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Irish Translation -

A ghrá - My love



I haven't seen Seàn in a few days, he visited after Axel took me to another scary place where they looked in my mouth, and he seemed really sleepy. We watched movies, all the fun ones he told me he liked, on the couch with both him and Axel. I was in the middle of them, Seàn had let me lay on him and Axel allowed me to put my legs on his. Although Axel paid more attention to the movies, like me, Seàn was napping sometimes and I had to wake him up.

Whenever Axel quietly asked, when they thought I wasn't listening, if Seàn was okay he only got, "'m fine, just a little tired from work is all."

Axel had told me to let him sleep a little during the movies and that I could tell him all about them when he wakes up, I listened to him because Seàn seemed really sleepy and I know when that happens you should go to sleep.

When he did wake up he let me tell him all about the movies, even let me crawl onto his lap and lay on his chest. He hugged me while I rushed out my favorite parts until I, somehow, fell asleep to his breathing and amazing smell.

I think he hasn't visited for two days and I'm really worried, I never went more than a day without seeing him. What if something bad happened?

Axel keeps promising Seàns okay, telling me he'll be back soon and that he's just caught up with work. I know sometimes when Seàn gave me food he'd have to leave earlier at times, he always said his boss was a 'Bitch', whatever that means. Maybe his boss is keeping him away, I decide I don't like his boss.

On the third day without Seàn Axel picks up a small object that's making music, I learned that's a phone, Axel had taught me how to play games on it the first day without Seàn.

I'm sitting on the floor with a soft blanket withing a funny bunny play with dog-no, coyote?- when the ringing starts and startles me. Turning to the kitchen where Axel is at I see him pick the phone up quickly, glancing at it and sighing before putting it to his ear.


I can't hear who he's talking to but I don't think whatever they said is very nice because Axel rolls his eyes, "You'll have to deal with it, Bert. I can't come in now."

Who's Bert? I haven't heard of them yet, maybe he knows where Seàn is?

"No, I seriously can't drop what I'm doing." Axel's voice gets the stern tone back like when he found me, meaning Bert is in trouble and suddenly I think we shouldn't meet. If he makes Axel upset, he could trick me into making him upset. I don't like it when Axel is upset.

"Because, Robert, I have a distressed sub with me. I can't leave him alone, I wouldn't want too. And no, I can't bring him to the fucking club, so deal with the fucking problem, or risk getting no pay and banned from the club for a month." Axel hisses, like that angry kitty I always saw next to my alley, he looks mad and he puts the phone down with more force than usual.

Although he takes a deep breath than calmly smiles at me as he walks over and sits behind me on the couch, his hand lightly petting my hair. "I'm sorry you heard that, Zyon."

"Seàn?" Even as I ask this I lean into his hand, turning my head to look up at him.

He smiles again, it seems sad this time though as he shakes his head, "No, honey. Nothing about Seàn, just my work. I'm sure Seàn will be here in no time, just be patient, let him do whatever he needs to do, okay? I know he works hard, he needs rest, a lot of it so he can come and give the very best hugs and cuddles."

I pout but nod my understanding. Seàn will come when he knows he can give us the best hugs, and maybe he'll smell even better than before.

I never really noticed how great he smells, but when he came here and I hugged him, he was kinda wet and the scent of him was more noticeable. I couldn't help myself not to sniff a little, but then it was so...delicious, the best thing I've smelt.

It felt like my body pushed me closer to him to get to the source of the smell and I was embarrassed at first, trying to do it without getting their attention drawn to me, but they never said anything. So, it was okay, right? Seàn didn't tell me to stop or push me away, Axel didn't pull me away either, they allowed me to push further and sniff more.

I can only hope Seàn comes back to us, maybe then he'll let me cuddle him again to smell him. Oh, maybe Axel will let me see if he smells good like Seàn? I haven't really been on Axel to smell him, we've only held hands so far.

Looking up at him now, I know I could climb on the couch to hug him, but I don't want to sit on the couch. So, I decided the only thing left to do is climb up into his lap like I did Seàn.

Axel blinks and leans back when I do, not moving to push me away, but his hands to grip me to help my balance. I grin at him, proud of myself for voluntarily getting this close as I just got used to him being around and not scared of him like when he found me.

I'm sure Seàn would be very proud right now, just like Axel looks with his wide smile.

I wrap my arms around him and place my head on his shoulder he hugs me to him, I'm slightly disappointed when I don't smell the musky and potent scent like Seàn had, it's mostly just something that smells really strong and makes me cough a little. It's probably his shirt, it isn't damp like Seàns was.

Axel chuckles when he realizes what has happened, leaning back against the couch and gently pushing me back to sit up instead of lay down on him. He's smirking at me, seeming amused.

"Trying to sniff me, Sweetie?" I can feel my face heat up, and he smiles gently.

"What..that?" I don't know how to say certain words I want to speak, but I hope he understands I mean what the strange smell is.

"My deodorant, Honey. We wear it to keep smelling good and not all stinky, it offends others sometimes if we don't. Seàn was working really hard and sweat his all off, that's why he smelled that way. But if you want, I won't wear mine at home for you. If we go somewhere, I'll put it on."

At first, I pout, not liking that he's wearing something to hide his scent, something I don't understand. Can't others understand these men smell really good, why would anyone want to hide it?

He doesn't seem very surprised that I agree to his idea very quickly, he smiles when I nod eagerly. Then he softly lifts me up to lace me on the couch, "Stay, I'll be back in a minute."

I nod as he turns and walks out into the hall, wondering what he's doing. I can hear faint water running, I hope he doesn't want to put me in the bath again, it was embarrassing having him clean me even if I really liked it. I'll have to get used to it because I already tried to clean myself, yet there are so many things, like those bottles and the odd-shaped thing that makes bubbles when I accidentally dropped it in the water.

Thankfully the water stops and a minute later Axel returns in a different shirt, I remember he wore it the day before yesterday and he had said it needed cleaning. He smirks when he returns to the couch and I squeal in surprise when he lifts me again to place me back on his lap.

"Hope your happy, Little one, deodorant is off and this dirty thing should have what you want. Might not be as good Seàn, I haven't really worked out so we'll test again in a few days."

As he says he leans back with his hands on my thighs, watching my get red as I shyly lean down to try to, as silently as possible, sniff under his arm. It's much better than before is all I can say, it's still not as strong as Seàns was, but it still makes my body shiver and lean even further into it; my nose touching the shirt.

I don't have anything to compare the scenes to, having never actually been close enough to smell another man before, but my mind is supplying that its the musky, masculine, woody, and for some reason dominance that I didn't know I needed; makes me feel safer somehow. It makes me relax and sink even deeper to get more, eyes slipping shut and mind wondering why dominance appeared in my head and what it is.


I shift a bit when I hear voices, I must've fallen asleep on Axel because it looks later in the day as the sun is going down. I'm on the couch covered in the soft blanket, the tv is playing the funny talking dog and the man in the green shirt and Axel is not with me.

Blinking I raise my head a bit to look around and my eyes widen when I see Axel sitting at the kitchen table and Seàn, I almost jump up to hug him but force myself to stop seeing him with his arms on the table and head in his large hands. I can see a wet trail down his back through the light-colored shirt he's wearing and his hair is damp at the edges.

They speaking in whispers to make sure I stay asleep, but now that I'm awake I can hear the words. So I lower myself down to the couch pillow and listen carefully.

"He was worried, I had to reassure him multiple times a day. He doesn't understand why you're gone all day, he only knows you work at the restaurant." That's Axel's voice, it has gone in a tone I haven't heard before, like a hiss mixed with an annoyance.

"Aye, Axel. I get that. You know if I could've been here, I would've been. I don't need you to tell me what he doesn't understand, I know perfectly well." That's a Seàn growl, he did it sometimes when he was annoyed with an animal in the dumpsters or one of his friends he talked about. Never at me.

"Then where were you? I told him work, I don't you well enough to guess where you go for days."

I hear Seàn sigh like he's defeated and I have trouble understanding that because Seàn is strong and he wouldn't let something beat him. He told me enough stories of him winning fights with his brother or friends, he even fixed an 'impossible-to-fix- tractor' his grandpa brought. Seàn is the strongest man I know, he can't be defeated.

"Boss at the site doubled my hours, boss at the restaurant did too. I don't have time to sleep. Nine to seven at the site, late for the restaurant, be there till three in the mornin doing hours I missed. Had I time to drop by, I would but I don't."

A light sound of wet meeting the table tells me he put his head on the table, I did that too when my hair was wet and it made that sound, and suddenly I feel like crying. My Seàn sounds so tired and sad, he isn't usually like that and it hurts me knowing he is.

"Seàn, I think you just need to pick a job you want and quit the other. This will kill you, or make you unhealthy and unhappy, whichever comes first." Axel has his voice a nice soothing tone this time, no longer upset, but trying to help.

"I can't, Axel. I need to continue to save up money for Zyon. I've been doing that for the past four years, I can't just stop now that you come 'round. I got myself a nice space for two, I just need enough to keep Zyon healthy and clothed for however long he wants me. I need two jobs to keep enough money coming in to save and pay for the apartment If I quit one I risk losing the place I got for him. I can do that, Axel, I just can't."

Swallowing a lump in my neck, I feel my eyes water because Seàn sounds like he's crying. Not sad crying, but..frustrated maybe? I can't see Seàn crying, it's impossible, he'd never cry. He's stronger than anything, he kept me safe and healthy for years. Like that one time a raccoon tried to attack me for my food, he protected me by lifting me up and growling at the animal while stomping his foot to extra scare it away.

I blink when I hear Axel inhale a breath, "Then, how about you quit one and come work at the club. There's a bouncer position open and you're perfect for it. Pays well if I say so myself."

I hold my breath waiting for Seàns answer to whatever Axel said, I assume he offered him a job.

I release it slowly when I hear Seàn chuckles as if he can't believe something. "Seriously? Ain't you big boss or something? We're in a poly relationship with a stray sub and you want to by my boss."

Axel laughs, "Well, put it like that, it sounds odd. But yeah, I had hoped if this ever worked out you'd consider moving here, seeing as it's still too soon, I figured this was another best option to help you spend more time around us."

"I'll think on movin if this works. As of right now, I'll have to deal with twinks and aggressive doms."

Axel laughs again and I hear Seàn join in slightly and take it as an okay to interrupt their conversation, quickly jumping up and running carefully, dodging the fuzzy things on the floor still, over to them to attach myself to Seàns back. Wet or not, it smells good as I bury my face in his back as my arms go around him tightly.

I feel him laugh, the sound echoing through his body to my ear and making me giggle. He takes ahold of my hands and loosens them to stand up and without warning picks me up, earning a loud squeal followed by a giggle. He holds me tightly to him while my legs wrap around him like my arms.

I don't care if he's still slightly damp or if his shirt sticks to my leg, I only care that he's here.

"A stóirín, I missed you, boy. Did you miss stinky, ol' me?" He smirks when my face hears up, shoving my head down and into the damp shirt.

"Ah, A ghrá, you better believe Axel told me about your little test today. Seeing if he smelled like me, were ya?" Seàn chuckles, wiping his still damp and mostly beard on my exposed skin, I can only giggle and fake trying to get away when really I feel as if I should just hide away in it since it smells like him.

He softly drops me to my feet and I can only whine as I fist his shirt, pushing my face again his chest, which I can feel more hair on him through the shirt.

"Easy, boy. How bout a trade-off? This shirt for that one." I pause, glancing down at the shirt I have on, Axel must've changed the blue one I had on to a gray one- both of which are Seàns.

I eagerly nod, gently yanking the shirt he wears. Both men laugh as Seàn smoothly peels the gray turned dark gray shirt off, the air around him suddenly pushing the savory aroma toward me and Axel.

Seàns chest is lightly covered with dark hair, not too much and just right amount to run my hand through it said hair is glossy like his skin. I hear Axel make some sort of noise, but don't have time to look at him because of Seàn helping me with my shirt.

Compared to Seàn I'm tiny and naked, my skin is hairless and pale while Seàn is, like Axel probably, all pure man. Literally.

He slips the one he had over my head and I quickly smile as I raise the neck of it to my nose, Axel and Seàn laugh as he pulls on the one I had; it fitting him tighter than me.

"There, you have something of mine to watch over tonight, that's my favorite shirt. Tomorrow when I come back, I want it back, alright? Can you take care of it for me?" Seàn holds my cheeks in his large, warm hands, looking me in the eye.

He's giving me his favorite shirt to watch, of course, I can watch it and keep it safe. I nod into his hand and lean into the third hand that appears on the back of my head from Axel.

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