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Two is Better


Seàn pats my head and ruffles my hair as I whine, not wanting him to go back inside and leave. The strange man, Axel, said we could stay until Seàn had to go back to work then we'd go back home. I only know one home and I'm excited to go back, sure, my tarp was broken and I have no pillow, but I'll be fine.
They had talked while I ate but sometimes told me to slow down while eating or to drink from my water. I know Seàn cares when he tells me to do things as he's been doing it for a while and explained that he only wants to make sure I don't get sick, he seems to like Axel so I listen to him too.
Axel hadn't done anything bad to me at his home, but I still don't know what to expect from him.
"Come on, don't be like that, boy. I gotta work so you get that awesome plate of vegs and fruits. So, how bout you stick with Axel for tonight and I'll stop by for a visit in the mornin." Seàn chuckles deeply, gently gripping my jaw and raising my head to look up at him.
I love Seàn, he's my favorite person in the whole world. He's the most beautiful man I ever met, besides Axel maybe, with pretty brown eyes and the beard he has is the softest thing I ever felt and I love it so much. When I met him he was scary and I didn't trust him, but he had fed me and was talking all soft and soothing like I just couldn't bring myself to avoid him or be scared of him.
Now I can't see myself without coming to see him and sitting with him. But the fact he wants me to stay in that big, scary, strange place made me whimper. I want my Alley, my home.

Seàn softly pulls me so I'm standing between his legs as he sits in the table with Axel, I finished my food and water already. His big hand goes through my hair and another on my hip as he smiles, but I can see it's forced and his brown eyes have an identical impression of when he first saw me; worry.

"Zyon, A stóirín, I know you want your alley, but you need to understand that it isn't healthy for you. I..and Axel, want you somewhere where you're safe. You are safe with him. Can you, please, just stay with him?" Seàns deep and rough voice is now soft and careful, making me pay attention to what he's saying.

I blink as I try to imagine myself staying in that place another night and can't, it was okay when Axel was up and moving around, but then everything went quiet and it freaked me out. I'm used to the silence, but there was always that extra little sound like a rat crawling by or the occasional person walking late at night.

That place didn't have anything to help me sleep, no little extra sound that wasn't too loud or too quiet. Nothing.

Seàn must see my difficulty and sighs through his nose, "I know it's a change, a really big one and that you're scared. I promise you that you will be okay. Axel will be there if anything troubles you, ask him to help if you need or want anything. I'll be over in the mornin to check on you. You trust me right?"

Instantly I nod, I trust him more than anything. My quick answer makes Axel chuckle next to us and Seàn grin, "Good, I trust Axel to protect you and care for you. So, will you please stay with him, for me and my sanity? I worry about my boy."

I can see he wants me to try again, and if it keeps him from worrying and he trusts Axel, then I guess I could try again. He said he'd come tomorrow so I have that look forward too.


Seàn grins wider and plants a wet kiss in my head as he stands up, I whine and wipe it while Axel laughs. "Good boy. I gotta go now, but I'll see you first thing in the mornin. Bye, A stóirín."

Back at the strange place, Axel fixes another thing-Sandwich I think- for me to eat. He doesn't say much and I'm glad, I'd rather just look around at where they want me to stay.

There's a terrifying wall made of windows, in front of them is a raven desk with what I know is a tv- an enormous one-, a small white table with a book on it and something that looks like a mini tv. The comfy cushion I woke up on is also black with white fluffy and soft pillows, honestly, I love them.

There's also fluffy stuff on the hard, dark floor, I don't trust myself not to trip and fall over them or to slip on the floor, so I'll crawl around. Axel doesn't seem to mind, he only walks slowly enough for me to keep up.

Axel seems nice but the way we met was bad. He invaded my alley than tore down my roof, not a good way to get someone to like you. Although, so far, he's fed and cleaned me, let me sleep with a really warm blanket and fantastic pillow, and took me to see Seàn.

Today was also really fun, I'm happy he came out with me. Giving him food and running with him, showing my home to him in the daylight and having him meet Seàn. It was all just incredible. So..maybe I should give him a chance.

"Zyon, want to watch a movie before bedtime?" Axel suddenly sits next to me on the couch, as he called it when we got back.

I blink at him, I never watched a movie before and if I have, I don't remember it. I don't really recall any movies or tv when I was younger, all it is; is loud voices and a blurry figure hitting another smaller, weaker, blurry figure. I nod.

Axel grins and gets up to go to the tv and kneel down, opening a small door to take out something. I watch as he searches through a stack before humming, then placing it in something under the tv.

When he returns to the couch, he quickly covers me with a blanket and leans back with his feet on the table.

"This is a Disney movie called Moana, I think you'll like it."

I can only nod as the tv claims all my attention as it plays different music and people, or even talking animals. I watch as it goes through a lot of other movies, I think at least, before stopping to show choices and a girl with a big man.

Axel presses a button on the controller thing and everything is moving again. I'm drawn in as I lean forward a little, not wanting to miss anything that happens.


I hate to admit it, but I'm nervous. I'm the kind of guy to go with the flow of things, I don't overthink or get anxious much. What happens simply happens.

Now, the boy I found won't be needing me anymore, no he has Axel now. I won't get to make sure he eats, drinks enough water, comfort him, anything. Zyon has been a new, exciting and lovely change in my life. When we met I was in debt, working three jobs to pay bills, going through a rough breakup with my ex-boyfriend/Sub, and depressed.

Zyon lifted my spirits. He needed someone to provide for him and everything though I couldn't get him off the streets, I tried my hardest to make sure he ate something every night. He unknowingly helped me get through depression and get over my ex, knowing I had him to worry about pushed me to try harder for him.

Try harder to get out of debt and find a place big enough for two, save money to get him clothes and any medications he may need if he's sick; anything he may want or need.

I'm out of debt, four years later, with a nice enough apartment and still saving money. Although I know only work two jobs they're both times consuming; the night shift at Crossroads then nine to five construction during the day.

But, Zyon is in the care of someone else now and I'm nervous about seeing my boy in another's home with another man.

I promised Zyon I'd visit though and Axel, who appears very friendly and caring, told me hed like to speak with me today after our small chat last night. I already know the man owned a club, he told me as much but seeing the building he lives in, I realize that he's much more wealthy than I thought.

Axel had told me the floor number through text, he had wanted my number if he needed help with Zyon, and as I ride the elevator to his room I quickly realize that it's the penthouse. He mentioned the elevator opens up into the apartment and that he would be waiting for me.

Unfortunately, the ride up doesn't take long and before I know it the door is opening to allow me to view one shiny, luxurious floor. It successfully makes me feel slightly inadequate.

Axel is standing behind a white sofa messing with the remote to the tv, only in some dark blue sweats and a black tank top. When he hears the elevator he turns with a friendly smile, blue eyes light as he walks closer.

I admit, Axel is an attractive man. Blue eyes and sharp features like a model, body fit like mine but he's visibly smaller than me in that case, bout my height. Raven short hair that is currently messy in the 'just out of bed' look, his skin is slightly tan and seemingly perfect.

"Hey. Zyon is still asleep, I think watching movies was too exciting, he passed out after the fourth." He gestures to the couch, keeping his voice down.

I grin at the mental image of Zyon watching movies, I don't think he ever has and I know that he would be excited about whatever was on, even if he didn't understand all that well.

"Only the fourth? I'd think he would've stayed up to watch all." I chuckle as I move over to the couch, looking over it and grinning wider.

Zyon is cuddled up against one of the furry pillows, thick blanket over him to his nose, hair spread over his eyes. He's absolutely adorable, a precious puppy in my mind. I lean over to softly move a strand of hair from his eye and pull the blanket over his shoulder more.

"I'm just happy he stayed on the couch, the other night he moved to the floor," Axel whispers from next to me. I can feel his eyes on me, watching how I handle Zyon.

I nod, straightening up to look at him in the eye. "You wanted to talk."

It isn't a question, he had said he did and I won't continue to use Zyon as a staller to avoid the talk. I know that's not what's happening but I'm already nervous about it, I need to hear what he wants to say.

Axel nods, gesturing to the kitchen as he turns. I follow quietly then place myself against the counter as he sits on one of the chairs, he leans on the island counter and stares at me.

"You mean a lot to Zyon, I can see that and I want him as comfortable and happy as possible. I feel the only way to keep him safe, healthy and comfortable is for you to be a constant presence." He begins and I nod but give him space to add if he wants.

"Zyon has been relying on you and trusts you, it would be horrible for him to remove you from his life." He hesitates slightly before he straightens his spine. "You act like a Dominate with him. Are you?"

I nod, "He needs guidelines, schedules, rules. I gave him one for food, but I couldn't set rules when I couldn't actually act on punishments or rewards."

"Yeah, I was hoping you would consider working together to give Zyon what be deserves. Two doms would be better than one with a stray puppy, don't you think?"

I grin at him, but before I can answer Zyon is squealing and running over, avoiding the rugs as he does, to wrap his little arms around my neck as he jumps on me. I laugh as I situate my arm under his knees and hold him to me.

"Yeah. Definitely better."

Irish translation : A stóirín = My Little Treasure

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