Dark Instincts

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Chapter 28: Think of Me

“What are you talking about, Zero?” asked Czar. The mood in the room was as heavy as the rain that started thundering outside.

“Why don’t I just show you,” Zero lead them towards the door she had left from earlier. Behind the entry were three men tied down with a leather belt and they were piled on top of the other. “These were how many I could catch,” she said. “But there were a lot more hiding around your property.”

Czar motioned his beta to take these men and to dispose of them promptly. “I don’t know of anything that could lead to this,” he said, “but whoever it was doesn’t want to start a war with my pack. It’ll only end badly for them.”

No one in the room knew what those mercenaries wanted or what their objective was, except for the Centauri pack members.

“They’re not here for you,” said Gabriel. “Those men have been sent by Waldorf.”

Czar crossed his arms. “To do what?” he inquired grimly.

“To kill me,” said Gabriel. The two alphas exchanged a weary look that told Czar that Gabriel was fully aware of what this situation entailed.

“You sighed a treaty with Lucas Waldorf though,” said Isaiah, the alpha of the Iron Blood pack. “I thought wars between packs weren’t allowed after that.”

“Those mercenaries aren’t part of Waldorf’s pack,” said Hunter.

Zero stepped forth. “Lucas wants to strip you of your title, doesn’t he?” she asked Gabriel. None of the Centauri pack members were surprised that Zero was able to sniff out the plan. “Then that old bat isn’t trying to kill you,” she stated, “he’s trying to play mind games.”

“Why the fuck is Waldorf doing that?” snapped Czar. “The nerve of him to send pathetic mongrels on my turf is crossing a line.”

“He wants you to provoke Gabriel,” guessed Zero. “He’s determined to get that reaction, by threatening all of us, even you, Czar.”

“What are you planning on doing, Gabriel?” asked Zachariah. “This isn’t going to be easy no matter how you look at it.”

“I wasn’t expecting it to be easy,” said Gabriel.

“Why would getting rid of Lucas Waldorf be hard?” asked Isaiah.

Zachariah shook his head. “Getting rid of an alpha always has its repercussions. Even if Lucas is stripped of his title, that still allows him to choose his heir. And we can all guess what type of heir Lucas would pick.”

“An heir that will cause more destruction than peace,” remarked Zero dreadfully.

The alphas all broke out in a discussion over what was the best way to solve this problematic issue. But the Centauri’s all stayed quiet when they noticed Gabriel calmly contemplating his own plan.

“I’m sorry I brought trouble to your doorstep, Czar,” said Gabriel.

“It’s no trouble at all,” Czar’s voice was gruff.

“Handling Lucas is my problem,” Gabriel told them. “That man has been a thorn in my side for years now. I think it’s time to make a friend out of this enemy.”

“What makes you think Lucas will give in?” asked Zachariah.

“I wasn’t talking about Lucas,” said Gabriel. “When I am able that bastard will die, just not by my hands.”

“There are probably many people who’d like that job,” said Czar.

“No, I think someone in particular is waiting to do this job,” said Gabriel. “I just need to find the right time.”

No one argued with Gabriel’s plan of action because they knew if anyone had this planned out perfectly, it was the Centauri alpha. And with his pack, nothing would stop him. The rest of the packs got into their cars and made their way back home after the rain had let up.

“If you need my help,” Zero faced the Centauri pack-mates, “I’m one phone call away.” Zero put her black helmet on. With a swing of her leg, she positioned herself on top of a Kawasaki Ninja h2r motorcycle- that helped her maneuver through the streets with speed and agility.

Gabriel and the rest of them returned to their property awfully late. They were all tenser than Hailey or Hunter thought. This wasn’t a matter to be dealt with on a hot head or with rush. When they made it back to the pack property, still dressed from the party, they all gathered in the living room to ask their alpha the questions they couldn’t ask in front of everyone.

“Zachariah wasn’t wrong,” said River. “What good has come out of taking out a leader, when a nastier on appears right after.”

“Killing Lucas is our only option though,” said Azura. “That man has been after us from the moment Gabriel took the position of Alpha. We need to do something to get him out of our way.”

“That’s the problem though,” said Vincent. “Getting rid of Lucas can cause a ripple that can most likely lead to pack war.”

“That’s only if Lucas chooses a fucked-up heir,” said Ryder.

“Why are you so quiet?” Hunter looked to Gabriel.

Gabriel was seated coolly on the chair. His eyes composed and looked honestly tired from all of this hassle. “Don’t worry about the heir that comes after Lucas,” he told them.

“But what will happen to his pack if he chooses someone like Don as his heir?” asked Vincent.

“An alpha can only pick an heir if he willingly gives up the position,” said Gabriel. “But an alpha has no power, if another wolf challenges him for the seat and wins.”

“You have someone in mind that can do this?” asked Hunter.

“I have someone,” shared Gabriel.

“Is this person a friend or foe?” asked River.

Gabriel tilted his head. “I only met him once,” he said. “But I fully intend to make him my ally if I want to continue this treaty.”

“Who exactly are we talking about?” asked Azura.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” said Gabriel. “For now, keep the pack and the turf safe. Leave the rest to me.”

Everyone listened to their alpha’s orders, even though they were burning on the inside with curiosity. Hunter and Hailey made it up to the bedroom after the long, tiring day had ended.

“You all have it so tough,” said Hailey as she sat on the bed. Her feet ached in the heels and she was eager to take them off.

Hunter tugged the tie loose around his neck. “Gabriel has it the hardest,” he said. “We just make sure that no one hurts him.”

“I had a lot of fun, but I’m exhausted,” she said with a yawn.

Hailey pulled her feet out of her heels. She sat back resting her cold feet on the warm bed. Hailey would have dosed off on the bed, so she got up and stepped into the bathroom. Hailey had brought some of her stuff over this morning. Stripping out of the dress, she grabbed a wet cloth and wiped her makeup off before she stepped under the spray of the hot water. Rinsing off the suds from the body and her hair. The hot water worked over the aches in her legs and shoulders. Hailey stepped out and brushed out her wet hair before she used the hair dryer. She braided her hair even though it was slightly damp and slipped on a nightgown.

“I’m all done,” she told Hunter as she stepped out of the bathroom. She found Hunter seated on the chair, his suit jacket and vest had been taken off. He was working on his cuff-links, which he idly placed on the table. Hailey came over to him, she released the knot of his tie and slipped the silk fabric away from the collar of his shirt. Hailey unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt. “Go take a bath,” she advised, “you’ll feel better.”

Hunter got off the seat and stood to his full height. It was in his eyes what he was going to do next. His arms wrapped around her waist and his lips connected with hers. The kiss was slowed like he was remembering the feel of her body, the taste of her lips and the warmth of her skin. Hunter bunched up her nightgown and pulled it off in one swift move. He laid her down on his bed and took his time tasting, marking and biting her body. Hunter stripped free of his clothes and didn’t even wait before connecting himself to her.

Hailey gasped at the invasion of his shaft, that spread her apart. Her breath was ragged and her body was on flames. The heat he took her with was unbearable. Hailey raked her nails across the hard span of his back, marking him like he did her. They both collapsed after their release shattered the last ounce of strength in Hailey. Hunter covered her with the duvet before he took a shower and returned to her. In the dark, he slipped under the bedsheets and pulled her right against him, like he didn’t want to spend even a second apart.

Hailey laid her hand on his warm chest. “If you keep thinking so hard, you won’t be able to sleep,” she said softly.

“It’s one of my downfalls,” sighed Hunter.

Hailey knew that Hunter was worried over the Waldorf pack and what their alpha’s next move would be. She pushed the blanket to the side and got out of bed. Hailey went to the secret door in his room and opened it letting in the breath of the night to cool her warm skin.

“What are you doing?” he asked her.

Hailey simply went down the stairs and let him follow. She opened the other door and transformed into her wolf form. Her wolf leaped into the night with Hunter’s wolf hot on her tails. Hailey knew that the only way to get his mind off things was to play with him a little. Hailey was quick to dodge any of his playful antics. He always tried to pin her down, but Hailey’s wolf was a lot more agile than him. They ran through the woods without any rest. Until Hunter finally caught up to her.

Hailey’s wolf playfully pawed the black wolf leaving red marks across his chest. Hailey quickly scolded her wolf for being too rough, but it seemed that the black beast didn’t mind. Hunter’s wolf acted quick, when he locked his jaw around her wolf’s neck, marking her to him.

Hailey guided them back to the lake near her cabin. They quickly refreshed themselves of the dirt and sweat, before they strolled back to the house. Hailey was the first to transform back, she turned to check on Hunter, when suddenly, she was pinned against the wall. Hunter brutally kissed her breath away. When he moved back and gazed into her hazy eyes, he had a boyish grin that told her she was in trouble. Hunter swiftly anchored her legs around his waist before he took them back to the bed, to finish what he or she started?

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