The Class Prince (bxb)

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Chapter 1: The sleeping prince

Click. Clack. Click. Clack.

My body stiffened at each footfall as the principal entered the office, watching her take long, imposing strides towards her desk. She sat down, pulling out a fat folder from the drawer and skimming her fingers over the top. Without even having to look down, she stopped somewhere near the middle as if to know where each file was by heart, taking it out and clearing her voice.

She read aloud, "Desmond Mellow, 17 years old, 5'7, 149 pounds, lives with mother in Hemperson city, now attending Ivory All Boys High School."

She paused, peering at me over her horn-rimmed glasses. "Is that correct?"

"Yes," I answered stiffly.

She went on reading. "Below average grades, doesn't take part in any physical activities, doesn't participate in any clubs, has no instrumental talent and-"

"Mom," I groaned. "Can we not do this right now? I don't even know why you called me here, I have class soon."

"You won't even look at me at home, how else was I supposed to get you to listen and talk to me?" she frowned, clearly upset. "You know that I transferred you to this school for you own good. Ivory High is the best All Boys High school in the country, not only is it's reputation phenomenal but the students here are as brilliant as they can be. Being in a good environment will have a positive impact on you, it really will."

She pursed her lips at my silence. "Sweety, it was for the best. You know that your old high school had a bad influence on you."

No answer.

"For goodness sake Desmond, don't you remember how you were always getting into fights? Do you even know how worried I was when you came back home covered in bruises and injuries?" she demanded. "I don't understand why you were acting so rebelliously. What were you trying to achieve with that kind of behavior? What point were you trying to prove? I just don't understand how and why you're so different from-"

I glared at her and she stopped, taking in a deep breath to calm herself down.

"I've had enough of this teenage phase of yours, especially after the incident that happened a month ago."

My eyes shifted to the side in embarrasement, my face turning a light shade of pink. It was right after summer vacation that I was caught doing some unrelated to school activities in one of the classrooms. My English teacher forgot her bag inside the room and had the marvelous opportunity to see two of her students half-naked before her eyes.

Being the responsible adult she was, she ended up reporting us to the principal which led to a huge school scandal and well, my mom ended up finding out.

I was originally supposed to be suspended temporarily but my mom, as she just said, was tired of seeing me get into trouble, thought that it'd be a good idea to send me to my worst nightmare, Ivory High.

"Hopefully this place will help you focus more on your studies and less on girls."

Heat rised to my face at her words and I quickly raked a hand through my dark, brown hair.

"I should go now, I'm really going to be late," I said, using whatever excuse I could to get out of here.

"Wait, Des," called my mom, stopping me in my steps. "I want you to be on your best behavior, okay?"

"It depends on your definition of "best behavior," I chuckled half-heartedly. She narrowed her eyes, obviously not appreciating my sense of humor.

"Best behavior as in no more ditching class, no more talking back to your teachers, no more getting into fights, and no touching other boys in sexual ways in a classroom."

My eyes widened at her last remark.

"Mom!" I hissed. The fact that I blushed at the smallest things wasn't helping either.

"What?" she asked innocently. "Now, you know that I'm LGBTQ+ friendly and that I love you for who you are and not for your sexual orientation."

Another groan escaped my mouth.

"That's why I said not to do in a classroom or any other public department for that matter, but you're always free to do it in private locations as long as it's done with consent and you both use condoms."

My eyes widened.

"What- Mom, I'm not gay!" I exclaimed, wondering how she switched from being my school's principal, to my strict mom, to my new sex ed teacher.

"There's no need to be embarrassed," she said in that reassuring voice adults always used. "You did it with a girl in a classroom in your last high school-"

"Exactly! A girl."

"You never know," she insisted.

"I'm not- Never mind," I grumbled, grabbing my bag and leaving her office before she could start teaching me how to use lube.

"Have a good day sweety!" She chirped before I closed the door behind me. Once I was finally out of her office, I let out a long sigh, raking another hand through my hair as I tried to forget the conversation that I just had with my mom, one that I needed to burn from my memory, and fast.

After walking up endless stairs, I finally found room 23.

I knocked on the door.

A tall man with an intimidating aura around him made me straighten my back. He had cold, rigid eyes and a frown that looked almost permanent plastered on his face. Everything about him just screamed discipline and order.

"Desmond Mellow?" He spoke in a formal tone. I nodded stiffly. "You're late."

"Sorry," I mumbled. "I'm new here and got lost in the halls."

"I'm sorry," he corrected.

"Pardon me?"

"You should not forget to use the infinite form of the verb "be" with the personal pronoun "I" if you wish to make a proper and fully correct sentence," he snapped. "Especially when you're apologizing to an adult."

"Oh, right," I mumbled. He stood there, glaring at me as if to expect something. I held back a sigh, swallowing down my pride and the urge to punch him as I croaked out the words, "I'm sorry."

He glanced at his watch before looking back at me through his square glasses.

"5 minutes, 63 seconds late. Are you aware of that young man?"

"Um, no-"

"Wrong, that was a trick question. If you were attentive and actually listened to what I was saying, then maybe you would have noticed that 63 seconds doesn't exist. You were, in fact, 6 minutes and three seconds late."

And you are, in fact, a royal pain in the ass.

"We don't accept tardiness here in Ivory High. Every student who is even a second late will not be accepted in class, is that understood?"

"Yes sir, I'm...," I swallowed thickly. "Sorry."

Before he could comment upon the way I was breathing, I quickly cleared my voice. "May I go in?"

He didn't answer, giving me one last glare before stepping aside. I tightly gripped the straps of my bag as I stepped in, turning towards my new classmates who looked just as surprised as I was.

They were all boys.

I eyed an empty seat at the very back of the classroom and quickly made my way towards it to get away from all the stares.

As I pulled out the chair and sat down, my body tensing as I heard sudden murmurs and gasps as if I had made a big mistake. But the class immediately quiet-downed once the teacher came back in, everyone straightening up and looking back towards the blackboard.

I let out a small sigh, taking out a notebook and pen from my bag. I was about to start taking down notes, but noticed that my new desk mate had his arms over his desk, sound asleep. I furrowed my brows, glancing towards the teacher in confusion, who continued his class without saying a thing despite the fact that there was literally someone sleeping during his lecture.

I looked back towards the boy sitting beside me, admiring his lustrous mahogany hair that curled slightly at the end. They looked so soft.

He then turned his face towards me, his left cheek now resting on his arm.

My lips slightly parted in surprise, gazing at his ivory skin that glinted under the bright, morning light, giving the impression that he descended from Heaven itself.

His slumbering eyes finally awoke, his long, dark lashes revealing a pair of washed-out silver. His eyes held strands of glittering onyx and tinges of blue wrapped around the rims of his pupils, creating a captivating monocrhome of color. I held my breath, looking into his intimidating gaze, feeling like I was being unintentionally hypnotised by his beauty.

I quickly snapped my head away, resting my left cheek against the palm of my hand in attempt to hide my blushing face.

Little did I know that the angelic figure who sat beside me would change my life in ways that I would have never imagined.

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