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The doctor had said there was, surprisingly, nothing wrong with Zyon. I assume Seàn feeding him fruits and vegetables with the side of a large glass of water helped keep him healthy enough, along with his running and walking for exercise. The doctor did suggest more food and even gave us a list of foods to help him get his fat and muscle up, some vitamins to help his bones or system.

I'm glad he's healthy, so is Seàn, and happy he sit still the rest of his check-up and held our hands. He was pouting from having to even do it and we managed to get his smile back by promising ice cream, which we learned he dislikes Vanilla and adores Rocky Road and M&M; exactly what Seàn and I got.

The trip seemed to be too much excitement because he was dozing off in the car after we dropped Seàn off at the site he's working, which is a new office building currently only the first floor walls with structures for the second floor. Seàn had said he would stop by after to give Zyon some shirts from his truck, he mentioned it was parked in the parking garage and it wouldn't go anywhere.

We got in my apartment not even five minutes ago, me carrying a sleepy Zyon all the way up the elevator, He's now covered in blankets on the couch with the pillow he likes. I had turned the tv on to some cartoon channel called Boomerang, and he fell into a deeper sleep during Scooby-Doo.

It's a relief he's gotten somewhat used to the couch and the living room, and to the windows, he keeps away from. I feel as if Seàn being here and confidently walking, sitting and speaking; making the new, scary space feel more like a neutral space where Zyon can interact with both me and Seàn. I can only hope it changes to home for him, us, all of us.

Admittedly, I never expected to be attracted to a burly, bear-like Seàn, I'm more of an innocent, twink kind of guy, but I'm pleasantly surprised I'm attracted to him to the extent of exploring this relationship. It's odd not being the one that is taller and stronger, but it is also reassuring because I know my own strength and know Seàn will help protect Zyon, and if I need it, me.

We have time to learn about each other and talk about what to do with this new relationship, what to do with Zyon. I'm sure we'll speak details and set limits for each other, but it became an unspoken fact that Zyon comes first. Get him comfortable, get him clothes, get him into a routine for the day, keep check of his health and help him get comfortable enough to sleep in an actual bed.

No one said it would easy, there will be struggles like at the doctor, but we'll handle it. We'll stick together, for Zyon.


By the time I hear the elevator open announcing Seàns arrival, I've showered, made Zyon lunch from the list the doctor gave us, watched hours worth of cartoons and attempted to give Zyon another bath; he ran from me, it seems he'll run on the floor but not walk.

Zyon is watching a Scooby-Doo movie, studied in enough that he doesn't pay much attention as I stand to greet Seàn. Said man is already by couch with plastic bag of what I assume is shirts, the one he wears is covered in sweat and his hand has a new bandaid on his finger.

"Hey, these are the shirts I found around my truck, might've missed some, it's a...uh, well, it a mess."

As soon as his deep voice travels to Zyon, the boy is up and on Seàn, the Irishman having to drop the bag to catch him as a grunt is released.

"Damn boy, keep doin this you're gonna spoil me." He shifts so Zyon stands correctly instead of hanging from his neck, arm wrapped around him to give a quick, tight hug.

I can only laugh as I watch Zyon trying to be sneaky and turn his head slightly to Seàns armpit, I have seen one too many couples with kinks and fetishes not to understand that Zyon may have a small fetish. He probably only enjoys the masculine scent of Seàn, sweat from work, rather than anything some consider taboo. I may be wrong, there is the chance he just missed the man.

Whatever it is Seàn doesn't seem to mind, allowing Zyon to do whatever, even if it is pushing his nose slightly closer to the tallers body. Seàn does glance at me, looking more amused than anything.

"Your finger okay?" I nod towards the injury before picking the forgotten bag from the floor.

He simply leans against the back of the couch, letting Zyon wrap around him and fully indulge in the mans scent seeing as we haven't mentioned his position or occasional sniff. "Brain, the gobshite I call a friend, decided to nail it to a two by four."

He laughs at my raised eyebrow and slight head tilt, unsure whether or not he's joking. "Nailed a hole into my thumb, not too bad."

He's serious, someone actually nailed a nail...I'm not going to even think about it, just hearing it sounds painful.

"Okay...anyway, you hungry? Theres some leftovers on the table." I gesture over to the kitchen, but he just shakes his head, his smile easy.

"Nah, better not. I've gotta shower and take me nap, boss what's me in early tonight."

Zyon whines, gaining our attention to the smaller of us, who has Seàns shirt fisted in his hands, nose buried in the fabric. We share a smirk, both knowing exactly what Zyon wants; more of Seàns scent and for the man to stay.

"Don't worry, boy, I've brought up some old work shirts. You can have them when I'm gone, how bout that?"

We watch as Zyon pressed closer, quiet for a few seconds as he thinks them quickly nods. "...Stay."

I would agree to him staying, it would give us more time with each other and I genuinely enjoy Seàn presence. Although I'm aware he needs his sleep without us distracting him and he needs to get ready for work, it wouldn't be fair to keep him here.

As my own boss I don't necessarily need to be in the club, yes I still go and try to be around, I still need to hire and fire, give out checks and mingle with people, sign papers. But I also can take a few days off, my assistant and friend knows what to do when I'm out, and will call if something is wrong.

"I can't, A stóirín, I'm sorry. Maybe next time, if Axel agrees, I can stay the night here with you both."

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