Dark Instincts

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Chapter 33: Bigger and Badder

“Who is that?” asked Hunter.

“Alexander Waldorf and his brother Vadik Waldorf,” said Gabriel. Their heads swung back and gaped at their alpha. “What?” he shrugged nonchalantly, before he was approached by Alexander and his brother Vadik, except a few other wolves also joined them after they finished their mission.

“Is this who you wanted me to bring?” Alexander Waldorf asked Gabriel.

“Yeah,” said Gabriel.

Isaiah Iron strode inside with Lazarus, Adrik, Zeiden, Ronin following closely behind him. “He said you had an emergency,” said Isaiah.

Gabriel laid his hand on Isaiah’s shoulder. “Thanks for coming.”

“So, what’s the situation?” asked Lazarus sternly.

“Kill and don’t let anyone live,” said Hunter.

“But leave my father to me,” said Alexander, his voice was edged like a blade that was sharp and smooth.

“Father?” All the guys spoke together.

“No one will get in your way, Alec,” Gabriel reassured Alexander aka Alec, which was what he preferred to be called instead.

Hunter couldn’t wrap his head around what had just happened. “Can someone fill me in?”

Zero smirked. “When’d you plan all this?” she asked Gabriel.

“A couple of months ago Alec reached out to me and we planned this together,” he answered.

“How’d you even meet?” asked Azura.

“Last year in Russia, Alec saved my life,” revealed Gabriel.

River choked on his breath. “What?” he gawked at Gabriel. “When did this happen? Where was I?”

“I left you at the hotel,” Gabriel shrugged his broad shoulders. “I wanted to go out on my own.”

“Damn it,” grumbled River. “This is why I can’t sleep at times.”

Lazarus, Hunter and even Alec’s brother looked at River sympathetically because they all understood how hard it was to protect these alpha wolves, when they didn’t listen to a single word they said properly. But that’s what they get for trying to control an alpha into submission.

“We handled the situation outside,” Isaiah informed Gabriel. “The only ones that are left, are the wolves in here.”

More wolves appeared from the back room. They were probably protecting Lucas and Milo before they were sent as reinforcement, which meant that now Lucas and Milo stood defenceless.

“I need to terminate Milo and his son,” Zero said sternly. “You got it handled here, right?”

“Yeah. Thanks for coming,” Gabriel said.

Zero nodded. “Anytime,” she patted his shoulder before she made her way to Milo to complete her unfinished business with the Blue Blood pack.

Hunter had never seen something quite like these wolves that had gathered to help them. They had turned the tides in seconds upon their arrival, which Hunter couldn’t help but feel relieved. In Gabriel’s book, allies and friendship was what he always had his mind on, and in the warehouse right now, Hunter understood why his big brother was always focused on making friends more than enemies. The fight continued as everyone brought hell down to the wolves who were clearly outnumbered now.

Between the battle, Hunter was alarmed when Alec stepped in the middle of the floor and looked up into the second-floor window. Hunter was sure that the man would be attacked, but no wolf came close to him, but that was maybe because there was a massive bloke protecting his back. From the dark hair and sharp features of their face, they looked twins, but Vadik Waldorf had shifting eyes; one was a light aqua blue whilst the other was jade green.

Hunter pulled out his dagger from the wolf he just slaughtered and looked to the second floor. He found Lucas looking dumbfounded, that his son had returned from Russia and was on the enemy’s side. Alec lifted his hand in the air, indicating his father to come down and face him.

Gabriel, River, Hunter, Vincent and Ryder transitioned into their wolves with all the guys from the Iron Blood pack. In seconds, the remaining wolves were killed off. Azura’s squad gave the news that Milo and his son were killed off by Zero. The outside was clear of any wolves or men just like the inside of the warehouse. But the battle that rested all of their fates began from this very moment.

Lucas climbed down the stairs with Don by his side who was seething with anger. Hunter would’ve gladly chomped his bloody fangs into Don’s thick skull, but this wasn’t his fight anymore. And it looked like Alec’s brother had his eyes locked on Don the whole time. All the wolves transitioned into their human forms and simply watched the confrontation, like Alexander requested from them.

“What are you doing?” sneered Lucas.

Alec’s cobalt blue eyes were masked with a feral flame, that screamed vengeance like a blizzard that buries the world in ice and snow. “I’m here to kill you,” he said simply but it was with great resolve. Alec surely was a man of few words. Blunt and cut-throat, just like his fighting style from what Hunter studied.

Lucas’s mouth lifted into a scorn before he transformed into a big blackish grey wolf, accepting Alec’s challenge for the Waldorf throne. But Lucas stood no chance against his son who was twice as big and so much faster. Alec’s black wolf barred his white fangs and sharp claws and forgetting that the man whose throat he just ripped out was ever his father. Alec’s brother had already dismembered Don’s body, which satisfied an edge in Hunter and everyone else in the room.

“Damn, those boys don’t hold back,” said Vincent. “But I’m glad that it’s all over.”

Looking at the brutally slaughtered bodies, Hunter couldn’t help but agree with his brother. Alec and Vadik transformed back, their eyes met and between the heavy silence, they exchanged an unspoken bond. They both had done what they had set out to do when they arrived here tonight.

“We should head out,” said Lazarus who didn’t look at all unnerved by the whole fight. “This isn’t a place where we should all be seen.”

“We’ll meet on my territory,” instructed Gabriel. “There are a few things we should clear up before you all go to your homes.”

The sun peaked out from the horizon letting them know that dawn had passed. Everyone that had arrived to help with the mission got in their cars. Isaiah and his pack members followed Gabriel’s car same as Alec and his brother did. They all regrouped at the Centauri gates after the chaotic night came to an end to a bright Saturday morning.

They parked their cars just outside the Institute and made their way towards the Centauri manor, which wasn’t as quiet as they thought it would be. Klaus, Viola and Hailey were all awake and their noise from the kitchen could be heard outside. Hunter moved past the men into the house where he found his mate with his siblings.

“You’re all back,” said Klaus.

Hunter smiled when he saw his mate bustling around the kitchen, her eyes overflowed with ease and her smile brightened his whole day up. “We’re home-” he mumbled under a relieving breath. He went to Hailey’s side first before anything.

Hailey’s gentle eyes lifted. “How’d everything go with the mission?” she asked turning in his arms. Her shy smile that was only for his eyes to see, warmed his heart and fanned a fire in his body to be with his mate.

“So much better now that I’m here with you.” He kissed her, making her blush. She wriggled out of his arms and continued to help Klaus.

“We have guests,” said Viola as she saw the crowd of men following Gabriel into the house.

“They helped us with Lucas,” River said as he marched inside after.

Vincent led the men inside to the living room, where they all gladly took a seat waiting for Gabriel to lay down what had just transpired in that warehouse.

Hunter put his arm around his mate’s shoulders. “I really don’t want to leave your side-”

“But you need to go-” she finished for him. Her blue eyes stayed focused on the chopping in front of her. “I’ll be here when you get back.”

Hunter kissed the temple of her forehead before he patted Klaus’s shoulder supportively and joined everyone in the living room. He didn’t take a seat, instead he moved around the table and stood next to Gabriel. Azura, River and Ryder were standing with Vincent who was seated on the chair. On the other side of the room, Isaiah sat with his beta and brother Lazarus, and behind them were Zeiden, Adrik and Ronin who were highly skilled fighters, which Hunter was grateful that they all had come along for the mission.

It was then, when Hunter’s eyes fixated on the man who was well over six feet, leaning on the wall.

Alec Waldorf’s blue eyes had turned into immaculate sapphires under the bright sunlight, that streamed through the curtains. Alec’s rigid muscles proved that he trained just as hard as Hunter and the other men to get that robust built to his stature. His dark shirt cleaved to his broad shoulders like it was stitched onto his skin. This wolf and man had a lethal aura, and his intense gaze was intelligent and brutally taciturn, that it even caught Hunter off guard.

Alec’s younger brother was no less daunting either. Vadik Waldorf stood right beside his brother, like Hunter was next to Gabriel. Hunter understood the bond between the brothers, because Hunter had it the same for his own. Vadik’s mismatched eyes were just like Hunter’s when it came to protecting Gabriel. Resilient to the core, ferociousness and raw fucking power emitted from Vadik and Alec, and everyone could definitely sense it.

“You didn’t tell me last night that Alec saved your life in Russia?” River asked Gabriel.

“I only told you the major details,” said Gabriel. “And I knew how you would have reacted, if I had.”

“Why didn’t you tell us what you were planning?” asked Azura.

“I didn’t tell any of you because it needed to be a secret,” said Gabriel.

“We understand that, but how did you arrange Alexander to come here so quickly?” asked Vincent.

Gabriel looked at Alec amused. “We’ve been sort of planning this ever since we met, right Alec?”

“I believe so,” he answered.

“When I went to Russia and got attacked by some thugs. Alec joined the fight and helped me out,” said Gabriel. “I didn’t know who he was at first, it was only until he said his name.”

“How come Lucas never found out about this?” Isaiah inquired. “I’m sure he kept tabs on his sons even though they didn’t live with him.”

“The treaty…” mumbled Hunter. He regarded Gabriel.

“Don’t get me wrong. I truly wanted peace between the two packs, and I was willing to let it all go if Lucas had cooperated,” Gabriel said. “But like Alec predicted, Lucas had other plans.”

“So, the treaty served as a distraction,” said Vincent.

Gabriel nodded. “That’s how it worked out in the end,” he said. “Lucas was so focused on us, that he didn’t see what his sons had planned for him.”

Hunter turned his gaze back to Alec. “Why now?” he asked of him. “Why did you follow Gabriel through with this plan?”

Alec’s flaming blue gaze turned to Hunter. “I needed a way to kill Lucas and Gabriel gave it to me, that’s all,” he stated firmly.

“What will you do now?” Isaiah asked Alec. “Will you be heading back to Russia?”

Hunter understood why Isaiah had a mixture of concern in his strict voice. It was because out of everyone in the room, Isaiah probably understood Alec the most, since Isaiah had killed his own father, like Alec had an hour ago.

“No,” said Alec. “I’m going to get the Waldorf pack under my control as alpha.”

Gabriel laid his strong arm on the mantel over the fire place. “It’ll suit you,” he jested.

Alec’s lips slightly lifted into the faintest of smiles. He shifted off the wall and met Gabriel half-way. “I’ll be seeing you at the next treaty signing, right?” he said haughtily.

Gabriel’s golden eyes flickered with amusement. He walked up and grabbed the man’s hand. “We signed our pact in Russia last year, Alec,” he bemused. “But yes. Formally, I will visit you as a pack leader to join forces.”

Alec’s turned over to Isaiah. “I hope the same with you as well,” he said.

Isaiah’s frown dispelled. “I would like that.”

“If I’m going to do the paperwork all over again, then I might as well do it for your pack too, Isaiah?” asked Vincent. “All three packs can formally sign an allegiance treaty.”

Gabriel hummed. “Good idea, Vincent,” he said. “We can discuss more, but I need breakfast and so do all of you.” Gabriel turned his head over to the Isaiah and Alec. “Use the guest bedrooms, freshen up and eat before you go.”

“I think we all need to freshen up,” remarked Ryder as he moved from his brother’s side.

“Got that straight, we all smell like wolves,” Azura said, “and I don’t mean that literally or as a compliment.”

“Thanks, Azura,” snipped Vincent. “I love to be told on a fine Saturday morning that I smell like a mutt.”

“You’re welcome,” retorted Azura.

“Can all of you make it to our rooms without the yapping,” said River. “You’re giving me a headache for crying out loud.”

Everyone went to their rooms to change their clothes and wash off the dirt and sweat. Gabriel took Isaiah, his pack members, Alec and his brother to the empty rooms to freshen up as well. Hunter returned to the kitchen to find Hailey who was the only one that could cleanse him of last night’s nightmare.

Hunter looked around the kitchen, he only spotted Klaus on his laptop at the table. “Where’s Hailey?”

Klaus’s eyes didn’t look at Hunter, since they were fixated on the screen. “Bedroom,” he simply answered.

Hunter hastily climbed the stairs two-at-a-time and reached his room in search of his mate. More than the thrill that he could take off his dirty clothes and bath. He opened the door and found Hailey laid across the bed, on her stomach, her head laid down on her arm as the breeze from the opened balcony doors flipped the pages of her book.

Hunter closed the door behind him. He stood where her feet dangled and he smiled down at her. Her flaming red hair tumbled behind her, she adorned a silky black camisole and a mid-thigh plaid skirt. Hunter’s eyes absorbed her radiance as she soundly basked under the golden light coming from outside.

Not wanting to disturb her rest, Hunter went into the shower first and washed away the dirt and blood. He cleaned off his daggers and guns before he put them aside on the counter. Hunter used a towel to dry off his hair when he returned to the bedroom, only in a pair of beaten-down blue jeans.

Hailey’s eyes fluttered open. “Did I fall asleep?” she asked herself since she clearly didn’t see him.

“Just for a few moments,” he told her as he came up to the bed.

Hailey turned over. “The sun was so welcoming that I must have dozed off,” her lips lifted into a lazy smile.

Hunter’s eyes fixed on the way her hair fell around her shoulder, the straps of her camisole had both fallen down. She didn’t reach to fix her tousled state, or that her skirt had hitched up her thighs, those long creamy legs were exposed for him to fantasize about.

“Did you eat yet?” she asked as she pulled him out of his thoughts.

“No,” he told her. “We all needed to freshen up first. Gabriel invited the other guys too.”

“The men that came with you?” she clarified.

Hunter nodded. “They helped us a lot during the mission,” he said. “We owe them.”

“I recognized the man with the grey eyes, Isaiah Iron and his pack,” she said. “But who were the other two wolves?”

“Alexander Waldorf and Vadik Waldorf,” Hunter said.

A moment passed when Hailey’s eyes widened. “Waldorf, as in Lucas Waldorf?”

Hunter tossed the towel on the couch. “Alec and his brother hate Lucas,” he told Hailey. “They were working with Gabriel to get rid of their father.”

“So, the person Gabriel was always referring to was Alec, who also happens to be Lucas Waldorf’s son,” she recited so it was clear as day to her. “That’s…unexpected.”

Hunter snickered. “I had the same reaction earlier too,” he said as he rested his knee on the bed, sneaking closer to her.

Hailey’s bluish grey eyes lifted from under her auburn lashes. “When did Gabriel meet Lucas’s son?” she asked.

Hunter prowled on top of her, but she was clearly distracted to notice that her back was pressed against the mattress. “Last year, in Russia,” he said fleetingly as his eyes scavenged over her alluring body.

“Gabriel went to Russia,” she amazed. “Lucky for him to meet Lucas’s son out of all people.”

Hunter skimmed his hands down her arms, his hands laced with hers and he brought them over her head. “Yeah, lucky for him…” his voice fell as his lips kissed up her chest.

“Hunter-” she called out his name as a warning, because she recognized the lick of hunger in his amber eyes. “We’ll be late for breakfast.”

Hunter raised a brow. “Baby, why would I care about food when I’ve got you to sate my needs?” His voice was thick with desire, the blazing hot need to be inside his mate right now was all he could think about.

Hailey’s lovely laughter chimed in his ears. “There’s no beating you,” she sighed. “Well, just be quick because unlike you, I’m starving.”

Hunter locked his lips onto hers and showed her how quick he could be to bringing them both to bone-wracking release.

Hailey scrambled off the bed and went to the bathroom to fix her disordered appearance, which made him feel giddy for bringing her to such an adorable but sexy state. He slipped on a white shirt and leaned on the bathroom door.

“Now who’s taking too long?” he remarked behind her. He saw her cutely pout through the reflection of the mirror. Hailey combed through her tousled hair with her fingers and fixed the straps of her camisole. Hunter came up behind her, his hand moved over hers and he fixed her mini-skirt over her curvaceous hips and butt, just above her thighs.

“I can’t feel my legs,” she mumbled as she nudged her shoulder back hitting him directly on his chest.

Hunter pretended to feel hurt by melodramatically grabbing where she hit him. “I can’t feel my heart-” he teased making her giggle- “maybe because… it feels like you have it with you.”

Hailey’s eyes warmed. “I feel the same way,” she whispered back.

They joined everyone in the busy kitchen where they were all helping arrange the dining room for the large number of guests. Hunter watched as Hailey joined right by Klaus’s side and helped him. The front door was wide open where Isaiah, his pack mates, River and Vadik were with Gabriel. Vincent, Viola and Ryder were with Azura in the dining room.

Hunter found a bowl of fresh blueberries and got busy munching them down, when Alec came down the stairs looking refreshed from a shower. It was faint but he looked much younger and relaxed now.

“Blueberry?” Hunter held the bowl out to him.

Alec’s blue eyes, that matched the berries in the bowl gazed at Hunter. “Thanks,” he said and grabbed a few.

Hailey came around and it looked like she was laughing over what the rest of the guys in the dining room were saying. “Those boys are too much,” she told Hunter, and he didn’t need to be told that twice, because he knew very well how ridiculous their pack got at times.

“Hey, you must be Alec,” Hailey smiled at the stoic alpha catching him off guard, which was clear to Hunter. “I’m Hailey, my mate told me a lot about you-”

Hunter froze when she used those endearing words. My mate was what she called him. It wasn’t much but this was the first time she had done that. Hunter was too busy grinning that he didn’t even notice what Alec had said before Hailey walked away from them. Hunter was so close to following her, but Alec’s puzzled expression stopped him.

“You okay?” asked Hunter.

Alec gaze was directed towards the outside porch. “I’ve never seen anything like this pack,” he said. “You guys are so w-”

“Weird-” interrupted Hunter.

“Warm,” said Alec faintly. “How did he manage to do something other alphas struggle so much to do?”

Hunter knew that Alec spoke of Gabriel, and that’s who those blue eyes were looking at so intently too. “Let me tell you a secret, Alec. Gabriel’s like a mirror, his heart holds no secrets or deceit,” Hunter said. “What you see, is what you get from him.”

Alec nodded. “I guess that’s what made me trust him so easily,” he shared.

“And the same goes for his pack,” said Hunter. “We all know who he is, which makes us do nothing else other than protect him.” Hunter supportively patted Alec’s shoulder before he went in search of his Hailey.

Breakfast broke into a rowdy ruckus when everyone came together in the dining room. Food was packed onto the entire table; Klaus and Hailey were quick to act when they realized that how much they cooked was less- Lazarus was a great help too, who knew that the big iron beta was a master chef in the kitchen. They were surrounded by outsider pack members, but it didn’t feel strange or uncomfortable. Hunter didn’t find it necessary to stay on his toes and be weary of the new wolves. Every single wolf in this room was honourable and loyal, that much was clear to Hunter.

“Good luck, Alec,” said Gabriel. “If you need anything, just give me a call.”

Alec’s cobalt blue eyes brightened. “Thanks,” he said. “I’ll be seeing you around, Gabriel.”

“On good terms, I hope,” remarked Hunter. “Meeting in a warehouse for a fight, wasn’t a very cozy get-together.”

Vadik’s lips lifted into a smile, surprising Hunter that he managed to get that brother to smile at all. His mismatched eyes sparkled under the light, making him appear younger and less threatening. “You guys aren’t so bad,” Vadik sighed before he turned on his feet. “Come on, Alec. Let’s go.”

Alec exchanged a simple nod with Gabriel and Hunter before he left the property with Vadik. Isaiah and his pack mates appeared after they helped clean the dishes with Viola and Vincent.

Gabriel shook Isaiah’s hand. “Thanks for coming on such short notice.”

“It’s no big deal,” said Isaiah. “Alec said you needed backup. There was no other choice but to come for you and your pack.” Isaiah’s misty grey eyes landed on Hunter. “It was good seeing you guys.”

“You could stay longer,” offered Gabriel.

Isaiah shook his head and looked at his brothers who were causing a commotion at their cars already. “I need to get back to my mate,” he said.

“Gabriel told us,” grinned Hunter. “Congrats.”

Isaiah smiled. “Thanks,” he said before he walked off the porch and joined his pack to go home.

Hunter above all else understood the smile on Isaiah’s face, that appeared when he remembered his mate’s face. Hunter, himself, had the same reaction with Hailey. They couldn’t help but get butterflies in their gut and have a secret smile, that’s only meant for her, their mate. Hunter returned to the dining room and leaned on the doorframe as he lost himself in Hailey’s smile, her radiant glow that made his knees weak. Nothing compared to this moment for him, he knew deep down that he was never going to be the same without Hailey. The bond they shared consumed them both, and Hunter loved it, loved her and so did their wolves.

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