It's a Bad Boy, Bad Girl Scenario

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#1 Bad Boy series - Standalone - British accent. Motorbike. Leather jacket and gang. Check, check, check and check. In the city of Richmond, British Columbia, there was girl. A girl with all those checks. After losing her oldest sister, Tessa, to cancer, Livvy did everything she could but in the end, nothing worked. Now living through it herself, Livvy has learned how to live through it, to move around it and make sure her short life isn't ruined by it. Growing to the bad side, drugs was a way to forget, parties too and running away. Livvy is trapped in love triangles and struggling with her own family, keeping her condition a secret from them all. And it's hard, it hurts but she can't bring herself to tell them. How could you tell your family that you're dying, and by the same sickness her sister just died of? To avoid the questions and thoughts, she leaves and does what she needs to make herself feel better. But what every girl has is feelings, emotions. When sparks fly for a newbie at school, she goes worth wild trying to figure out who she really is, good or bad, and what she wants, love or not. What's the easiest? To not care and just life, or have a life worth remembering with love, heartbreaks and things she could never imagine?

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Chapter 1 - Love-Hearts


Quietly, Livvy closed the wooden red door behind her to one of her best friend’s house, careful not to wake up anyone. After that was done, she took the stairs, skipping over the squeaky one and then running the rest of the way to Kye’s room. She snuck in, closed the door behind her and took in his ridiculously messy room. Clothes of everything, everything, scattered everywhere. What’s he doing with a dress?

Livvy moved passed that and went to the snoring bear in the bed, all tucked in and cute. Shirtless, the blondie had his blankets all around the place, one leg out and on them with one arm off the bed and half his head under the pillow.

Livvy laughed before she poked his back once. Nothing.

“Kye.” She snapped, clapping her hands once. Nothing. “Kye! Wake up!” She said, jumping on him and he yelled out from the impact. He groaned when he realised it was just her and laid back down, pulling the blankets over him and his head.

“No, like the shirt I got last night?” She smirked, her British accent coming in as she moved her leather jacket off to show him the white shirt she, maybe had stolen from the twenty-four-hour supermarket. It was a plain white shirt, cut sleeves and long but there were black lined-out love-hearts and then filled pink ones with the bunch all together at the top left corner.

Kye looked but didn’t seem that interested though. She frowned at that and shoved her jacket back on her shoulders.

“I love you, Kye.”

“I hate you too.” He muttered and she moved over him, looking into his light blue eyes as he looked back, “wait, what’s the time even?” He waved her back and turned to his alarm-clock, 4:58am. “Liv, it’s not even five!”

“I know, right?!” She exclaimed back but in more excitement, “I let you sleep in. I was gonna come around at three.”

“Why are you even up?”

“Thomas came into my bed last night and he was kicking and crying so I left him.”

“He was probably having a bad dream, why would you leave him?!” He sat up and shoved Livvy back but she just laughed when she landed on his legs, “why would you come here?”

“Because Brody would have literally killed me. Aug too. Especially if he wasn’t asleep but baby-making with his new girlfriend.”

“You are so mean!” He cried, hitting her with the pillow. She laughed, catching it and he gave up, laying back down.

“We have school! Summer holidays are done, my friend. So is sleep-ins. Come on, get up and get ready. We need to go wake Brody up too and then it’s breakfast on me at the diner.”

“Fine.” He grunted and she smirked, got up, “but you’re paying for it.”

“That’s what on me means, dumbass.” She replied and then looked down at the white sexy and tight dress, “so, who was daddy last night?” She smirked back at him.

“Daily fact; that’s my sisters.” He said, finally rolling out of bed, “she threw it at me because I may have thrown some sauce on it at dinner.”

“MK wears this to dinner?” She chuckled and threw it down on his bed, “you never complimented my shirt.” She suddenly snapped and he looked scared for a moment when he looked back at her.

“You’re missing a few things.” He replied, “like, I stole this last night, one of the many, but shh. Don’t tell anyone.”

“I didn’t steal it.” She scoffed and he looked at her dumbly, “true.”

“You’re a liar.” He said, getting a shirt on and over his skinny and toned frame.

“Liar, liar, my pants are on fire.” She sang back and he just laughed at her as he grabbed his helmet, “bag.” She said, looking around and finding his bag. She threw out all the empty chip packets onto his bed and then went to his shelves and got all his new notebooks, stuffed them in.

“Ok, I won’t use them.” Kye said, taking the bag and swinging it over his shoulder and pulling her out, “Brody’s gonna kill us.” He muttered as they walked down the stairs quietly, “I need to leave a note for mum.”

“Oh, too bad.” She said, pulling him out the door and closing the door behind them. He sighed a little, walking towards her motorbike or black, grey and white. He put his helmet on just before he threw hers to her. She put it on and swung her leg over, her leather pants tightening a little but Kye got on behind her, moved his arms around her waist just before she started it fast down the road.

His grip on her tightened a little, making her smirk under her helmet. His stomach was probably flipping, she thought. She took the corner fast and his arms tightened even more. She laughed a little and then stopped it just in front of Brody’s place. Kye jumped off, throwing his helmet off and taking deep breaths as he bent down.

“Why do I even do it?” He said and she laughed a little, taking his helmet off too and put it on her bike.

“Surely you’re used to it now?” She looked at him and he shrugged a little, rubbing his hand over his eyes, “come on, sleepyhead.” She smirked, linking her arm with his and pulling him to the side and through the gate.

She went to the back door and got the spare key from under a rock, “oh, this is yours.” She said, holding him his spare key from his door. He looked at her and then took it.

“You’re unbelievable.” He muttered as she unlocked the backdoor and slipped in. He followed quietly and Livvy laughed a little, hearing old heavy metal playing upstairs.

“He’s not seriously awake too, is he?” Kye said and she shrugged, made her way upstairs and followed the music to see Brody on the ground, half-asleep with Miles, his five-year-old brother, jumping on his bed.

Staring for only a few seconds to take in the scene, Livvy burst into laughter. Miles screamed a little, looking at her and Kye terrified just as Kye started laughing too.

“Livia!” Miles smiled, running and hugging her but she couldn’t stop laughing with Kye, “it’s school today.”

“It is, yes.” She chuckled and picked him up, “I woke Kye up too.”

“Brody was snoring loudly and mum told me to wake him up. Then Holly said to turn on his radio and jump on him. But h-he jumped too hard and fell down.” He said, pointing down to where Kye was shoving Brody, still laughing hard. Livvy laughed and kissed Miles cheek, moved his long dark hair out of his face and back as she walked and turned the music off.

“You’re a silly duffer, hey?” She smirked and he hugged her, resting his head on her shoulder, “Brody, wake up.” She said, kicking him and he groaned, shoving her foot away, “we have school today!”

“Yay!” Miles laughed, moving his arms up in excitement.

“Yay!” She copied Miles and put him down as he laughed a little. She kicked Brody again and then Kye took his arm and pulled him up.

“Why the hell are you guys here anyway?” He asked, sitting down on his messy black bed. His room big and neat unlike Kye’s.

“Well, she woke me up just before five and dragged me here to wake you up. She’s in the boogie man spirit.”

“School spirit.” She corrected Kye, “Get up, dressed. Whatever. Get ready, I’ll go change Miles and then we’re going for a ride before school.”

“I hate you!” He yelled as she walked out with Miles and across the hallway into Miles’ room to see his twin sister, Holly lying in bed and looking at a picture book.

“Hey, early bird.” Livvy smirked and she waved back, “okay, Miles, whatcha want to wear?”

“Blue. Jeans. Black shoes. Can you put my hair up in that braid again?”

“You look ugly,” Holly said and Livvy smirked a little, going to his cupboard.

“You’re uglier.” He snapped back, taking her book.

“Miles!” She shouted, jumping at him and taking them both to the ground, “I was reading that.”

“Okay!” Livvy said, picking her up when she started hitting him, “enough. You want a dress for school.”

“No.” She said, getting back into bed, “I want mum to change me. Go away, Livia.” She said and Livvy put her hands up in surrender and went back to Miles, helping him change.

“Hey, dry nappy.” She said and he smiled, nodding, “you gonna try no nappy tonight?”

“Nope. I’m gonna have coke for dinner.”

“Delicious.” She murmured, buttoning up his jeans, “okay, hair.” She said, finding a spare hairband on Holly’s wrist.

“Go away.” She complained as Livvy took one and went back to Miles, who was laughing.



With the sun coming down, Jem’s leather jacket grew hot and was more than burning by the time he parked his black bike out front of his new school. He looked up at it, a big building, tall and the front sign saying, Richmond School District No. 38.

Whatever that means, he didn’t know. He didn’t really care. This was his new life in the city of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. A long way from New York but after his father was put lower down in his business, they had to move. Jem, his father and little sister, Jassy, and brother, Fletcher.

Getting off the motorcycle, Jem took a look around. There were students walking in and out of several doors. What door did he take? He thought, stepping onto the front lawn. There were small groups around sitting on the grass. People laughing, talking and working.

It seemed happy.

He got his entry form and looked down. What’s block E? He questioned, why’s this so shit?

He looked up at the roar of an engine and looked at the two bikes that parked in the two spaces over from his. He wouldn’t have cared if it wasn’t the fact that one of the riders was obviously a girl figure. He stared a little, watched the boy behind her get off before she did and took her helmet off, looking over at Jem’s bike. Pure black hair, obviously dyed like that, toned skin and skinny body.

“Remember freshman year?” The boy who got off the other bike asked, his helmet came off to reveal dark brown hair, tanned skin. He was tall and muscular framed as the other boy was a little blondie, skinny.

“No, I’m too tired!” The skinny one yelled, hitting the girl’s arm with his helmet, “why’d you have to wake me up so early?”

“Because school’s - we’ll not interesting but it’s something.” She shrugged back and Jem focused back on his paper as they passed, “dude, that’s upside down.” He looked up at her and she was looking at his map of the school, “but good luck. You’re gonna need it.” She smirked just before the dark head pulled her away.

They seemed like Jem’s kind of people. Maybe.

“Also, don’t park in my spot tomorrow!” She yelled back and Jem looked back at the bikes and then chuckled a little. Maybe that’s exactly what he’ll do.

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