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chapter 10 don't let him kiss you

Us? There was an us ? Is? Kailey isn’t sure she’s awake. Maybe she still asleep but she’s definitely not going to pinch herself awake!

He felt like shit thinking about her when she was married but he had no choice at times! Thinking of another man’s wife! Maybe his mother was right... he was evil! But Kailey was his lifeline so he kept thinking that it didn’t matter.
Nothing mattered at all. He knew she loved him although she was married. He knew that for sure.! Maybe she was in love with them both. He didn’t know why she did but he was grateful for it. She saved him too many times from drowning in his own mind. Especially when Louis tried to overtake his mind. Max had to tell her. HE didn’t mind. HE wanted her to know.

Kailey watched his hazel brown eyes settled on there entwined fingers. She likes that feeling of his touch.

Max had to remind himself that he was here with her finally so it doesn’t matter but whenever he thought about how his mind was overtaken by someone else...

“Don’t interrupt me okay love?”
She nodded.
“Remember when I left to go to college ?”
She nodded. Of course she did. She asked him to marry her then. To take her with him.! Does he remembered too? Her face flushed. When she blushed her face got a glow because of her colouring. She was a mixture of European with East Indian and that’s where she got her perfect skin tone and hair. When she blushed her cheeks turn a slight shade of pink. Only when her parents talk about her dating life does she get slightly red in the face! She never had that red look on her face like his family from a little sun!

Him and his father had a good all around the year tanned look however. His mother’s side were Irish and his father’s family was from the Middle Eastern part of the world- Saudi Arabia. To this day he’s never met them! He saw pictures of them and they all had the same look as him. Probably he met them when he was younger and he just can’t remember. He didn’t give it much thought.
His parents settled here in Trinidad after they opened up a few branches of their coffee shop here. His father and mother were content with that. He’s often suspected that that was the reason behind his relatives not meeting at all. He was sure it was his mother’s American lifestyle. It was not accepted by the elders in his father’s family. He never cared much to meet them. In fact none of his family members did... including his dad. And none of the tales he told about his childhood appealed to them.

His siblings and him all went to the same college in England. His sister, Gail, got married and then settled there too. Then him and his brother after him. Nate and Kailey were the same age. They were pretty close. He often wondered why they didn’t hook up as teenagers.

“Yes, well while I was at college they recruited me. I studied with their program at college there. Only a few were chosen and they paid well. After college I joined them at the research center.”
He watched her process it.
“Who’s they?”
“Shh. No questions.”
Max felt HIM again. As long as Louis stayed quiet it was okay with him.
“We were studying viruses.”

He saw her eyes widened. Yes he told her this before and she didn’t believe him. He remembers some of it but at that time Louis was fighting him so most of it was a blur.
“At college they taught us about cell and molecular biology. How to understand the virus and later how they infect cells.”
He knew she understood this.

“I was always eager to discover how they adapt or destroy mechanisms. So I entered the enteroviruses world, where I met Dr. Carter.”
She nodded. He knew she would. It’s the part that came after.!
She sipped on her coffee. So did he.
“I really don’t know why but later we started to do other research. We moved on to animals then humans.”
She still nodded. HE almost smiled. Max felt it.

“I’ll get there!” he answered Louis.
“Get where ?” she questioned.
He didn’t realize that he had spoken out loud, a mistake he made a few times before.
Max felt HIM getting eager again. Not good.

He held his head between both palms and put his head down on the counter top. He head was spinning. He felt like fainting. He wanted to throw up. He fact he did! He couldn’t make it out of the kitchen so he threw up in her kitchen sink. Max felt the water on his head. He felt her fingers on his hair. He watched the water wash the food and bile out. He revels in her touch. He squeezed his eyes shut. She made him feel better. He washed his face. He needed to sleep. His body felt warm again and he knew he was going to be sick... again. He could not go to sleep as yet. He had to tell her.

He stood straight and immediately felt her drying his face with a paper towel. If it we’re anyone else he would have been irritated. But it was her so he allowed it. HE welcomed it. Max felt a warmth coming from HIM. Very strange indeed. First time he felt Louis like that and it’s because of Kailey! He let her lead him to the couch.
“I can’t sleep there.”

She froze. And continued walking to the bedroom. He smirked. He needed the bed. He was in too much pain for a couch. She can sleep there. She was tiny enough to be more than comfortable! He didn’t know. Was he being selfish ? He was too tired to think. As he lay down he felt the blackness wanting to take over. He grabbed her hand.
“Stay with me.” He was practically begging her. He didn’t care.
Without replying she lay down beside him and pulled the covers over them.
And just like that he felt better.
The darkness left and thus Louis stayed back.
Kailey saw Max frowned.
Was he going to throw up again ?
“I’ll be back!”
She went across the room and brought the bin closer.
“In case you want to vomit again,” she smiled. Max missed those smiles.!
She lay stiffly next to him.
Max turned to face her on his side. He put his hand beneath her head and pulled her closer to him. Kailey snuggled into him. She sighed. This was home. With him. She could feel it.
He kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes.

“Kailey if I’m different tomorrow I want you to know why.”
She stiffened. Then put her hand on his face. She played with his beard. She never touched his beard before. He wondered if she’s always wanted to. He decided he like how it felt. At first he thought she didn’t hear him then he heard her ask so softly, “What do you mean?”
He closed his eyes.

How do I answer this ??
“There’s so much more... At the lab, before the explosion, we tested on humans. And I was one. I tested on myself!”

He felt her hand move away and her entire body stiffened.
“His name is, well was, Dr. Louis Carter. He was my mentor, we did great work together! He was married and had two kids. He was also in the lab with me but he was in charge of the project! We tested it on the others first and it seemed to worked on the men out in the field... but when they got injured and didn't heal quickly we figured something was wrong. They all died in a week...bled to death!” He shuddered at the memory. They were so filled with remorse that the team decided to leave the project testing for a while. When his seniors and the other doctors came to him full of joy with a breakthrough they said, Louis, took him and along with three others, worked feverishly.

“The second testing we did made us believe everything was great so we took a second batch of soldiers! And when that also seem to work we administered to the rest of them and it worked but after a year they started to bleed out again. Most survived but those that were seriously injured weren’t healing on time!”

He felt her gasp and winced. She was going to despise him.

“After more testing we did it on me. I was confident it would work and it did. But the laboratory explosion...He died and I didn’t. Well he didn’t. Not really!”
“What do you mean Max?”
Max knew she was confused. He felt the roaring in his head.
“He merged with me.”

Kailey watched Max as he told her the stupidest thing she ever heard in her life! If it wasn’t Max she probably would not have been able to even think about believing a word. But it was Max. And she knew him.
“What do you mean merged ?”
Kailey watched his face contort in pain before he answered.
“I mean he’s in here. In me. His soul or whatever. And his body. They all died and their bodies were sent back home!”
Her eyes widened at that. What ??
“He doesn’t know what his wife or children look like. He has two. He has no memory of anyone’s face or where he lived! Only thoughts and feelings. He just knows what he feels. And I feel what he feels!”
He watched her face go into shock from what he was saying.

“There’s another human inside you ?”
“Yes and he might just come out anytime. I can’t really control it. ”
She blinked and stared at him. She was speechless. What do you say to something like this?! She saw Max drenching in sweat as he grabbed the sheet and doubled over. She heard him scream. Her eyes widened and she ran into her bathroom.

When she returned Max felt the sting of the needle on his arm. He waited for the pain to ease. He trusted her. His breathing a bit back to normal. He knew she was sitting on the bed next to him. He took her hand, “he’s harmless, he won’t hurt you. Don’t have any fears.”
But Max was fearful...for himself! If HE comes out, Max doesn’t know when he would be him again. This is a fear that kept him away.
He started to turn into the bed and he mumbled” And Kai...don’t let him kiss you...” Then he fell over in sleep.

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