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Its also a bit on the fictional side about a scientist who in the belief of his work, tested on himself after his colleagues and test subjects started to die and he didn't think he could live with the guilt of someone else dying by his hand. But with an explosion in the laboratory everything went wrong! And with the thought that he might die alone, not himself and on the run, his mind held on to the memory of one particular person whom he knew since he was a teenager. He doesn't know why but she becomes his reason to fight to live. His lifeline. OR IS IT? Maybe it's the other way and another scientific research went wrong and he's trapped in someone's body? And fell in love with a picture? So let me introduce the our main characters in this book but be mindful that I've changed a few things about them in the book; like our heroine has black eyes and waist length black hair,honey skin tone, no freckles, zero tattoos and her age; while Max has hazel coloured eyes with two tattoos. Louis is English and slightly older here. Did i mention that Louis resides inside the mind of Max?

Romance / Fantasy
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somewhere in the NOT SO NEAR future...



He was holding her frail, wrinkled hand in his. Tears streaming down his face. His eyes were all swollen and red.


He wanted to kick the awful machine but it was the only thing telling people she was alive...

For now.
She was dying.
An accident ...they said that the roads were wet.
Kailey loved the rain.
She was the only survivor of the all the people involved! Including a baby, five people died on impact! His Kailey won’t wake up!
The machines are the only things keeping her alive!
He’d never hear her laughter again. Or look into her beautiful eyes.

He felt sick enough to let go of his stomach contents on the floor. The bile reaches his throat. He swallows. He stares at her once beautiful face now covered in deep wrinkles. She still had his heart. She made him so happy in all her years even when she grew into the old frail woman she was now, he still stayed faithful to her. She was his wife no matter what she looked like or how old she became!
Or how young he remained.

He feels a presence in the room and looks up. It’s one of the nurses he met yesterday when he rushed into the hospital after getting the phone call.

...the call that almost stopped his heart.
“Mr. Walker? Your father is here?” the male nurse made the statement into a question. He nodded and straighten up but didn’t release her hand. Everyone assumed Seth was his father because both their names were Walker and well yes, he looked like he was the son. If only they knew. They however tell people that he, was a cousin. Or sometimes his son was his uncle. They had to maintain an image. He didn’t bother to correct the male nurse as to the uncle and nephew titles.

His son steps into the room. The spitting image of older version...


“Hey Max.” Their son walks over and puts his hand on his shoulder. What a trio they made. Kailey was his grandmother, his son was his father and he was the grand child!

Of course he hasn’t aged a bit! And it pained him to watch everything and everyone he loved grow old and die. Just wither away. It just made him cherish the happy moments in his life. Like Seth.

His son is a happily married man with two high school children of his own. Recently, Seth remarried after he’s been widowed, having lost his first wife and the both kids mother, to cancer. Everyone on Kailey side is dead or very distant family that doesn’t really keep in contact. It’s better this way! His family is the same.

Kailey knew him. The real him. And she loved him despite it all!
That’s all that mattered. And now he was losing her! The pain gnawed at him from the inside.

Their son called him Max just to keep up the image to people and in private he was called dad. Seth knows since he was a teenager about his abilities but they still kept some things out. Other that his wife and son, nobody else knew!

He isn’t very close with his grand kids. He’s the weird relative that “knows too much” as they both put it. He’s tried many times but he doesn’t really understand them besides they’re always on electronic devices and roll their annoyed eyes at him! They’ve dubbed him as, “Hey dad your weird cousin is here.” Every time he visits his son’s home!

His son holds his mother’s hand and squeezed it. He stands by her bed side and hears the silent sniffles he makes. Mother and son were always close. He covers Seth’s hand with his. His son’s voice broke when he says, “I’m so sorry dad.”

He shakes his head, his entire face crumpled in pain. His eyebrows furrowed. He was trying to hold the tears back! She was his life! His reason for being alive! He couldn’t survive without her! There’s no life without her!

They both break down in uncontrollable tears.

Then they both just laid their heads down on the bed next to her, listening to the beeping sound.


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