Dark Instincts

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Chapter 34: Epilogue

The day was bright and shining. Hunter’s mind reeled back when he realized what day it was and that it had finally arrived. His body reacted to the warmth beside him before he even opened his eyes. Hunter’s arm was tightly locked around Hailey and she was pressed back against his chest. Her head rested on his arm and she was tucked under his chin. Hunter kissed the crown of her head. He realized that Hailey was spot-on last night, he should have let her sleep earlier so she could wake up. But he couldn’t help how tempting she looked wrapped in his bedsheets, like she did right now.

“Wake up, baby,” he whispered against her ear. Hunter pulled away from her side and shifted on top of her. She turned onto her stomach and moaned in her sleep. Hunter kissed down her back over the curve of her butt. “Hailey, we’re going to be late,” he warned but nothing from her.

Hunter nipped the skin and reframed from leaving any marks on her skin, since she told him that she wanted everything perfect tonight. But he already thought she looked prefect with or without his marks. He didn’t really fret over it, except his wolf was irked all night. But Hunter knew that after the ceremony was finished, Hunter would mark and claim her with every ounce of his strength, that he held back last night.

Hunter’s wicked hand inched up between her legs, his fingers were closing in on her core. He swiped across the folds and pushed inside her, Hailey moaned in her sleep. Hunter settled between her legs, his fingers worked inside her core that grew more wet and pulled with desire like his own body was at the very moment. His shaft hardened and throbbed to be inside of her.

Hailey’s eyes slowly opened and she didn’t even need to look back to see who had woken her up. She bit her lip and opened wider for him, making him wickedly grin. “Good morning to you too,” she gasped when he pushed in another finger.

Hunter leaned over and kissed her shoulder. “Good morning, baby,” he pulled out his fingers when he knew she was wet enough to take him. He held her by her waist and pulled her up on her knees, she propelled herself on her elbows and turned to look in his eyes, as he pushed his pulsating erection inside her molten core. Both of them lost themselves in the blaring hot sensation of their bodies joining. Hunter and Hailey climbed to the heights of their erotic orgasm that shattered their bodies. They both collapsed onto the bed after Hunter released inside of her core.

A sudden knock interrupted them. “Wake up, you two!” It was Viola’s voice. “It’s your wedding day…or night, which one is it?”

“Night,” answered Azura, “since the ceremony is held at night.”

Hailey chuckled at the voices outside, but Hunter was not amused one bit. He only needed a few moments with his mate, but apparently that was too much to ask for in this pack.

“Give me a moment, Viola!” Hailey yelled back. She rolled over and jumped out of bed, running into the shower. She took a few moments before she returned to the bedroom with wet hair and a silky white bathrobe covered her, which she brought over like the rest of her things from her cabin. Hunter had offered that he could move in with her, but she refused because she enjoyed being around the family.

“I’ll see you in a couple of hours,” said Hunter as he got off the bed and reached her side.

Hailey’s smile was as radiant as ever. “Yeah,” she said. Hunter kissed her long and hard taking a moment to breath in her essence, so he could survive the separation. His lips landed on the juncture of her neck where she smelt of their bonding scent, that was stronger and darker than ever.

“Hailey, come on-” Azura and Viola were still standing outside the door.

Hailey leaned up and kissed Hunter sweetly before she opened the door and joined the other girls. Hunter went to take a shower himself, with a huge smile plastered on his face. When he returned, Vincent was holding up a package with a broad smile.

“Got you the best for your big night,” he said.

Hunter grabbed the hanger from Vincent and laid it down on the bed. He unzipped it to find a crisp Tom Ford black pinstripe Shelton suit, that was rich and undeniably perfect for the occasion.

Gabriel sauntered inside only half dressed himself. “Great suit,” he said as he was doing up his cuff-links.

“I know,” said Vincent smugly. “My choice is never wrong.”

Klaus joined them next who was dressed in a tuxedo himself, but his bow tie was loose. “Can someone help,” he indicated towards his tie. Gabriel moved around and tied the bow for the guy.

“Vincent, I have your cellphone,” Ryder’s voice echoed in the hall outside Hunter’s room.

“In here,” Vincent said eagerly.

Ryder appeared looking mighty fine in a dark Burgundy suit, that Vincent definitely picked out for him too. His blue gaze landed on Vincent when he entered. “You left it last night at my place,” he said and Vincent thanked him for bringing it over. Ryder then turned and saw the others. “You guys still aren’t ready. Hurry up, men,” he astonished walking past Klaus over to Hunter. “Good morning, groom.” Hunter grinned as he pulled the shirt and jacket free. “How are you feeling? Anxious?” asked Ryder.

Hunter shook his head. “Never been more ready in my life,” he said firmly.

River waltzed inside the room. “Guests are starting to arrive.” He pulled on his suit’s jacket with haste.

“I know this is Hunter’s wedding and all, but why am I more nervous than him?” asked Ryder.

Vincent chuckled. “It’s because you, my friend get very nervous in crowds, like a little child.”

Ryder glared and Vincent and crossed his arms. “You are such an ass,” he gritted out. “I don’t even know why I stick with you. You literally bring me so much pain.”

“It’s because you’re my best friend,” said Vincent boastfully.

“Best? Best?” Ryder astonished. “Boy, I’m your only friend. And I gotta deal with your bullshit all day.”

Vincent smirked. “Exactly,” he slapped his hand on Ryder’s shoulder. “That’s what friends do.”

“Can you two cut it out,” said Gabriel as he helped Hunter fix the collar of his shirt. Klaus laughed at them as he helped Gabriel and Hunter. River shoved the two men who were no help and causing them more trouble than they all could handle.

Vincent and Ryder ditched the groom and went straight to the bride’s room, where the indistinct chatter of female voices was booming through the door.

“How’s the bride holding up?” Vincent leaned on the door frame with a grin.

Hailey stood in a gorgeous wedding dress, that Sakura (the fashion stylist) picked out and sent over for her, in record time. Hailey’s chest was secured behind a tight bodice that was encrusted with small diamonds that circled around her entire chest and over the lace sleeves. The long skirt draped behind and glimmered like ocean pearls, so pure and angelic.

“You look beautiful, Hailey,” said Ryder.

Hailey blushed. “Thanks.”

“Put your eyes back in your head and help us out,” said Viola.

“What help am I here?” asked Ryder, clearly confused by Viola’s demand.

Azura came around and put her hand on his shoulder. “She means pour us some champagne, sport,” she chuckled and took a seat beside Hailey.

Ryder rolled his eyes. “You girls are insane,” he muttered.

“What’d you say?” grumbled Viola, her hands were busy fixing Hailey’s gown otherwise she would’ve attacked Ryder.

“Nothing,” answered Ryder and got to pouring them all champagne.

Hailey stood in front of the full-length mirror with no hope of the butterflies in her stomach settling. The wedding planning passed by like a flash and it all felt like a hazy dream, until now. Hailey’s swallowed the champagne Ryder passed her and chugged all of its content, surprising him.

“Sorry, I’m just tense,” she told him giving him the glass again.

Ryder chuckled. “It’s all good,” he said. “I understand why you’re so nervous. Standing in front of hundreds of guests makes my gut lurch just thinking about it.”

Hailey’s skin paled, her throat tightened and she almost felt her heart give out. “Oh god,” she mumbled.

Vincent pulled Ryder away before Viola could punch him. “What he meant to say was that, you should just enjoy this night and not worry about anything else,” Vincent said.

“Yeah, totally,” added Ryder.

Azura laughed over the rim of her glass. “You saved yourselves from that one,” she told Vincent.

The door to the room opened and familiar faces walked inside. Veronica and her mate Czar Bacardi joined the group.

“Veronica, Czar,” said Viola. “We’re so glad you two could make it earlier than the ceremony.”

Veronica’s blue eye brightened. “We’re always happy to help, midear,” she laid her hand on Viola’s cheek. “How’s our bride doing?” Veronica opened her arms and smiled brightly at Hailey. “You are perfection, Hailey. Doesn’t she look stunning, Czar?”

Czar stoic expression eased. His green eyes smiled at Hailey. “She really does,” he said making Hailey blush.

“Thank you,” said Hailey. “It means a lot that you were able to come tonight.”

Veronica grabbed both of Hailey’s hands. “Don’t be nervous,” she said calmly, that eased the coils in Hailey’s gut. “This night is very special for mates. Enjoy it with Hunter as much as you can.”

Hailey nodded. “I will,” she said.

“Mom, hurry up!” A voice boomed outside the hallway making all of their heads turn.

“Don’t run!” Another voice yelled right after.

Dimitri dressed in a tuxedo with tousled black hair and ocean blue eyes ran inside. Evangeline hot on his tail ran inside with her copper hair coiled on her head and dressed in a pink dress.

Hailey knelt to the floor and Dimitri ran into her arms. “You’re still as cute as ever, Dimitri,” she squeezed the boy in her arms.

“Where’s Zachariah?” Czar asked Evangeline.

She straightened her dress and wind-swept hair. “He’s with Hunter and Isaiah arrived as well,” she answered even though she was out of breath from chasing her little boy.

“Oh, thanks for telling me,” said Czar. He kissed his wife before he made his way to Hunter’s room. Ryder and Vincent left with Czar, leaving all the girls to themselves.

“Dimitri, we don’t want to ruin her dress,” Evangeline ushered her son off Hailey, so his shoes wouldn’t tarnish the white gown. Dimitri rolled his eyes, but he still moved away. “You look gorgeous, Hailey,” she said. “Doesn’t she, Dimitri?”

Dimitri looked up with his big blue eyes. “Yeah, you sure do,” he said.

Hailey kissed his rosy cheek. “You look so handsome today too, Dimitri,” she fixed his tousled hair, which he hated but he let her. “Thank you for coming today, Evangeline.”

Evangeline’s smile broadened. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she said.

“If Isaiah is here, then Ashley should have arrived as well,” said Viola.

“Speak of the devil-” a voice caught their attention. And instantly the room filled with squeals. Ashley sauntered into the room with her perfect golden hair; opened and curled, the heavy mass rested on her shoulder. She adorned a tight navy-blue dress that had a sweetheart neckline, her feet were sparkling in glittery silver heels and the iconic red soles. But that wasn’t what their attention was drawn towards.

Veronica rushed to Ashley’s side offering a hand. “I told you to rest downstairs,” she cautioned.

“I got bored,” she said. “Besides, I needed to see this beautiful bride.”

“You’re pregnant,” astounded Azura and Evangeline who had smelt the strong pheromones from the young alpha-female of the Iron Blood pack.

Viola’s mouth dropped open. “Congratulations!” she ran over and hugged Ashley, so did Hailey.

“How far are you?” asked Hailey.

Ashley’s blue gaze brightened. “A few weeks,” she said.

“That is such good news,” said Hailey. “I’m so happy for you and Isaiah.”

Ashley glossy lips smiled. “I’m so happy for you too!” she exclaimed and hugged Hailey again. “This calls for a round of champagne-” All the women in the room opened their mouths. Ashley chuckled at their reaction- “I know girls, no alcohol for me. I meant for you since I’m sticking to juice all night.”

Evangeline and Ashley settled on the couch with Azura, who started discussing the procedure of pregnancy, since Evangeline was the only one in the group who had given birth. Hailey smoothed down the skirt of her gown. She lifted her lashes and looked at her reflection. She was so glad that she decided to secure her hair in a chignon, so she wouldn’t have to bother with it all night.

The girls spent all their time in the room, that they didn’t even notice when the full moon had risen outside.

“It’s showtime, ladies,” said Veronica as she rose from her seat.

All the ladies and Dimitri hugged Hailey once more before they left her standing alone, downstairs at the foyer. From where she stood, she could secretly see the entire crowd sitting on chairs that were lined up on the entire field. Isaiah was whispering to Ashley as they sat together with Lazarus, Zeiden, Ronin and Adrik. Evangeline was next to her own mate Zachariah and Dimitri was on his father’s lap, playing with their matching ties. Alexander Waldorf who had become the new alpha of his pack had also joined them tonight, his brother Vadik who was Alec’s beta was sitting next to him.

Hailey captured the entire Centauri pack settled on the side filling up all the seats. Her students were respectfully sitting in their seats with their parents or siblings, they were always so well-behaved and she was glad that they were all here with her tonight.

A white carpet was laid out, for her to walk on leading to Hunter who stood at the front with Vincent, Klaus, River and Ryder behind him. Czar stood as the officiator, just like he had for Ashley and Isaiah’s wedding.

The sky was dark and the moon was right behind her mate. She lost her breath when she gazed at Hunter from the back. Devilishly handsome, he stood proudly and looked completely at ease, unlike her. Not only did it feel like her heart was about to burst, but she had to control her breathing, otherwise she would have fainted before this ceremony even began.

Hailey had never wished for her parents more than tonight. She desperately craved that she didn’t have to walk down the aisle alone. Hailey looked up to the sky and prayed to Maya, that her tears wouldn’t ruin her makeup. She took deep breaths and got herself under control, but the ache was still cutting her heart.

“Nervous?” A voice startled her.

Hailey turned to find Gabriel dressed in a tuxedo looking as striking as ever. “Yeah,” she told him. “I feel a bit faint.”

Gabriel joined her side. “I would be too if I had to do this alone,” he said reminding Hailey of her parents. “But you’re not alone-” Hailey’s solemn gaze glimpsed into Gabriel’s firm golden gaze- “because I’m right here with you.”

Hailey’s throat tightened. “Thank you,” she said softly.

“If you’d do me the honours, I’d love to walk you down the aisle?” he asked politely with a dashing smile. “I know that usually the bride’s father would do this task. But I would like to walk you to my brother, since you’ve made him such a happy man.”

“I would be the one who is honoured, Gabriel,” said Hailey.

Gabriel straightened his reliable and broad shoulders, that held the weight of the world so effortlessly. He offered her his arm, “Ready?” he asked.

Hailey took his arm. “Yes,” she said before he escorted her down the aisle to Hunter.

Under the full moon, Hailey stood proudly in front of Hunter. They held hands as Czar tied a ribbon purified by lunar light. The white silk tied around Hunter and Hailey’s left wrist. Czar called out to Maya to sanctify the union of Hailey Swan and Hunter Centauri.

They shared a searing kiss, which was backed by loud hollering by the entire Centauri pack. Hailey forgot all about her nerves and the crowd and just focused on her mate. She melted in Hunter’s arms and spent a moment cherishing this night. The very night she gained a family, the love of her life and a chance to live her best life for herself and her parents. Hailey thanked Maya for guiding her to pure happiness and the bliss of being part of such a remarkable group of wolves.

From the full moon above, Maya showered her blessings over everyone at the wedding. More than anyone, she was the happiest to see this union sanctify, which was predestined years ago, like the others she had planned out. Her luminous silvery gaze spotted the Isaiah Iron and Ashley Iron who had made a perfect pair like she predicted.

And as always, she enjoyed the party from the sidelines. Maya’s mischievous gaze landed on the next wolf that would need her interference to find a mate. Maya transformed into her wolf form- that was more beautiful than any person could ever imagine, and she ran up to the tip of a mountain cliff.

The wedding broke into a celebration, which lasted all night long, because the Centauri pack always knew how to have and show a good time.

-The End-

A/N: I cannot believe that I am writing this right now… I literally have no words. I don’t know what to tell you guys. Except THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

This book would not have reached the level it has without every single one of you readers. Dark Instincts has been such a success and it has opened up a new world for me and for you guys. The Centauri family are everything to me, and for you guys to enjoy them just as much as me, makes me the happiest writer in the world.

This werewolf world I built has introduced so many characters, that they all need a story! I will eventually get to all of them, but until then, I hope you all daydream about these wolves, like I secretly do all day LOL *okay I’m done*

Thank you to all the fans that stuck through this very lengthy book, which I apologize for making it so long.

My future plan is to beat myself up and finish Gabriel’s book, so I can post it for all of you. I’m very excited for his book, so I hope you are too.

A lot more is to come from me, so watch out guys. However, I’m going to take a short vacation for a couple of days, so I can sleep because I haven’t slept while finishing this book for you guys.

After my hibernation, I will post Gabriel’s book!

Dark Desires… will be coming soon to Wattpad.

Yours truly, A. K. Kaur

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