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chapter 15 the one where she stares at a blank road

She walks over to the window and lets out a long breath. Her shoulders slumps as she leans on the wall. Oh God! Nothing he says makes any sense. Not even a slight resemblance of it! Think think think she scolds her brain. They were both him though right ?
Max watches her as she paces the floor. He suddenly feels uneasy. This could go very wrong...


He watches her as she mumbles to herself. She makes air gestures and looks so comical at that moment that it was almost funny. Her talking to herself and him with a voice inside his head.... You just can’t make shit like this up he thinks. What a pair they make. He isn't even aware that he’s playing with his fingers. He is nervous and excited but so scared at the same time!
She suddenly turns and looks at him. He holds his breath.
“But it cant be because that isn't part of the disorder...”
He furrows. What is she going on and on about? He watches her as she pinches her nose with her finger for a few seconds before resting the index finger on the bridge. Such a beautiful nose he thinks. Was she still self conscious about it ? She always thought her nose was too wasn't.

“I don’t believe you.” Her arms are folded in front of her. She looks so adorable with her face all glisten with sweat. Her face is so beautiful. He just wants to shower her with kisses. He almost didn’t hear her and it takes him a few seconds to concentrate on the meaning of what she said meant!

What the fuck?
The silence was almost deafening. She didn’t believe him. Well... That was not expected. She stares at him and him back at her. HE is also quiet. Max could prove it to her but not right now. Not when he was going to be so sick, in a few minutes he assumes, by the way his stomach feels. He was so tired. He was careful last night to not overdo it but he still ended up getting sick now. But that little run to the surrounding area took a toll on him. He need rest and now! He would prove it to her later. He can feel his eyes drooping already. His heart rate already slowing down. His body was about to give up on him. He feels the black dots before he sees them in front of his eyes. Everything getting so dizzy.


Max barely makes it in front of the couch before he passes out. He doesn’t hear her scream as she rushes to him as he falls like a log. She almost misses his head as her hands connects with the edge of the coffee table and glass shatters on the floor! And he doesn’t see the blood.

She’s never late for work and today was no exception despite the bandage on her forearm. Now he owes her a coffee table. She signs. Well he did clean up her place pretty good. If only she could get him to clean the front porch. It needs a repaint also. And the back shed she uses as a garage. Okay, so he doesn’t owe her.

She thinks about it she didn’t make it in time to him and it would have resulted in a head injury! So much blood too but such a little slash! Okay it wasn’t little. But she is a doctor and she was on her way to get it stitched up now! She waved at her best friend Chad. One of her three friends. He was the best doctors here and yes they remained friends after all these years. She was her closest friend and knew how she felt about Max. Boy did they have a lot to discuss! First they discussed the change they had to make in her schedule. She requested regular 8-4 pm rather than the extra hours she has been working before. Honestly it was because she couldn’t stand being home alone and besides look she now owns her own house now because of it!

Chad is obviously happy for her. But he was always happy since he got engaged a few months ago there is that. He doesn’t even tell her to be cautious. It’s Max. He knows Max. He’s overjoyed for her. She admits that she didn’t mention Max having symptoms. Or the pains. Or anything. She deceived him into thinking Max was normal in all sense. And she doesn’t even feel bad. She smiles instead. Someone is happy for her. Chad was the only one who asked her, when she agreed to marry Dylan, if she was happy! If she was sure she was up to it. The only one.

She flexed her wrist, it’s a bit numb and she only got three stitches! No matter how good of a doctor she was, she just couldn't stitch herself! Wasn’t all deep. Just a lot of blood. Probably from how her adrenaline was so high this morning!
She glances her cell phone although her watch is on her wrist. 8:45pm. Good. She hopes Max had a good enough rest. They had some things to discuss. Like convincing him he had multiple personalities! She didn’t even know how to. She thought about it almost the entire day and didn’t come up with what she thinks might be the right approach.

Just how does one tell their young teenage love grown into adulthood love that something is wrong in their brain? No amount of studying prepares for that! She thinks of the fun loving full of life boy she fell in love with.

To drive with her hand in pain now!
She lets out a tired breath and almost slows as she sees someone walking along the dark road. Overhead lights were so few on this part of the island. He sticks out his hand hailing her to stop. She obviously isn’t going to but she slows down. As she reaches him she realizes he obviously tall. She gets a little agitated and immediately puts on her high beam lights but recognize the familiar stance... He squints and shields his eyes with a forearm while gesturing with the other hand to stop. She pulls over and stops directly after the vendors fruit shed by the roadside.

What the...Is that Max? What is he doing out here?

She sees a flash off his teeth. Oh goodness! Lights bothers him too or is it that the beam is so annoying ? She takes it off and sends down the glass. He bends to see her as she leans toward him over the brakes handle. She grins...“Need a lift?”
“No thanks! I’ll meet you there! ” and with a tip of his fingers at the side of his forehead he disappears!
She sits frozen. Not sure how to react. He was a blur for about two seconds and “poof” nothing. She stares at the blank road!

Max watches her from the far end of the street. He had been sitting by the shed almost an hour before he saw her car. It was the first vehicle he saw for the night heading back in the direction of her place too! He was walking hoping to meet her on her way back but that noisy but friendly neighbour, Sheila was her name, give him a lift and he stopped off here.
She hasn’t moved. He doesn’t have far sight. But he can tell she hasn’t moved from the spot she stopped at. He almost didn’t know it was her at first... She has a cartoon car! He wasn’t expecting that! A Nissan wagon? No wonder he saw no car at first...She must have parked it in her purse! He feels HIM smiling at that. HE is actually silent a lot now Max thinks. It doesn’t bother him. He’s happy to have so much silence after hearing someone inside your head every second. That’s the thing about Kailey. She keeps HIM at bay. He watches her car as it passes him. Good. Now he’ll go home and make some pasta for dinner. Noodles? Did She still like that stir fried vegetables with it? He has about twelve minutes to get it done! Of course she did. She told him earlier He remembers. He smiles. They were going to be so happy! He rubs his palms together. Now where was he? Ah yes. He was in for a lot of questions. With all of which he had answers for. Now that she believes him all was right with the world. He feels the moisture in the air...rain. She loves rain. He felt so joyous at that moment that he is certain that nothing could damper his mood.

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