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chapter 12 for a shower will be too long

Max wakes up with an almost numb arm. Damn...He slept away sitting on the single couch. He really needs a bed! He watches her now and she turns on the other couch, a slight frown on her forehead. Well... she certainly has a lot on her mind he thinks and laughs at his joke. He knows she has a lot after what he told her. She looks comfortable enough he thinks and considers bringing her a blanket to cover her. He considered it! He wasn’t doing it though! He wasn’t sleeping on that dreary thing and although she fits perfectly on it she wasn’t going to be apart from him! She is sleeping with him from now on. With that he walks into the bedroom and flips back the covers before he realizes that it’s a mattress beneath. He forgot.
In Trinidad, they keep the bed sheets on the mattress but fold the sheets to cover. The island only had sunny weather. Rainy and sunny seasons. He quickly unfolds the sheet and seeing it was thin he looked around for a thicker one. He found a quilt on a chair and placing in on the bed he heads back to where she is. Living by the ocean calls for quilts, blankets and socks! Definitely not a single living lifestyle! Its chilly here. Well he’s here in time then he thinks!

He takes a minute to just look at her and felt his own happiness. HE was happy. Max got the feeling HE liked her. That made him slightly uncomfortable a bit. He’s lost almost ....he refuses to think about it now.
He bent to scoop her up. Gently as to not wake her. She was his. He belongs to her. Always have. Max even thought as times she willed it to be so!
He places her on the bed and unbuttons her pants. When she doesn’t move he removes it and her shirt. He then goes to look for a something for her to wear. He doesn’t know what’s she wears to sleep in but he guesses he would recognise it when he sees it.
He opened the first draw and found undergarments. He smirks. Second drawer has papers and documents. No night-shirts. Hardly any clothes at all. The tiny closet is void. He looked around the small room and came across suitcases. Ahh. She didn’t unpack. He found what he was looking for...t-shirts and dressed her then tucked her in.
Well he thinks...he might as well do something although he was sleepy. He felt so much better after his jog and here was ideal with almost nobody around. He combed the area thoroughly to ensure himself of no suspicious activity. He made sure to not get too tired for it to happened again! His speed was faster than the average car, with effort, if he ran!

God alone knows what was going through her mind right now. She would understand he knew. Even if she didn’t she would try to for him. Only one month ago he regained himself and it tore him open to know how much time had passed without Kailey. HE took his mind for two God damn years! He fought to keep his own mind almost a year before her wedding and losing in on her wedding day! Max’s first thought was her. He needed to be with her. Screw her marriage he thought. Screw her husband! She was his. He was going for her and he knew she would come with him. He just knew it! She would leave with him! That was his strength. Her. Seeing her in her wedding dress was his last memory of her. She looked so beautiful! Everything was so jumbled before and after that.

Heck, he hardly remembers being with her just before her wedding that but he has flashes.
Sometimes he would wake up in the forest soaking wet. Other times almost frozen!
When he regained his mind a few months ago he fought and fought with HIM. He needed Kailey! She was all he was fighting for now. Max told HIM he was done helping HIM and of course HE pleaded with him but Max refused. Look how much time he lost!

Kailey turned and mumbles something. He didn’t quite hear it the first time but he did the second time.
It startled him but no he wasn’t jealous. She probably was having a guilt feeling or a memory. He continues to fold her clothing and pack them in draws. He did the necessary hanging too. He found two plain t-shirts that could fit him and a picture of himself that he gave her years ago in the same plastic gray frame too. He remembered it. He had taken it in his bedroom and the next day he had it framed for her. She had asked him so quietly for a picture on a visit from college.
She would come home almost every weekend though but he was hardly there. He was mostly in Africa. She attended a local college here in Trinidad, and then at the University of the West Indies which was just a few miles from home but she chose to rent an apartment with four friends a stone throw away. He plays with his ring. Her ring.

All done.
No place to put the empty cases. So he packed it all into one and placed it inside the closet. This entire house was as large as his parents living room! Just a kitchen, living room, a bedroom and a tiny washing area and toilet and bath. Old and small but cosy and efficient. A little repairs should do it. He actually liked it alot. It feels like home...did it really ? Or was it Kailey?

She had no slipper around to fit him. Another thing with Trinidadian people. They walked around in flip-flops or sandals most of the time at home. Only when they were out or for work, at home or office, do they wear shoes! Her feet were too tiny as he did try to fit one into his foot! And since the floor was too cold to walk barefoot in, he keeps on his boots.
Next he got to cleaning.

That’s how she found him when she woke up. Cleaning the kitchen floor. She doesn’t think it out of place! She just watches him as he picks up the bucket of water and the mop and walks across the floor into the washing area. He doesn’t see her and she feels so comfortable with him around.

Kailey is aware he changed her clothes last night and it has her slightly flushed. No pants. She did notice the suitcases missing and that is how she discovered he was cleaning. She saw her clothing packed in the closet and then she heard running water.
She is standing by her bedroom door leaning on the frame when he passes her. Her place is so tiny you can see everything from practically any corner you are!
She listens to the bucket emptying and a minute later he walks out heading for the bedroom. He sees her.
“Well hey. Look who it is. Good morning sunshine.” he greets her. It’s barely 2am. She blushes as he kisses her forehead.
“I was about to check on you.”
“Coffee?” Kailey asked and almost runs into the kitchen. There are no walls to separate the living room and kitchen just a tiny island counter. He leans on the bedroom wall and takes her in. She looks good in a bare t-shirt with her loose, wavy long black hair! She was hiding her shyness he knew.
Just knowing Max changed her clothing earlier has her blushing. Did he like what he saw ? And the place smells clean and looks almost spotless! Even her small collection of books are packed on the book shelf! She feels so cherished by the small gesture! Her lamp was missing!

He watches her pour the water into the coffee maker. It melts his heart to know he makes her feel like that. She is shy after all this time. Knowing him so long! Why didn’t he notice his feelings before ? His only regret is time! He could have had more time! He was blind for too long! He just wants to feel her. Never have her out of his sight again!
He likes how her bare legs look in the fluffy bedroom slippers.

He pulls off his sweaty t-shirt, wipes at the sweat off his face and chest with it, for a shower will be too long away from her and walks up behind her.

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