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chapter 17 i would have died if you did

He saw her eyes open wide. “Three ,” he answered the question in her eyes, “but I was grazed mostly.” That was a lie. He had to pry into his own flesh to get the bullets out! Despite his healing factor, he still felt all the pain! And pulling the bullets before he healed was excruciatingly painful!

He linked her fingers with his. Running his thumbs over hers. He looked at her then. “That was the first time I heard his voice in my head. Louis. It was his project and I was under his orders. They told me he was dead you see so I was overjoyed to know he was alive. Only he wasn’t. I heard him screaming at me to run. I got out of there. After that conversation I had overheard, I thought they had lied to me about the deaths of everyone. Only five survived they told me and we never saw each other again. But that was the truth! For two weeks and I couldn’t remember that. But I thought it was because of the lab. Turns out that Louis was in the hospital! In my body and no-one knew.”

Kailey was horrified. Nobody knew this. He almost died and no one knew! She could have lost him and not know! The thought terrified her and she throws herself at him. Into his arms. She sobs. Max wraps his body around her.
“Oh Max. I would have died if you did!”
Sweet Kailey. He had a similar thought too. He lets her cry until she calms a bit before he continues.
“When I got to my apartment I heard him shouting at me to hurry up and pack. At first I thought he had followed silently but when I looked behind me there was nobody there. I was surprised but even more so when he spoke to me in my hotel room! Let’s just say I almost had a heart attack! At first I thought I was crazy! But the next few weeks made me realize what was happening. I was losing time and trust me when I say, I was scared as fuck I tell you!”

And he only thought of her. And at first that was enough to convince him he had lost his mind! But for almost a year he kept those thoughts to himself while he battled with those feelings. He stayed away from her mostly because he thinks he was ashamed of himself after all she was almost family and two she deserved better than him and the life he had. But once he realized he was better off with her and she with him, he decided they deserved to be happy. And he was safer now. Maybe he should risk it. But he was too late! It was her wedding! And Louis was a man grasping at straws and knew his mind was weak at that moment.

“I even thought I was crazy! At first I was thinking I developed a guilt over their deaths and made him up out of that guilt. After all he my boss. My mentor. My friend. ” Max had admired him.
He reaches into his jeans pocket and pulls out a dog tag. Louis Carter. Along with some numbers she assumes are his social security. She holds it and then puts it on the floor wrapping the sheet back around herself. Despite her being fully clothed in a long sleeved top too she still felt chilly. The rain and ocean air!

No coffee table! He notices it and lifts an eyebrow.

“Coffee table ? Oh. It broke this morning when you fell. ”
“I fell on the couch didn’t I? ” he runs his head as if expecting to feel a bump there. He remembers everything and she is pretty normal so he knows that Louis wasn’t pretending to be him. He got slightly irritated at that thought. That’s why he refused to acknowledge him by name. He was after all a parasite!
“Erm...not exactly. I caught you. My hand hit the table and it fell to the floor and shattered!” She said it so calmly that he thinks, one; it was either nothing or two; she was extremely tired and it was a little bigger than she let on! He stays silent and he knows she would tell him.

She didn't. Instead she asked him to continue. He wants to ask her again what happened to her ...Her hand!!
He reaches over and pulls the sheet off her so quickly she didn’t realize it until her top was half way off her body. The coldness hit her fully as she gasped from the lack of warmth. She looks at her clothing land on the floor next to the coverlet. Instinctively she finds herself plastering on to his body. Hmm warm. He saw her bandage. It wasn’t big but still... He growls at her. He would have healed instantly!
" Tell me... ” he encourages her as he covers her tiny body with his arms. He hope it wasn’t a serious injury.
“It’s nothing. I got three stitches. Hug me tighter!”
He does. She says it like it was nothing. She could have gotten damaged though. Because of him!
“Ugh. Tell me things like this love. Please, ” he pleads to her.
“If it were me I would heal immediately.”
He reaches for the bandaged hand and kisses it.

“Hmm....yes I would have but your situation was much more important. ” It’s so hard to think when he was holding her like this. He reaches down and picks up the items from the floor. He proceeds to put her clothing back on but she shyly refuses. He growls at her again and she blushes. Taking that as a cue to stop talking he nuzzles her neck. He hears her purring and it’s a beautiful sound. He covers her shoulders with the sheets but pulls her to him. He loves to hear her sounds of pleasure.

“Does it hurt much ?”
“I took a painkiller for it plus the pills you gave me earlier. So I’m good.”
He gets up. “Let’s run you a bath.”
She almost giggles. “Silly i have no tub!”
Yes he did forget her bathroom was tiny! “Shh ... You talk too much. Relax.Come lets get you showered and in bed.”

She doesn’t protest as he lifts her and walks into the bathroom taking the remainder of her clothes off. Not even as he removed his. She doesn’t object when he opens the shower and joins her. Neither when he soaps her body then his. Only a slight whimper as he washes her intimate parts. She did gasp however when his mouth found her areola! She called his name as it closed on her needy nipple. When he rubbed his beard over it she felt her her womb respond in an almost animal like feeling. She did hang onto his neck as he pleasures first one then the other. She did arch herself to give him better access to her aching body. Nothing felt as good as warm water running down her body and Max giving her hot tremors that she felt from her hair roots to her toes!

Max doesn’t know what happened! He planned on giving her a bath alone but his body just couldn’t resist her.
“God Kailey. I want you so much!” She looked at him. The sight of his mouth on her breast was breath taking. His erection so hard pressing on her belly.
“I want you too Max!” He likes how she gasps.
“Are you sure ?” He’s jubilant!
" I’ve never done this the shower I mean... we never did it in here. ”

The mention of the ex-husband did nothing to turn him off. Max was secure.

His eyes shines at the sight of her so turned on because of him. He smirks at that. He lifts her legs and wraps them around his waist. He leans her against the wall. He feasts on her neck as his hands squeezes her breasts. He ensures to leave a small but noticeable mark there and twists his head as he admires his artwork. She pulls him toward her and when she puts her lips on his neck he loses it. He pinches the tips of her nipples. He moans so loudly when she nibbles his flesh that she’s fascinated and did it again.
Max never felt this way with anyone. His heart felt like it would leap out of his chest. His brain was swimming in pleasure.

He knew he was hers when he realized that he lost a couple weeks of his life and his bosses wanted him dead and his only thought was her! But regrets! Regrets that he might not see her again! Almost losing himself made him realized how important she was to him! And when he found her she told him she was getting married! Then he lost himself to Louis for two more years. He was so pissed. But he can’t do anything to him! But this time he had made up his mind, husband or not she was his and he was coming for her! He’s been dreaming of this day for years.!

Now here they were. Max rubs himself against her. His length throbbing in pain and longing for her. She gasps his name and he crashes his mouth on hers. He wanted to taste the sound that was calling him! He rubbed against her again. His entire being felt the pleasure as she bit her bottom lip. His eyes closed as he kissed her jawline. He releases her breasts to palm the back of her well toned thighs and lowers her body to rest heavily against him. He rubs her along his length and feels her flesh moulding against him and he almost comes undone! But he won’t enter her tonight. Not when she’s so tired.

Concentrate he scolds his weak trembling body. God! This feels too good! He removes one hand and brings it to her front.
Kailey feels him. He’s so hard between her legs. She rubs herself on him trying to alert him that’s she’s ready for him. She feels her pulse going crazy as he touches her. She feels it beating again her walls and when his finger found her moist opening and invades her entrance she bites into his shoulder. He growls and his thumb leaves her wetness to make its way up to the clitoral area. He pets the nub at first and when he feels her legs tighten around him he pulls back a little to give his hand a better angle to please her. He watches in fascination as his doing makes her face and body contort in pleasure! He watches her neck as his love mark moves along with the rhythm of her pulse! He loves how her mouth forms his name over and over again. He couldn’t help himself as he bites into her flesh again.

He dips his index finger into her and feels her sweetness adjusting to him. First one finger then as her saw her almost out of breath he added another. He revels in her tightness. Slowly at first gradually speeding up and almost matching her short and faster breaths. He feels her closing around his fingers again and he plunges his fingers into her as deepest as their body parts allow and moves them inside her as he feels her climax. Max felt so anew with her coming for him that quickly. Almost relieved even. He loves her so much that it scares him a bit that she didn’t return his feelings like she used too. But now he knew. Although she didn’t say she loved him, Max knew she did. She just proved it! Just feeling her coming all over his fingers was enough for him tonight. He couldn’t be any happier tonight. Tomorrow was another day and he knows he will have all of her then!
Kailey unwraps her legs from Max’s waist as she slides to stand on, the tiled floor on, wobbly feet. She’s thankful he steadied her. Even more grateful when he pulls her to him and let’s the water run over her body while she basks in the pleasure she now received. He rinses her off before taking her in his arms and into the bedroom. The last thing she remembers is he was kissing her face while drying her off with a towel!

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