Dark Instincts

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Chapter 12: Not Afraid Anymore

A black beast emerged from the behind the dark trees with ferocious gold eyes. He was massive and roped with muscle, his canine teeth were long, sharp and as pale as moonlight. Danger surrounded this wolf without question and his power resonated through the air that she could feel his strength crawl over her skin.

The fiery red wolf that had sterling silver eyes with the slightest hint of crystal blue was enthralled and captivated. The magical night grew thick with the need between the two wolves that had crossed paths after learning that they belonged together.

Hailey sensed the change in her wolf. The independent free-spirited wolf that was always on a singular path found someone to call hers. Never had that happened before, she was enchanted by the pure fact that her mate stood so close although life had taken everything from her. Hailey’s wolf prowled around the open terrain and questioned what the black beast would do. Would he just watch or feel challenged? she wondered. And her prediction was proven correct when Hunter’s wolf stood tall and grew alert. The black wolf tilted his head and dared her to challenge him. It was so like Hunter to behave with that dominance and poise. But Hailey’s wolf wasn’t one to back down either, she growled and took off through the trees with the black wolf hot on her tails.

Hailey and her wolf had a deep bond that not many had with their wolf. Hailey and her wolf protected each other since birth, they never turned on each other and they always made sure that the other was safe. Hailey’s wolf was the one that saved them from the car crash that killed her parents, she had crawled away before the car exploded into flames. So, when Hunter’s wolf chased them through the woods, she wasn’t afraid at all because Hailey knew her wolf was fast enough to escape if she needed to, and her wolf could hide in shadows like they always had when they needed to disappear. But Hunter or his wolf wasn’t someone that they could just shake off, he was fast and dangerous when he hunted after her. His harsh breath slithered down her back and Hailey could feel her wolf transfixed by his strength because she was too.

Hailey sat back as her wolf enjoyed the run under the moon. Hunter’s wolf didn’t shy away or keep his distance. He run up from behind her after she had slowed down and slammed into her body. They sprawled onto the soft soil and he held her down with his strong paws. He challenged her by collaring her neck with his jaw, he playfully bit down but her wolf pushed him off before he could mark her. Hailey laughed and her wolf was also quite amused that Hunter’s wolf tested them.

Isn’t he a playful one.

I wouldn’t exactly call him playful. Hailey talked to her wolf who was watching Hunter’s wolf. So much has happened and I haven’t even asked you how you feel about all of this.

Her wolf was smug. It doesn’t matter to me as long as you’re happy.

It does matter. He’s your mate too.

He’s strong, I like that. But I don’t want him overpowering you.

Hailey smiled. You wouldn’t let him do that.

Her wolf sneered at Hunter’s wolf. I wouldn’t let anyone do that to you, Hailey. But I have a feeling these two aren’t going to leave us just because we won’t follow their orders.

Hailey agreed with her wolf’s observation.

Hunter’s wolf padded towards her and they finally gave up fighting it out on the plain field. They walked along the path near the lake, the scent of fresh water and night air swarmed them like a glove. Hailey’s wolf loved the coolness of the water as she stepped into the lake, the water engulfed her paws and she drank until she was satisfied.

Hunter’s wolf followed her although it looked like he wanted to jump on top of her. He stepped into the lake like she had and took a big drink of water, his amber eyes stayed on her though and she was acutely aware of his dark looming presence. Hunter’s wolf prowled towards her, she didn’t move from her spot and neither did she stop drinking the water. She let him approach her until he was close enough for her to splash water on his face, which she did. She swung her paw across the water and it landed directly over the wolf’s snout. He turned and snarled at her but she wasn’t the least bit afraid. She walked out of the lake and ran up the short hill when he ran after her with rapid speed that it overwhelmed her.

The black wolf collided into her and they toppled over, but this time she was on top and she bit down on his shoulder. Hunter’s wolf quickly stood onto his paws and he was clearly amused by her nerve to mark him.

Hailey was baffled by her wolf that she marked Hunter. You marked him?

I know, he pissed me off. Why does he keep challenging me?

Hailey laughed at her wolf. Hunter and his wolf seem to love challenging us.

Her wolf rolled her eyes. Can’t deny though that he can be quite persistent when he wants something.

Hailey took a step back and let her wolf take all control over the run. She wanted her wolf to enjoy the nature with Hunter’s wolf. She wanted them to become acquainted and learn each other’s bodies and scents because that was the only way Hailey and her wolf got comfortable with something. It was the way they could see if Hunter would be able to understand them. And the more he challenged her, the more he followed her and played with her and took care of her, the more Hailey knew that she could get used to him and his rough wolf.

Hunter’s wolf rubbed his strong body against hers, he left his dark pine scent all over her and her wolf seemed to purr at that sensation. A shiver crawled down Hailey’s whole body. The fiery desire burned through her scorching body and she seemed to become a beacon for Hunter’s wolf to come to her and relieve her.

But under the moon a howl shattered through the night and both wolves knew what that howl meant. It was the alpha’s call for his beta and brother to join him. The black wolf’s amber eyes grew stern and authority replaced the playfulness Hailey’s wolf loved to explore. Hunter’s wolf rubbed his body against hers once more like he was reluctant to leave her side. Hailey’s wolf stilled and let the black wolf understand that she wanted him to go to his alpha. He respected the call and her wishes and he bolted down the trail towards his alpha.

Hailey’s wolf ran back to their house near the lake. Her wolf receded quickly and let Hailey enter the house covered in mud and smelling like Hunter.

Hailey padded up the stairs and went straight to her bathroom. She took a long, hot shower and washed her body of any traces of dirt and mud. But Hunter’s scent was still strongly clinging to her body, she slipped on a nightgown and sat on her bed nervously. Hailey’s body was bothered by the need to be consumed by the one who marked her, she couldn’t handle the ache in her breasts and burning in her core. She could feel herself come undone, the need for her to let Hunter satisfy her body was great, and after the run they shared, she was embarrassed by how much she wanted him.

Hailey laid back on the pillow with her body on fire and nothing to help her extinguish it. The moment Hunter had been called away, she couldn’t help but feel sad that their brief moment had ended. Hailey wanted to run with him and see how far they would go under the moon that shined its reflection on the lake she had come to love deeply.

She bit her lip and wondered if he’d come to her tonight. A part of her hoped he wouldn’t because she wasn’t ready for anything that he offered. But that devilish part of her wanted to barge through her door and consume her until dawn broke or her. She looked over to the clock and it was a quarter past eleven. It was getting really late and she hadn’t heard any noise outside, she guessed everyone returned to their homes and went to bed for work tomorrow. Hunter probably went home with his siblings too, so she predicted she was going to be alone tonight.

Hailey curled up on her side and stared out the balcony doors, the moon beamed through the glass and showered its light all over her bed. The night sky filled up with clouds and the rain started to pour fast. She wished she could’ve opened a window before laying down because she simply adored the scent of wild forest rain. She didn’t know how long it past before her eyes grew heavy and she drifted off dreaming of Hunter. The rain lulled her to sleep but her dangerous dream kept her more alive than ever.

What felt like an eternity was only a blink of an eye.

Someone knocked on her front door and her eyes bolted open. She fumbled over her nightgown and climbed down the stairs. “Coming,” she announced without even turning on the light because she was pretty sure the thunderstorm fused all the electricity in the house. She opened her door and glorious lightning struck through the night sky, a bolt of blue blinded her for a moment and thunder roared. The massive figure that covered the entire door frame stood dark and dangerous, her breath froze in her throat and she stepped back and away from Hunter.

“Tell that you want it, Hailey,” he said. His voice dangerously soft. “Say you want me.”

“That matters to you?” asked Hailey.

Hunter entered her house. He closed the door and locked it. “Yes. It does,” he answered. “I need to know that you want this as much as I do. Otherwise I’ll leave right now. Because once you agree I won’t stop.”

A chill trembled through Hailey’s body. “I’m afraid,” she whispered. “I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Hunter stepped in front of her and he smelt of the rain she loved. His arm anchored around her waist and pulled it against his. She could feel his muscular body against her softness that was burning aflame. “I won’t hurt you, Hailey,” her name rolled off his tongue and it sounded beautiful coming from his lips. “I won’t lie to you by saying that I’m a good man. But I will promise, that I will never hurt you.”

Hailey took a breath that faltered when the scent of forest rain came off his chiselled body and washed onto her. She melted into his arms and couldn’t stop herself from wanting him. All of him. “Okay,” she said. She was nervous and anxiousness coiled her gut into knots. But she looked into his gold eyes without any doubts. “I want you. All of you,” her voice was a mere whisper and she wasn’t even sure if he heard her over the thunder. But when his gaze turned feral. Primitive. She knew that he heard her loud and clear.

His eyes grew dark and began to glow with heat. Without any warning he lifted her off the floor and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. He laid her down and stood at the foot of the bed, she instinctively began calculating if this was a good idea. He crawled on top of the bed when he noticed the unease wash over her face.

“Do you trust me?” he asked and he tilted her chin back so her eyes were locked with his deep gaze that was unwavering. “I need you to trust me with your body and surrender yourself to me, Hailey.”

“I’m not a submissive wolf,” she managed to find her voice.

“I know you’re not,” he said and a flash of amusement brightened his eyes. “You’re strong and stunning, but in this bed, I need you to submit to me.” He trailed his hot lips across her neck and over the mark he had left on her skin. “I can feel your wolf yielding to me and my wolf is clawing at me to claim you. We both need this, Hailey.”

Hailey listened to his gentle voice that was controlled and edged with lust. She nodded and he laid his lips against hers. She never expected him to be so gentle with her. He was a dangerous wolf who had an infamous reputation for being brutal and cold. But as his massive body blanketed hers, all she felt was care and softness.

He hovered over her body close as he can be, she was growing more nervous now but she still craved his burning touch and she wanted it now. “Don’t be nervous,” whispered Hunter. “This mating will consume both of us to lose control, and I will be very rough. I won’t be able to hold back at all.”

“I don’t have a lot of experience,” said Hailey warily. “I don’t know what I am doing.”

Hunter smiled tenderly as he laid kisses over her cheek and neck. “You don’t need to worry about a thing, baby,” he said. “I’ve got you.”

Hunter gripped her face and crushed his lips against hers. The searing caress took her by surprise. His sinful lips felt like satin against hers and when he turned his head to deepen the kiss, his hot tongue intruded and danced with hers, she met each of his strokes and matched his heat because she knew that she could trust him. His hot rough hands roamed over her body as his tongue explored her mouth and relished her sweet taste. The weight of his body sent her soaring through the clouds, her gut unwinding but her core pulsed and grew dripping wet for him.

He hooked his fingers around the thin straps when her eyes snapped open. “Wait!” She held his hands still. Panic rose in Hailey when she realized that she had forgotten why she truly never became intimate with anyone. “I- uh,” she hesitated. “I have to show you something.”

Hunter lifted and hovered over her with his arms stretched out and his hands caged her. Hailey rolled onto her stomach and elbows, she grabbed a hold of the straps of her nightgown, she slid down the flimsy fabric far enough to show the horrid part of her past she always tried to hide. She tightly shut her eyes and waited for a response.

Hunter’s voice was a rough whisper. “How did this happen?” His hand laid stroked the angry red scar that was sliced across her lower back and had viciously marked her supple skin.

“I was in a car accident-” she pulled the gown up and faced him. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before-” Hunter cupped her face and kissed her like nothing mattered to him more than this moment.

“You’re beautiful,” he said huskily. “That scar just proves that you’re just as brave as I thought.”

Hailey had never been told that before, no one knew about her scar and anyone that did just ignored it. This was the first time someone had called her brave or beautiful, the sensations were strong in her heart that unravelled and let Hunter’s words sink into her bones. She was surrendering herself to him and his control. She thought about it over and over again, but the answer was the same. Hunter was the only one that could tie her in knots and cherish her enough where she truly felt loved and beautiful.

Hunter’s hands were merciless, he gripped her hips and held them under his power. He watched her through his golden gaze that sparkled under the light of the moon that laid witness to their mating tonight. She writhed underneath his weight, he was heavy but she wanted more of his body against hers. She wanted him to lay on her and hold her with him.

Hunter kissed along her neck and used his teeth whenever he got the chance. He bit along her shoulders and marked her with his dark brand, she moaned into his touch and begged him to touch every single part of her body that was on fire. He hooked his fingers over the straps of the nightgown that was already scrunched over the middle of her body, he pulled her free from the flimsy cloth and dropped it on the floor to become a small pool of red cloth. His hot mouth kissed down her cleavage and his ruthless hands gripped her aching breasts that were sensitive to every touch of his. She bit down on her lip when his teeth marked her heavy breasts and her nipples hardened to his hot breath. He took his time to devour each breast, his teeth and tongue were brutal as they teased her to the brink of insanity.

Hailey gripped the end of his shirt and he let her strip it off him, she ran her hands along his chest and over his arms. He let her explore and take her time with his body, each place her hands landed had a scar. “I’ve always wondered how you got so many scars?” she asked him. Hunter ragged breath warned her that these scars were part of his life that he always warned her about. She got up from the bed and wrapped her arms around his neck, she laid her lips against the scar across his shoulder that looked like someone sliced him with claws and fangs. He sucked in his breath when her lips trailed over the scar in the middle of his chest. “Did they hurt?”

His gaze was as hot as liquid gold. “Yes. They used to,” he whispered his brutal truth to her. “Now, I don’t feel anything.” Hunter exposed himself and she loved that he opened up to her the way he had never to anyone else. “No blade or fang hurts me anymore,” he laid her back down, “but when you kissed me. I felt that. All the way to my bones.”

Hailey combed her fingers through his soft hair and pulled him down to her. She kissed him with complete submission. Nothing stood between them anymore and she wanted it that way.

Hunter cupped her breasts and trailed down her body with his sharp teeth, she arched into his touch and let him savagely consume her. He kissed the soft plane of her stomach and his lips gently laid on the scar that circled around from her back to the side of her stomach. His fingers caressed the old scar that always reminded her of her parents, but now she would remember the way he looked at her when he kissed the scar with love. Hunter’s hard hands gripped her thighs and pulled them apart revealing her bare core for his hungry eyes.

She felt so exposed as she laid naked under Hunter, her heart and soul and body were all open for him to see. She couldn’t stop him from taking everything she had, he claimed her with his body and his heart. Hunter kissed her thighs and rubbed his light beard against her raw skin. He ran his tongue over her navel, she squirmed under his hot gaze but he didn’t stop his unyielding attack. His fingers gripped into her thighs and traced over to her burning core, that was anticipating the delicious invasion that would break her into pieces and dissolve in his arms. Hunter ran his lips over her hot folds, she gripped his hair when his tongue licked up her throbbing clit, his teeth bit down and his tongue pushed deep inside her. The proof of her arousal poured down his mouth and he savagely took from her until she was begging for more.

Hailey rolled her hips and tried to move away but Hunter didn’t let her, he held her down and pushed her to edge, she exploded underneath him and her body betrayed all self-control when she came apart from the greatest release.

“Hunter…” she whispered as she came back from the haze.

-Hunter’s POV-

He hovered over her with a smug smile and wicked eyes as he watched her recover from the astounding release. He loved the look of content in her eyes and nothing but passion and lust. Her silvery blue eyes fluttered open as her hands traveled up his arms to pull his head down to hers, she sweetly laid her lips to his and gave him a slow but extremely erotic kiss. She crossed her legs around his waist and ran her fingernails up his entire back sending electrifying pleasure to his hard shaft pulsing to be released.

Hunter moved against the length of her voluptuous body that was as beautiful as he imagined, her heavy breasts which overflowed his hands and were mouth-watering drove him crazy. He bit down on the hard peaks and the heat returned into Hailey’s icy blue eyes. He was obsessed with her lavender and vanilla scent, the intoxicating aroma darkened when she was close to her release. As he took her time learning her body, he knew that he wouldn’t get enough of her. Her entire body reacted to his touch and it drove her and him wild when he played with her lush breasts. She was soft and sweet all over and he was eager to mark her creamy flesh with his teeth, scent and hands.

Her lips were plump and red from being bitten and kissed by him forbiddingly. He loved that her core was bare and completely clean for him to feast upon, he put his hand over her hot centre and rubbed her clit with his thumb sending her over the edge once more. He loved that she couldn’t hide anything from him, everything she felt was in her eyes and on her face.

She had innocently asked him if his scars had hurt, and that had done it for him and his wolf. She was so compassionate and lovely that he crumbled into her arms and didn’t hold back when he needed to mark her body to make her all his. The hunger was deep to claim her, it was a force he had no control over. Everything about her soothed him, her intoxicating scent, the gentle way she spoke to him had him at her mercy.

His muscles turned to steel with just the brush of her fingers on the powerful surface of his back and shoulders. In the next moment, he stripped off his pants and rose over her again. He reached down and circled the head of his sex against her, pushing harder into her welcoming core that was hot, tight and perfect.

He covered her with kisses and marked her flesh with his teeth, he held her thighs apart and settled between them, she cradled him close to her and he groaned when she raked her nails across his lower back. She marked him like he had. “Hailey,” he growled her name, her beautiful name, that had consumed every single thought of his. Through gritted teeth, Hunter declared, “You’re mine.” He pushed his throbbing shaft inside of her wet, scorching core and they both shattered in each other’s arms, he drank in the sensation of her core wrapped around his shaft. He thrusted hard and deep until their release rattled their bodies all the way to their souls. They both sank onto the bed, he tried to hold his weight so he wouldn’t crush Hailey when he dropped.

Hunter caught his breath and when Hailey’s eyes fluttered open, the light of the moon shimmered in her enchanting eyes. His shaft reacted vigorously when she lifted her leg over his back, her hot flesh sizzled over his entire body and he was ready to go again with her. He could never get enough and he wouldn’t stop now either.

Hunter kissed the mark on her neck and the one he deliberately left on her lovely breasts, his tongue tasted her sweet skin that was creamy and soft unlike his body that was lashed with scars and shredded with muscle. Hunter’s shaft hardened, still inside of her, he pulsed and she opened her legs to give him what he seeked. A smile threatened to appear on his face, he kissed her brutally and drove into her core again and again until they both found release. He pulled himself out of her and rolled onto the side of the bed, he wrapped his arm around her waist and cradled her close to his sated body. Hailey gripped the blanket and covered both of them before they drifted off to sleep.

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