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chapter 10 oh God...he's insane

She gets off the bed with the sound of the radio alarm. She looks at the sleeping man. Her brain is trying to understand what he said.! Did she hear him correctly ? She bit her nails. One after the other. She held her nose between her thumb and middle finger as she paced the floor. No...she must have heard wrong. That can’t ....the possibility is nil. Never!
Two souls in one body ? Two minds ? What ? Now she needed pills.
She took two with a glass of milk. Paced the floor some more. So he studied biology and ended up playing God ? What on Earth was he thinking? Did she believe him ? No. She doesn’t.
She scratches her head. Do I ?
What did he mean by don’t kiss him ? Kiss a dead guy ? But wait...he’s Max ! Is he ? Who is who ? Oh God...he’s insane!! Does he have another problem?
Split personality ? DID! Dissociative identity disorder...That’s it!! But why ?Is she safe with him ? But wait...he said he was harmless. So his other mind was harmless ? Why did he create another person ? What was he running away from ?
Now she had come to terms with it her headache eased.
Her Max had a mental disorder. What was Kailey to do now ? She cried and cried. She tried so hard to remember what happened to trigger it. What could it be ? But nothing never happened. No trauma that she knew of. Unless it happened at his work ? An explosion perhaps ? Or maybe he was always like this...before she met him but she never realized it! A complexed psychological condition like this usually happens during early childhood years. Usually it’s emotional abuse or sexual and even physical! He was forgetting things too he said. Truthfully he wasn’t, it was just his other personality living as him. Protecting him! But protection from what?

What could he possibly be running away from in his mind ? Kailey remembered him saying to not tell his parents ! That’s it! And they were distanced when talking about him! She was about to call them but she realized that he said don’t tell them on her wedding day. She comes to terms that they had more to do with his problem that he let on but she was no detective. Could they have done something to him ? Her eyes opened wide. Her beautiful Max. She thought of him as perfect. Now she saw how good he was at hiding things. It hurt her. Of course he didn’t confide in her. They weren’t close friends like that! She was too young wonder he kept a distance! He was protecting her...from himself!

This was confusing...

She went into the washing area and removed his clothing from the dryer. Well his clothing was clean at least. She folded them and placed them on the chair next to the dresser along with his watch and boots on the floor.
She went into her suitcase to get clothing for work which she still hadn’t unpacked as yet. Now that the sun was out she needed to organize herself for her shift. She left him a note.

Sandwich in microwave. Back at 9.

How she made it through the day she had no idea. The doctors, nurses, patients, to the smiles from the children... Thank goodness for no serious injuries! How would she have dealt with it? Today was her first day a the hospital being off! Her mind seemed to be numb. But nobody seemed to notice. She was a professional after all.
She left at earliest convenience at 6pm. She had to reach back to him. They needed to talk. She had to make him understand. To see reason. How was she going to accomplish that?
Her heart was heavy as she reversed into the shed she used as a garage at the back of the house. She used her key to open the back door and entered the house. She never actually used the front door being as she was always at the back because of the way she parked. It just made sense.

She was a bit anxious as she pushed the door shut and locked it.
She didn’t know if he would pounce on her thinking her a burglar. For a second she had thought about using the front door. Maybe he was watching television. Maybe he left. Whom would she be meeting ? Max or ...the other Max ? You can never tell with DID.
The place was silent. As if nobody was there except her. Maybe she was losing it! The entire place was void of Max. No clothes. Bed made! Did she make this entire story up ? Kailey gasped. No no no. It can’t be. All that therapy? She held her head.

Microwave! Sandwich!
She ran into the microwave. Sure enough the sandwich was there! The note was on the fridge still held by a magnet! So he was here.

Wash room!
She ran to the washroom. Empty!
She got worried about Max. What if his other personality came out and was confused? She massaged her temples. She took of her jacket and shoes and went into the kitchen to get the cooking. She needed a distraction.!

By the time Max get back it almost 9pm. He locks the front door behind him. He is surprised to see her asleep on the couch. Her jacket is on the backrest. Feet bare. It’s almost as if she was sitting and fell over after sleeping away. He smiles when he sees an empty plate and glass on the coffee table. She ate and slept away. Must have had a tough day to be so tired. He knew all about hectic days! She must have left early too because her note said she’d be back by 9.He wasn’t hungry earlier but he felt he could eat a horse at the moment!

He placed her comfortably on the couch, picked up her plate and glass and made his way to the kitchen.

She actually washed his clothing! It was the first thing he noticed when he woke up. He had a hungover feeling from the aftermath of his symptoms but more or less okay. Max was always okay within a twelve hour period. He needed fresh air and a walk on the beach seemed perfect and the sunset here was breath taking!
HE didn’t like the beach much. HE was agitated and wanted to return quickly as possible.

After putting her dishes into the sink he opens the pot. It smells delicious. Trinidadians had a sort of different way of cooking. Mostly everything was spicy. This dish was dhal with white rice and smoked herring with tomatoes. He loved it but sometimes he got stomach pains and he sweats so much from the spices. This was the only time his face got red! Kailey and her family used to find it fascinating. He smiled at the familiar but much cherished memory.. His mother and his sister never got used to the local foods. But his brother and father and him... They loved it! Eating at Kailey’s was almost a weekly thing for him and his brother, mostly Nate, when they were younger. And his parents a monthly habit. Kailey’s mother ran one of the coffee shops for his father, the biggest branch here and his mother and father handled the other four.
Maximilian ate the remaining food and cleaned up after. HE didn’t like the meal. Milk was a priority for him at the moment with that food.

He didn’t even consider waking her. She probably was exhausted after everything he told her. He was expecting to see her when he woke up and was surprised that she went to work. He half expected her to take the day off!

He sat on the other couch opposite her. He was a bit sleepy himself and wanted to lie down but he needed her too. He really wanted her next to him in bed but didn’t want to wake her. She looks tired he thinks.
Max knows it so well.

Max remembers when he kissed her the first time. Then she had blurted out she’d never kissed a boy before! On her seventeenth birthday. He had taken her to a restaurant and then a comedy show. She loved it. He can’t even remember it though. She was disappointed when he told her he was going to drop her home. He saw it in her face.

He didn’t like that look so he took her out on his father’s yacht. The lights from all the far off buildings at Welcome Bay just added to the beauty of the water. They spoke about life...her plans. He learnt that she wanted to be an eye surgeon one day which she isn’t now!
He wonders what happened to change her mind. He must remember to ask her now.

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