Dark Instincts

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Chapter 6: Bittersweet

-Hunter’s POV-

It was an understatement to say that Hunter was just in a bad mood, he was furious over what happened today with Hailey. A man was inside her house, even worse her bedroom and she didn’t have the slightest worry about it. Hunter would’ve done something really bad if the man wasn’t Daniel Callahan, he worked as a guard patrol at the gates of their property. Hunter was mindful that Daniel wasn’t into girls, so when he saw that the man inside Hailey’s house was none other than Daniel, he didn’t panic as much as he would have if it was someone else. As much as Hunter didn’t like to admit it, he was protective of what’s his; he didn’t like it but he couldn’t help it either.

Hunter was at his limit, he didn’t know how long he could go one with Hailey being completely oblivious to their bond. He was going to take it slow and court her like a gentleman should, but now he had his doubts with that plan. Hailey had to be told, otherwise the next guy that comes around her might not get off so easily.

All that aside, there was another pressing matter to solve.

Hunter climbed the fleet of stairs towards his bedroom and ran straight in the bathroom for a shower. It didn’t take him long to freshen up and change into a Valentino suit that was kindly ironed by Cedric, which was usually not his choice of attire. However, Gabriel finally had the last summit with Waldorf pack for the peace treaty to be officially sealed and sighed. It was Hunter’s duty as beta to be by his alpha’s side for this occasion, and Hunter wouldn’t miss it for the world because this treaty warranted his pack’s safety.

“Hunter, let’s go already!” Vincent shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

Hunter rolled his eyes at his brother’s imposing remark, he grabbed his cell phone before they all gathered at the foyer.

“Damn,” Vincent’s eyes examined his brother, “I always forget how nice you clean up,” he remarked mockingly, he was already dressed to excellence with a sterling grey Armani suit.

Gabriel appeared from the kitchen on time with his own suit polished and primed, and the gold glint of the Centauri ring screamed his authority. “Ready?”

“Whenever you are,” said Hunter.

They were just about to leave, when the wide front door opened, and Viola strutted inside with a hot pink box in her hands, she acknowledged them with a smile and then strode off into the kitchen. They all spotted Klaus not too far behind with a delicious chocolate-swirl cupcake in his hand, it wasn’t a second later that they all followed their sister to the kitchen.

Viola already grabbed the napkins from the drawer and laid them out to use, but they all knew they weren’t going to do that. She opened the box and the scent of sugar and cream wafted around the room.

“When did you buy these?” asked Vincent before he grabbed the red velvet with vanilla icing cupcake.

“I didn’t,” said Viola as she bit into her own rainbow confetti cupcake.

Gabriel shoved passed Hunter and snatched the last chocolate one. “These look delicious,” he said without even grabbing a napkin; they all shared a sweet tooth even their wolves.

Hunter reached for the simple vanilla and devoured the scrumptious taste of sweetened bread and buttercream.

Klaus sauntered in with a beaming smile. “Aren’t they good?”

They hummed at the remarkable cupcake taste.

“Thanks for the treat, Viola,” said Vincent.

“Don’t thank me,” revealed Viola. “Hailey made them for us,”

Hunter choked on his last bite. “What,” he coughed.

Viola snickered. “She made us cupcakes,” she repeated and it annoyed the hell out of him that she left other details out.

“I should ask her to teach me,” said Klaus whilst ignoring Hunter’s frenzied state. “Seriously, these are so good.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” added Gabriel after he devoured his cupcake. “It was a nice treat before the summit.”

“Sure was,” added Vincent.

Hunter ignored that his brothers were getting ready to leave. Hungry for more information, “When did she give you these?” Hunter asked Viola eagerly.

“A few moments ago,” answered Viola.

“I was just at her house,” said Hunter. “When did you even meet her?”

“I was on a run,” she said very vaguely.

Hunter could smell her lie a mile away, but he didn’t pry more from Viola because he knew she was the last person his interrogations would work on, so he left her.

“She even wrote a note,” said Viola and she opened a little slip and read; “To Gabriel and Family, thank you for all your hard work. I hope you enjoy this special treat and have a great day.”

“Wow,” said Vincent. “She completely ignored Hunter.”

Gabriel laughed. “Our sister-in-law seems to be fitting right in.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” said Klaus.

“Are we serious right now,” snapped Hunter. “She literally has no clue about our bond. You won’t even believe what happened at her house.”

Vincent’s interest perked. “Oh, you made yourself comfortable in her house,” he tormented Hunter openly.

Hunter groaned. “Is it necessary to tease me?”

Vincent arched a brow. “Necessary, not at all. Hilarious, absolutely,” they all laughed along with Vincent.

“So, you were saying?” asked Klaus.

Hunter was about to get into the details, when a heavy presence consumed the air in the kitchen like a plague. He didn’t even need to turn around to know who was standing right behind him.

“Robert,” Gabriel’s voice was cold. “Can we help you?”

“You’re meeting with the Waldorf pack today?” He asked with the same hardness in his voice they were all used to by now.

Hunter caught Gabriel’s eyes; they weren’t annoyed or tense but simply composed. “Yes,” he answered curtly. “The treaty will be signed today.”

Robert nodded. “I shouldn’t have to remind you to be careful,” he said. “Lucas may be as old as a bat, but he’s still dangerous.”

Hunter bit the insides of his cheeks, he didn’t speak or make a sound because he knew that none of it would make this situation better. However, when his eyes found Klaus sitting as quiet as a mouse behind Gabriel, he snapped the searing tension that filled the room in half.

“It’s time to go,” announced Hunter and he caused a ruckus between his siblings, he grabbed Gabriel’s jacket which was next to him and tossed it towards Klaus who quickly snuck out the side door through the kitchen. Vincent and Viola caught on to Hunter’s old trick and started to create their own commotion to stop their father from spewing another sound. In seconds, the kitchen cleared out and everyone was outside.

“We may not like him, but he’s not wrong,” alleged Gabriel. “The treaty may be signed today, but I’ve had my suspicions of Lucas and will always have them.”

“You think he’ll plan something?” asked Vincent.

“Of course, he’s always planning something,” believed Hunter. “That man and his beta can’t go two minutes without betraying somebody.”

Gabriel returned after he retrieved his jacket from Klaus. “You better not start with Lucas’s beta again,” he reprimanded. “I don’t want to stay there any longer than I have to.”

“I won’t do anything if that asshole knows what’s good for him,” rebuked Hunter with distaste.

“We all know that’s not going to happen,” a voice remarked from behind them.

It was their friends the Drakov twins; River and Ryder have been on their personal security team ever since Gabriel decided to take the seat for alpha. They’re trained specialists in the art of any combat; River or Ryder could kill anyone that threatened their safety or their alpha’s, but when they are together is when their strength is truly commendable, even Hunter can’t fight them when they’re together and he’s tried many times, he’s got scars to prove it too. Not that it bothered him, he was just glad River and Ryder Drakov were on their side.

Hunter could never tell the twins apart, the only thing that was slightly different between the two was their hair colour, which Ryder purposefully dyed his hair to have light highlights of brunette amongst the black; it was very subtle, but it made all the difference for Hunter’s keen eyes and the rest of the group.

“Did you get the schematic I sent you last night?” River asked them sternly.

“We did,” they mumbled together.

River recognized their shaky tones. “You did get them because I know I sent them,” he crossed his arms, “but none of you looked at it.”

Vincent patted River’s stiff shoulder. “We’ll discuss it in the car,” said Vincent with an apologetic smile to his friend.

“Come on, we’re getting late,” ordered Gabriel.

They all got in after Gabriel and drove off the Centauri property towards the Waldorf territory. A place that any wolf with Centauri blood has never stepped foot on. The infamous Waldorf territory was a place that no one desired to join, but everyone prayed to escape.

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