Dark Instincts

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Chapter 32: God Save The King

Hunter reached the underground parking where everyone had already gathered. River, Ryder, Vincent were geared up for mission, and Azura was with her team who were deployed to keep their eye on Lucas. Hunter was dressed in a dark shirt and combat pants with heavy boots; everything on his body would help him to be a better fighter. Daggers and guns were strapped to his body and hidden from plain sight.

“What’s the situation look like?” he asked River.

“Azura and her squad followed Lucas to a remote warehouse,” he answered. “Lucas looks like he’s preparing to meet someone there.”

Hunter crossed his arms. “Meet who?”

“We’ll know once we get there,” said Gabriel who had arrived last and looked as dangerous as the devil himself. “Is Azura in position?”

“Yes,” said River. “She’s got eyes on the whole scene.”

“Good,” Gabriel rolled his shoulder. “It’s been a while since we got into a fight like this.”

“I thought the plan was to not engage?” asked Vincent who was idly leaning on the black convertible.

Gabriel smirked. “Hell’s going to break loose in that warehouse, Vince,” he forewarned. “You better have your big boy shoes on?”

Vincent rolled his eyes. “Damn, and here I thought we’d figure this all out like civil wolves.” Vincent opened the door to the convertible with sigh.

Ryder chuckled excitedly. “Finally, I get to fight those assholes.”

Vincent paired with Ryder and Hunter got in his own car. Gabriel was with River and they always got into his car together. The gates of the parking-lot opened revealing an upward hill into the dark night sky. Ignitions of their car roared alive and one by one they sped ahead to the warehouse. In brief twenty minutes, they reached the outskirts of town to the river bay area. They all parked their cars in the shadows of alleys and patiently waited, like the predators they were since birth.

“Looks like you boys finally made it,” said Azura through their Bluetooth ear-piece.

“What’s going on in there, Azura?” Gabriel asked her.

“Still the same,” she answered. “Lucas, his beta and some of his wolves are waiting for someone to arrive.”

“Who could he be waiting for?” asked River.

“More importantly, for what?” questioned Vincent. “Lucas Waldorf isn’t the type of man to wait in a warehouse for just anyone?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” stated Hunter who was surveying the perimeter around his car. “Lucas is here to make a pact. Why else would he be here, so late at night?”

“Make a deal,” repeated Ryder. “With who?”

“Someone’s coming,” warned Azura.

In front of their hidden convertibles, over a dozen black vans rolled in, and they stopped in front of the warehouse. Through the tinted windows, none of them could see who had arrived. But then the van’s door opened and a brawny man in his late forties sauntered out the car. Dark hair that was going grey, deep grey eyes and he fashioned sophisticated attire, despite looking nothing more than a thug in Valentino suit. The man was followed by legions of men into the warehouse.

“Anyone want to tell me who that old geezer is?” asked Vincent.

“That’s Milo Schwarz,” informed River. “And his son and beta Raleigh Schwarz.”

“Hold on, that’s the alpha of the Blue Blood pack,” astounded Ryder. “I thought that Zero eliminated his pack.”

“That’s what we all thought,” said River.

“What in the hell are they meeting Lucas for?” asked Azura.

“Whatever it is, it can’t be good,” said Hunter.

“Azura, do we have ears inside?” Gabriel asked sternly.

“Yeah,” she told him, “my squad bugged the area already.”

They all quieted over the Bluetooth and turned up the intercom installed in their cars, that allowed them to hear the entire conversation inside the warehouse.

“What took you so long?” Lucas grumbling voice spilled through the intercom, clearly desperate and frantic.

“I had to take extra precautions since I’m being hunted,” said Milo with his deep and course voice.

“Hunted?” asked Lucas. “Oh right, your pack was demolished by Zero.”

“And she’s been after me ever since,” growled Milo. “Bitch doesn’t know when to back off.”

“Like someone else I know,” said Lucas.

Milo sighed. “I’m guessing you’re talking about Gabriel Centauri,” he said. “I heard all about your rivalry and that treaty.”

“I can get you what you need if you help me,” offered Lucas.

Milo’s voice paused over the intercom, but then, he spoke after a moment. “What’re you talking about, Lucas?” he asked. “Be clear with me.”

“I can help you escape Zero,” said Lucas. “If you help me kill Gabriel.”

The intercom fell silent, just like all the Centauri pack members that were waiting in their cars.

“You need wolves to kill that alpha and lots of them,” said Milo.

“Which you can give me,” retorted Lucas. “I need you to send your unmarked wolves to assassinate Gabriel.”

“I can see the common benefit,” said Milo. “With Gabriel Centauri gone, there is more breathing room for wolves like you and I.”

“So, do we have ourselves a deal?” asked Lucas.

Milo chuckled along with the other wolves in the premise. “Damn straight, we have a deal,” he said.

“Bastards.” Vincent’s voice was the first to break the silence over the Bluetooth.

“They really want you dead, brother,” remarked Hunter.

“What can I say, I have a high demand,” retorted Gabriel.

“He wants Milo’s extorted wolves to hunt Gabriel,” said Azura. “Considering how much I despise Lucas, that’s not a stupid plan for an imbecile.”

“Milo has legions of wolves on his side,” grimaced River. “This isn’t looking good.”

“Even if Milo has the numbers, they can’t just come right out and attack Gabriel,” said Hunter. “It’s stupid and reckless-”

“Exactly-” Gabriel interrupted them. “The anger in Lucas is at its peak right now. It’s what’s driving him to make mistakes.”

“Lucas isn’t thinking straight with all that rage masking his eyes,” said Vincent.

“How shocked do you think he’ll be, if we just walked in on him right now?” asked Ryder with a snicker.

“You know Ryder, I was wondering the exact same thing,” said Gabriel, when suddenly, the door to his car opened and he walked out on them.

“What the hell!” astonished Azura like the rest of them.

River unbuckled his belt and rushed to Gabriel’s side. Hunter, Ryder and Vincent were quick to follow too. The warehouse door opened and they sauntered inside.

“Good evening, gentleman,” said Gabriel. “I heard plans to kill me where being made, so I decided to pop in.”

Hunter groaned. “What are you thinking?” he hissed to his brother. But Gabriel’s smirk was definitely something to fear at times like this. Hunter was alert and knew that the whole warehouse was crawling with wolves.

“Mr. Centauri,” Milo opened his arms wide, issuing a clear challenge to Gabriel and his pack members. “What a wonderful surprise. I’m glad you decided to come to me and make my job easier.”

Gabriel raked his hair. “I’m all about surprises, Milo,” he bemused.

Milo’s smirk dropped, a mask of despise soured his face. “From what I’ve heard about you, showing up here wasn’t a smart move,” he said. “You walked into the lion’s den without even realizing it.”

From each corner of the dark warehouse, wolves started to appear looking ferocious and hungry. Their eyes glowed in the dark and their fangs were long as their slobbering mouths foamed.

“You’re outnumbered, Mr. Centauri,” said Milo.

Gabriel raised a brow. “Maybe,” he sighed, “but you’re clearly outmatched. Isn’t that right, Lucas?”

Lucas sneered. “You’ll die tonight, Gabriel,” he warned.

Gabriel’s glare darkened, strong and deadly pheromones emitted through the entire warehouse warning Lucas to watch his tongue. But that wasn’t the only thing Gabriel’s scent warned away. The wolves retreated as well, but it wasn’t going to be for long. Instead of the wolves, shots were fired in their direction. But River and Hunter were quick to act. They all took cover in the connected hall across from them.

“This is bad, we don’t have a good angle on them from here,” grumbled River. “Why do we always have to provoke the other side?”

“It’s in our blood,” answered Gabriel making Ryder and Vincent laugh with him, which earned them an icy glare from River and Hunter.

The shots ended, and that was when, Azura entered through the open warehouse doors. Two tactical revolvers in her hands that were outstretched in front of her. Each shot she took killed every target in her way. Her grey eyes glowed like silver coins when she looked at her targets just before they fell.

“You guys can’t do anything straight,” she barked. “Get your head in the game.” Azura’s team entered closely behind her, giving Gabriel and others an opening to land some of their own kills. They didn’t know how long passed, but wolves were dropping to the ground left and right. But their bullets were running out and the number of wolves increased.

“Lucas might escape if this continues,” said Vincent.

“No, he won’t go anywhere,” sneered Hunter. “He wants to see Gabriel and all of us die. Lucas is probably enjoying the show somewhere safe with Milo.”

“Transitioning into our wolves would end this fight faster,” growled Ryder.

“Too many guns,” warned River. “We’re already limited as it is, if one of us gets shot, it’ll be the end.”

“We need to move from here if we want to even this fight out,” instructed Gabriel.

They were agile on their feet. And it wasn’t hard for any of them to hide in the darkness of the warehouse. They may have been outnumbered, but they were dangerous wolves that were trained to hunt, like no one else in this warehouse had been. The Centauri pack wasn’t to be underestimated merely because they hid under the shadows and used the nimble way to end their enemy’s life.

Hunter vanished like his pack mates. They travelled through the warehouse taking cover near the second exit door. Each chance he got, he snapped the neck of any man that held a gun. The wolves were scoping out the area when they realized that the target had moved without even making a sound.

“Something isn’t right,” said Hunter grimly as a pit sank in his gut. “Milo is probably getting ready to send the second wave of wolves.”

Azura crouched down to where they all had gathered. “More vans just pulled up outside,” she warned them.

The warehouse door opened and rabid wolves ran inside looking for dinner. The only good thing that came out good was that the enemies that held guns were defeated. There were only wolves in the warehouse now.

Hunter, River, Ryder, Vincent and Azura moved in front of Gabriel when wolves started to close in on them. They were fully surrounded and only the covers of the shadows kept them from being found out.

A loud bang alarmed everyone in the warehouse. The door on the opposite side swung open revealing a tall, slender silhouette. The leather trench coat, sharp angular face and those steel blue eyes unmistakably belonged to the rogue alpha, Zero. She shot the wolves that had closed in on Hunter and the rest of them.

“I knew you’d get yourself in trouble,” Zero amused as she entered with long, confident strides towards them. A wolf charged in her direction, she simply glared at the wolf that dared to challenge her. Stopping the wolf in his tracks, she shot the beast ruthlessly before she joined the gang.

“You came alone,” remarked River.

Zero raised a brow at River’s haughty tone. “Do you want me to leave?”

“No, don’t leave,” said Vincent as he smacked River’s shoulder.

“I’m guessing you tracked Milo here,” stated Gabriel.

“And Lucas,” she told them. “I was keeping an eye on him for you and ended up here. But then I saw you walking in here, what was that all about?”

Gabriel shrugged. “Spur of the moment.”

“No, you just like provoking the hell out of everyone that hates you,” Zero remarked.

“So goddamn true,” grumbled River and Hunter.

“If the tea party is over, can we please concentrate!” alarmed Azura who was with her squad killing wolves. Hunter joined Azura and pulled out the daggers strapped to his back. He sliced through as many wolves as he could, but the numbers didn’t end.

Covered in blood, sweat and dirt, they were sturdy on their feet even though they faced vicious wolves, that were looking even more angrier than before. Hunter and the rest of them were just about to transition into their wolf forms.

“When is he coming?” River asked Gabriel, when the door to the warehouse opened once again.

A man dressed in black strode inside. His towering height wasn’t the only thing threatening about him, the scent that came off the man wasn’t that of any ordinary wolf. It was dark, dangerous and bitter-cold. This scent told every wolf in the warehouse, that he was ruthless and that there wasn’t a shred of mercy on his powerfully trained physique.

Hunter looked from Gabriel to the man who walked inside the den full of wolves without any protection. A rabid wolf ran to the defenceless man, but something in Hunter’s gut told him that the wolf just made a very bad call. Under the low flickering light inside the warehouse, Hunter caught sight of the mysterious man’s cobalt blue eyes. They were glazed with ice and deep as the sea itself, they churned and ignited like blue flames when a silver blade was unsheathed in his right hand. The dagger spun in his hand before he slammed the blade inside the wolf’s skull between the ears. The beast dropped to the ground without even a chance to put up a fight. The man pulled out the dagger and cleaned it on the wolf’s grey fur tainting it red.

“Speak of the devil,” bemused Gabriel.

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