The Leader of The Nerds

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When Veronica Williams joins her cousin’s school, she expects the usual crowd of bimbos and jocks. Instead, she finds a different type of hierarchy. A school controlled by a group of nerds and their leader, Alex Cromwell. A place, in which your grades define your status. Being a generally weak student, Ronny prepares herself for a rough couple of months but as fate would have it, things quickly change for the worst. Alex might seem like a smart kid, who follows the rules but in reality, there is a darkness hiding in his depths. Pulling Ronny with him, they soon find themselves in a struggle that morphs their perception of life forever. “The point is...” he mumbled against my lips, “... it took a lot of courage for me to win you over and I don’t want to lose you because of mistakes I’ve made as a coward.” “You won’t. I will do everything I can to help you and we will stay together ... I promise.” No more words were needed. It was me and him against the world and even though we were a very unathletic duo, we could win this battle, I just knew it. After all, every love story has it’s happy ending, right?

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Chapter 1 || New Beginning


1. This story is just a first draft and I wrote it a long time ago so there are certainly many things I need to change. Still, it has a lot of potential (especially from the middle on 🤣🙈) so I will soon start editing it and give you its better version! 😉

2. Any constructive criticism is appreciated but just remember I am aware of most of the grammar and spelling mistakes I’ve made so please don’t be redundant and mean. Still, I’d love any feedback on the content and would give my best to answer any questions/comments you leave.😇

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Breathe in, breathe out!

Never before did I think that something so simple could be so hard. Well, at this exact moment it was.

I stood in front of the gates, trying to find the courage to walk in. I kept reminding myself how this year would be different. How I won’t be an outcast again. I was going to be a part of the crowd. I was never going to spend a Friday night, reading books in my room ever again. No! I was going to have fun. I was going to hang out with my future friends all the time, not worrying about anything.

I prepared myself for this. I spent the whole summer trying to change, trying to make myself better in every way possible. And now this was me. A better version of me, and I wasn’t going to give up.

After a ton of bad events at my previous school, I had finally convinced my mother to move me to another school and I was more than excited.

At the beginning of last year, my father left us and I took it really bad. I started dating a guy, who already had a girlfriend with the hope that he would leave her and be with me. Surprise, surprise… he didn’t.

He kept on putting her and his reputation first and I was fine with this for some period of time, but one day, he threw a party for his birthday and didn’t invite me. It might have been considered a simple thing for most people, but it was a big deal for me. I kept on thinking he was going to change, that he was going to realize how much he loved me and that he was going to ditch her and be with me, but as expected, I didn’t get my happy ending.

Sometimes, life isn’t like the books we read or the movies we watch, sometimes the guy is not the prince on a white horse, but the horse itself.

So, the next day I cornered him and told him to choose. And of course, he chose her and left me open-mouthed on the parking lot, regretting ever asking him. Yeah, this was what I was thinking. I was so stupid, I didn’t even for a second realize that he was just toying with me until it was too late. I thought that was the worst day of my life, but surprisingly the next one beat it.

When I stepped in school the next morning, his girlfriend, and the most popular girl in school found me and punched me in front of everyone. She told me to stop chasing her man because she was going to make my life a living Hell. Well, I did stop going after him, but the torture didn’t stop. She threw the whole fault at me and didn’t for a moment think that her precious boyfriend was the one walking around with other girls. She continuously humiliated me in front of everyone, while they not only kept on glaring at me but even reached the level of making pranks on me. One day I even found a frog in my locker, but that wasn’t the worst part. Everyone thought I was some easy girl and kept on calling me a whore and other nasty words. They didn’t only talk behind my back, they actually even told me how worthless I was in front of my face.

I kept going to school, hoping that the Hell would end, but it didn’t and one day when it became too hard for me to stand this torture, I went home crying and begged my mother to change schools. After I told her what was happening, she immediately talked with my teachers, and she was even going to talk with the girl’s parents, but I stopped her. She didn’t want me to move in the middle of the year, so I waited for a few more months until the end of school. The pranks and the offending kept on going, but this time I had hope because I knew that soon it was going to be over.

And indeed, a few months after that, the summer began and the school closed doors. I spent my whole summer preparing myself for this year, repeating my mistakes over and over again in my head so I could know how to act in the new place. I bought new clothes and redecorated my room. I knew I wasn’t ugly so I just had to keep my mouth shut and everything was going to be okay. But here is the problem.

Just when I thought everything was going to be fine I stepped in front of the gates and froze. I was so scared that everything was going to repeat itself, that I couldn’t take those final steps.

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