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chapter 18 the one that takes us back to what happened at the lab

I hope this explains about what Max had to endure. With both Kailey and as a scientist! It explains his admiration and guilt about Dr. Louis Carter and why he sometimes refuses to address Louis by name, even in his mind! Also Louis’ view a bit. He also decides to come out in this chapter being naughty...!

Max removes the bandage from her forearm and cleans it. Kisses it too as he sees the red surrounding it. She won’t have a deep scar and even that would eventually fade. He knew that it hurt like hell. He’s slightly angry at her. She should have let him fall. He would have healed. He’s also pleased that she put herself on the line for him. It also proves that she still cared for him. He’s also aware that she’s a doctor, and contrary to the belief that doctors are mostly heartless, some do care! He knows it was her feelings for him and not the doctor in her that made her rush to him! He wrapped a loser bandage over her stitches and snuggled next to her on the bed. She was so tired that she slept away while he was still drying her with the towel. Now he had her in a pink t-shirt and shorts and he even put on a pair of socks on her cold feet. He never knew there would come a day when he would admire the artwork of nail polish but he does now!

He plays with her hair while he looks at her injury. He should have found a way to tell her earlier about his ability to heal quickly. His physical injuries kick in hyper-mitosis. He’s also immune to internal damages such as toxins and poisonous effects! That’s why he takes medication he altered, as his body fights off the pain reliever! His dispatch B cells does him justice. His internal mechanism were altered in such a high extent that his body ensures that lost proteins are replenished so rapidly that he’s wrinkle free! He is anti- aging. Aging occurs due to the errors in DNA replication and this causes liver spots, wrinkles, lack of pigment and lost of proteins. He looks the same as he did when he went under the treatment, years ago!

He is not aging. The only bad side effects are the abdominal pain, headaches and vomiting. That and Louis. But Louis and the pain came with the explosion not when he tested on himself! So he was perfectly fine as far as he knew from the testing but it baffles him as to what the pains has to do with Louis! They both tried to figure it out.

And he doesn’t know if its permanent.

He doesn’t know if he’s seriously injured if he would survive all the time. The soldiers survived the first few times but they bled out after! After more testing was done he was positive all was well but the laboratory was destroyed so he couldn’t be sure.
He doesn’t know when he would die or if he would die.
He doesn’t know if it would just stop one day. Or if it stops, maybe he would age then? Everyone would be old and he would remain as he was. If he survived as he is he would watch everyone die! Or maybe he would just die one day?

He would lose her! He couldn’t stand that thought and pulls her to him. He feels Louis sadness at that thought. Max wonders why HE’S so taken with Kailey.

Max spent an entire week in the hotel after barely escaping with his life from his apartment when he felt a chill on his spine. He spent the next few hours biting onto a sheet and screaming into a pillow from the most agonizing pains he ever endured. The last thing he remembered was looking through the window curtain down at the parking lot. In Africa. After that he awoke in a coffee shop, sitting by a booth. In England and three weeks had passed! He had nothing on him except a wallet and his car in the parking lot with a duffel bag filled with clothes. No phone. No cards. Just cash. And Dr. Louis Carter in his head telling him to not panic!

He panicked obviously.

It took him an entire week to get used to the voice inside his head!
Dr. Carter was telling him about what happened at the hospital that made him realize what was going on. He heard two men talking saying that him, Louis, had failed the experiment and now the government was pulling out of the mission and that’s why they blew up the laboratory. To hinder it. But watching him. Louis informed him that he was speechless and appalled by that and it took Louis a trip to the bathroom, in front of a mirror to realize that he wasn’t himself but Max! He explained the trauma of seeing another person watching you back in the mirror!
Apparently they were telling him, Max, about it because they wanted me to be the new head of staff! New team lead!

They had no idea of the full extent of the study that our team, which consisted of two cytologist, and epidemiologist, who had backgrounds in cloning and radiology, had already started on. Using Max as the test subject and Louis studied him while they both ran the tests. He had not given them that information. Thankfully! All of them died in the fire, except him and Louis’s brain...well part of it since HE can’t recollect people and places!

He can’t even begin to imagine being himself but in someone else’s body! He felt really bad for him! Louis died but didn’t.

Max lived a few months like that. Gone for a few weeks and back for a few days! Until he realized an entire year passed without him living it! He went straight home to his parents house. And tried to explain what was happening but they feared him. They believed him but feared him. They believed he did a wrong thing and never supported his belief in science. His parents always made it sound evil! Devil worshiping his mother called it. They told him to have less to do with them until his quest to play with the devil was done with! (Reference to Dr. Louis Carter) He only made it home a few times as he was always blanking out it seemed and never on any special occasion. And his parents grew distant. But at least they call him now and they sort of had a relationship. Before all this, his parents and siblings always had a very close relationship with him and his parents rejection saddened him. It almost broke him. They never told his brother or sister and he was grateful to that.

Two years later it’s the day before her wedding.

That was exactly what Louis needed to control his mind. He needed him to be weak and maybe he didn’t plan it but he sure took advantage of it! Maximilian’s parents were his anchor for sanity at first for years! Until he started feeling disconnected from them. And then Kailey! Max remembered bits about her wedding day. He had come to tell her he loved her but he was in such a rush to get to her after being in and out of his own consciousness that he got sick. He was so eager to see her! And he remembered telling her they needed to talk. But when she tells him its her wedding he doesn’t know what happened after. Next thing he remembers is seeing her in at the alter looking like an angel. He doesn’t want to see her marry someone else. Then he woke up in New Zealand and it was three months later!

Realizing his life with her is over he decided to help Louis find his family. For months they searched hoping something would feel familiar to Louis but nothing did. Max had felt HIS growing frustrations and told him maybe they should take a pause only to have his mind go blank and a few weeks passed. Max had to fight HIM to be himself. Thoughts of Kailey didn’t work anymore because he had refused to think of her for so long! That’s when Max came to the realistic thought that Louis might be trying to overtake his mind! HE had allowed him to see Kailey one last time, in her wedding day. Max had thought that that’s HIS way of letting Max say goodbye but he soon realized that that was Louis’s way of crushing his strength!

It was a chilling reality check! But check he did!

He had only allowed him partly because he wanted him to find his family to see them, to say goodbye and thinking of Kailey hurt too much. At least when his mind was blank he didn’t have to think of her!
But it started to dawn on Max...what if Louis didn’t want to say goodbye? Max started to get chills at that thought. What if Louis wanted to get rid of Max? To live as him? Maybe when he finds his wife he would convince her? Max fought and fought to be here.
Although Louis and him had become friends, from colleagues referring to each other by titles, to first names, he pretty much doubted that when it came down to surviving that Louis would do the correct thing. Hell...nobody would given the same situation! And he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kailey!

Max fought and fought HIM and even fought against his own guilt that Kailey was happily married. He had too! He stayed away as long as he could but he couldn’t take it anymore. He had to have her. Marriage or not. She was his. He was ready to severe a union blessed by God! Maybe he was selfish. Maybe she was over him and in love with her husband. But he battled that thought too. Maybe she wasn’t! Maybe she still wanted him too. The ring helped him. It reminded him of her. Every time he saw birds by the shorelines he remembered her story, heck, whether it was swallows or not, birds in general reminds him of her. The stars too. He had the bird inked into his finger and he doesn’t know why but every time he looked at it he felt his inner strength growing!
He saw her smiling as she turned and stretched in her sleep. He had a lot to do with that he thinks. He watches as she curls into an almost ball. He never figured she slept in that position ...hmm... He has to change that. Maybe ‘asleep tucked against him’ kind of position.

He wonders if she wants to get remarried now. He doesn’t mind spending the rest of their lives just as they are , although he literally has one jeans and three t-shirts, if he checked the two he took from her, but if she wants to make it legal...
He has to be certain that everything is safe though. He doesn’t know what Louis had been up to but he could tell it wasn’t good.
But he was almost one hundred percent sure he was safe here. Louis was angry about it so he knew.
Nobody knows about Trinidad. As he was studying abroad he used all his addresses in England and New Jersey! He’s even registered from birth there! Everything points to every where but the Caribbean. Max snuggles into her and wraps his body around her. With a contented sigh he sleeps away.

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