A Warm Cup of Kindness

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Cameron Johnson is a young man who works for his father's publishing company, He is hoping to impress his father since they grew distant after the recent loss of his mother. One day he stop by his favorite coffee shop and spots a beautiful young woman who captures his attention. He misses his chance to talk to her but happens across her book in which he discovers her writing. Impressed by her writing he tries to find her again hoping to ask her about the publishing rights to her books. Unbeknownst to him the woman in question is merely in town for a week visiting family after a particularly tough break-up. She has no interest in a relationship, and Cameron tries to convince himself that his search for her is merely business related. Yet who knows what lies in store for them both,...

Romance / Drama
S. G. Olson
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

A cold wind tugged playfully at the bottom of Cameron coat as he walked down the road. Winter had decided to arrive earlier than expected, bringing with it a thin blanket of snow. He kept his hands firmly in the pockets of his long coat head bowed against the chill, mouth buried in his scarf. The leaves on the tree stood dressed in autumn colors. Pumpkins sat in store windows looking out over the streets. Once he would have been thinking about what costume to wear, now he merely thought about what to say once he got to work. He finally walked underneath the familiar sign of a warm cup with a couple music notes on the side and a music staff instead of steam. Ducking inside he was greeted by a tinkling bell and the warm earthy aroma of freshly brewed coffee mixed with the sweet delicate smell of pastries. Behind the counter a young man wearing an apron gloved hands covered in flour looked up and smiled.

“Morning Cam,” Mason said grinning, “usual today?”

“As long as it’s hot,” Cameron said grinning back. Mason chuckled and nodded his head over to a corner of the café. Looking over the only person he noticed was somebody sitting in a corner booth bent over a book. He turned back to Mason who shrugged.

“Just a suggestion Bro,” he said softly and turned to start on the coffee. Cameron went and sat down in one of the comfy chairs they had sitting around. His eyes glanced over again at the person sitting there reading their book. Curious he got up and made his way closer. The person sat up taking a drink, and he paused for a moment. A woman, she looked to be about his age, though with her soft round features she could have easily passed for younger. Her short pixie cut suited her well looking quite feminine and framed her face almost perfectly. Almost like those models in magazines. Her eyes opened and she glanced in his direction, warm brown eyes regarding him. Thankfully Mason arrived with his coffee and Cameron turned away from her.

“Thanks Mason, you’re the best,” He said taking a sip.

“So what do you think?’ Mason said grinning like an idiot.

“Good, as always,” Cameron answered. Mason turned away as the bell signaled another guest. Cameron sat down in a different comfy chair drinking his coffee slowly. Almost like a magnet his eyes slowly went back to the woman. She had thankfully returned to her book her eyes locked onto the page a pencil tucked behind her ear. One hand rested on the book another fiddled with a silver cross around her neck. A heavier coat hung on the back of her chair, while she wore a knitted sweater that hugged every curve quite well. On the floor sat a pair of high top sneakers kicked to the side. She wore a pair of cozy white socks that seemed to slouch around the ankle, over a pair of black leggings. He took another sip of his coffee checking the time. The meeting would start as soon as he got to work, so he could not dawdle long.

Movement caught his eye and he glanced up and once again his eyes landed on her again. Hopefully she did not hear his heart beating in his chest, it seemed to block out every other sound. He needed to leave soon in order to arrive to the office on time. Taking a deep breath he stood up and turned to walk towards the door but glanced back towards the woman. She glanced up again and smiled, one that lit up her face. Cameron started to smile back until somebody else walked past him towards the woman.

“Angel it’s so good to see you,” the new woman said quickly wrapping her up in a hug. This new woman looked a little younger, with a quick smile and a bubbly air about her.

“You too Kitty,” Angel answered, her voice almost as warm as her gaze. Cameron turned away, feeling his cheeks burn as he made his way towards the door. Mason stood watching him shaking his head.

“Maybe I should have made your coffee hotter,” he whispered, “cure those cold feet of yours.”

“Sorry Mason I really need to get to work,” Cameron said. He tried to ignore the two women walking right behind him as they chatted happily to each other.

"I'm so glad you were able to fly out and visit," the one woman, Kitty said.

"Me too. I luckily had some vacation saved up. Though I can't stay away too long or Leo will miss me," Angel answered. They stopped right behind Cameron, he tried to avoid turning around yet they stayed there talking. Mason leaned against the counter that goofy grin still on his face. Couldn't they just leave, why did they have to stick around? Cameron turned around and crashed right into someone. There was a tug under his foot and a splash on his coat. A moment later he looked down to see Angel sitting on the floor, coffee spilled over her sweater as well.

"I am so sorry." he said quickly, his face already burning.

"It's alright," Angel said her tone forced a little. She glanced up at him and paused mouth open a little. He glanced down and saw the laces untied on her high-tops. Kitty stepped forward and helped her up off the ground. Angel looked at Cameron again. He cleared his throat.

"I can pay for your sweater to be cleaned," he said.

"Uh..." Angel said then glanced down, "Oh yeah my sweater...um it's okay, I'll um...I can get it cleaned myself it's no trouble."

"Please I want to make it up to you," he said.

"It's really okay," she said her cheeks turning red, "Though uh thank you for the offer." She turned and her and Kitty walked out of the Coffee shop.

He sighed and glanced back at the table and noticed the book still sat there. Curious he went over and lifted up the book. The pages had been handwritten in tight neat cursive, with various edits and changes, notes in the margins. He glanced back towards the exit, but the women had already disappeared. He glanced at the inside cover and saw a note written in the same neat hand.

“Property of Angela Hartford”

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