Dark Instincts

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Chapter 21: Crave

Hailey stood outside Hunter’s balcony doors. The light breeze kissed her skin and cheeks cooling them down almost instantly. She watched the sway of the tall pine trees dance with the wind under the crescent moon. With her aching wrist, Hailey untied her chignon and loosened her hair, cascading down her back it fell freely. She had the greatest urge to run in her wolf form in the forest, but with the bad wrist that wasn’t the smartest idea she got all day.

The door behind her opened without the slightest sound; it would have gone unheard if she hadn’t recognized Hunter’s footsteps and scent by now. He didn’t ask any questions, instead he came beside her and stood wordlessly.

“It’s a beautiful night,” she broke the silence first.

Hunter caged her from behind. “Yeah,” he said softly.

“Makes me want to take a run,” she sighed as the cool air chilled her to the bone.

Hunter moved closer to her. His heat blanketed her into a warm cocoon. “We’ll go once you fully recover.”

“Maybe we should just go on a walk,” she offered with a smiled.

Hunter tilted his head. “Fine.” He shuffled around the room and returned to her after he visited his closet. “Put this on,” he instructed. She grabbed a hold of his denim jacket, which was ripped and thoroughly worn. He helped her with the arms and buttoned it up to keep her warm.

“What about you?” she asked.

He grinned. “I didn’t say that I couldn’t transform,” he pulled his shirt off.

Hailey pouted. “That’s not fair,” she crossed her arms. “You’re going to make me jealous if you’re in your wolf form.”

Hunter closed the space between them. “Sorry baby,” he kissed her forehead, “but I can’t let this beautiful night go to waste, now can I?”

“I suppose one of us should enjoy it,” she grumbled. Hunter moved around her and went to the thin closet door near the balcony. “What are you doing?” she asked. “The door’s this way.”

Hunter flicked on the light that was behind the thin door. The warn yellow light showcased a hidden staircase. “We can get out this way,” he ushered her to follow.

She was impressed. “You have a secret door?”

“This house is really old and has a lot of hidden entrances like this one,” shared Hunter as they climbed down the winding stairs. “Helps us get in and out of the building unseen.”

Hailey beamed with a bright smile. “I’ve always wanted hidden hideouts and treehouses when I was a kid,” she shared. “I never got one though. So, this is very cool. Thank you for showing me.”

Hunter smirked from ahead. They finally reached the bottom and Hunter didn’t forget to close the lights behind them. He opened the door to the outside and let them both out. The night air had grown colder, so she was thankful Hunter’s jacket kept her nice and snug. She lifted the collar so the cold air wouldn’t break her ears off though. It didn’t matter that Hunter was shirtless because his wolf form would keep him warm once he transformed. They walked a few steps and once hidden away from the windows and night guards, Hunter transformed in front of her. She grabbed his pants that had fallen and put them on the ledge near the secret door, so he could put them on before they returned home.

Hunter’s wolf was massive, black and ferocious above anything else. He smelt of pure strength, dominance and intelligence for its age. The wolf approached her without hesitation and sniffed her cold hands and jacket. She saw the satisfaction in the wolf’s amber eyes when he recognized his own smell on her. He knew that his human had claimed her and marked her as his own. Hailey was stunned by Hunter’s smug wolf that was so hot-headed when it came to marking her. She laid her hand on his head and caressed his thick coat, which was so soft between her fingers that she didn’t want to remove her hand.

Hailey walked through the forest and the black wolf matched her pace. She would’ve expected that he’d want to run through the hills at full speed, but that wasn’t the case. Hunter’s wolf stuck to her side. He occasionally brushed his head under hand and run his body along her legs.

“You’re so calm today,” she spoke to him. His amber eyes rose to meet her gaze. “Usually, you’re always glowering and baring your fangs at everyone-” Hailey ran her hand on his cute ear that was flapping around- “you’re just a misunderstood wolf, aren’t you?” She chuckled when he shook his head. “You’re not vicious, just a bit mean-looking.”

Hailey strolled through the forest trails with the wolf closely beside her. They enjoyed each other’s silent company that spoke more than words ever could. An unspoken truth of why they felt so comfortable around each other was revealed. Hailey understood that Hunter was a man who had a code that he could never break, and she liked that about him because it told her who he was. He was a mysterious man, but there were no secrets once he trusted someone and she admired that about him.

Hailey crouched down on her knees. “We should head home,” she suggested as the moon sat high above them. Hunter’s wolf turned and he rubbed his head against her neck and face. She was slightly surprised by the sudden affection but embraced it because it was Hunter. Hailey felt his tongue lick her neck where his mark laid. She patted his thick back to get his attention. “Let’s go to bed, Hunter.” The wolf moved back and didn’t even hesitate before he made its way back to the house.

Hailey would have lost Hunter if she didn’t follow him fast enough. “You didn’t have to run so fast,” she said breathing heavily. But instead of the wolf, the man emerged from the dark shadows near the house. Hunter walked up to her, his lips founds hers and she couldn’t even catch her breath before she lost it again.

His fingers combed through the thick mass of her hair and he pulled her head back. Hunter deepened the kiss, his tongue delved deeper and wilder. She welcomed the invasion and drank away at his intoxicating taste of fire and sex.

Hunter ripped his lips apart from hers. “Inside. Now.”

She bit her lip. “Yeah.” She let him grab her hand and lead them inside the secret door and up to his bedroom.

As soon as they reached the top and Hunter locked the door again, he didn’t waste any time with her. His hands worked efficiently as they took her clothes off. He didn’t care about his jacket as he ripped it off her, but he was careful with her clothes and not to hurt her wrist.

“Turn around,” he asserted.

She did as his firm voice commanded. She felt a shiver down her spine when her body unconsciously felt Hunter’s smouldering gaze over her back. She didn’t know what he was going to do; a nervous wave fluttered through her stomach when his hands gathered her hair. His hand began to work through the wavy length, she soon realized he was braiding her hair.

“Such beautiful, silky hair,” he told her. “Perfect for the bedroom.” Hailey lost her breath before it left her parted mouth. “Hair-tie.” He held his hand out to her. She pulled off the elastic on her wrist and gave it to him. He secured the braid at the end of long length.

Hunter moved her braid over her shoulder. She felt his fingers caress the length of her back, but it suddenly stopped and lingered near the scar on her lower hip. His hands moved over the scar as if he could feel the terribly pain stitched into each memory of the faded wound. Hailey looked away from the scar, she didn’t want to face it or remember it at all. And Hunter understood that. He wrapped his arm around her waist and with command he pulled her back to him, her heavy breasts rested on his arm. She felt the contours of his muscular body against the curves of her own body.

Hunter’s breath tingled near her ear, she felt his lips whisper near the temple of her forehead. She held onto his arm because her legs almost gave out from under her when Hunter’s hand collared her throat. His lips brushed over her rosy cheek; down the soft curve of her jaw; to the column of her neck he presented for himself. She gnawed her own lip when he bit and licked the thin skin over her rapid pulse. Her heartbeat thundered and Hunter knew that he had this effect on her. He not only knew that he tormented her; he enjoyed it.

“Beautiful,” he whispered. “Your body was built for me. Anywhere I touch, it responds-” Hunter demonstrated when he kissed his mark on her neck and her nipples hardened- “We won’t take this slow, Hailey,” his voice was rough. “I’m going to fuck you like the beast that I am.”

Hailey’s heart plummeted to her gut. She felt like running away, but her sly curiosity wouldn’t let her. “I don’t know what’ll happen tonight,” she said, “but I don’t remember you holding back last time either.”

His dangerously charming laugh bloomed in her body. “Fuck, woman,” he groaned, “you have my heart in your palm-” Hailey blushed- “get on the bed. Spread your legs and show me what’s mine.”

Hailey crawled back on the bed she already slept in once. But this time when she got on it, it had a whole different feeling. The dark sheets were cold like her skin. she stretched across the mattress that was twice the size of her own back home. Her back laid back and she rested her head back, but her legs remained closed.

Hunter’s dark gaze stilled from watching how her body moved on his bed, those golden pools of heat lifted to meet hers. “Do as you’re told, Hailey,” he cautioned, “or it’ll cost you.”

Hailey mustered up any drop of courage she had left and opened her legs. “You don’t scare me,” she said.

Hunter raised a brow. “Hmm.” Amusement filled his eyes. “I know I don’t scare you,” he said, “but I sure as hell do make you nervous, turned on and blush. All at the same time.”

Hailey bit back her smile. “I won’t deny that,” she mumbled. “But, it’s not fun if you’re not scared of me.”

“I am scared of you,” said Hunter.

She gaped. “You are?”

“No,” he shook his head with a laugh, “you can barely hurt a bug.”

“Because they don’t bother me like you do,” she glared at him.

Hunter smirked. “I bother you?”

“All the time, honey,” she lied jokingly because she liked that smile in his eyes.

Hunter crept on top of the bed. His weight shifted between her legs, he held himself above her with his arm. And she noticed how his other hand inched closer to her core. His finger swiped down the hot folds and he found her dripping wet.

“If I bothered you,” he said darkly, “you wouldn’t be so wet for me right now.”

Hailey tried her hardest to remain calm, even when his fingers caressed softly over her clit and entrance. “I said you bother me,” she continued to tease him, “not that you weren’t hot.”

Hunter’s eyes dropped from her eyes to her mouth, which was held in a small grin. “Just going to let you know right now, baby,” he said as his eyes returned to hers, “I’m going to bother you all night.”

His fingers brutally thrusted inside her core. She gasped when he curled his fingers inside of her and penetrated that exhilarating spot. His lips kissed her shoulder and when he reached the crook of her neck, he bit down savagely. A rapid released crashed over her like a hurricane. She didn’t know how it happened but her body reacted on its own. No, it wasn’t on its own, it was under Hunter’s control. He pulled his fingers out of her, they were thoroughly coated with her arousal.

“I was just teasing,” she pouted.

Hunter shook his head. “I wasn’t,” he said. “And if you can’t go against me, baby. Don’t start anything.”

Hailey slightly got off the bed and laced her arms around Hunter’s neck. She pulled him down with her. “I think I will always joke and tease with you, Hunter,” she admitted, “because the smile that I receive makes all of this worth it.” She kissed his lips sweetly, nothing rushed or brutal like him. Her softness burned deeper in him and mended his cold blood that hardened his heart over time. She caressed his lips and raked her fingers through his dark hair. His body hardened under her touch. She felt him radiate heat like a wildfire; so strong and vibrant that it burned her entire soul.

Hunter soon took over. His control poured out of his body and commanded Hailey that the sweet moment they just shared was because he allowed her, but now, it was his turn. His lips left her and went exploring down her body. His attention turned to her lovely breasts he adored so much. The soft flesh overflowed his hands as he cupped them to enjoy like a delicacy. Her peaks hardened under his palms and she moaned at the ache that shot through them. Hailey writhed underneath him as he savagely took, took and took from her body, heart and soul. His heavy body held her under his rule. The only thing she had control over was whether or not to breath. And when Hunter marked her breasts with his teeth, she almost did stop breathing.

Hunter moved down the soft plane of her stomach, his hands caressed her body as they felt every inch of her. He pushed her legs further apart, so his eyes could feast on the core that was wet and eager for his hands or mouth. Hailey’s drunken eyes watched Hunter lower his mouth to her folds. He locked onto his target and viciously consumed it. His tongue drank in her ecstasy as she lost all sanity when he plunged his thick fingers into her body.

“Fuck… Hunter,” she moaned.

Hunter licked up her core, he flicked her throbbing clit that was sensitive from her last release, but Hunter didn’t care because he wasn’t stopping tonight. His fingers worked deep into her core. She arched her back and tried to pull herself away, but there was no escaping from this man. Hunter splayed his hand on her stomach and held her down for him. He wanted her to stay right where she was. The thrill of her arousal climbed higher and higher, and when Hunter pushed another finger inside of her, she crumbled apart. Her release shattered her from inside out.

Hailey opened her eyes. “I can’t feel my body,” she moaned.

Hunter laughed against her ear. She felt the head of his sex playing right outside the entrance of her core. She may have been sore but she didn’t deny him when he thrusted himself into her. She received his penetration, that was orgasmic all on its own. Hunter didn’t keep it slow. His thrusts were hard and deep. She felt his whole shaft spread her wide and her core swallowed his entire sex pleasantly. Her throbbing core convulsed, she tightened around his shaft when she knew they were both close to release. Hunter locker his mouth around her breast, he licked her hardened peak and played with the other one. His smoking gold eyes burrowed deep into her heart and memory.

Hailey raked her nails across Hunter’s strong and wide back. She felt their release right at the edge, and the rush came over her, she pulled Hunter down to her mouth. She licked his taut skin on his neck, and then, she savagely marked him like she had never done to anyone before now. She had fully claimed Hunter to be her mate forever. All of them were satisfied, including both of their wolves.

Hunter growled when her teeth left his skin and a little bit of blood pooled on her plump lips. He kissed her and they both collapsed from a bone racking release that took everything out of them.

Hunter didn’t let Hailey catch her breath when he changed the position. He moved her on top on him even if he was still hard inside of her. Hailey didn’t know how much time passed until they stopped. Hunter kept her at his mercy all night, but she felt a little devilish to admit that she may not have control over her own body. However, she had a lot of control over his body. And she proved it to herself and Hunter all night too.

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