Dark Instincts

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★BOOK #1 in the DARK SERIES★ "Make me yours," she whispered. A dark instinct growled through Hunter and he claimed what was him from the beginning." The Centauri family has been a strong threshold for all werewolves to follow as an example. Their territory was the safest and largest; women could walk alone at night and kids could freely play without having to look over their shoulder. These five siblings stood united and that’s because they always trusted each other, and more importantly, they loved each other… even more then their own father. However, behind that prestigious name hid many secrets and bloodshed. Hunter Centauri is a Beta and a brother that was all that was required from him, until his mate appeared in front of his eyes. Hunter didn't know that this is what he longed for years. A woman just for him, he craved her beyond anything else. Hailey Swan moved to the Centauri Clan a year ago. She loved her job at the institute for wolves and admired the Centauri family. A family is what she craved beyond anything else since she was left all alone from a young age. And then Hunter Centauri stole her breath away.

Romance / Fantasy
A.K. Kaur
4.9 95 reviews
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Chapter 1: Centauri Blood

People walked around the streets of New York completely unaware that the supernatural existed. Over hundreds of centuries that werewolves have wandered these lands without being discovered. They hid in plain sight as regular business workers, lawyers, doctors, cops and even drug dealers. In this secret society of werewolves there’s also a hierarchy, and no matter where one went on this planet, a hierarchy always called for trouble. This society is run by the strongest alphas, and their special packs have been following them since beginning of their creation.

However, for this system to run smoothly, all the alphas must follow a code which was created by their ancestors. And no one knew that better than the Centauri Clan. They were the last original family that has the pure blood from the first werewolf ever created by Maya- the moon goddess. She is the deity all werewolves- evil or good prayed to and worshipped. If you ever wondered why a wolf howled towards a lonesome moon, it’s because that beautiful beast knows that Maya would always listen to his prayers.

The Centauri family has been a strong threshold for all werewolves to follow as an example. Gabriel Centauri is the eldest son and the most ruthless Alpha. He alone raised his siblings to not only be honourable warriors and righteous protectors, but also great leaders themselves. Their territory was the safest and largest; women could walk alone at night and kids could freely play without having to look over their shoulder. The five siblings stood united and that’s because they always trusted each other, and more importantly, they loved each other… even more then their own father.

Still, behind that prestigious name hid many secrets and bloodshed.

The outside world admired the Centauri family for staying strong and supporting each other no matter what comes their way. Everyone praised Lord Robert Centauri for raising remarkable children who were not only the strongest pack leaders, but also billionaire businessmen, philanthropists and practically golden children of this age. However, what everyone didn’t know was that their time was running out. They have a ticking clock that forces them to find a mate soon. Although, that was easier said than done. Finding mates was nearly impossible for these siblings, since everyone had their eyes on them and not entirely for the best of reasons.

The five heirs of the Centauri clan better find the mate that the moon goddess destined for them, otherwise saying goodbye to this prestigious bloodline they so proudly protect will just be a matter of time.


Hunter Centauri turned the corner alleyway and avoided the main street since hunting was best done in the dark. His agile body moved along the streets with stealth and control, nothing ever fazed him when he was assigned a hunt. His older brother assigned this particular job to Hunter because the alpha knew that only Hunter would be able to take on the threat alone. Hunter was a robust feral man and towered over everyone, but when he needed to disappear, the darkness concealed every single fibre of his body like a cocoon.

Hunter crossed the empty alley where one light-post flickered and danced over the puddles of yesterday’s storm. Usually, Hunter would love the smell of wet soil and pine after a great thunderstorm, but this alleyway didn’t even close to how his home felt. The stench of liquor and trash sullied his mood and his wolf’s even more.

Hunter approached the back door of an abandoned building where he knew that the man he was looking for was hiding out. Quinton Fuller was worse than scum, he sold drugs to minors and abused prostitutes. His siblings and him would have left this type of trash to the human police, but Quinton was a werewolf- that had accidentally turned last year. And since then he has been on Gabriel Centauri’s radar.

Hunter would have locked up Quinton a year ago, but that piece of shit slithered into a hole and didn’t cause any trouble, until now. Quinton assumed he was free, he drugged seven minors and three young college girls and sold them off to traffickers only to be slaughtered.

Gabriel’s intuition wasn’t wrong, he knew that Quinton was trouble and felt the hunger to end Quinton’s life himself, especially after what he had done to those kids. The youngest child was Nora Fielding, she was raised on their property until she moved away for college. But that didn’t mean she had forsaken the Centauri protection. “Once a family, always a family.” That was the code Hunter followed and when they found Nora’s body, they all knew what to do next. Quinton Fuller was to pay for his crimes against the Centauri clan. Hunter would see to that.

Hunter’s phone pinged alive, but it didn’t make a sound. He pulled it out and saw Gabriel’s photo, he immediately answered.

“Hunter,” a deep commanded voice spilled through the speaker. And instantly Hunter and his wolf grew alert. “I’m sure I don’t have to tell you to be careful.”

Hunter didn’t want to risk Quinton running off, so he didn’t answer his brother. Although Hunter couldn’t help but smirk at his alpha’s snippy remark.

“Bring that piece of shit to the Pit,” commanded Gabriel. “Dead.” He cut the phone and Hunter didn’t mind at all to oblige his brother’s wishes. Hunter was itching to kill something with his bare hands tonight, and Quinton Fuller was the perfect prey.

Hunter stepped out of the shadows and slipped past the barricaded door with ease. He could smell the stench of cocaine and cheap liquor as soon as he entered the building. Hunter examined the empty floor of concrete and thick pillars of cement; it was dark and cold and no one was here. But Hunter knew that Quinton was on the second floor. Hunter climbed the stairs and spotted that the whole floor was illuminated with the light of a fire. Quinton Fuller was seated in a chair fully sober and awake, which Hunter was glad for because he wanted Quinton to feel every bit of pain before Hunter snapped his frail neck.

Hunter may be scowling, but his wolf was brimming with anticipation. Hunter wouldn’t transform in this fight though, since he didn’t require it and that bugged his wolf.

“Quinton Fuller,” he called out with bitter annoyance and hatred.

The greasy frail man stood to his feet with a start. “Wh-what- how did you find me?”

Hunter rolled his eyes because everyone that he hunted asked that ridiculous question. “My name is Hunter Centauri, asshole,” he announced and opened his strong arms daring Quinton to challenge him back. “I’m here to make you pay for the crimes against the Centauri clan.”

Quinton stumbled back and fell to his knees. “Please,” he begged. “I didn’t know that kid was part of your clan.”

Hunter sneered. “My family was after you even before that,” said Hunter as he lurked around Quinton’s body. “It’s just your shitty luck that you picked a pup from my clan and sealed you’re fucking fate.” Hunter moved without hesitation. He rammed his heeled boot right against Quinton’s chest cavity, the asshole toppled back and coughed blood. Hunter prowled around the limp body and nudged Quinton until he responded.

“Don’t kill me,” he sobbed. “Please!”

Hunter’s temper was already ticked off the charts today, so he wasn’t in the mood to hear the sobbing and begging. Hunter grabbed Quinton’s dirty collar and straightened the asshole on his knees. “This is from all the people you fucking destroyed,” growled Hunter sending a shiver down Quinton’s body. “And from the Centauri family.” Hunter’s sturdy hands never flinched before he went for the sweet act of snapping a neck in half. Quinton’s head fell limp and rolled without support since all the bones were shattered. Hunter moved back and didn’t feel any remorse or guilt, he never did. People like Quinton Fuller deserved a death that wasn’t honourable or kind.

“Hunter,” a voice chimed behind him.

Hunter knew his cousin Elliot had arrived to the scene with his twin sister Eve. “I called you guys an hour ago.”

“We stopped by the hotdog stand,” said Elliot harmlessly. “And we knew you could handle it by yourself.”

Elliot and Eve Goodman were private investigators that worked closely with his family. They proved to be sufficient detectives and even better at cleaning up after the Centauri would hunt their target.

“Besides you don’t need us until after you’re done the deed,” remarked Eve.

Hunter sighed since there was no point in arguing with these clever twins and he took the pop from Elliot’s hand. “The bastard just spilled some blood over there, other than that, the trash is all yours,” he told them and Eve immediately went to work. Hunter drank the chilled sprite with gusto, even he craved the overly-fried street food now.

“You’ve got this handled right?” asked Hunter. “I have to go to a councillors meeting.”

“You go, Beta,” said Elliot with nothing but surety masking his humble face. “We’ve got this.”

Hunter didn’t doubt his cousins and he always felt reassured even though he would leave them with a body. But his cousins were smart and reliable; they would be nothing less especially since they worked for the alpha Gabriel Centauri.

Another night passed for Hunter with victory and their territory was cleansed once again.

-Centauri Institute-

Hunter strode out of the Centauri Institute and wandered onto the empty parking-lot that was only occupied by his car. He knew that everyone was safely home and asleep and that was how it should be since his family worked so hard to keep it that way. His family has maintained order and balance for decades and everybody knew better than to mess with them on their territory.

Hunter crossed the parking-lot and his car unlocked on its own. Gabriel had ordered him to go to the conference of councillors on his behalf, since he was too busy closing the deal with the Waldorf clan who was one of their few rivals. His older brother was the alpha, but Hunter was beta and that meant that Hunter was Gabriel’s right-hand man, the one he could trust and count on. And no matter what happened Hunter made sure he abided by that pledge.

Since he was a kid, Hunter wasn’t one to shy away from telling people how he felt, and he definitely didn’t take orders from anyone except his brother because Gabriel was not only ruthless when he got angry, but he raised Hunter and the others with all his might. Gabriel never let any of them feel the loss of both their parents, even though one of them wasn’t dead, but it sure felt like it.

Hunter started the engine of his car and instantly the air-conditioning turned on full pressure just how he liked it, and more than usual, he needed it today. Hunter’s blood was boiling and he didn’t understand why his body was acting so violently, his wolf was agitated but Hunter’s wolf was always on the edge, so he didn’t get any mixed signals. But tonight, it was little different.

The moon was shining bright cascading all of its glorious light onto the Centauri territory like it always does. It was almost like Maya begged him to rip into his beast form and run freely, but he didn’t because he had to meet his family at the company, he knew they were all waiting for him.

Hunter put his foot on the peddle when something told him to stay a little longer, a foreboding urge held his foot and his body to stay on high alert. And that usually meant something was asking for trouble, his wolf growled like it was ready for a hunt and so was Hunter.

Hunter’s trained eyes scanned over the entire area, he found two women standing in front of the Institute’s entrance. His eyes briefly examined the older strict woman with black hair and eyes, it was Mrs. Leon Bates. Hunter knew that woman was a teacher at the Institute that trained young pups for the pack life. But then, his eyes carefully scanned the woman whose back faced him, he couldn’t tell who it was, but he saw a curvaceous figure that was quite luscious and he approved that the young female wasn’t skin and bones, he could feel his body igniting from the deep slumber that only happened when he hunted, but this mysterious girl had rich shiny ginger hair that was weaved into an intricate braid, which bothered him because he wanted to run his fingers through the heavy mass, but it satisfied his wolf because it was thick enough to hold onto. Hunter’s eyes didn’t leave from the girl, he saw the way her weight shifted from one leg to the other, and how that damned pencil-skirt hugged her curves deliciously enough for him to draw out her figure perfectly.

Hunter’s phone rang and shattered his focus, the phone ringed annoyingly he almost wanted to kill whoever called him. But when he saw the screen it was his little sister, Viola.

“Hello,” he answered.

“Everyone’s asking how long you’re going to take?” She asked him.

“I’m on my way,” he answered curtly and cut the phone after she did.

Hunter looked back at the steps in front of the building but the red-haired female was gone and so was Leon. His grip on the steering-wheel tightened and reversed his car to meet his siblings at Centauri Enterprise.

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