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chapter 11 i want you to be my first kiss

Max’s memory on Kailey’s birthday years back

“What?” I had asked out of surprise. She was seventeen now after all.

“I don’t know. I’ve just never done it before. I’ve never wanted too.”
It was 7pm that time. I looked at my watch wondered if her father would be angry with me for bringing her home late. I know they won’t have minded but still, I figured 8ish was good. Still had one hour.
Wine was good! My dad had a bottle in here from the night before. I had found two glasses and poured wine in.
She was blabbing on and on. Honestly I wasn’t paying much attention. My mind was occupied with thoughts of my girlfriend, Jessica. She was beautiful and while I wasn’t quite in love with her i wanted to get married to her. And she wanted to get married as well...she was a good enough person to spend my life with I had thought! She was polite and everyone adored her. I was going to propose to her.

The wine wasn’t really too good but we drank it anyway. Until she said, “ that’s my wish.”
I nodded my head not having any clue as to what she was saying.
“That’s a good wish.”
“ is?” she had stuttered.
I remember nodding my head.
“You’ll do it?”

Wait...what? Me? Do what? I tried hiding my surprise. I had no idea what I had agreed too. She literally had poured her heart out to me and I wasn’t paying attention! Some girly teen thing...probably some boy she wanted me to scold or something.

“Let’s head back,” I said and turned around.
She was quiet until we docked. Then by her next words I had figured it out!
“Are you going to kiss me here or when you drop me home?”
My stomach felt like it hit the floor of the boat.
She continued though,“Because I prefer here or before home because that’s just weird to do in front my house. And I don’t want to kiss you in the car and neighbours see!”

What the fuck?

I swallowed hard. Good thing my back was toward her. My face probably would have given me away.
She had to have thought about this beforehand. We only had one glass of wine!
I had take a few seconds to collect myself and shut off the engine.
She was standing behind me when I turned. I had taken her hand thinking, ” Geez. What the hell do I do now ?”
I pulled her to sit crossed legged with me on the yacht and I took her next hand. I really didn’t know what I was going to say until the words flowed out of my mouth.
“I’m sorry but I’m not going to be kissing you tonight or any other night." I had said to her.

“I’m sorry.” She was about to cry. I heard her voice cracked. It almost broke my heart. I did care for her but not like that.
“Hey. Don’t be.”
I held her cheek.
“You just can’t go around asking people to kiss you Kailey. I’m surprised it hasn’t happened yet. But when it does it will be worth the wait! I promise.”
She then pressed her forehead on mines and held my wrist with her hand hanging down.
“I’ve been waiting for you.”
Another slammer of my stomach!

Shit! She wasn’t over this little crush as yet! What do I do now ? She was only seventeen.! I’m twenty-three! Should I kiss her ? No! She would get over it eventually! But it’s her birthday wish! I fight with myself to do what’s right for her. I really did feel sorry for her at that moment in time. I knew how crushes can be painful at times! Hence the name! Especially when it’s your teenage years. And apparently she has never gotten over it as yet. Maybe I would kiss her but badly so she will not want to do it again? No i can’t. I couldn’t. I don’t want her to have her hate me!

“I want you to be my first Max.” she had said to me.
No. No. I needed to drop her home. Now. Her parents were probably still at my house.
She insists I drop her home to her house not mine, where her parents were. But when i walked her to the door and she pulled my hand, I grew a bit uncomfortable but she seemed happy so I allowed her too. She walked to the side of the house where there was a nice open outdoor sitting area. Lots of chairs, and tables and flowers, on the earth and in pots! She didn’t say anything and i assumed she maybe wanted to chat some more But its when she suddenly turned around and pulled me by my t-shirt toward her and when her lips presses on to mine that I was really startled.

My hands, obviously automatically, in surprise grabbed one of her arm to push her back but I don’t. I decided to allow her this but made sure she kept at a distance. I had realized that its just a simple innocent kiss and its all she wanted from me for her birthday. So I was going to be her first kiss. I didn’t like that thought one bit as I felt her innocent lips moving against mine. It was going to be an end to our friendship and also her crush. Her hand gripped my waist I feel her shift her weight on her toes. She was on her toes! I give up my hesitation and had slowly kissed her back. I left my hand on her arm but loosened my grip and place my other hand to the back of her head to ease her strain.

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