gave it to us as a home welcoming present or whatever."

I roll my eyes at Tommy's humor knowing full well Lewis encouraged it, "Go get it, will ya?"

The switch is already up and jogging to the closet by the time my mouth closes, Zyon giggles as I push his shorts and underwear down off his hips. He doesn't have time to step out of them before I'm picking up and laying him down next to me, head on the pillow, and situate another under his lower back. He laughs surely through this, raising his hips for the pillow and blushing at the good boy I give him for doing it.

When Axel returns Zyon is poking his own hard-on, it's flushed and red and leaking. The switch tosses me the small bottle of lube and I'm punching Lewis for convincing Tommy to give us Watermelon flavor, both know Zyon likes watermelon.

"Is that for us, honey? It's very pretty, all red and leaking." Axel lays down on Zyons left side, leaning on his elbow and running his hand through Zyons hair.

Zyon hides his face with an embarrassed whine, only peeking out when he hears the lid of the bottle pop open. Axel continues his touch him while both watch me squeeze a decent amount onto my fingers, showing Zyon one before lowering it down to softly nudge his thighs apart.

His breathing accelerates and his body tenses at the feeling of my finger circling his small hole, thighs attempting to close. Axel 'shh's him and smoothes a hand along his chest. "Relax, baby, it's okay. We'd never hurt you purposefully, it may be uncomfortable at first but you need to relax."

The boy nods and tries to calm his breathing, and loosen up. I wait for a few seconds, then push the tip of my finger in past the initial resistance. Zyon squirms at the new feeling, his hole clenching around me. I'm glad we all had a shower before I went out, otherwise, this abrupt situation would have waited until tomorrow.

I pet Zyons thigh to make sure he stays relaxed as much as he can, hearing Axel praise him and mumble sweet words in his ear to distract him. Slowly, I slide in my finger more until it's knuckle deep, adding a bit more lube. He whines in discomfort as I rotate it and carefully thrust it in, dragging it out and back in to get him accustomed to the feeling.

Axel is playing with his nipples, pitching, and twisting them gently. Whispering words into his ear while watching me, it helps our boy relax around me enough to add another. "Suck Axel's nipple, Zyon. I'm adding another finger, try to stay relaxed, okay?"

Zyon nods and happily attaches to the nipple closest to him, moaning against his skin as I prod a second finger in with the first. It's tight and barely-there resistance but I'm able to slide it in along with the first, cautiously twisting and parting them. Zyon is more relaxed now, the pets and words, and suckling on a nipple comforting him.

I wait longer to add a third finger, wanting to make absolutely sure he's loosened and ready for another. When he moans in pleasure as I thrust my fingers back in, I know he is. Adding a third is relatively easier to do, but I still go slow and steady, waiting on a sign that he's not ready.

He doesn't react besides a groan and whine, my rumbles with a pleased chuff at how well he's taking my fingers. "Such a good boy us, taking this so well. Ya deserve a reward for being so good."

Zyon turns his head to me as I lean up over him, keeping my fingers moving to stretch him. Axel softly takes his chin to open his mouth, and ever the smart boy, Zyon cheerfully shows his tongue to me. Smiling at him, I spit a large drop on his tongue, hearing the moan he releases.

Axel steals a kiss from me, I don't mind and I won't scold him for not asking permission. I make sure to keep my fingers moving and parting them to get Zyon prepared, even while making out with my switch over our submissive.

It's minutes later that Zyon moans and starts trying to follow my finger movements, which gains our attention. He's panting and starting to build up a sweat, he's probably getting close since he isn't used to sex and maybe it'll make it easier to get one of us in him as he orgasms.

"Axel's doing to put his in, do you want that?"

Axel snaps his attention to me, probably not expecting me to allow him to take Zyons virginity. The animal part doesn't like letting him do it, wanting to be the first to take Zyon but I know if I'm underestimating myself I'll lose control. I don't want to hurt Zyon, it's better to have Axel take him.

Zyon nods, voice breathy and needy, "yes."

"Axel, get over here. I'm going to suck him and when I take my fingers out, I want you to go in. Don't move until I tell you. Understand?"

The switch instantly moves to be between Zyons thighs, gently lifting them so the boy has his knees bent and spread. "Yeah, Master, I understand."

One more to kiss to Zyons lips before I'm leaning down to take his crying cock into my mouth, taking him into my throat. Zyon cries out in surprise, hands gripping my shoulder and upper arm. I only give three hard sucks, then he wails out as he comes onto my tongue. I take my fingers out while he arches his back and digs his nails into my skin.

I see Axel slide in carefully directly after my fingers leave, he doesn't stop until he's fully in then the freezes. Zyon is panting, chest rising and falling quickly and he blinks as I come back up to his face while swallowing his come. He whimpers when he realizes he's full of cock, squirming, and his eyebrows furrow.

"You're okay," I pet his hair and stomach, kissing his forehead. "He'll stay still and won't move until you give the okay. When you feel less discomfort."

Zyon whines again, but nods, clinging to my wrist and hiding in my neck. Axel is breathing heavily too, eyes squeezed shut while he forces himself to stay still. It feels like forever, yet it's only a minute or two before Zyon is experimentally moving against Axel. Unhurriedly grinding himself on the cock in him, Axel grunts and he grabs my knee to keep from accidentally hurting Zyon.

The body under us relaxes some and a moan slips pass Zyons lips, I finally nudge Axel to get his attention. Blue eyes plead with me and I smirk, waiting for just a few more seconds to nod. He's shallowly thrusting instantly, giving tiny rolls of his hips.

I kiss and suck at Zyons neck and chest, distracting him of any leftover discomfort he feels. It's a good sign he's hard again, and I take his cock in my hand to softly rub at him. He moans and sighs, hips starting to follow both my hand and Axel thrusts.

Axel gradually speeds his thrust up, watching Zyon in case he goes too fast or the sub shows signs of distress. Zyon never does, there might be discomfort but pleasure seems to override it, he's enjoying it, and it shows. The sighs, the moans, and cries, how he follows the movements. He's still clinging to me, nails in my skin, and making the lovely noises in my ear but I wouldn't have it any other way. Axel still has my knee in his grip as I lean up to give him a kiss and bite at his lip, he moans out and leans into it.

It doesn't take long for Zyon to come again, his body tenses and clenches around Axel, and his cock paints my fist in white. Axel takes a bit longer, more experienced, and has more stamina. But eventually, he pulls out, getting another whine from Zyon, and jerks himself quickly. He comes in the pool of Zyons come and then lays down next to the boy, breathing heavily.

"Can I suck you off, Master?" He eyes my hard cock, even if he is tired.

I shrug, not really minding if I don't come, they've got what they needed, that's all I care about. "If you want, I don't need to come."

Axel smiles my answer, leaning over Zyon to swallow my cock. My hand goes through his hair as I watch Zyon curiously play with the come on his navel. I don't stop him when he gathers some on his fingers and licks them, he's just seeing what it tastes like and if he doesn't like it then I'll remember it for the future. He doesn't gag or anything, in fact, he goes back for more until he sees me watching him. Then he hides in my pillow.

Axel licks and sucks and swallows around me, playing with my balls and grazing his teeth against my skin. It's a fairly quick orgasm for me as I usually last a while, he's proud of himself as he swallows my come and lays back down with a grin.

"Thanks for that, Mo Chuisle. Now, you two relax, I'll be right back." Axel blushes and Zyon blinks sleepily at me while I get up and head to the bathroom.

Grabbing a washcloth I quickly wet it in the sink then make my way back to my boys. Zyon has his eyes closed and Axel is petting hid hair back, he smiles at me when I start to clean the sweat off Zyons face and neck. I clean him too against his protests, laughing quietly at the pout he gives me.

I make quick work cleaning the lube off both of them, and the come-on Zyon, then toss the cloth in the dirty laundry in the bathroom. The pillow gets put at the end of the bed before I help Axel move Zyon under the covers, following Axel as he lays back down.

Zyon cuddles into us as we get comfortable, giving us a quick kiss on the lips. I watch over them as they fall asleep, not believing I got this lucky.

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