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Y.O.L.O (bxb)

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We ran down the busy streets as fast as we could, pushing past the crowd of people around us, the air filling with our own laughter.

"Come on Carter, you're too slow!" snickered Killian, grabbing my shoulder and pushing me forward. Half-drunk and completely high, I staggered forward, almost falling onto the ground. "If you don't hurry up, we'll get caught!"

For someone who was being chased down by four angry policemen who were shouting for us to stop, Killian was carefree and untroubled, finding the situation more exhilarating than scary. You could tell that it wasn't his first time getting into trouble like this just by the way he smiled and laughed.

I laughed along, but more out of nervousness than anything, my entire body pumping with adrenaline while I tried to keep up. My normal, goody-two-shoe self would have never even imagined doing such a thing.

Slowly starting to fall behind, I looked up. My vision was not at it's tippity top best, everything around me duplicating and spinning. The only thing that my eyes could focus on was on the boy in front of me.

I pursed my lips, staring at Killian's tall height, his big broad shoulders and tight ass, the wind blowing through his silky, black hair.

He looked so free and full of life.

He turned around, his bright green eyes shrilling with excitement and mischief. A smile grew at the tip of his lips, reaching the beauty mark below his left eye and revealing his pearly white teeth that made me wonder what toothpaste he used. Colgate? Crest? Maybe Elmex?

I mentally shook my head as I was getting off track.

Another husky laugh escaped his mouth as he extended his hand, the one with endless silver rings and the the acronym that he loved tattooed on it.


"Take my hand," he ordered softly. My fingers twitched as they slowly reached out towards him. I forced my burning thighs and calves to speed up, the wind knocking out breath as I desperately panted to get oxygen to my lungs. I extended my arm, the brim of my fingers touching his.

As our fingers intertwined, he pulled me forward.

Now side by side, running down the streets, ignoring the shouts from behind and the stares around us, we laughed and hooted away like there was no tomorrow.

We didn't know what we were doing.

We didn't know where we were going.

We didn't know what was going to happen.

We just kept going forward without turning back.


Because Y.O.L.O.


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