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Watching Zyon show Seàn all the movies he enjoyed with a cute grin and wide eyes is heartwarming, Seàn has a pile of movies on his lap that has grown from the one Zyon watched last night, to ones Seàn mentioned he liked and Zyon wants to watch now because what Seàn likes; he'll like.

After the talk we had Zyon has kept close to the larger man, hanging on his arm- most of the time Seàn just carries him- or glued to his side. Now, while Seàn is seated on the couch, Zyon is kneeling at his feet listening to the man's rough voice as he explains what happens in the Little Mermaid.

I'm glad Seàn agreed to allow us both to be Zyons Dom's, the boy needs so much care and attention that merely one of us wouldn't be enough. He needs trust and he has that with Seán, it would be devastating to lose the only man he knew and trust all these years.

Besides, I've never been in a three part relationship. As far as I seen Zyon And Seàn are the perfect people to explore where this new relationship goes, Zyon is sweet, innocent, delicate even, and will most definitely hold me and Seàn together. While Seàn is the ideal man built for outside and hands-on, body strong in a way I'm not; skin rough with nicks and small scars from blood and sweat work instead of going to the gym then sitting in a nice office and using lotion when the skin is too rough.

From first impressions he seems like he'll pick you up and throw you through the nearest wall for simply saying hello to him, but after we spoke and seeing him around Zyon, He's just a huge teddy bear with a kind heart.

I know this won't be smooth sailing, two doms sometimes don't work out and Zyon is sensitive and new to literally everything outside his world in the alley. It'll take months before we're all in a place we're comfortable and know each other.

Hopefully we can start this well enough today, Zyon needs a check up at the doctor and I'm unsure whether he'll try to run or sit with us in the clinic.

As sad as I am to interrupt their moment, we should get going as Seàn had mentioned having to be at his construction site at three this afternoon and it's already twelve.

"Hi sweetheart, would you like to go with me and Seàn somewhere?" Both look up at me from where their sitting, Seàn only for a second as he knows what we need to do, then he turns back to Zyon to see his reaction.

The boy blinks at me, glances at Seàn, then reluctantly nods slowly. I understand he's still weary of the car and going places out of his comfort zone, but he needs a check up and new clothes.

Seàn smiles as he placed the movies on the table before gently lifting Zyon up as he stands, the boy is instantly all smiles and giggles. One thing we found out quite quickly is that he just loves to be carried, he prefers it over walking and Seàn is just as happy to spoil him rotten with it.

"Where..?" Zyons voice is quiet as hell lays his head on the muscle of Seàns shoulder, big eyes flicking between us.

"We got'ta make sure our boy is healthy, so we're goin to the doctor." Seàn explains simply, knowing for a fact Zyon most definitely doesn't understand what a doctor is.

I'm proven right when the boy merely blinks at him.

The larger man only grins, eyes bright, and I'm not ashamed to admit that he looks beautiful. The entire scene is, in an official relationship or not, I absolutely adore them together.

"We better go if we want to get back in time for you to get to work, we'll just get his check up and deal with clothes tomorrow. I don't mind sharing, unless you have some clothes to sacrifice." Seàn nods at my words, but chuckles and smirks.

"Aye, got some extra clothes in my truck. You can steal some, would you like a few shirts of mine, little man?" We look at Zyon, who has been watching from Seàns shoulder, as he suddenly nods excitedly.

"Smell good.." Is what he mutters shyly, pale cheeks flaming a pretty pink.

Seàn and I laugh, and Zyon hides his face in the Irishmans neck. Seàn lightly pats the boys under thigh where his hand, "It's okay, A stóirín. I'm glad you think so."

Zyon flushes more, the bright red going down his neck as we start towards the elevator, I grab my keys as I pass the table, praying Zyon will be good and let the doctors check him.


I sigh quietly as Zyon runs from his post near the door, where he ran when the Doctor- a kind old man- revealed the needle he has to use to give the poor, frightened puppy his shots.

As soon as he seen the needle he jumped off the bed and pushed through us to get to the door, only stopping when Seàn stepped in front of him. Now he hides behind me, a sad little whimper sounding from him.

Seàn eyes him for a moment than glance at me, wondering what we're doing to do, I can only shrug. Then his eyes go light and he smiles softly down at Zyon while moving to kneel in front of me to be less of a threat to Zyon.

"A stóirín, it's okay, you're okay. We won't let you be hurt. We'll protect you." He voice is soft and reassuring, drawing Zyon to peek around my side like a scared kid.


Seàn grins, "We promise. It won't even hurt."

The larger man glances up at me, only seeing the small smile I have from watching this huge, lumberjack of a man be soft and kneel in front of someone when other men wouldn't even think it. It's endearing and I can feel myself be relieved that I made the right choice, Seàn seems content to include me into their interactions and get Zyon use to hearing 'we' or 'our'. I couldn't be happier that he is committed to trying this.

We both help lure Zyon from behind me and Seàn gently lifts him back onto the patient bed, making sure to slide his rough hands down the boys skinny arm to his hand. I figure Zyon would want Seàns comfort more than mine as they have more history, yet I'm relieved when I notice him shyly look up at me, free hand clenching softly.

I grin at him and slide my hand into his, allowing him to clutch it as the doctor goes about the check up.

Zyon giggles as I laugh while Seàn struggles to exit my tiny sports car, it's a miracle he even got in it. When he seen it he just gave me the 'look' of a partner so done with the others shit, I had just laughed at him.

I never really had problems with getting in, or out, but being built for outdoor work and born as tall as Seàn has cursed him from ever riding comfortably in small cars.

He dramatically groans in relief when he finally pushes himself out of the door, stretching his body out, I grimace when I hear his back pop.

Zyon had just slid into the passenger seat from my lap, where he sat while Séan got out, when the construction worker leans down to look at us, arm on the roof of the car. His expression the serious I've ever seen in the short few days.

"Next time, we take my truck."

I bark out a laugh, Zyon giggles cutely.

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