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chapter 9 you have grown up

Maximilian wasn’t even nervous about telling her anymore. He just felt numb at that moment. He watched her. She just looked tired. Where do I start he thought. He sighed. Did she still love him ? Would she after he told her everything? He knew that she would. No doubt.

He felt it. The numbing sensations. He fought it but he was weak from the run to get here. He wasn’t allowing him to take his mind again! Who was he kidding? Whether he wanted too or not Louis would come out. But he sure was going to give a fight now that he had Kailey with him.

Max eyes widened. He looked at her scared.
“It’s okay Max...” she said, “Nobody is here. Just you and me.”

She didn’t know HE already was here.! In him.! They were after HIM. And me. But they think Louis was dead and they want him because he was part of the research. A witness. So they shot him. And Max didn’t know what Louis was up too. HE always went blank when Max asked him anything concerning that! Speak of the devil...Max feels him coming! He closed his eyes and thought of her....wait...he didn’t have to...she was here in front of him.
HE already costed Max three years of his life! Max could have had that with her!

He leaned forward and kissed her hard. Her lips felt so right. He tasted the coffee...the same time her heard her moan. He knew it. She never stopped loving him. Thank goodness for that! He could have lost her in his stupid quest for science!...

Kailey wasn’t sure what she felt. It felt good yes. But not as she thought it would. Like before. Or like on her seventeenth birthday! She definitely like this kiss now but something was missing... Kailey was too shocked to think straight. That was it. Her mind needed to know what was happening with him.


Max felt the heaviness leaving him. He felt calm. She did that too him. Every time he felt HIM coming he used thoughts of her. How she smelt! It didn’t always work though.

He felt almost new. Like he was himself before all this shit happened! Except now he had her. He didn’t before. She was a child then. She’s all woman now. So in a way he was glad.

Kailey didn’t know what to do with her hands so she held on to the cup. She felt the vibration rather than heard it in her mouth. Was that her or him ?? She didn’t know and didn’t care. He deepened the kiss a bit and Kailey felt so greedy at that moment that she took him all in. Excitement was kicking in. She didn’t want to think about anything but this and now. She felt his hand on her cheek rubbing her face roughly in a circular motion. His other hand moved to the back of her head and into her hair. It felt so good as his thumb played with her earlobe and all thoughts seem to go from her head as she felt her brain spinning. Max pulled her towards him and he felt her stand and leaned into him. He pulled her between his legs. His hand tightening on her hair as his lips assaulted hers.


Her smell....
“My, my Kailey you have grown up.” he said.
He felt her shudder. He bit her bottom lip and her eyes flew open. She froze. She was confused. She shook her head. Think!

Wasn’t he about to tell her something ??

She pulled away. Blinking her eyes a few times and retook her seat. Max watched her try to refocus. It was funny a little, how he made her lose her thoughts and he needed her to keep his! He smirked at the thought.
He loved how her lips felt. So very different. Earlier when he kissed her he felt his world rocked. HE felt it too. Max knew Louis was happy for him. He felt it. HE enjoyed kissing her too. Earlier Max felt it. Maximilian didn’t expect that.
He leaned forward and took her hand. He had to tell her.
" Hey.” He took her chin. He had to know if she was affected by the kiss as he was. He was hurt a bit when she pulled away and bit her lip and said, “You were saying?”
Darn. He felt a pull in his heart. He would have preferred to kiss her a bit more. He signed.

“Are you okay ?” he asked her.
“Yes sure I am. I’m just confused.”
He had to ask.
“Do you still love me ?”
Kailey gasped. He watched her eyes open. She blinked a few times.
“Huh ?”

HE came back. Max felt him but he was weak, like a subconscious...with its own personality.To Max, that was a good sign. It meant he could be himself without worrying that Louis would surface. Max could also tell he likes her. Louis thought she looked stunning at her wedding and wanted Max to see her and he knew when he saw her what a mistake he had made. What a mistake she was making! But Louis only allowed him that one glance and then everything went blank again.

She was his friend whom he suddenly developed feelings for when he thought he was going to die. It was only because he thought he was going to die he tried to convinced himself! And when he realized what he felt was real and decided to let her know that he was falling in love with her and hear what she had to say, Louis took over his mind! Max fought and made his way back to her but he was too late.

Only when he saw her in the dress that realization hit him.. The real truth. Max wasn’t falling in love with her, he already did love her! The truth that he was already in love with her stunned him, But he was too late. She was in love with someone else!

Max focused on Kailey now. He prayed throughout the years that she didn’t forget him.
“Do you still love me ? I know you always have...”
Kailey was still frowning.
“It’s important to me to know..”


Her mind was whirling. Up until tonight she thought so. Now that’s it’s in front of her she hesitated.? What was wrong with her. He kissed her! He told her he loved her ! He said he was never leaving her again! Wasn’t that what she wanted? She had taken therapy for this... Was she really just infatuated all these years? Her doctor had asked her that once.

If he tells you one day that he loves you. Would you believe it or would you walk away? Are you in love with him or in love with the thought of him? Is he just your fantasy? Most girls have a Prince Charming but then they grow up. You have a real life person whom you watched growing up. Have you really grown up Kailey or are you stuck in your Prince Charming stage ??

“I... I’m not sure anymore!” she stuttered.

Well... that’s the last thing he expected to hear from her ! HE hurt a little. HE wanted Max to feel what she was feeling. Max refused him. Yes he was surprised but not concerned a bit. He knew she did. Maybe his approach was wrong. Yeah. His approach was off. His timing a bit off. At least he knew she thought about it first. A marriage and a divorce and then him showing up... Yes she need a little time. Although Max thought he was just what she needed. He just needed to be there for them now. She was alone all the time. And now he was here ... a bit late yes but it’s better late than never. He smiled at her.
He wanted to know what her thoughts were but he won’t allow HIM to invade her feelings. Her thoughts were hers. Max felt HIM stirring again. HE liked watching Kailey. No stay back he warned HIM and grabbed her hand. He leans towards and presses his face into her neck, closed his eyes and inhaled her. HE was gone. Max relaxes as he fills his lungs with her!
“It’s okay. I’ll wait.” Max reassured her. “I have had faith in us for the longest time!”

Faith was really all he had for the longest time. What was a few more days?...or weeks?

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