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The daughter of General Cunningham was out for blood against her mother's killer. The daughter of billionaire businessman was on the prowl for revenge for her dad's defamation. Both had the same target, the Hunters' mafia. But when they meet the bosses of that very mafia,young and attractive Daxton and Kaleb Hunter, things change. Will these boys waver the girls' motives? Will that let the guilty get away? Find out in this romance and action packed story!

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“I want her dead.” she ordered.

“But, what has she done wrong?!” he reasoned.

“Do not question my decisions!”

“Darling, this is madness, don’t do this! Don’t misuse this power.”

“My decision is final.” she boomed.

“Reports have been coming in that the car crash caused the death of one of the best lawyers in the state, Camryn Cunningham. It was a head on collision with a truck, but its driver is nowhere to be found.”

He wasn’t my kind of guy, but to be honest, there was just something about him…

I woke up, surprisingly, very fresh. I looked to my table, and smiled at my little jar of petunias. Another day, the same life I love. My phone buzzed in anticipation, as a text message came in.

Hannah :- Hey Jade, could you get your store opened quick I need something asap.

I laughed at my phone and texted her an okay. I pulled over myself a cyan tank top and a white jacket, and white shorts. Brushing my hair, I looked at myself in the mirror and mumbled,

“I need to get rid of this extra flab of fat…”

I let my brown curls rest on my shoulders and dabbed on some lip balm and decided to let the shop open early. I walked out of my apartment and walked one block to get to my store. Ah, there it was… Soleil Florists. I drew out the keys from my pocket and a voice startled me,

“You’re late!”

I knew that voice all too well, it was my best friend, Hannah Chase. She was a tan, tall deep brown haired girl, dressed head to toe in formals, considering she was next in line for taking over her father’s business.

“Sorry, Han, it’s seven in the morning, give me a break, will ya?” I said, getting the keys out of my pocket.

“I need a bouquet for Sebastian, I’m not sure what is appropriate…” she sighed.

“What’s the occasion? Just a “thank you bouquet”? Or a “give me some sugar bouquet”?” I winked.

“Fuck off…” she cursed with a laugh, “It’s our 10 year anniversary.”

“You’re not married to him you know…” i said, chuckling, going over to my counter and checking for the most appropriate bouquet.

“How about this one?” she suggested. I looked at the one she pointed to.

“White Gerberas, blue Hydrangea, and purple orchids… good choice!” I chirped.

“Awesome, how much?” she asked, getting into her purse.

“$85, but I’ll slash it down to $80 for you.” I grinned.

“You’re a lifesaver!” she said happily, and gave me a hug and ran out thanking me.

I sighed and got back to my regular gig. I walked back out to the front door of my store, flipped the closed sign to open and arranged the step tables outside my shop to make it most appealing to passers-by. I brought out some bouquets from the previous day and shuffled their places. I went back into my store and brought out some floral foam bricks, wires, ribbons, wrapping.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled Niall’s number. He picked up almost instantly.

“Hey Jade. Sorry the truck’s late. Traffic, y’know.”

“It’s totally fine, when is is estimated to arrive?”

“In about fifteen to twenty minutes, I hope all of them are as fresh as you need them.” he said sheepishly.

“Hey, the best bouquets, have the best suppliers and you’re the best there is! I trust you, don’t worry, I'm sure they’ll be perfect.”

He laughed and said,

“I really hope so, let’s just go over what you’ve ordered.” he said.

“Okay, hold on one second let me get my notepad.”

“Sure thing.” he said. I pulled open my drawer and got my notepad out. “Ready.”

“Hydrangeas, roses, peonies, orchids, dahlias, eucalyptus leaves, chrysanthemums, silver, snapdragons, willow leaves. Should last you for a week right? That’s it?”

“Yep, all good, thanks again Niall.” I said sweetly.

“It’s all good.” he said and i disconnected.

I heard a truck then pull up in front of my shop. That’s the one alright. I walked out to the door, pushed them wide open and then a middle aged man approached me.

“Miss Cunningham?” He inquired looking at the pad in his hand.

“Yep.” I said happily. This was the best part of my day.

“Okay, sign here… and here.” he said pointing to the places where I was to validate.

“Aright, thank you ma’am.” he said with a smile.

“And you too!”

He walked to his truck and called out. “MAX!!”

A young man walked out, now as much as I was single, I had been single long enough to be disinterested in men. He was relatively good looking, with blonde hair cropped close to the head.

“Hello there, where would you like me to put the flora?” he asked, two open baskets in his hands.

“Right.... Here.” I point to a spot next to my counter.

“Okay then.” he did just as was told.

“Thank you.” I said politely.

“I love your work by the way.” He said coyly.

“Oh, thank you so much.” I laughed.

“Anyway, I’m Chris.”

“And I’m Jade.” I giggled.

“Well, I don’t think I’ll be seeing you for a while now.” he said almost apologetically.

“I guess so…” I said, trying not to sound cold.

“Hey, you… wanna grab a coffee sometime?” he asked nervously.

“Sure why not.”

“Okay, just give me your number and i’ll text you the location.”

“Smooth way to slide into a girl’s chats.” I chuckled.

He went red in the face, and i just giggled and give him my number.

“Great, is today evening fine, 6:30?”

“Should be.” I smiled.

“Awesome, I’ll see you then!” he grinned.

He waved goodbye and then left. I went back to my counter immediately and texted my group.

Jade :- Guys, I have a date.

Hannah :- Woohoo! Finally!

Selena :- OMG, thank you, after ages!

Hannah :- Let’s hope she doesn’t ditch him.

Selena :- Please don’t.

Laughing, I texted them that I would try not to. Then, I got a text from an unknown number,

Unknown :-Symphony cafe, its just a block from your store, hope that’s okay. Chris here, by the way.

I texted back,

Jade :- I know the place, I’ll be there. :)

My door bell jingled as another young man walked in. This particular guy, was breathtakingly handsome. He was donning a black shirt, his deep brown hair was slicked back, his hazel brown eyes glinting in the sunlight, his sleeve was rolled up to his elbow, showing a tribal black tattoo on it, he made me nervous. Oh my word…

“Hey there.” he greeted, no smile on his face, not a hint of genuinity.

“Hi, how may I help you?” I tried not to let my voice quiver.

“I’m having a program this evening, it’s 20 years of my company, I need the best of your bouquets, five of them.” he said, looking down at his phone. His voice was as smooth as silk, husky and deep.

“Oh okay, well what kind do you want?”

“Buttercups, marigolds, lavenders and begonias, with willow leaves, can you make that happen?” he answered flatly, still on his phone.

As much as his looks may have been a turn on, his attitude was the total opposite. I decided to act just as disinterested and cold.

“Fine, when and where?”

“Don’t you think you ought to be a little more courteous to your customers?” he snapped, putting his phone away. It caught me completely off guard but I regained my composure and said smoothly,

“You seem a little disinterested yourself sir, and if I may, you ought to be a little nicer to me, since I’m the only florist in the city who delivers on time. So if you can’t mend your tone, the door’s right behind you.”

“Did you little outburst make you feel better?” he sneered, unaffected by my crassness.

“Matter of fact, I’d do more but I’m the better person here clearly.” I said, walking away from him towards my prized bouquets.

“Oh well, I’d have paid you big money.” he shrugged.

“I’m not a groupie to care.” I turned to him and deadpanned.

“I wouldn’t know.” he said, and I could feel his eyes boring into mine.

“Why you..” I started off but my phone rang and interrupted me. Not bothering to excuse myself, I look to see that it was my dad.

“Hi dad.” I answered.

“Hey hun, mind if i drop by at the store in about 30 minutes?” he asked in his normal happy voice.

“Sure thing, just let me get done with this annoying customer.” I said loud enough for that egotistical hunk to hear me. Did i just say hunk? To the guy who was so rude to me?

My dad laughed and then said goodbye and disconnected.

“Isn’t someone desperate? I’m surprised you haven’t left yet, considering you don’t really need anything from here.” I smirked.

BOOM. He was dumbstruck. He simply narrowed his eyes at me and said,

“Five of what I just said.” and threw 6 $100 bills on my countertop.

“I refuse.” I said, my voice confident.

“Why?” he asked coldly, placing his palms on my countertop, drawing his face closer to mine, his biceps flexing. No no no stop being so delicious.

“I don’t take orders from people like you.” I chuckled, unconsciously drawing closer.

He sighed and looked down, a sign of defeat. I wore a smug grin on my face and said,

“You need something, you ask nicely, not go around and call girls groupies, where I could easily call you an A class bastard.”

“Fine, could you please get me some of those, I need them urgently.” he asked, his voice much softer than initially. “And, I’m sorry for calling you a groupie.”

“You sound much better this way.” I said with a laugh.

He shook his head and sighed.

“Well, can you make it happen?” he asked.

“I can try, what time and where?”

“5:30 today, Webster enterprises, on Houston street.”

“You said, your company? You’re Axel Webster?”

“You ask too many questions.” he murmured.

“Hold on one second.” I said, and pretended to take out my phone and take notes but tried to actually take a picture of him.

“Yeah okay I can make it.”

“Also, try to wear something nice.”

“Like what an evening gown?” I snickered.

“That would be nice actually.” he said thoughtfully.

“Whatever, I better get some champagne but after that I’m leaving.” I grumbled, internally being happy I get to dress up, and mainly to see him later.

“Well sure.” he said, asking me the price of each and after i told him the price, he placed the money on my countertop. I smiled and handed him his change.

“Great, I’ll see you then.” he said with a smile. Fuck you, Axel Webster. Fuck you and your gorgeous smile.

“Yes, Mr. Webster.” I said, hoping he’d object.

“Oh please, drop the formalities, It’s Axel.” he grinned and walked out.

Sighing dreamily, I began working on the bouquets. I took out about five buttercups, three marigolds, two lavenders and one big begonia. Taking one wet floral foam brick, i placed it alongside the flowers, I took a wire, and after arranging the flowers the way they’d look best, I tied the wire around it, took some wrapping and did just as it’s name suggested. After about half an hour I was done, and almost like clockwork my dad walked into the store.

“Hey sweetie.” he said and gave me a hug.

“Hi daddy, how did maneuvers go last week?” I said happily.

“Oh it was great, just what I needed was to train some novice pilot wannabes.”

“Come now, dad, they’re qualified.”

After chit-chatting for a few hours, we went out for lunch, my dad left and I went to my apartment to grab a blue evening gown after which I came back to my store checking the time.

“Fuck, it’s 5.” I ran to the room to change.

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