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chapter 14 i can outrun a racing car

Kailey watches his walk, loving the way his jeans fit on his hips. Her eyes open wide as she sees the reddish marks her nails left. He disappears behind the wall. She went in search of a towel for him. Her legs felt so wobbly and she’s aware of the dampness between her legs!

She’s never felt like this with her husband. Ever.

She was so confused. What about Max? What was she going to do about it? Her brain was still shaken by what he told her.
She hangs the towel on the railing next to the shower and a spare toothbrush on the sink then gets to drinking her coffee. It’s not like she’s going to get any sleep now!

She listens to the shower running as she takes on the full view of the inside of her house. He had changed the couch set up and tv. It’s not really her go though but she would leave it. She had first put it like this at first but changed it the same instant. His picture she saw was on the space saver along with a framed picture of her parents and another with three of her friends. It looks like it belongs there. Her place is not fancy but she adores it. It’s plain and really simple.
She sits on the couch and flips on the television without paying any attention to it, putting the volume on low.

Well... He came with no clothing practically and nothing other than himself.
She thinks of buying some clothing for him later today. She won’t have the time and thinks she will wait for her day off. Is he going home to his parents’ house anytime soon? She still hears the shower running.
Now she thinks, who was that kissing her ? Max or his other personality? It was still him right ? Was that why he had a headache? Was one leaving and the other coming? She knew if he started to throw up or was in too much pain, she had to use the syringe. She wasn’t scared.
She doesn’t think either one with hurt her. But how does one go about helping someone like this. Yes she knew treatment was available but he didn’t want anyone to know. How to process this? She remembers a bit from her studies while in residency when they treated a woman in a similar situation.

She still hears the shower and gets up to put on pajama bottoms. Next, get some eggs cooked. She was famished and she’s betting he was too. She also needed a shower...Her body still not quite back to normalcy yet!

By the time he emerges from the shower, clad in his jeans and the towel draped around his neck, she has eggs on plates waiting.
The sight of him like that gives her stomach the flip! He was so sexy. So masculine! Flashing her a perfect teeth smile. She felt her womb react!
His stomach growls immediately! He makes his way to the counter and sits on a stool while she pours him a cup of coffee. No sugar. She then brings the toast and sits herself next to him. Scrambled eggs with tomato and he’s guessing green peppers in it.
“Let’s dig in,” he laughs holding her chin. She smiled at him, if only he knew what was going through her mind at this moment. The sight of a bare chested Max having breakfast with her! Oh boy. She hopes she remembers how to breathe.
"How are you feeling? ”
He takes a sip of his coffee. Bitter. Ugh. They both skip the use of ketchup.
“It’s there. But good.” He knows she is referring to his headache. He points the ketchup. She shakes her head. She points it and then him. He nods his head no too. “Never liked it.”
“Are you serious ? Me too. Never! ” They both laugh and proceeds to talk about their great likes and dislikes of foods. Turns out he would never say no to meat. No matter what kind. Even wild meat! Here in Trinidad has a lot of wild animals and he eats them all. From tattoo, lappe, manicou, agouti and iguana to name a few! And she doesn’t. She’s only into sea food. Even cavier! Which he refuses to try!

Kailey enjoys talking to him but she can’t help but wonder who is she talking to? Which one?
Max saw her deep in thought. He says his hair with the towel and puts in on the counter. He places his hand on her lower jaw and she looks up at him. Giving her a tight smile he asks, ” What’s on your mind? ”
“Nothing. Just thinking about work.” He knew she wasn’t telling him the truth but he let it go. He runs his thumb along her face and then settled on her earlobe. Her eyes closes. He leans over and kisses them. Gently, one after the other and then her forehead. She sighs. He loves that sound.

“Hey,” he whispers , “I’d never lie to you. You know that right ?” She knows. “And you know I’ll never keep anything from you again...right?”
She wants to ask him about his eyes! Did that have to do with anything? She opens her mouth to speak but is cut off with a... “There is more.”
Something else ?
“I...erm... I have I am fast.” She takes a full minute to let it sink in.
" What? ” she still asks stupidly. “What do you mean you have speed!”
He takes her face into both his hands, rubbing his thumbs on the outskirts of her mouth and looks deeply into her eyes. His eyes pleads with her to believe him. He closes them, takes a deep breath before he continues.

“I can outrun a racing car.”

She gasps . What does he mean by he can out run a car? Nobody can! He presses his forehead against hers. “Please believe me.”
She remains silent for so long that he opens his eyes. Her eyes are closed. Good he thinks. She’s considering that he was telling the truth because God knows he was!

Kailey was thinking and her mind was racing! Wasn’t the speed limit in most countries 120-130 miles per hour? Faster than that? Sometimes when she was running late she would go 180! That is pretty fast she thinks. She wants to believe him! But this can’t be him!

This has to be his other personality! Oh God! She didn’t even realize it!

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