Dark Instincts

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Chapter 10: Mark Me, Break Me

Hunter and River climbed up the long tower which was located at the edge of the property. It was the headquarters of their property control system which monitored the territory gates and every camera positioned around the entire campus. A team that was trained by River and Hunter were stationed in that tower and they managed the safety of the pack.

River turned the metal knob and pushed the heavy door, behind it sat the S.T.A.R Squad (Security Tactical Armed Reinforcement) These five members built the foundation of the Centauri security system led by theirs truly, Azura. She showed up at their house five years ago covered in blood with no memory of her past. Gabriel had taken her in and after six months of vigorous training with Hunter was all it took for her to impress them because if anyone could land a punch on the most ruthless wolf was accepted any time.

Hunter sauntered inside the large room and Azura was seated at the top seat, which had the perfect position to get the full view of all the camera screens. Although everyone in the room was dressed in casual jeans and shirts, not her and no one would ever see her dressed in anything else. She always had a combat suit tightly hugging every inch on her toned body, which was slender than most fighters, but she used her splendid height and stealth to her advantage. Her black hair was straight and long and her sharp grey eyes were the most intimidating of all.

“Look what the cat dragged in,” remarked Lupin and everyone’s attention turned towards the door.

“Good to see you too, Lupin,” said Hunter. The muscular red head was always bright and relaxed but when the time came to be serious he was ready and reliable.

“It’s weird to see you both here,” said Eve. She and her brother Elliot both worked with Azura as well. “Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” said River. “We just needed to relay a message from our alpha.”

“What does Gabriel need?” Azura spoke, she rose from her seat and climbed down the few steps that separated them.

“Where’s Conner and Brandon?” asked Hunter.

“They’re on their break because they got the night shift,” said Lupin with a chuckle.

“It’s your turn tonight, you know,” rebuked Eve.

Lupin’s amusement died half way.

River handed the grey file to Azura. “Gabriel wants the entire security team to get familiar with the Waldorf pack,” he told her as casually as he could without seeming suspicious, but it wasn’t enough for Azura’s sharp instincts.

Azura grabbed the file from River, she ambled into her office and indicated them to follow her, right when the door closed behind them, she asked sternly; “What’s this really about?”

Hunter crossed his arms. “It’s nothing serious,” he reassured. “Although the treaty has been signed, we still want all our wolves prepared.”

Azura leaned on her table. “Our wolves are always prepared,” she said. “I know that Gabriel doesn’t trust Lucas Waldorf and neither should we. But what’s with the sudden change of orders?”

“Just make sure all the guards are familiar with those faces,” said Hunter.

Azura dropped the file on her table without even opening it, she grabbed another blue folder and tossed it to Hunter. “Open it.”

He flipped the first page and found the same pictures from the grey file placed in the blue folder. “These are the Waldorf pack wolves,” he said.

“Before the treaty was even signed I made sure every one of our guards studied the Waldorf pack members,” said Azura. “Lupin is also working on putting their faces in our security database. So, if any one of them show up, our cameras will detect them.”

“Honestly, I didn’t expect anything less from you,” said Hunter. “I’ll let Gabriel know of your progress.”

Azura straightened. “No, that’s alright,” she said. “I’m going to go talk to him myself because I need to know what he’s plotting in that head of his.”

“He’s not plotting anything,” said Hunter. “He’s just being cautious.”

Azura chuckled. “If anyone is plotting anything, it’s our alpha.”

River shifted his gaze towards Hunter. “She’s not wrong,” he said and grabbed the blue file from his hands. “Do you have pictures of Waldorf’s associates as well?”

Azura shook her head. “I sent Elliot to get me that information from his office,” she told them. “The report should be in my hands in a week or so.”

Azura guided them outside the office and took them back down the tower. They went back to the house to look for Gabriel, but instead they found him standing outside with a few pack members that had gathered from his appearance.

“Look at our celebrity,” laughed Azura. “He can’t get around anywhere without being swarmed by our pack members.”

Hunter agreed fondly as a short old lady with circular glass approached Gabriel, it was elder Mary-Jane and she held a comfortable conversation with his brother.

“Gabriel,” he called out.

Gabriel straightened and his smouldering amber gaze assessed their posture, he didn’t say anything and gestured for them to join him.

“Good morning, Mary,” said Hunter.

Mary-Jane lifted her head and smiled. “It’s a good morning indeed,” she said. “What are you kids doing our here so early?”

“We were just getting some work done around the property,” answered Hunter.

“You youngsters shouldn’t be working so hard,” she scolded. “You might get sick and we wouldn’t want that now, do we?”

“No, we don’t,” they all answered her with a light laugh.

Mary-Jane’s smile brightened. “Oh, I heard the good news,” she gazed at Hunter. “Hailey is a great girl.”

Hunter choked. “How’d you know about that?”

She chuckled. “I’ve been here long enough to sense the difference in the air.” Mary-Jane patted Hunter’s hand, and then, she strode off on the paved trail for a short walk before she would return to her cabin next to her massive family.

“Why do I always feel like a kid when she scolds me?” asked Hunter.

River chuckled. “It’s good to know that it’s not only me,” he remarked.

Azura quieted and turned her gaze towards her laced hands.

“It’s because there’s nothing in her besides love for us,” said Gabriel. “That’s why when she scolds you it isn’t from a bad place and you don’t feel anger.”

“And how many people know that I have a mate?” asked Hunter bewildered. “I swear to god if Vincent blurted his big mouth, I’m going to kill him for sure.”

“Everybody in the pack knows,” said Azura. “Apparently Mr. Abram saw you coming out of Ms. Swan’s house this morning.”

Hunter’s mouth dropped open. “Are you kidding?”

“No,” answered Azura sternly because she never joked about anything and they all knew that. “And you already know how much that old wolf gossips.”

“Everyone was going to find out eventually,” said River. “It’s good it came out like this and not with some awkward announcement.”

“What did you guys need to see me for?” asked Gabriel.

Azura stepped forward. “I need to ask you something.” The tension between them didn’t go unseen by Hunter.

Gabriel put his hands behind him, his gaze told them that as much as he seemed at ease he most certainly was not.

Hunter didn’t follow Azura and Gabriel, they strode into the house and disappeared behind the door.

“I wonder what had Azura so worked up?” asked River.

“It’s probably nothing good,” said Hunter. “You know how she gets when her intuition awakens.” Hunter didn’t ponder for long because he was sure that Gabriel and Azura would share what has them so worked up.

“Come on,” said River. “Ryder and Vincent are probably at the training camp by now.”

Hunter’s mind reeled. “Let’s go.”

-Hailey’s POV-

The training camp had officially begun with a blast; all the kids had arrived and the games had started in the gym and expanded outside on the field. Most of the senior students stayed in the gymnasium to play basketball or volleyball on each side, whilst rest of the younger kids played outside with skipping-ropes, the trampolines, water slides and the massive bouncy-castle with an obstacle course, which was definitely everyone’s favourite- Hailey tried it herself and Viola practically had to drag her away from it.

“Thank god the clouds cleared up and the sun is shining bright,” said Viola. “I would have been gutted if it started to rain.”

“Me too,” said Klaus and Hailey.

“This training camp is ridiculous,” said Hailey. “How the hell did you get a bouncy-castle, the trampolines and water slides? That must’ve cost the school a fortune.”

“Not really,” said Klaus. “They knew who I was when I ordered them and happily sent the bouncy-castle for free.”

Hailey’s mouth dropped open. “They sent a massive bouncy-castle for free, just like that?”

Viola chuckled at Hailey’s expression. “The perks of being a Centauri.”

“We should probably set up the food tables,” said Klaus before he was called over by a bunch of kids on the basketball court.

“I’ll do it,” Hailey told Klaus.

“Thanks. Viola will help you,” he said hurriedly. “Oh, and all the food is in the storage room but the lights are off so make sure to be careful.” Klaus ran off towards his eager students that were urgent for his attention.

Viola rolled up the sleeves of her shirt. “Where should we set up?”

“Right outside the gym door should be fine,” said Hailey. “We need to grab a table from staff room though.”

“I got it,” said Viola since she was the only one that had the spare key. “I’ll send Katy to help you with the food.”

Hailey and Viola parted ways in the long hallway, all the lights were off but the sun still beamed all its glorious light through the huge windows, which were lined along the empty halls providing adequate light for now. She had stayed back in the school many times after hours, but for some reason the school seemed awfully terrifying right now.

Hailey treaded down a series of halls, through a bunch of double doors too, and the further she walked the more distant the sound of everyone’s mixed voices and laughter became. Hailey shivered even though it was hot, she focused on her goal and kept her feet quick as she strode towards the large room at the end of the school. She pushed the door open and found boxes of watermelon, pineapple and even sliced mangos, she found large coolers and she knew that popsicles and jumbo freezes would be stacked up to the top; she wasn’t wrong. Klaus had even prepared a barbecue with lots of meat, there was corn-on-the-cob and some beer for the teachers at the end of the long day. Klaus definitely took care of everyone in the Institute and Hailey was so grateful someone like him was her boss.

There was indeed a lot of food and it was going to be hard for her to carry it all alone, she hoped Katy would come soon. But until then, she brought the long crate with wheels from the other room and started packing the boxes on top of it.

A few moments went by, when she heard the door behind her creak open. “Thanks for coming,” she said. “I’m just loading up the crate with the boxes of food. So, just help me with it over here.” No answer came and no extra hands appeared next to her. “Katy?” She suddenly froze and every single horror movie she’s watched alone in her home rushed into her mind. Hailey dropped the box and screamed, but her voice was muffled before it even had the chance to tell anyone that she was here.

“It’s just me,” a deep voice that could never be fooled for someone else spoke softly against her ear.

Hailey opened her tightly clasped eyes and found Hunter smiling down at her. “You scared the life out of me!” she exclaimed. “For god sakes, I thought you were the Grudge.”

“The Grudge?” puzzled Hunter.

“You know, the girl who was killed and then her spirit haunted everyone,” said Hailey. “Forget about that, what are you doing here anyways and where’s Katy?”

“Viola sent me to help bring the food,” he answered. “Later did I find out that my mate was the one down here all alone.” His smirk appeared and Hailey then realized that his arms were tightly grasped around her, and she was constrained against his divine scent and gorgeous body.

Hailey tried to move back but he didn’t let her. “You can let me go now,” she told him.

Hunter’s golden gaze darkened. “And what will you do if I don’t want to?”

Hailey swallowed the tightness in her throat. “It doesn’t work like that,” she said and his arms tightened even more. “Hunter,” she cautioned him.

“Why do you want me to let you go so fast?” he asked cunningly. Hailey bit her lip and was completely aware that he was playful mocking her.

“Because I can’t think straight when you’re so close to me,” she blushed terribly and her words were all tied up like her gut, she didn’t have the courage to fight Hunter off at all because more than anything she craved his touch.

“Hailey,” he whispered her name softly. “You smell divine. Vanilla and a meadow of lavender flowers.”

Her eyes widened. “Er- I, don’t- Mn,” she lost her words and thoughts when Hunter tilted her head back and his lips found that sweet spot on her neck, she didn’t even realize what was happening until Hunter’s sharp teeth grazed the crook of her neck. Hailey gasped and nudged him away. “Did you just mark me?” she asked hurriedly.

“I’ll do a lot more if you don’t stop blushing,” remarked Hunter. Hailey’s breath froze, she had nothing but a tank-top on and now everyone would see the bite mark on her neck. Hunter backed her up against the large fridge and lowered himself, a smile was adorned on his face and she couldn’t help but feel weakness in her heart for him, his tousled hair and that dark scent riled her entire body and heated her more than fire ever could dare to. “You haven’t stopped blushing,” he said and he licked his lips.

Hailey knew that she was staring at his delicious mouth, but she couldn’t help herself from thinking what his lips against hers would feel like- probably heavenly.

“Fuck taking it slow,” growled Hunter and his mouth fastened on hers with a primal greed. It was exactly the kind of kiss Hailey expected, a kiss that was meant to sweep her off of her feet and was intensely erotic and highly sensual. When his tongue thrust into her mouth, hers was there to meet it and caress him back with the same heat as him. He didn’t take it slow, there was nothing shy about how he kissed her even though they never shared anything like this before, he consumed her with confidence and she could feel her wolf fall in love with him all over again; Hailey wasn’t too far behind either.

Hailey had only imagined of what it would be like kissing this six-foot four stunning man. His intensity was unmatched with anyone she’s ever met before, her body unravelled with his touch and she had only heard from a few girls on the property what it felt like to make love to their mate, but this was incomparable to their words and it was only a kiss.

Hailey’s heart raced inside her chest when Hunter’s grasp around her waist tightened and he pulled her closer, his hands bruised her hips and he dragged her legs to cradle his waist. She circled her arms around his neck and her fingers eagerly raked his dark hair, the silky thick locks felt heavenly under her hands, she faintly pulled his hair to make him feel her urgency to get closer to him.

A dark groan reverberated from his throat and it surprised her, but she enjoyed that she had that effect on him without even trying. Hunter’s strong fingers dug into her waist like he was holding onto her for support and control, she was doing the exact same thing with him. She felt the hardness of his erection right against her scorching hot core that was begging to feel him inside of her.

Hunter’s hand slipped under her tank-top and his touch burned her skin, his rough hand rested on the small of her back and it nearly killed her that he couldn’t touch her more. Hailey tilted her mouth and he deepened their kiss, her soul crumbled away and the wall she had placed to keep people away cracked and broke apart.

His kiss, his hands, his body and his heart melted through entire spirit, like she was meant to find him and be in his arms at this very moment. He bit her lower lip and a hot breath released from her lips, she opened her eyes and found his amber gaze twinkling brighter than stars. Both of their expressions were masked with a deep need to explore their lust and bodies.

Hunter turned them and he positioned her on top of the table, he loomed over her and she couldn’t lay still when his hands explored up her body, he trailed over the quivering plane of her stomach and then he cupped her heavy breasts, he pinned her down as she twisted underneath his heavy weight.

“Hunter,” she moaned, his lips kissed up her throat and she felt his tongue lick over the mark he left on her neck earlier. His eager hands slipped under her shirt, he kneaded the flesh of her voluptuous hips and her waist, a growl released from his lips when she rolled her hips against his hard shaft, the darkness grew on his face. His mouth sealed against hers with fiery hunger, they moved with erotic pace that was profoundly hypnotic.

“Hailey!” That familiar voice felt like ice cold water had splashed all over her burning hot body. “You down here?”

“It’s Viola,” muttered Hailey trying to hide her breathless and dishevelled state.

Hunter grumbled a profanity under his breath, he raked his tousled hair and moved off of Hailey. “I’m going to strangle that girl,” he threatened.

Hailey bit back her laugh, she couldn’t believe she was in this type of ridiculous situation. “Take care of your situation,” she indicated towards his hard-on. “I’ll stop Viola,” she said as she slipped off the table which she regretted right away because her feet slipped right under her.

Hunter’s arm locked around her with quick reflexes. “Same goes for you,” his hungry gaze assessed her own flushed cheeks and half naked body. Hailey quickly moved away and fixed her crumpled shirt, she fixed her tights and then untied the jacket she had around her waist, she pulled it over her body and zipped up the light jacket all the way to the top to hide her embarrassingly aroused body and that possessive mark on her neck.

Hailey ran out the door and saw Viola. “I’m right here,” she shouted across the hall.

“I got the table ready,” she said. “Is Hunter already there with you?”

Hailey blushed terribly. “Y- yes, he’s already here,” she answered and then Viola disappeared beyond the doors. Hailey couldn’t help but feel a sense of relief that they weren’t caught, she quickly went back to the room and found Hunter seated on the same table, his eyes found hers the moment she returned.

“Is she gone?” he asked.

“Yes,” she mumbled softly. “We should join them soon or else they’ll get suspicious.”

Hunter chuckled, he got off the table with a long sigh. “We’ll continue this later tonight,” he pushed a strand of her hair behind her ear, she moved back because she didn’t want things to get out of hand again, but his finger hooked around the collar of her jacket and he stopped her. He unzipped the jacket and exposed the fierce mark on her neck, his eyes lingered for a few moments but then he gazed at her, and she was a taken aback by the intensity in his eyes that perfectly reflected his heart. “I promise that we’ll finish what we started here,” he said hotly.

Hailey’s eyes widened. “My mind’s incapable of thinking anything right now,” she admitted shyly, his arms circled around her and he pulled her into his warm embrace.

“You’re so beautiful, and damn does it feel good to have your body wrapped around me,” he said. “I have to make you mine or else my wolf and I are going to go fall apart. I need you Hailey, all of you.”

Hailey’s breath froze and the power of his words weighed on her mind. “Let’s just get the food upstairs for now,” she joked and tried to lighten the atmosphere because there was no point of discussing this in a storage room full of food, which didn’t make this moment romantic at all. “Can you handle that?”

Hunter laughed. “I think so,” he said. “Just make sure you don’t bend down in those god-damn tights or I will die.”

Hailey laughed openly, she held the crate as he loaded it with all the boxes and coolers. She didn’t forget to zip her jacket again before they left the room, Hunter seemed to take notice.

“You won’t be able to hide that mark forever,” said Hunter.

“It’s not like that,” she huffed. “It’s just you chose such an embarrassing area to mark me.” They reached the entrance of the gymnasium and Viola grabbed the crate from Hunter, she got busy putting the plates, cups and napkins on display. Hailey bent down to open up the coolers with the cold refreshments, when a hand grazed around her waist and Hunter appeared closely beside her.

Hunter smirked against her ear. “I can’t wait until you mark me,” he teased her, a heavy imprint of his scent that was mixed in with his lustrous confession engulfed her body, he winked and walked away towards Klaus and Vincent.

“Aren’t you hot in that jacket?” asked Viola.

“I’m boiling,” groaned Hailey.

“You alright?” Viola’s guarded green eyes lightened under the sunlight and turned a pale shade of jade. “You seem lost.”

“Hunter’s going to be the death of me, Viola,” said Hailey.

Viola’s interest perked even more. “Now, I’m even more curious,” she whispered so the rest of the teachers and group of kids wouldn’t hear them. “Did he do something to you?”

“Let’s just say that when you came to check on me was perfect timing,” Hailey shook her head in disbelief.

“Oh no!” groaned Viola. “Did I interrupt something!”

“Shhh!” Hailey looked around to see if anyone heard but everyone was too busy eating the food on the table. “I’m so embarrassed,” she hid her face behind her hands.

Viola laughed. “You’re adorable.”

“I need to get my mind off of him,” said Hailey desperately.

“Want to go for another round on the bouncy-castle?” suggested Viola.

“Race you!” Hailey laughed and they went off towards the loud castle that was filled with bustling kids and roaring laughter.

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