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chapter 13 the one where he tells her he missed her hair


Kailey jumps when she feels Max’s hands on her hips. He radiates heat! And pure maleness! Then he pulls her into him. She inhales his smell. Her heart starts to race! Her pulses in a frenzy.
She quickly presses the power button.
She feels his hands snake around her waist as his heads rests on her shoulder.

“Hi.” She feels the vibration of it into her soul. She closes her eyes and leans into him. Her spirit is singing! It just feels so right being here.
“Hi.” She places her hands on his. She feels his silent laugh and her world rocks when she feels his lips on her neck. His Adam’s apple presses on to the back of her neck as he continues to spread kisses from her neck to her shoulder until the t-shirt stops him.

Stupid t-shirt she thinks.

Before she knows what is happening he already has her hands up as he pulls the awful thing off. He pulls her hair off her neck in a handful and buries his face in it. He let’s go a harsh breath before he gently kisses her nape. He hears her sharp intake of breath and sucks on her flesh harshly. He bites her neck and She presses herself into his chest. She feels the sharp pain but doesn’t protest. He bites on her back and she moans from the pain. He does it again on the same spot but this time she shudders at the mixture of pleasure along with the pain from it. She feels it rushing down her body. What is happening to her she thinks. He kisses his way back up to her lower jawline before releasing his grip on her hair.
“Do you like that Kai?”
Does she like it ? He doesn’t wait for an answer but turns her to face him. Her eyes are closed. He smirks.
“Open your eyes for me love...I want to see you.”
Kailey had to concentrate to open them. They felt so heavy! Since when do eyelids feel like this from kissing...and he didn’t kiss her yet!

He just looks at her. And she at him. She raises her trembling hands to his hips to steady herself. She sees him smile and he puts one of his hands in her hair and spreads it open in front of her. It covered one breast. He laced his fingers in it.
“I’ve missed your hair so much. I hoped you didn’t cut it.”

He did? She is so mesmerized by his words that it gives her strength and courage for she goes on her tiptoes and kisses him. Ah.... yes she thinks. This is what it’s supposed to feel like. It’s magic. She puts her hands around his neck and opens the kiss as she leans into him. His heartbeat is racing like hers! She loves the feel of it thumping on her chest, uncertain of which was his or hers! He pulls her yet closer and returns her kiss masterfully. His tongue made its way into her mouth and did wonders to hers already mushy mind. She feels him caressing her ass and she had always found that vile when she saw other couples doing it but now... Now she feels the pooling within her legs! He makes a firm grab at it and moans before backing her into the kitchen counter. He presses onto her body so roughly that her back hurts and she feels it digging into her naked flesh. Max grabs the back of her legs and lifts her up wrapping her around his waist.

Kailey sucks in a sharp breath...why does this feel so good?
He growls and bites her neck. She yelps. She looks at him through hooded eyes and loves how her bare legs look wrapped around his naked waist. His muscular body looks so hard and exactly right and the sight of his hand making it’s way to her breast was breath taking! When he palms it she gasped. He groans loudly and puts her on top the counter. He rubs his thumb over her bra feeling the soft nub, loving and watching the way she reacts to his touch before he reaches up to pull the strap down. He pulls at the lace covering her to reveal the creamy skin and cups it... liking how it weighs in his hand. He had the joy of seeing her nipple tighten immediately. He has had so many dreams like this!

Kailey closes her eyes but not before she sees the wonderment that covers his face and his red lips parting just before his tongue licked her. She always remembered his red lips and how it felt on hers. He hears her intake of breath and the loud gasp that follows when he closes his mouth over it. She arches her back and releases her hold on his neck to brace herself with one hand while the other holds his head in place on her chest. She feels her legs trembling.

Max leans against her open thighs and takes her weight off her by bracing her with one of his hands on her back and his fingers on the base of her head. He feels her tremors... The other hand guides her hand that was on the counter to his chest. Kailey has never felt so feminine in her entire life! So soft either.! She aches and craves him. She feels like her insides are molten lava!

When her fingers rubs on him he feels his blood rushing to his brain. Everywhere. He is so hard it pains! He reaches over to her other breast and her reaction to his touch is incredible. He feels greedy.... He covers it instantly with his mouth. Harshly. He nibbles on the tip. She let’s out the most beautiful sound he ever heard from a female...and to think it was because of him! Her nails digging into his flesh almost undo his sanity! Max felt his heart would leap out of his chest! He had to have her now!
He raises his head to look at her. Her head is thrown back and her hands that were groping at his chest and hair stills. He bends his head and kisses her belly.
Her grip on his hair is almost painful but he relishes in it. She sits up and her black eyes has the most beautiful shine to it! Her face glows. And she looks at him. This look always belonged to him! The smile she gives him makes him feel he would slay dragons for her!

He understands what head over heels in love means...but in a male way he thinks.

So this was love.

Max grips her waist and pulls her off the counter and stoops slightly as he presses himself into her most female part. He hears her moan so sweetly that he presses her back into the counter and grinds himself into her once more. Her legs around him gripped him so tightly that he feels her warmness at her center. He couldn’t resist. His hand found themselves dipping into her underwear....

Max hears the buzzing in the back of his head. Oh no. No. No. No. Not now.
He was going to be sick if he didn’t take the painkiller and there’s a higher chance that it might not work! why? Why is it so difficult to just live life and be yourself?
He kisses her hard on her lips before pulling away.

He rushes to the bathroom. He almost missed the syringe in his rush. Grabbing it he injects it into his skin and feels the ease. He slowly walks back to the kitchen for water as his throat feels almost dry and numb. Kailey is already giving him a cup of coffee.
She nods. He takes a bottled water from the cupboard and ignores the coffee.
“I can’t use sugar. It sets off headaches!” It’s the easiest way to explain it.
Her eyes opened wide. She puts the cup down and watches him. Waiting for him to give her some details.
Not wanting to seem rude he explains to her,” I’m going to take a long shower. The water helps.” She nods again and pulls her tshirt back on.
That’s another thing he hopes the shower helps with. His erection. Even the headache and the thought of being in excruciating pain did nothing to deflate it!

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