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Lewis and Dentist

Words to know
Gobshite- Idiot/fool
Eejit- idiot
Feck off - Fuck off
Aye/Naw- Yes/no



Waking up to your phone ringing isn't the best way to wake up, it sucks. Especially if a certain someone, me, had a long shift at the restaurant last night and ended up accidentally making a five year old cry when I merely stated we didn't serve nuggets. Needless to say, both the parents and my boss weren't happy.

So, yeah. Being woke up isn't the best.

Yet I still roll over and reach for it, half hoping it's Axel inviting me over for Zyon. Of course, when I lift it to my ear, it isn't.

"You fuckin idiot! No, no, ya know what? Gobshite! You fuckin gobshite!"

I sigh, my head falling back down to my pillow. "What did I do now, Lewy?"

Lewis, my Scottish best friend and fellow construction worker, scoffs, as if I just offended him. "Oh, nothin. Just forgot to pick me up. It's past eleven, Mate."

I blink then check my phone, groaning when Lewis is right and dragging myself up. "Aye. Where you at? I'll drop by."

Lewis laughs, slightly mockingly, "At the site, you eejit."

Rolling my eyes as I put him on speaker to change my clothes, I was too tired last night to bother. "Aye, I get it, feck off, melter."

The bastard only laughs and I hear faint yells of the other workers asking what's so funny, "Seàns accent!"

"Your one to talk, what with your damn Scottish shite!"

"What? Mad you can't say T and H?!" he's hysterical now.

I let him laugh as I search for a good enough shirt and pants for work, a small smile on my lips. I love Lewis he was my only friend from Ireland, he moved there when he turned eighteen and we met up in some public. He never left my side since, and despite being in Ireland or America he never lost his strong accent.

He also happens to be gay and found himself a little man. Lewis found my lifestyle, the Dom's and subs, interesting and I encouraged him to give it a shot, took him to a bdsm club and he was hooked. He's a dominant, not into petplay or Daddy Dom stuff, He's more into the Master and Slave stuff. He won't treat sub's like a slave, but he'll be strict enough to keep the sub feeling safe and happy with the relationship.

He stumbled on Tommy when he was out of a relationship. Tommy works at a coffee joint and Lewis just felt like he wanted to try something with him, they make a cute couple.

Eventually I end up throwing on a holey shirt and ripped to hell jeans, doesn't really matter I'll get dirty and ruined them more anyway. We're working on a new building for the foreseeable future, I forgot what its supposed to be, probably another office.

"I'm on my way, Lewy."

He sobers quickly enough I know something is up, he'll ask for something for sure, "Pick up some lunch, will ya, Mate? We're hungry from workin all mornin."

Grabbing my keys and phone, I scoff, "Naw, grab your own food."


As soon as I pull into the site, I see Lewis's tall figure jump down from a excavator, the machine with the huge arm on it. His long dirty blonde hair in a messy bun and his beard has some dirt dust on it, shirt unsurprisingly missing and jeans show more skin than cover.

His green eyes light up when he stops at my door, knocking on the window until I just open the door. "Ahh, food!"

He reaches over me to the bags of McDonald's, the only place I felt like getting breakfast at, and walks away with his head in a bag. Rolling my eyes I climb out and lock up, before grabbing some tools from the bed of my truck.

"Ya know, its nice to say thanks." I state when I catch up to him in one of the tents where we go over plans for the build.

"Sorry? Couldn't understand, no 'th'." He smirks as me as he bites into a McMuffin. I can only flip him off, I can't argue that.

More men gather around the table to grab at food, not unlike bears fighting for prey. Each throwing the occasional insult and stealing something until everyone is settled; there about twenty of us today.

"Say, Seàn, wasn't there some boy that got your attention? What happened to him?" Another worker and friend, Tex, asks after finishing his second serving of pancakes.

He means Zyon, I may have mentioned him to them. They know I was waiting for my life to get in order before I make any kind of move, with Axel I don't need to wait anymore, but I'll wait to mention Axel. I don't where this while relationship thing is going to go, or if we'll work out or not. I hope so, for Zyons sake.

"Nothin. He's still around." I shrug, sipping my coffee and at the same time I see Lewis narrow his eyes at me.

I know he'll push for more later, he understands Zyon is the whole reason I'm even in a nice enough apartment with money to spare. He was there through everything and even though he never met Zyon, I know he considers my boy family already seeing as I've told Lewis literally everything I know about him.

But he let's it slide and stays quiet about the subject, merely teasing me with the others about my accent or my other job as a chef slash waiter.

We get to work a small time later, Lewis nearly giving me another concession when he dropped a steel beam from the crane, lucky for me I moved before it landed. Although now I'm covered in dirt dust .

By mid-afternoon, we're all sweating from the heat, the machines, and metal around us. Most of us have decided a shirt is better off our bodies, so I'm now shirtless helping Tex and Brian carry wooden beams to the pulley we use to lift them to the guys on the top floor.

Brian suddenly stops short causing me to jerk to a stop and Tex almost loses the load of wood, "The fuck? Brian, move!", is what he reflexively shouts over the machinery.

"Who's got them a Sugar Daddy?" The tall black man nods to the entrance of the site, brown eyes narrowed.

We turn our heads to see a very familiar sports car parking, the very same one I can't ride in. Then the familiar man easily climbs out in odd shirt that has 'Gucci' on it and tight pants, an outfit that belongs in an magazine, not a construction site.

Axel looks around for a short moment before he sees me, and I quickly give him a slight 'hold on' gesture before I shove Brian into moving. This earns, 'Damn, Irish motherfucker.'

We set the wood next the pulley and I immediately walk away so they can't question me just yet, although I do see Lewis watching and know I don't have much time before he steps in.

Axel is leaning on his car looking around at our work so far when he notices me coming, I do catch his eyes wonder down my chest quickly and feel my confidence boast a bit.

"Hey, I was just taking Zyon to the dentist, I figured it wouldn't hurt to check his teeth too. Thought I'd stop to see how you're doing." He speaks when I'm close enough, eyes flicking behind me for a second.

"Oh, aye, that's probably important. And I'm good, we're almost-"

"Hello, I'm Lewis, his scottish friend. You are?" Lewis pops is next to me, arm over my shoulder and smiling charmingly at Axel, who blinks as if he's surprised.

I only roll my eyes, "I was talking, Lewy."

"So? And I asked a question." Lewis smirks at me and giggles when I roughly elbow him.

"Its rude, eejit."

"And hitting me isn't? Man, being Irish must be hard."

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Lewy I swear-"

"Ohhh! He's swore on the whole family, I must be in trouble!"

"Lewis. I will beat the Scottish out of you."

"Seàn, mate, I'm so sorry...but you can't do that."

Sighing, I rub my temple, "don't you have a crane to break?"

Lewis pouts I didn't fall for the planned joke, then whines, "It was one time!"

"Three!" Brian yells faintly.

I smirk at him with my eyebrow raised, he merely rolls his eyes and shoves himself off me to cross his arms over his chest.

"You know, there something about seeing two men who are taller then me, shirtless, with beards and accents, fighting like kids; that's so funny." Axel's laughing draws our attention back to him, seeing him using his car for support while trying to quiet his laughing.

His laugh is cute, I don't think I've heard him laugh this hard yet, it's actually really nice.

When he does calm down, he looks over at Lewis, "I'm Axel, nice to meet you."

Lewis smiles, "At least you're not rude, like Seàn. He'll just greet me with, yes."

"It's a habit! You know most Irish do that!"

"Am I Irish? No."

"Feck off."

"See! Rude. So, how'd you guys meet?"

Axel is smiling, enjoying our bickering thoroughly. "A mutual friend introduced us."

I'm relieved he didn't reveal anymore then that, I'd like to explain to Lewis in private and not in front of everyone, they don't need to know my life so in-depth than they already do.

"You got your answers, Lewy. Go away, I'll explain later." He turns to looks at me, knowing when I sound as serious as I am I'll keep my word. He knows when to play and when to stop, so when he nods faintly I understand he'll remind me after our day ends.

"It was lovely meeting you, Axel, can't wait for next time! Better be quick, Seàn, Tex and Brian look like their faint without you. Excuse me, without all the work off their shoulders."

With that he run back to the crane, and I hear Brain shout for Tex to lift up more, shaking my head I focus on Axel, who is smirking at me. "I love how you guys bicker, it's funny as hell."

I nod, "So, I'm been told. Where's Zyon? I thought you were taking him to the dentist."

He points behind him at the car, "He's asleep in one of your shirts, I couldn't get him to wake up so I just carried him the car."

I step around to the passenger side to see my boy snuggled into one of my ripped shirts for this job, arms and legs in it and seat belt over him. I can't control my smile, He's absolutely adorable.

"You have my number right?" I ask as I return back to Axel and he nods, "Good, can you update me when the dentist is done? I should be done here for a day by then."

"Of Course. Want to meet up somewhere?"

"If you want, I don't mind, wherever he or you want. I'll be there."

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